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 Reports From Peru  
International Bankers Praise
NWO Candidate Toledo Manrique

By Richard Petty Deegan
April 30, 2000

NWO Kudos for Toledo Manrique (April29-30)

The US-favored candidate for president of Peru received positive reaction from the international bankers with whom he met this Thursday and Friday in New York and Washington DC., after revelation of his fourth different economic plan in less than two weeks. His latest plan?

 “The same as Alberto Fujimori has been doing”, said Toledo Manrique who was featured in an article written by Raquel Lizarraga for a weekly bulletin of one of the largest banks in the world, Banco Bilbao Viscayo (BBV Continental SAP), headquartered in Spain.

The Lizarraga article indicated that as a result of Toledo Manrique’s presentation,

"he appears to hypothecate his proposals, which include: a 'Market Economy with a human face; a strong judicial system; human rights; and respect for institutions and democracy' which distinguishes him and his platform from Fujimori’s"  Lizarraga reports.

She indicated that the fundamental part of  Toledo Manrique’s presentation was the “theme of investment in education and a foundation of human infrastructure.” Carlos Janada, a vice president for Morgan Stanley, was also happy with Toledo Manrique.  Jurada stated that Toledo Manrique used the magic words that Wall Street likes to hear, although it was quite generic and “emphasised decentralization which will occur in a process that does not involve a fiscal deficit.” He also said that Toledo Manrique’s message was “a program that appears to be expansionist both in fiscal and in monetary terms, although it wasn’t made very clear.” *

According to Frederick Kaune, a vice president at investment banker Goldman Sachs, “Harvard economist” Toledo Manrique has not ruled out populism. “He wasn’t very specific,” said Kaune, “He’s given a very general description of what would be an eventual economic program on the part of his political party, although we haven’t really been able to get any details of what he would do in the economic area upon assuming the government.”

What international banker wouldn’t love to have a president who doesn’t have a clue?

Things Change
Last year US Anti-Drug Czar Gen. Barry McCaffrey came to Peru for a series of meetings with Peru’s President Fujimori and other officials  involved in the fight to eradicate the drug trade in Peru.  When he returned to Washington, he gave rave reviews before the US Congress over the substantial progress being made by the Fujimori government. Since then, unfortunately, it turns out that among the drug smugglers in prison in Peru are two young white girls from California who tried to smuggle twenty pounds of cocaine (around $1,200,000 worth) from Peru to the US. Young, white girls in Peruvian prisons is not a happy subject for the Clinton administration, regardless of whether or not guilty of serious crimes.  When last heard from (late March), Gen. McCaffrey was insisting that there must be a change in Peru, or Peru will be given “least favored nation” status, and its exports subject to surcharge.

John Hamilton, US Ambassador to Peru, welcomed candidate Toledo Manrique for extended conversations on April 11.  Ambassador Hamilton has not indicated that the same privilege would be granted to President Fujimori.  In most countries, it's common prcatice for ambassadors to seek an audience with the president of that country, rather than new political candidates who recently arrived on the scene, but perhaps the US government wishes to demonstrate its displeasure with President Fujimori. After all, reinstilling in the populace a sense of trust in government, drying up the drug trade,  and curbing the terrorist activities of the MRTA and Shinning Path are worthy of condemnation by a 'Rule of Law' country like the United States, ...aren't they?
(* various sources including El Comercio and Gestion, April 30)
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