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Reports From Peru 
Soros Tries to Prop Up
NWO's Peruvian Puppet

[Editor's Note: In this most recent dispatch from Peru, Richard Deegan chronicles the latest maneuverings of  NWO elitists to control and manipulate the runoff election in Peru slated for May 28, 2000. In order to postpone the foregone, conclusive defeat of NWO puppet candidate , A. Toledo Manrique, a fabricated ploy concerning "problems' with election-related computer systems software was instigated in an attempt to postpone the election-giving NWO strategists more time to guarantee the final 'outcome'.]

By Richard Petty Deegan
May 24, 2000

 As the Peruvian runoff election approaches the constitutionally set date of May 28, George Soros, financially thriving from Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the Peruvian dollar, sent one of his top dogs, Chilean citizen Jose Miguel Vivanco, from Washington to Lima to replace the disgraced Carter Center group Transparency and do what he could to further disrupt President Fujimori's re-election.

. Vivanco, Executive Secretary of Soros’ Human Rights Watch, arrived in Lima on May 23 and immediately stated that if the Peruvian election was not postponed, the United States would implement a series of “serious and drastic sanctions.” He further threatened that the OAS was ready to utilize its Rule 1080, which refers to the illegal overthrow of a member government, to take control of the situation in Peru. He promised to release a full report May 25 (saying this after less than 48 hours of arriving in the country).

OAS Observer Balks at Manipulation
Meanwhile, Eduardo Stein, head of the OAS observation group in Peru, seems to be gallantly resisting a mountain of official and personal pressure, in attempting to maintain a strict neutrality in the runoff election. Stein, whose brother Ricardo is the Director of the Soros Fund in Guatemala, was summoned to a secret meeting at Jorge Chavez International Airport with Alejandro Toledo Manrique, the New World Order’s candidate for president of Peru. While we still have no details as to the conversation, it is believed that Stein attempted to reach an accord with Toledo Manrique to consent to a short postponement of the election, to June 4 or 11. Toledo Manrique’s reaction was made clear at a speech presented shortly thereafter in the mountain city of Huaraz, where he said, “We won’t accept June 11, not even June 18 (a date previously requested by Toledo Manrique). They can pick any date they want—I won’t let my people participate.”

Perhaps revolted by the intransigence of Toledo Manrique, Stein issued a statement attempting to distance the OAS from Toledo Manrique, in which the OAS “Would prefer a period of ten days to review the computer program. But the final decision is up to the legally constituted Peruvian authorities. If they decide that the election is to be held May 28, they must be respected. The OAS will participate as observers if the election is May 28” (OAS #12, May 24).

Toledo Manrique, who had announced yesterday that 26 of his twenty nine incoming congressional slate would renounce their chairs, was soundly repudiated by 2d Vice Presidential candidate David Weisman, who stated “We haven’t even thought about that. That is something that would have to be analyzed at length, in a process in which Toledo Manrique would have some input.”

Manufacturing 'Demonstrations'
The civil disturbances being promoted by Toledo Manrique continued Wednesday with a group from the radical Building Trades Council armed with bats and tools attacking a naval construction site located at Pershing and Salaverry Avenues in the Jesus Maria district of Lima. The usual destruction of property and beating of innocents sought by Toledo Manrique and his NWO bosses accompanied this demonstration “demanding a postponement of the election.”

The Carter Center group Transparency was rocked by further disclosures evidencing their favoritism for Toledo Manrique, as more high ranking officials come forward to tell the truth about the inner workings and manipulations of this “impartial” NWO outfit. One of the latest was Martin Gomez, formerly Director for the State of Huaraz, who revealed pressure to place Toledo Manrique workers as volunteers and to fabricate irregularities.

Voting Irregularities?
Of the 842 voting 'irregularities' claimed by Transparency, all but 42 have been determined as without basis by other election observers. Among the 42 remaining irregularities (out of 14 million votes) are 14 for dirty, smudged, wet or miscut ballots, a standard which is greatly superior to the average US election.

The president of the National Society for Computation reiterated his offer (originally made May 19) to conduct the vote count on two levels: "one with our computer system and another, kind of prehistoric method. I call on all the math teachers of grammar and high schools, because even though we’re Peruvians, we can still add numbers; to assist by counting the votes manually, using your fingers. We’ll each place the results in a sealed envelope and let Cardinal Cipriani open them. If there’s a difference anywhere, I’ll resign.”

The 'Defective' Software Ploy
The final test of the updated software system to be used on May 28 runoff election proved successful, with no failures or crashes. It turned out that the reasons for the few prior problems were  defects in Windows 2000 program, and not with the software and support developed by the independent Peruvian professionals under the assistance of Oracle. This is not the first time we’ve heard bad things about Windows 2000.

Finally, you will recall that we are strictly prohibited by Peruvian election law from giving any poll results within fifteen days of the election. However, let’s say dreams are exempt.

Thus a recent dream indicated that 54% of Peruvians would not vote for Toledo Manrique under any circumstance, and more than half totally disapprove of his campaign mate and ex-wife, Eliane Karp, formerly of the World Bank, US AID, etc., who claims that she spent much of the early 1980s in the (drug- and terror- infested jungles) mountains “helping the people with their crops.”

While most Peruvians participated in peace rallies, Toledo Manrique spent May 18, the twentieth anniversary of the first Shining Path terrorist attack in Peru, which left many dead in Chuschi, calling on his people to “go to the streets”- to “rise up against the dictatorship.” Sound familiar?
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