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 Reports From Peru
authored by Richard Petty Deegan

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By Richard Petty Deegan
March 2000

Reports from Peru by Richard Petty Deegan (March 2000)

[Editor's Note: Richard Petty Deegan is an American living in Peru. He contacted me in March of this year after reading an article by Richard Malinowski on the NWO that I had sent along to Jeff Rense of Deegan sent his first report in March, detailing the efforts of The Carter Center (National Democratic Institute) in Peru of their coordinated attack upon President Fujimori's vice presidential candidate Francisco Tudela for 'illuminating' the controlling machinations of New World Order lackeys and front organizations in that country. Since then, Rich has been sending in regular reports allowing us a ring side view of the South American NWO Players and their highly deceptive tactics. ...Ken Adachi]

August 3, 2001 Pachacutec, Role Model for a New Peru?

May 9, 2001 George Soros Financed Peru Riots in July 2000

July 30, 2000 Toledo's Last Stand

June 11, 2000 NWO Wars: Return of The Incas

May 26, 2000 The REAL Face of George Soros & Human Rights Watch

May 25, 2000  NWO Launches Destabilization Strategy 3 Days Before Election

May 24, 2000 Soros Tries to Prop Up NWO Candidate Toledo Manrique

May 23, 2000 George Soros Profits From Self-Created Crisis in Peru

May 16, 2000 NWO Plan B for Peru, a Coup D'Etat?

May 16, 2000  Follow Up to Recent Events Surrounding Peru Election

May 11, 2000 Despite NWO Cash, Toledo Manrique May Quit Peru Race

April 30, 2000 Toledo Manrique Promises to Free Terrorists, Then Reverses.

April 30, 2000 International Bankers Praise NWO Candidate Toledo Manrique

April 28, 2000  NWO Candidate for Peru Gets His Orders

March 21, 2000 Peru VP Candidate Denounces NWO; Attacked by Carter Center

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