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Rumsfeld, Liberman, and McCain Cheer with
German Illuminati at 2001 Munich Conference

[Editor's Note: Whenever I hear Rumsfeld say anything in front of a camera or microphone, I hear the words of a true Nazi, as scheming as any Himmler, Heidrich, Ribbentrof, or Goebbels. A traitor to the Constitution that he swore to uphold and to the American people he swore to defend; an unabashed NWO servant in every sense of the word...Ken ]

By Pam Shuffert <>
Feb. 4, 2001

It is now the year 2001. It is the weekend of February 4th. I am in Munich, Germany, at the luxurious Bayerischerhof Hotel. An international gathering for the MUNICH CONFERENCE ON SECURITY is now present in this stately hotel, often connected with the mysterious and powerful German Illuminati as my local intelligence source warned me. Security is intense as international attendees include world leaders from many nations. American representatives include: Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Lieberman and McCain, Henry Kissenger and high level American military attaches. (SECURITY is in reference to international security as regards missiles and defense systems.)

I hurriedly fill out the necessary forms to apply for an official press pass, which is granted. I carefully attend each meeting, wearing the traditional headsets necessary for translating foreign speakers into English for the press. I constantly find myself rubbing shoulders with international elite throughout the two day conference.

Noting the date of this international conference carefully, I kept in mind the words of Doc Marquis, about this year being the target date for the dawning of the New World Order, and the key Illuminati weekend of February 4th.

Fischer, representing Germany, stands up to address the international audience. He begins to praise the military relationship between Germany and the United States, especially America's relationship with the German Bundeswehr military. The two closest allies in the NATO alliance are America and Germany (the German Bundeswehr now fill the United States in over 100 military facilities, and will play a major role in seizing America for the coming UN/NATO/ NWO takeover of our nation. and much reward will to come to Germany for use of her military troops to accomplish the Illuminati's NWO/UN agenda in America.)

Soon it is time for (Bush appointee) Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to address the international crowd. Every ear was attentive to what this man would say. Did he disappoint the high level Illuminati leaders attending from many nations? Not in the least! He immediately began to speak the words they were eager to hear.

"It's a NEW WORLD [ORDER]...." he said excitedly , over and over. Almost every other sentence seemed in reference to a New World Order! I noted on the television monitors in the press room how the international attendees beamed with pleasure as the appropriate Illuminati code words were integrated into his message from Bush (whose family has long supported the New World Order and are a part of the Illuminati) and the United States. He then went into detail about how "Russia was no longer a threat to the United States and the rest of the world" [a dangerous, blatant lie] and could now be integrated into the New World Order. And how national boundaries were now being realigned to form new alliances and to bring forth a New World Order.

Soon, McCain stepped up to the podium. "Hi...I'm from the 'shadow government'..." he joked as he took his seat. Ripples of laughter filled the grandiose and well guarded auditorium. Hmmm, I thought, probably more truth to THAT statement than what most people know...

And then of course, there was Henry Kissenger, grand old man of the New World Order advocates. He spent much time on this NWO theme as well.

I came away from that international conference on security with a distinctly uncomfortable feeling that this year, 2001, just MIGHT be the year of the "dawning of the New World Order" after all. Time moves on...

Update: September 11, 2001-A terrible twin tragedy has struck the United States, ironically on "9/11". Thousands of innocent lives perish in the frightening terrorist attacks.

Update: October 11, 2001-Tom Brokaw of NBC News announces to America and the rest of the world on national television that these tragedies have served to compel America and the rest of the world into the NEW WORLD ORDER. Soon, Michael Gorbachev and EU representatives give speeches also declaring that it is now the time for the New World Order to come forth.

You know what, Doc? You were right. 2001 did herald the dawning of the New World Order. Your Illuminati had their way after all.

 (Special thanks to Doc Marquis of "Christians Exposing the Occult.)-Pam Schuffert

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