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Aug. 17, 2006 Washington D.C. Dowse:
Of Tunnels & 'Terrorists'

By Philip N. Ledoux
August 17, 2006

1. Monday 14 Aug, electricity was off for several hours in the capital (D.C.)? Yes
2. Strangers in overalls were seen in the lower level tunnels at this time? Yes
3. Public Utility crews have access to these tunnels regularly? Yes
4. These PU crews are monitored and "cleared"? Yes

5. The WTC buildings were without power prior to "9-11"? Yes
6. This was part of the final demolition charges being set in the WTC? Yes
7. Is there correlation between DC and WTC power outages? Possibly Yes, Possibly No
8. Was the DC power outage preparatory to explosive events? Yes
9. The event to take place within three days? Yes
10. Was the event to destroy the Capitol Buildings? No
11. Was the event to destroy the tunnel system? Yes
12. Individuals were targeted as well? Yes
13. Senators? Yes
14. Representatives? Yes
15. High-Level Military? Yes
16. Did the Women Warriors prevent this plan from taking place? Yes

17. The WW Group thinking multiple cities are involved is correct? No
18. The multiple cities visuals are clues to the targets in the Capitol? Yes
19. The stopped clock indicates stopping of the overall plan? Yes
20. The Vatican had given approval to this Capitol plan? Yes
21. Does this Capitol plan tie into the ?Middle-East?? No
22. The people responsible for 9-11 are involved in this Capitol plan? Yes
23. There are no terrorists involved? Yes
24. The real terrorists are our own leaders? Yes
25. TPTB feel that another catastrophy is needed to keep national tensions high? Yes
26. The Capitol plan was to be that catastrophy? Yes

End of dowse
Philip N. Ledoux

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