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Reports From Peru 
NWO Launches Terror/Destabilization Strategy
in Peru 3 days Before Runoff Election

By Richard Petty Deegan
May 25, 2000

 The highest Peruvian authority, the National Election Commission (JNE), determined this morning that, in view of the resolution of the so-called computer problems and other matters, there was no justifiable reason to postpone the runoff election, which will be held as required by the Peruvian Constitution on May 28.

NWO candidate Alejandro Toledo Manrique was reached by telephone in Chimbote, where he had just concluded telling his supporters that, no matter what, “There will be a new government in Peru after July 28.” This may have been a following to his statement to El Pais (Spain) on Sunday that, as far as the possibility of a military coup goes, he would not rule anything out.

Speaking today, May 25, Toledo Manrique, rags-to-riches hero of the New York Times, Washington Post and CNN, stated that the JNE's decision would “lead to greater instability in Peru and have the gravest international consequences.” He stated that his people would not permit Fujimori to remain as president, but would make their wishes clear.

Coincidentally, as Toledo Manrique was being interviewed on the phone, during what was described by El Comercio’s TV Channel 8 as “a peaceful demonstration by students”, the Lima headquarters of the JNE was torched by Molotov cocktails. Most of the headquarter's windows were smashed by hurled iron rods and its doors were battered in. Local telephone booths, as well as automatic banking machines in the immediate vicinity were robbed.

While on their way from there to attack  the Governmental Palace the “peaceful demonstrators”, (primarily from the University of San Marcos) and the Building Trades Council, stopped off to loot approximately thirty stores in Lima’s Plaza Mayor.

Guaranteed—footage of this promoted violence will not be seen at six.

Last minute addition:
5:53PM EDT, 4:53PM Local, Lima.
Governmental palace set afire by "peaceful" Toledo demonstrators. Extinguished by on-premises building security with hoses.

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