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Reports From Peru 
NWO Wars:
Return of The Incas

By Richard Petty Deegan
June 11, 2000

Responding to the continuing threat created by the New World Order’s extensive intervention in the region, The South American countries of  Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru- formerly comprising the ancient Inca Empire- have banded together in an effort to maintain their sovereign independence in the face of the New World Order’s advancing imperialism.

Andean Common Market by 2005
At the Twelfth Annual President's Conference of the Council of Andean Nations held in Lima  from June 9-10, the presidents of these nations announced the creation of a common market effective by the year 2005. In addition, a plan was formulated to coordinate an integrated response to outside pressures exerted by foreign powers in the internal affairs of member states.

Inca Revolt
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez stated that if the US tries to implement its threatened sanctions or other unilateral action against Peru, “The whole continent will rise up!”  The conference was headed up by Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori, President Clinton’s and the NWO’s worst nightmare. Fujimori  was also congratulated by his Andean neighbors for his recent re-election victory.

The creation of an Andean Common Market is a bold declaration from these former Inca nations where the NWO has, of late, been investing considerable energy to assume control of.  Recent manipulations by the NWO to influence the outcome of events in the region, capped by an unsuccessful all-out effort to overthrow the Fujimori government in Peru, have proven too much for these countries to continue to tolerate.

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has had to confront a series of internal economic and weather related disasters, as well as participation in four elections in two years. He must now must face yet another election challenge from the leader of a 1992 coup attempt, Fransisco Arias Cardenas. Cardenas is openly favored and supported by NWO front organizations such as The Carter Center. When Cardenas began to rise in the polls, the NWO made an effort to postpone the elections in Venezuela, feeling that with some more time, Chavez could be defeated (similar attempts were made to install an NWO puppet in Peru, but ultimately proved unsuccessful).

Software Snafu
On cue, "required" election software from the famous US computer giant Election Systems and that from the Silicon Plains of Nebraska were delivered late and proved totally ineffective. Thus the Venezuelan elections –surprise, surprise –had to be postponed. This was a relief for the NWO and the Carter Center since Venezuelan President Chavez had been getting strange ideas of late that his country, once considered the property of the Rockefeller family, should now conduct its affairs as an independent nation.

Bolivia has been facing grave problems due to both narcotics production and terrorism, albeit not on a scale experienced by Colombia. While Bolivia is the world's third largest producer of cocaine, its main purpose for the international drug cartel is to act as a conduit for the transfer of drugs from
Colombia-and that which remains of Peruvian cocaine production-to Brazil, for export to Europe and the United States. It also serves as a reception center for custom free goods entry into Peru and Ecuador.

Ecuador has had seven presidents in the last four years, and with each change of government, the NWO tightens its control on that country’s financial systems. Already, the Ecuadorian Sucre has been scrapped in favor of the US dollar-with disastrous results for its people. In much of the south, the Peruvian Sol is used as a medium of exchange, being the only stable currency in the region. More and more,  large industry is falling into foreign hands as the IMF and World Bank pursue their take over and control policies.

Long a major drug producer, in the last few years, Colombia has grown in importance to the NWO and the international drug trade following President Fujimori’s crackdown on drug production in Peru. Among recent events was a visit by NYSE President Richard Grasso to Raul Reyes, finance Minister of the Colombian FARC narco-terrorist group in January of this year. The trip was financed by James Kinsey, former US Special Forces Ranger and deep cover operative who later founded America On Line (AOL). After Grasso's visit, Colombia came under tremendous pressure from the US to give FARC terrorists their own country, which US Secretary of State Madeline Albright recently negotiated into existence by pressuring Colombia into granting 44,000 square kilometers of prime drug production land to FARC, over the protests of Colombia's President Andres Pastraña.

President Pastraña has no intention, however, of allowing his country be controlled by NWO manipulators and druglords. Not unlike Cesar Gaviria (Colombian President from 1990-1994 until forced out by drug interests in favor of Ernesto Samper, an attorney working for the drug cartels) before him, Pastrana is being hamstrung by NWO front groups such as The Carter Center and George Soros’ Human Rights Watch.   Liberal US politicians also abet  NWO aspirations by approving token anti drug funding for appearances’ sake, while blocking the implication of really effective deterrent equipment such as Blackhawk helicopters.

The Israelis and FARC
The New World Order has been working in Colombia for decades. Eliott Abrams (who has attacked Peruvian president Fujimori in various articles in the NY Times, Buenos Aires Economico and elsewhere), US Undersecretary of State for Human Rights and Drug Sales for the Reagan administration, was a key player in the 1980s closely involved in the Contra deals and (with Israeli Lt. Col. Yair Klein) gun smuggling operations in this country. Israeli smuggling of arms to the FARC narco-terrorists continues to this date, as evidenced by the May 14 interception of 50,000 weapons brought into Colombia by five Israelis destined for FARC members stationed along the Peruvian border (perhaps to implement an NWO sponsored attack on Peru, timed to concord with losing Peruvian presidential candidate Toledo’s call for supporters to “take the streets”).

Peru, a Black Eye for the NWO
Finally, Peru, with ten years of political and economic stability, as well as a demonstrated and successful policy against narcotics trafficking and terrorism under the Fujimori administration, has been one of the biggest threats to NWO takeover efforts in Latin America. The Peruvian presidential election became a battleground where almost all of the forces of the New World Order were called into action in an effort to overthrow President Fujimori, but without success.

Arrayed against Fujimori for his presidential defeat were three separate NWO Carter Center “impartial observer” groups; international financier George Soros;  New York and Washington money interests; the International Socialist Party; the US Department of State; the Clinton Administration; Israeli businessman Baruch Ivcher (a US/Israeli citizen resident in Miami, with numerous investments in Peru); CNN; the New York Times; the Washington Post;  and 29 of the 48 largest newspapers in Peru among others, along with a secret fifth columnist –the head of the OAS electoral observer mission in Peru, Eduardo Stein.

Stein, whose brother Ricardo is the Director of the (George) Soros Fund in Guatemala, was presented as an 'impartial' observer, who would not interfere in the elections. Although most of his pronouncements were of a benign character, he surprised many when, following an announcement by Soros employee Jose Vivanco, he suddenly withdrew his group from its observer's mission. Among those taken by surprise was OAS General Secretary Cesar Gaviria (former anti drug president of Colombia). On June 8, Gaviria indicated to confidential sources that OAS field personnel in Peru had stated to him that there was no reason to cancel the mission -that the Peruvian elections did not have to be postponed. Why, then, did Stein withdraw?

OAS Observer Eduardo Stein, an NWO Asset?
Stein was, in fact, a Trojan horse; inserted for just this purpose –to give the Peruvian election process the appearance of impropriety after NWO candidate Alejandro Toledo Manrique, woefully lagging in the polls, stopped participating in the Peruvian runoff election (but continued to stir up and agitate street crowds). Stein acquired his previous post as Guatemala’s Foreign Minister due to pressure from the Clinton administration, as part of a coalition government. Stein was to be a representative of the radical Marxist branch of the Guatemalan government. Stein had been a Marxist guerilla early in his career, receiving further training during years spent in Israel. Upon his return to Guatemala in the 1980s, he became a terrorist leader, at one time being listed as the most wanted Guatemalan terrorist by neighboring countries, including El Salvador. It is sad that this information is only being reported AFTER his efforts to sabotage Fujimori’s re-election had failed.

CNN's Role
CNN did as much as possible to distort coverage of the Peruvian elections. It featured “discussion” programs wherein the moderator was none other than George Soros’ paid lapdog Jose Vivanco. CNN's Lima reporter, who was roundly wined and dined by Toledo, was Josefina Townsend, the sister of Anil Townsend, a left-wing congresswoman notorious for her hatred of Fujimori and a signer of the 1998 “Legal Drugs” letter sent to UN Secretary Kofi Annan. The Townsend family also controls many US businesses in Peru, including all fast food franchises such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut,  and Burger King. Townsend's uncles are also left-wing congressmen, one of whom (Fransisco) received $75,000 from the US Republican Party for his one-man NGO and later filed bankruptcy to avoid accounting for the funds. Another CNN reporter used for special commentary was Jaime D’Althaus, “former” employee of Baruch Ivcher and Toledo Manrique whose 1998 claim to fame was a notoriously contrived story charging the Winter brothers (owners of Peruvian broadcast media) with drug trafficking. After his exposure as a fraud, D'Althaus was unable to find legitimate newspaper work. Together, CNN's Josefina Townsend and Jaime D'Althaus did all they could to downplay Toledo’s calls for violence (and its horrible aftermath) and pass on only news favorable to Toledo. Fujimori rallies, attended by literally tens of thousands of Peruvian people, were largely ignored in CNN reports..

Phony 'Reporter Attacked' Story
Perhaps the worst example of CNN’s slanted coverage was their promotion of a story of an individual identified as a  “reporter” (actually a public relations expert employed by Ivcher) supposedly tortured by the Intelligence Service. Only CNN fell for this frame-up, orchestrated three days before the runoff election. According to CNN’s story, one Fabian Salazar Meier (a.k.a. Oliveras) had five video-tapes showing various members of the National Election Commission and reporters in secret meetings with the head of the Peruvian Intelligence Service (SIN). After Salazar viewed the tapes in his office on May 25 (three days before the runoff election), according to this account, he was attacked and beaten by the SIN, who took the tapes. Poor Salazar was then hospitalized after this “brutal torture”, and wrapped up like a mummy.

This allegation of incriminating video should seem familiar to readers of this column, as its use was predicted here. However, due to our disclosure,  the original plans had to be changed.
The truth of this event was quite different from that stated by CNN. Emergency personnel responding to the scene treated Salazar “with a Band-Aid for a one inch cut, which stopped the bleeding.” Photos taken at the scene show the small cut as well as Salazar using his cellular phone. TV footage shot almost immediately by Toledo supporter Channel 8 reveals that nowhere in Salazar’s  office was there a VCR machine on which he could have seen the videos as he claimed. Salazar’s secretary also confirmed that there was no VCR in the office. The guard at the building’s entrance saw no one enter or leave, nor did any of the other residents.

After being released from a private clinic in San Felipe, where nothing wrong was found, Salazar went to a private clinic in San Borja and “treated” by a physician who is a partner with Baruch Ivcher’s children in the Nuclear Medicine Clinic in Lima. Salazar refused all medical examination, and fled the country when called by the District Attorney to describe the incident under oath. Even Channel 8 stopped airing the story as it became more and more obviously that it was a set-up from the start (Salazar had a history of making fantastic claims against the SIN, often accusing innocent people of following him). Totally disbelieved in Lima, even by Fujimori opponents, the story was given big play on CNN and in the NY Tines and Washington Post (and the usual NWO group of NGOs).

The Carter Center
The Carter Center-NDI (National Democratic Institute) group Transparency was also caught with its pants down. After three of its eighteen departmental coordinators admitted to receiving written orders to do anything they could to prejudice the Fujimori campaign and assist Toledo, the Transparency group was forced to admit (after avoiding testifying twice and only when threatened with contempt citations), under oath before an investigating committee that “there was no fraud in the election; there was no evidence of fraud- the elections were not fraudulent." (as quoted by Transparency’s president Luis Cisneros on  June 9. Meanwhile, group director Rudicindo Vega was busy in Washington and Canada assisting Toledo’s allies to promote sanctions against Peru).

The Clintonistas
The Clinton administration’s efforts against Fujimori were varied, from Senate resolutions and open assistance for Toledo by US Ambassador to Peru, John Hamilton (trained in democracy during his previous assignment in Cuba), to sending in the “big guns” to the OAS assembly in Ottawa, Canada in an attempt to have the OAS condemn Fujimori’s reelection as an overthrow under resolution #1080 along with Special White House envoy Barry MacKay, special secretary Luis Lauredo (previously listed as a paid lobbyist for Israeli Baruch Ivcher), and Under Secretary Thomas Pickering (Law partner of Carter crony Lloyd Cutler and four other signers of the 1998 “Legal Drugs” letter) while the OAS regulars were on vacation.

All was to no avail, however, as those nations still independent in Latin America (CIA safe house Costa Rica excepted), refused to knuckle under to US pressure to overthrow the Fujimori government. Even the socialist governments of Chile (which was bribed with the re-opening of the US market to Chilean apples, a major export) and Argentina bucked Yankee orders. Instead of sanctions, a cut-off of aid (NWO losing candidate Toledo had asked that the US eliminate the remaining $38 million in drug enforcement aid that Peru still receives –vs. $1.6 billion received under the corrupt Garcia Perez regime), or even a good old fashioned Kosovo-type bombing, the OAS approved Fujimori’s recommendation that a new observation team be sent to Peru to “assist in recommendations for improving democratic processes.” (OAS Resolution, May 31).

Clinton’s frustration continues, as the US is one of the few countries in the world not to recognize Fujimori’s re-election. Although the US Department of State has backed off of the May 29 declaration (promised to Toledo as we predicted) that the election was invalid, there has been no contact between ambassador Hamilton and the Peruvian government for months (although during this span Hamilton had many meetings with NWO candidate Toledo and former Marxist guerilla Eduardo Stein).

Unemployed NWO Puppets
Equally frustrated is NWO losing candidate Alejandro Toledo. While his recent activities merit an entire report in and of itself, we will close this one by referring to his call for new elections. In his latest speaking tours, he is accompanied not only by Peru’s last military dictator, Fransisco Bermudez Morales, but also by Spain’s last military dictator, Felipe Gonzales. With two such able experts on dictatorship, it's no wonder that he repeats the Peruvian Communist Party's cry for  “End the dictatorship of Fujimori.”
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