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Stew Webb Exposed
Dangerous COINTELPRO for the FBI & Patriot Movement Infiltrator

by Pamela Schuffert <>
January 1, 2009

Stew Webb Exposed by Pamela Schuffert (Jan. 1, 2009)

Due to many of my readers and radio listeners being concerned about the writings appearing on the internet, falsely accusing me of many things, written by COINTELPRO agent STEW WEBB, I have finally decided to write a report explaining to my readers THE TRUTH ABOUT STEW WEBB.

I first encountered Stew Webb in DENVER COLORADO, in 1998, while he was staying at the home of a radio listener of mine, Jack and Cyndra Brunner. Stew Webb was busy infiltrating (spying on) the PATRIOT COMMUNITY of the DENVER AREA at that time. When I encountered him, I began to realize what a very sick man he was physically and mentally/emotionally. Extremely unstable and psychotic. In fact, I found out after I had encountered him, that he had been in a mental ward for many months because of his many problems. I knew he was on medication for his psychotic behavior while staying at the Brunners.

I prayed for God to enable me to minister to him while we both were visiting the home of the Brunners.

Typically, Webb would take me out in the vehicle he had at that time everyday, pouring out his tale of woe, and drive erratically all over the highway and interstates near that home, allegedly trying to evade the henchmen of Leonard Millman, powerful CIA drug money launderer and member of the satanist community of Denver as well.

It seems that Webb had married into the Millman family, and this produced a child called AMANDA, who he told me he was desperate to get back, since he divorced his wife. One day, returning to the Bruner's home, he showed me where he had spliced some telephone lines together with some other strange equipment. "This will FRY the lines of Millman's henchmen whenever they try to call or monitor me..." he explained.

He told me of his experiencing horrific visions and encounters with evil spirits, that he thought Millman was sending after him. This included Webb's encounter with a demon spirit that called itself "BAPHOMET," of which he admitted to me HE WAS TERRIFIED. In truth, my further research DID confirm that Millman WAS indeed a satanist and very powerful, and was indeed the CIA drug money launderer and involved in much darkness.

Which brings up an important question: WHAT was WEBB DOING marrying into a powerful satanist family with known ties to the CIA and corrupt drug money? Surely he knew all this when he married the daughter of MILLMAN...surely he knew about the satanic symbols tattooed on her body, since he married her? WHAT kind of warped personality would marry into THIS type of satanist family?

Webb admitted to me that his wife had satanic symbols tattooed on her arms, and that the whole family was involved in satanism. He also told me he would do anything ANYTHING to get his daughter AMANDA back.

And it turns out that this ANYTHING that he is willing to do, has finally become FBI COINTELPRO ops, spying especially against the Patriot/NWO resister community, and putting out MISINFORMATION for the FBI to discredit valid Christian journalists like myself exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Admitted one source who kept in contact with WEBB in 2008, "...I talked to WEBB over the phone, and he admitted that he did evil things, but HE DID IT BECAUSE HE WANTED AMANDA BACK." (Summer 2008, Montana)

Apparently the FBI has promised him that IF he will cooperate with them, HE WILL SOMEHOW "GET AMANDA BACK."

For several years after I met WEBB, I tried to be his friend, knowing he needed Jesus Christ desperately in his life, and attempted to minister and pray with him repeatedly. I knew many things he was doing was wrong (according to Biblical standards,) and hoped that God would use me to reach him.


I was utterly shocked one night when I called him, when he was staying in the home of former FBI Bureau Chief TED GUNDERSON in Las Vegas, to hear him huffing and puffing as if he were in the midst of moving heavy things, and then to hear him say jubilantly, "I GOT the boxes...Gunderson is GONE and I am getting the boxes!!!" Wondering what THAT meant, he explained that TED GUNDERSON WAS GONE, and he was taking the 35 or so boxes of VERY IMPORTANT FILES containing Gunderson's research exposing FBI CORRUPTION AND SATANISM and more.

TED GUNDERSON, former FBI, is a fine man of integrity, who has roused the wrath of the corrupt elements of the FBI by exposing corruption in the system, the child sex/porn rings in the FBI, and the satanism as well. This makes GUNDERSON, in turn, a TARGET for FBI COINTELPRO slander and libel manufactured him to discredit his excellent work exposing them.

Sadly, both STEW WEBB and BARBARA HARTWELL have both proven to be COINTELPRO by writing and publishing the libelous, fictional and untrue "reporting" against both Gunderson, myself and many other truth-tellers on the scene.

Webb then justified this by trying to portray GUNDERSON as "the BAD guy" and Webb as "the GOOD guy" taking his files on behalf of the FBI ( or more realistically,for the CRIMINAL elements of the FBI who did not LIKE Gunderson's exposing of their corruption in his reports!) In fact, Webb bragged to me on the phone, even as he was stealing GUNDERSON'S BOXES OUT OF HIS HOME AND MOVING THEM TO WEBB'S VEHICLE, what a GREAT HAUL THIS WAS!

Unfortunately, I had been previously brainwashed by WEBB'S misinformation and misportrayal of GUNDERSON, and said nothing to GUNDERSON after the theft by WEBB. It was not until several years later that I became INFORMED and caught on to COINTELPRO and WEBB'S ROLE IN IT. THEN I contacted GUNDERSON and told him all about Stew Webb's infamous night of rampage and theft at his home in Law Vegas.

Sadly, the statute of limitations had expired however, and the information came TOO LATE to be used to successfully prosecute STEW WEBB FOR CRIMINAL THEFT.

Webb did not begin his FBI orchestrated COINTELPRO attacks on me, UNTIL I finally began to understand THE TRUTH and I then began to expose Webb's dark activities in my reporting.

Immediately, he THEN began the typical COINTELPRO character assassination, publishing untrue and unproveable libel/slander against me in his website and newsletters, working at the time with BARBARA HARTWELL, proven CIA COINTELPRO infiltrator in the Patriot/Christian NWO-resister community.

The list of WEBB'S criminal activities continue. WEBB has falsely accused many others at the behest of the FBI, he has even solicited for the murder of innocent people. Strangely, after he stayed with my friends the BRUNNERS in the Denver area, JACK BRUNNER turned up dead under strange circumstances. His wife Cyndra remains traumatized.

Many other writers have investigated and exposed WEBB, and there are several reports on the internet confirming my findings as well. I will continue to publish further findings regarding STEW WEBB and other COINTELPRO agents being paid to deceive the American public.

The American people deserve to know the truth, and the innocent victims of corrupt COINTELPRO deserve to be fully vindicated.

Several examples of WEBB BEING EXPOSED: (Scroll DOWN to STEW WEBB)

"Larry Lawson
Fri Jun 2, 2006

Stew Webb is a complete and TOTAL FRAUD! He's well known for soliciting money for a FRAUDULENT court case against Bush that HE NEVER FILED! He's been a LIAR ever since accusing others of the COINTELPRO THAT HE HIMSELF ENGAGES IN!

Anybody remember the BOGUS story of WEBB'S of 22 indictments against Bush and Cheney THAT NEVER CAME?

I said nothing would come of it here:

For more info on the FRAUD that is Stew Webb and others, see:

And many more. Stay tuned........and refuse to be THE DECIEVED of this nation any longer.

-Pamela Schuffert


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