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 Reports From Peru 
The REAL Face of George Soros &
Human Rights Watch in South America
 By Richard Petty Deegan
May 26, 2000

The Real Face of George Soros & Human Rights Watch in south America (May 26, 2000)

Jose Vivanco, Executive Secretary for financial speculator and legalize-drug advocate, George Soros, founder of  Human Rights Watch,  issued a report on conditions for the Peruvian runoff election by stating “the electoral process has been largely questioned and the election should be postponed until there are conditions, that according to international standards ,could be considered free and fair....It would be suicide for Fujimori to win this election. The level of international discredit, isolation and ostracism to which he is condemned would be practically universal.”

Vivanco then went on to say that “The OAS must withdrawfrom election observation and must condemn the ‘irregularities’”

These pronouncements stunned many who were shocked at a supposedly impartial observer (Human Rights Watch) appearing to issue orders to the OAS, which many had believed was an independent association of seventeen countries.

OAS Caves in to NWO Pressure
However, shortly after these statements by Vivanco, the OAS, in a stunning 180º reversal of its reports of only hours earlier (in which OAS acknowledged the successful testing and functionality of the computer system and vowed that the “Peruvian laws and Constitution must be respected for the May 28 election) issued a statement which said that the Peruvian election “according to international standards is far from what could be considered free and fair,” and that there persists a “pattern of insufficiencies, irregularities, inconsistencies and inequities” requiring that the “OAS not participate as an observer in the May 28 runoff election”.

Going further, the OAS said that “The detected deficiencies render the electoral process 'irregular'.”

In this and other phrases the Mission Chief of the OAS, Eduardo Stein, whose brother, Ricardo, is the director of the Soros Fund in Guatemala, practically repeated Vivanco’s complaint word for word. There had been rumors circulating (we have not yet confirmed) that Eduardo Stein had been offered the Vice Presidency of Guatemala in return for his support for Soros’ plan to destabilize Peru.

Clinton Feels Their Pain
President Clinton stated that he “deplored” the situation, but final action must wait for the OAS’ final report (which also may be dictated by Soros). No comments were heard from Soros, who would benefit immediately by a deepening of the crisis in Peru occasioned by the actions of his candidate, A. Toledo Manrique.

Even with declines of recent days, the Peruvian Sol has risen 1% against the US Dollar and 13% against the New World’s Euro in the last six months. In Washington this week,  Toledo Manrique's running mate,  vice presidential candidate Diego Garcia Sayan, was pressuring Clinton to intervene and issue an immediate formal declaration against President Fujimori. ( It should be noted that Sayan, on September 19, 1998,  spoke out strongly against 'US intervention in sovereign countries'; whether that intervention be 'politcal or by use of a mountain of pressure'). The difference on that occasion was that the US  'intervention' was aimed at drug trafficking, something that Garcia Sayan did not find to his liking.

In addition to Sayan, other vocal critics included, Fernando Flores Aroaz, along with other  anti-Fujimoristas;  all signers, coincidentally, of the “Open Letter to Kofi Annan” which supported legalizing drugs.

Bishop Luis Barbarran of the Bishop’s Conference, controlled by NWO Vice Presidential candidate Diego Garcia Sayan echoed this line stating that: “not adjourning the election, puts the legitimacy of the government at risk.”

Toledo Manrique "Worker's Revolt" Goes Bust
Although the national work stoppage promoted by Toledo Manrique and radical workers groups was generally unsuccessful ( with 98.5% of Peruvians going to their jobs as normal), the violence that sprang up in certain areas, such as in Lima-where gangs attempted to burn government buildings and rob ATM cash machines, etc., convinced Toledo Manrique to return quickly to Lima and further fan the flames.

Speaking to the remnants of the vandals from an impromptu stage at San Martin Plaza, Toledo Manrique insisted that his people would “rise up against the dictatorship of this "Chinese bitch" (‘chino perra’). He promised that he “will be with you in the streets...We have no fear.”

Wher' Da Snow Show Go?
In addition to gains from currency fluctuations, also at stake for the New World Order clack,  is the restoration of Peru as a drug producing country.

The New World Order’s efforts to raise the level of drug production (principally cocaine), has become more open in recent months. In part, this is due to immense pressure to maintain cash flow into the financial markets such as NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange, which have recently been in decline due to lack of new buyers with new money.

NYSE Talks to FARC Leader
Thoughts of the billions of dollars generated by the cocaine business must be what prompted NYSE President Richard Grasso to fly to Colombia in January for a series of meetings with “General” Raul Reyes, Treasurer of the FARC terrorist group in the northern jungles of Colombia.

Since the suppression of MRTA and Shining Path by President Fujimori in Peru, FARC has become the world’s leading producer-exporter of cocaine. For this reason also,  Madelain Albright, the  US Secretary of State, pressured the US Congress to eliminate Blackhawk anti-drug helicopters from the Colombian aid program and then pressured Colombian President Pastraña to cede 44,000 square kilometers of cocaine fields in the Colombian jungles to FARC control.

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