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Reports From Peru 

By Richard Petty Deegan
May 11, 2000

One of the immediate results of Peruvian Presidential candidate Alejandro Toledo Manrique’s series of meetings in New York and Washington with New World Order groups such as the Council for Foreign Relations, the Brookings Institute, the International Money Fund and others, as well as a private lunch with international banker George Soros has been a sudden influx of cash into his campaign war chest. Soon after Toledo Manrique’s return to Peru, an unprecedented (for Peru) multimillion-dollar TV campaign began airing on every local, national, and cable channel in the country. This campaign consists of thousands of one-minute spots being aired daily, supposedly with family photos taken of the one-time shoeshine boy as a youth struggling to feed his mother and fifteen brothers.  These ads would indicate that in 1952, the “impoverished” Toledo Manrique family, was among a dozen families in Peru that actually owned a home camera.

The next step was the employment of about five hundred paid workers (on May 3, 4 and 5) to post tens of thousands of six foot square Toledo Manrique posters on telephone, street light, and traffic poles in Lima alone, along with another twenty-five ten by thirty foot billboards. These workers also painted a large number of public walls with “Toledo for President” in six-foot letters. After this,  there was still enough money left to sign a million-dollar public relations contract with Canadian Michel Alexander at Toledo Manrique’s luxury condo in LaMolina on Friday, May 5. Total cash spent on Toledo Manrique’s campaign should top even that spent by writer Mario Vargas Llosa (.poster boy for the international intellectual set) in the 1990 presidential campaign.

Let's Go To The Video Tape
The outside funding was also used to pay for the printing of Toledo Manrique’s pamphlets and flyers distributed in the center of Lima urging people NOT TO VOTE for President Fujimori, falsely claiming that he is a Buddhist (Peru is 97% Catholic) and a foreigner. In addition, there is a faked video supposedly showing Peruvian soldiers selling arms to the FARC rebels in Colombia.  At one point in the video, a soldier says “Here are the guns Fujimori sold you. Where is the money for Montessinos?” (Montessinos is the head of Peruvian Intelligence Service and a virulent anti-terrorist, anti-drugtrafficker). According to informed sources, the video is scheduled to be aired on Sunday night, May 21, on Channel 8 (owned by El Comercio, a newspaper supporting Toledo Manrique), a date chosen for  maximum impact, seven days before the election. It’s possible that there has been foreign assistance in the fabrication of this film. Following recent conferences with US Secretary of State Madeline Albright, the Colombian Ambassador to Peru, Maria Cristina Zuloeta, has been seen working hard to ensure the election of Toledo Manrique.

I Solemnly Promise
Regardless of all this-including an incredible collection of promises to end taxes and tax collection (“I will destroy the Superintendent of Taxes”- Toledo Manrique speaking in Arequipa, May 3, and later repeated in Iquitos); to raise all public salaries and benefits; and to prohibit the importation of all food products (Cajamarca speech, May 11)-NWO candidate for President of Peru Alejandro Toledo Manrique has been losing ground among Peruvians, despite claims to the contrary among the international media and NWO front organizations.

Two recent polls, one by CPI (Peruvian Research Institute), taken before Toledo Manrique’s announcement that he would free convicted Shining Path and MRTA terrorists such as Lori Berenson, and one released by Apoyo shortly afterwards, both show Toledo Manrique losing ground in his bid to become president of Peru. The CPI poll showed him at 38% and Apoyo had him at 37%, versus the 40% he received in the first election. Further, the largest and most reliable poll taken to date, by the Mayiteuca firm and released May 10 (and based on a sample of 7,437, with an error margin of +-1%), shows Fujimori with a commanding 7% lead and increasing.

Home Boys
Scores of gaffes, misstatements and “communications that were misunderstood” (we won’t say outright lies) by Toledo Manrique have convinced Peruvians that his spending most of the last thirty years in the US and Europe have put him out of touch with their real needs and desires. A similar situation occurred in Peru in 1990 when writer Mario Vargas Llosa left his European home of twenty years to campaign for the presidency of Peru, also with impressive and foreign-financed publicity. After being soundly trounced by (the then unknown) Fujimori in a runoff, Vargas Llosa, frustrated by his rejection at the hands of the Peruvian electorate, abandoned Peru to become a citizen of Spain. MVL’s parting words? “Peruvians are all shitheads” (cacazanos in Spanish).  In fact, Vargas Llosa recently came to Lima to lend support to Toledo Manrique’s faltering effort, stating that Toledo Manrique would win a debate because “He is a Peruvian, and knows Peru better than Fujimori.” Perhaps Toledo Manrique took a course on Peru at Harvard.

Toledo Manrique and his internationalist cronies can not afford to let Fujimori be reelected in a fair election. To allow Peru to exist as an independent country free of foreign intervention or interference would set a very bad example for the New World Order’s plans for Latin America, particularly in view of Peru’s stable economy and successes against terrorism and drug trafficking.  Much better for them the “Harvard economist”, Toledo Manrique, and his chaotic economic plans, described even by Fujimori’s opponents as “disastrous”, to provide the background needed for intervention and control by the IMF, World Bank and others.

Let's Make a Deal (Just Kidding!)
Last week, a group of Toledo Manrique’s closest advisors, who had been negotiating with Fujimori’s advisors over an ethical conduct agreement for the runoff election, had pre-arranged a press conference for the evening. Toledo Manrique’s advisors abruptly withdrew from the negotiations at 6:30 to announce the “unexpected” breakup of the negotiations at the scheduled press conference. It was later learned that this breakup was ordered by Toledo Manrique’s ex-wife Eliane Karp, a former World Bank and United States Agency for International Development official, because she feared that the two groups would reach an agreement for what would be perceived as a fair election. It is simply not permissible that any election- in which Toledo Manrique loses- is to be considered fair; it's only 'fair' if he wins.

The walkout was unexpected by most because it was generally understood that there had been agreement about implementation of the OAS’ election recommendations and the willingness of  Fujimori’s party to try to convince reporters to stop asking Toledo Manrique "embarassing" questions (such as: the seven times he claims to have been kidnapped {still no details or police reports available}; his out-of-wedlock children; and why he told everyone Karp was still his wife when she divorced him for cruelty in 1992 (District of Columbia-where else?). At the end of the press conference, Toledo Manrique’s people claimed that their “reasonable” request to completely change the election workers (500,000 chosen by lottery) and postpone the election, was rejected by Fujimori’s group. To have agreed, would have been illegal since runoff elections are controlled by the constitution which mandates no changes thirty days before official results [April28-May 28] versus seven days in France and fifteen days in many other countries. The only reason for Toledo Manrique’s group to make such a request is to be able to later cry “Fraud!”

Toledo Manrique stated that this was a reasonable demand, as there was no climate for a fair election. He also made a demand to be given one hour of free advertising daily on every television channel (television is a private industry in Peru and, depending on this election, may remain so).  He further suggested that he would retire from the race if conditions weren’t what he wanted. He also ceased all talk of accepting Fujimori’s invitation to a debate.

This is not new- Toledo Manrique has been waffling on the issue of whether he would stay in the race since April 12, when only sixty students showed up for a mass city-wide rally (it was a soccer night). Then he gave dates of April 25, then April 26 for his final decision (by April 26 he was on his way to NY and Washington to meet his keepers). In his recent speeches he continues this ambiguity, saying “I’m in this thing to the finish” and within two minutes, “I will not participate in a fraud.”

His problems in this area have been compounded lately by the failure of international observers to uncover any evidence of fraud in the previous election. On Thursday, May 11, Ambassador Stein of Guatemala, head of the observer group sent by the Organization of American States, stated that he could “find no fraud - no evidence of fraud - no pattern of fraud ...but some anomalies, as is usual in all elections.” Nor could the NWO Carter Center group, Tranparencia, nor the Public Defender find any fraud. Furthermore, conditions for monitoring the runoff have been substantially improved. Deprived of his “fraud” card, Toledo Manrique will not tolerate a loss in this campaign. He might prefer to quit the race,  as he has made clear many times in the past two weeks, claiming that unfair conditions and fraud forced his decision..

Considering the advances in Peru in the last ten years (overcoming multiple terrorist threats, druglords, hyperinflation, dependency on foreign aid) and comparing it with other world events, one must ask certain questions:

Despite Toledo Manrique’s dwindling popularity and threats to quit, it isn’t likely that the NWO will allow their Harvard puppet to walk away from the Peruvian presidency so quickly, or, at least, not until a ‘suitable’ replacement can be found.
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