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Satanism in America Today , Parts 1 & 2

by Pan Schuffert <>
July 14, 2001

Part 1

Asheville, North Carolina. I have personally done many years of hands-on research, often dangerous, in and around the city of Asheville, NC. Asheville is known as the satanist/pagan mecca of the east coast. Nestled in the mysterious Blue Ridge mountains as they descend from Virginia, such remote mountains and valleys have long been the desired sites for bizarre and often violent cult rituals, many culminating in human sacrifice. As one legal source warned me after I reported a confessed act of human sacrifice involving a young woman,

"Now, calm down, ma'am. THIS KIND OF CRIME IS FAR MORE COMMON IN THESE MOUNTAINS THAN MOST FOLKS KNOW. And DON'T even trust the police you think are working with you, BECAUSE MANY OF THEM ARE ACTUAL SATANISTS." (Admission from the North Carolina Bureau of Victim Justice.) Should the American public receive comfort from admissions such as these?

Hear the confession of a former high school student I personally interviewed after being introduced to him by a satanic crime investigator in this region:

"We skinned that baby alive to the scream of 'hail, Satan!' We then draped it's intestines around the candlesticks of our altar. I cut the baby up into pieces, and each person ate some. Later, I took the skull and remains home. I forced the remains down the garbage disposal to conceal evidence from the police, and then burned a candle to Satan on the baby's skull.And when the mother, my girlfriend, felt bad about giving up her baby for sacrifice and went tot he police, we decided to make an example out of her as a warning to the rest of the coven: NO ONE NARCS ON US TO THE POLICE AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!"

"We took her up the side of one mountain overlooking Asheville...we laid her on that altar, and the sacrificial dagger was placed in my hands. I took that dagger and cut her open from neck to groin, and she was sacrificed. To this day her parents don't know what happened to her."

"Now that I have become a Christian, I can never return to my high school (T.C. Roberson) and tell them I have become a Christian. The students are all into Satanism there...not even their teachers know...not even their parents know! If I were to return and tell them, they would torture and sacrifice ME for becoming a traitor to 'the Craft.' No..I will have to continue pretending I am still a satanist..."

I know this is true about this high school because one of Asheville's most powerful satanists among the satanist youths boasted this to me over the phone while taunting my friend I had moved in (with whom they had targeted for abduction and sacrifice in 1992.) He boasted to me, " fact, we DO have alot of our people in that school!"

I have personally held this young man's satanist robe and seen some of his notebooks with satanic writing within. He admitted that the baby sacrifice took place in Ceilie's Castle, long reputed to be a location for the satanic rituals of the "rich, elite and powerful" satanists that populate Asheville and the surrounding region. This grim, grey castle can only be glimpsed through the woods as one drives towards the city of Asheville from the interstate 40 exit. Or, if one has the courage, to drive up Town Mountain Road (where many of the Satanist elite have large mansions) and to park in front of it's somber metal gates with surveillance cameras. As other former satanists have admitted, many a human sacrifice ritual has taken place within it's grey stone walls.

Yet, will the local newspaper or the police ever truly help in exposing such horrors publicly? NOT when such satanists sit in the Buncombe County courthouse of Asheville as several judges. Nor when they have infiltrated the police and sheriff's epartments and the State Bureau of Investigation! ( and I can name names, but in this case won't.) Not when such people work for the local newspaper and are operating under the "good ol' boy" networking system to help cover for their own, even as the satanists in the police department are doing as well! (This is similar to Mafia infiltration to also cover for their own.)

I can never forget taking the hands of one Christian officer in that police department and praying with him in his office. He admired the fact that I had enough courage to come to him and mention exposing satanic crime in this area.

"I WANT to investigate and expose satanic crime here, but I am so afraid of retaliation from them..." he admitted as he held my hand and we prayed. His hand trembled slightly. Yes, these satanists have a reputation for instilling fear in all those who oppose them! In fact, in neighboring Madison County, so great is their terror and acts of bloodshed and retaliation, that it is known as "bloody Madison County" by the locals. But this is one of the major areas I worked together with terrorized and afflicted families who were targets of Satanism in these mountains.

I was recently warned by my father's former satanic high priest, who had operated both in Virginia Beach and later in the Asheville area,

"NEVER go back to those mountains! Your reporting has affected Satanists throughout the entire Great Smokies, and they are mad! They want to put a bullet in your head..both the Feds and the satanists say 'you know too much and you talk too much!'"

(Actually, putting a bullet in my head is quite merciful compared to what I know they REALLY would like o do to me IF they succeed in abducting me!!!)

In fact, I have narrowly escaped several abduction attempts in those mountains, and I was told (by my father's former high priest) that had they succeeded in their attempt, I would have been seized and hauled down in chains in a Ryder rental truck  and then chained to the altar in their great Satanist caverns of the Smokies, which stretch far into Tennesee, and most brutally sacrificed for having dared to stand against them. Ryder and other rental trucks, including Paschall Trucking Lines (PTL out of Kentucky and Alliance out of Asheville) are frequently used to secretly haul human sacrifice victims to sacrifice locations nationwide.

I will soon give you a report from former Satanists, actual eyewitnesses of what kind of deaths both children and one woman (abducted because she was a Christian a praying against Satanism in those mountains) faced in the dread Satanist caverns of Western North Carolina.

Part 2

The satanists in the mountains of North Carolina are never shy about announcing their presence. In fact, they have often let it be known that they are quite proud of their exploits! But then, why not? The jewel of Asheville, NC, is the famed "Biltmore Estate, " former home of the the great Illuminati Satanist millionaire, George Vandebilt! In his Illuminati mansion, one large room contains a coven's table, with 13 seats on either side. On the door is a plaque with the words, "Assemblage of the Gods."

Indeed, the Satanists of Asheville and elsewhere all consider themselves to be little "gods" unto themselves. And it is reported that covens often meet in this room by night to discuss HOW THEY WILL BRING FORTH THE COMING LUCIFERIC NEW WORLD ORDER. Satanist imagery is built directly into the architecture itself.

In fact, one of their great recruiting tactics includes the enticement of:

"You too can be part of the rich, the elite, the powerful! Money can  be yours! Power can be yours! Why, we will hand you a blank check and you can fill it out for any amount you want!" This recruitment tactic was tried on my personal friend, who was a body guard for the large Asheville Mall off of Tunnel Road. The owner is a known high level Satanist in the Asheville area. Calling my friend into his office one day, he pulled the recruitment tactic on him...not realizing my friend was a Christian and a former satanic crime investigating police officer in Virginia!

My friend caught on immediately and said, "Wait a're not one of those 'devil people,' are you???" To which the owner of the mall smiled and replied, "Well, now, we don't like to think of ourselves in that way, BUT..." My friend, realizing their tactics, excused himself and refused to work there any longer. But indeed, it would appear outwardly that these satanists ARE the rich, the elite and powerful, not only in Asheville but throughout the nation. But where their souls will spend eternity for such darkness is another subject. No amount of earthly riches can compensate for the eternal damnation they will recieve...

Such Satanists decided to announce their presence and their future intentions under martial law one day. Hated by the Satanists are the Christian pro-lifers! I was a part of the pro-life group in Asheville, NC for many years. The leader, Mick  of LIFE ADVOCATES, admitted to me one day that his pro life picketers had experienced QUITE a run-in with Asheville's satanists.

"We were picketing in front of an abortion clinic in Asheville, when about two hundred young people dressed in Satanic black robes and pagan jewelry came up to us with signs, counter-picketing. They looked evil. They were chanting over and over, out loud, "BEHOLD YOUR FUTURE EXECUTIONERS!" Their signs also contained these words. And for two hours they surrounded us and chanted this in strange intonations..."

When I asked Mick if he and the Christians understood what the Satanists were communicating to them, he admitted he did not. (Nor would most Americans understand this either without researching Satanism AND martia law.) I patiently sat down and explained to him what my research had uncovered regarding both Satanism and COMING MARTIAL LAW and the role America's satanists would play in coming Christian persecution. (This website covers this subject.)

"Mick, the Satanists of this region were actually being generous to you Christians! They were announcing to you their future intentions for when martial law comes down across this nation. For in fact, as they have explained to me personally, they will play a large role in the rounding up of Christians and all other resisters (as defined by our corrupt government) and their subsequent termination under martial law. Under martial law, it will be open hunting season for the Christian and Patriot resisters of their Luciferic New World Order..."

Mick was silent as these words slowly were impressed in his mind.

In fact, my research has uncovered the reality of BOXCARS AND SHACKLES  already in place in Asheville for the coming hour of martial law, as confirmed by several former Satanists involved in the preparation for martial law in that region. I questioned one, and he admitted that such boxcars were indeed in the area I had searched, Biltmore Village, behind large fenced off areas.

To illustrate the sheer brazeness of these Asheville satanists, I will share with you how LAST HALLOWEEN, THEY HAD SEVERAL OF THESE BOXCARS PULLED OUT OF STORAGE AND PUT ON PUBLIC DISPLAY! According to an eyewitness in that area, they decorated these boxcars' interiors with Halloween decorations, and then charged admission, calling them "Hellhouse!" They were even advertised in the local paper, the Asheville Citizen Times! YET...under martial law, they will be used in earnest to haul arrested Christians, Patriots and others to their brutal deaths in the deathcamps of North Carolina that will be activated! I was incredulous when I heard THAT report!

Two former satanists from Asheville, one with an evangelistic ministry nationwide now, both admitted to me that my research in Asheville was accurate, and that the satanists of that region couldn't WAIT for martial law to be declared. Admitted Richard Morgan of Loving Hearts Ministry, "All the things you have reported on regarding satanists, Asheville and martial law are true...AND MARTIAL LAW IS IT!" He admitted this wihle hosting a Christian Biker crusade in Florida. Richard was a former satanist assassin biker for many years.

Sadly, even when the Christians have the wicked intentions of the Satanists of America proclaimed before their very eyes, "BEHOLD YOUR FUTURE EXECUTIONERS," MANY STILL DON'T GET IT!!!

(In fact, it was reported to me that even some churches took their kids to see "Hellhouse" and go INTO these boxcars with shackles as a form of Halloween amusement!This is the equivalent of Nazi era Jews being charged admission to go into Hitler's deathcamps...don't you GET IT, American Church???)

Sadly, many won't get it...until they are brutally arrested and led away to the boxcars with shackles of the NWO to ultimately die for their faith in the deathcamps of America.

Friends, don't say you were not warned!

Even Asheville's Satanists have clearly told you THE TRUTH!

Part 3

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