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 Reports From Peru 

By Richard Petty Deegan
July 28, 2000

(Lima, Peru)
As the flames of insurrection slowly fade and the smoke filled skies of Lima clear once again, the overwhelming majority of Peruvians hope that they have seen the last of Alejandro Toledo Manrique and his New World Order controllers who have attempted  to overthrow this peaceful republican nation of 25 million people.

Today, Alejandro Toledo Manrique, failed presidential puppet candidate for NWO elitists, left no doubt as to exactly who he is, what he wants, and who controls him.

Mob Arson Attacks
Early in the day, on the 179th anniversary of Peru's independence from foreign control and the inauguration ceremony of President Fujimori's second term, Lima was rocked by a well coordinated and synchronized arson attack on numerous government buildings which left ten buildings damaged and the near total destruction of the offices of the National Bank.

These attacks were part of a three day demonstration organized by Toledo Manrique to prevent Fujimori's inauguration and "to restore democracy", as Toledo Manrique put it..

Originally touted as an assembly of four million anti-Fujimori supporters, the planned demonstration was labeled a " March from the Four Winds" However,  the numbers solicited were soon revised downwards to one million, and then to one hundred thousand, and finally to twenty five thousand, as it became apparent that there was no real support for this radical group of NWO stooges who claim to be seeking "foreign intervention" and restoration of the ‘good old days (The ‘good old days' mostly consisted of an unending nightmare for the people of Peru known as narco-terrorism; such as that currently being visited upon the citizens of Colombia).

Keystone Chopper Pilots
Toledo's attempt to have his own helicopters fly over Lima and broadcast his "restore democracy" propaganda were ironically and comically frustrated when his two pilots, Juan Guevera and Quispe, were detained by police and taken to headquarters on long outstanding warrants for terrorism and drug trafficking.

No Secrets
Toledo Manrique had made no secret of the manifest purpose of this 'demonstration'. Every  planning meeting for the 'march' was headed up by Peru's most recently booted military dictator, Pedro Morales Bermudez, as well as a former Peruvian president Belaunde (who just happens to be the grandfather of the current CNN Peruvian political correspondent,  Maria Elena Belaunde) who, after an administration fraught with corruption and incompetence, meekly handed over the government of Peru to a military junta led by General Velasco in 1969 ( a real patriot to be sure).

Stop Fujimori
At every opportunity, Toledo Manrique has publicly vowed that Fujimori would not take office on July 28. Luis Guerrero, the former Shining Path district youth leader from Cajamarca, but now a Toledo congressman, has called on everyone to "join the march" – "and bring your machetes" –"your poles" –"anything you have" –"to retake the government." Other organizers had also reached out to remaining remnants of narco-terrorist groups in Peru in an effort to make one last, grand gesture in order to overthrow the Fujimori government-which has done so much damage to their drug trading and criminal enterprises.

Looking to Uncle Sam
Toledo Manrique had counted on US support, especially from the late US Senator, Paul Coverdell (R. Ga.). Coverdell had already committed his 'support' to kill drug interdiction efforts in Peru in various forums presented at the Woodrow Wilson Institute along with NWO bigwig, George Soros. Incredibly, Coverdell was named an 'outstanding Senator' in 1998 by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. In his last official act earlier this month, Coverdell  managed to kill all of the $42,000,000 in anti drug, US foreign aid funds targeted for Peru.

Toledo Manrique was sadly disappointed to learn that President Clinton, instead of ordering further sanctions against Peru, had arranged for US drug czar Gen. Barry McCaffrey to secretly arrange  $37,000,000 in substitute aid for Peru's highly successful anti drug efforts. A further slap of 'Real Politick' came to Toledo Manrique when he was informed the US Ambassador to Peru, John Hamilton, had finally acknowledged the legitimacy of the Peruvian elections and would attend Fujimori's inauguration –Hamilton's first contact with Fujimori in over two months.

July 28 in Lima
Toledo Manrique's had announced that the plan for his 'Four Winds March' would concentrate his followers far away from the inauguration ceremony and no problems should be anticipated by authorities. Supposedly, this day was to be different from the two prior days when hundreds of stores and several banks in downtown Lima were attacked and damaged as a result of Toledo Manrique's harangues against "that damned Chinaman" ( Toledo Manrique's 'peaceful' conduct assurances were confirmed on Wednesday afternoon when over two hundred passersby were beaten by Toledo Manrique supporters in the downtown section near governmental offices).

Starting from seven in the morning (8 A.M. EDT), the Lima Fire Department was bombarded with an unprecedented rash of false alarms, resulting in units being rushed all over the metropolitan area to fight non-existent fire emergencies.

At eleven A.M., as President Fujimori was preparing to be sworn in, Fire Department Station Number Ten, which is responsible for Lima's historical center, was attacked by protesters armed with crowbars, machetes and homemade guns. Two firemen were shot and other defenders were beaten unconscious. The only two fire trucks located at the station were destroyed and all of the station's fire hoses were hacked with machetes.

Just before Fujimori's oath was presented before Congress, approximately twenty of the most radical anti-Fujimori dissidents in Congress, led by Anel Townsend (sister of CNN's reporter Josefina Townsend) and Jorge del Castillo of the Revolutionary Socialist Party (APRA-which held power during the corrupt Garcia Perez regime), who were principal organizers of the march, left the ceremony and called to their supporters outside: "The time has come! There is no President! This government is not legitimate!"

Topple Fujimori?
The original plan had been that this would be the signal to Toledo supporters to invade the Congress building and burn it down, thus preventing Fujimori's inauguration. Toledo for weeks had promised that: "One way or another, by whatever it takes, we will prevent Fujimori taking office for another five years." Fujimori, not being a complete fool, had thoughtfully arranged for a military cordon to surround the Congress and did not permit the Toledistas to even approach the building.

At the same time, Toledo Manrique, who was in the Plaza San Martin approximately two kilometers away, nodded and smiled as he watched certain of his allies separate themselves from his detachment and proceed to their assignments. Glee was apparent on his face as he observed a newsstand being looted no more than thirty feet in front of him on the corner of Colmena and Jiron de Union. Toledo Manrique then entered his armored car and quickly sped far away to the comfort and safety of Caesar's Hotel in Lima.

News Outlets Attacked
First to feel the effects of Toledo Manrique's planned strategies were the national media. Mobile units from Channels 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, Peru's Cable Channel of News (CCN) and Radio Press of Peru were attacked. Their reporters and cameramen were stoned and beaten while their equipment was destroyed. One foreign journalist was severely struck by rocks (later, Toledo Manrique tried to claim it was only tear gas). Miles away, firebomb attacks were launched against widely spread apart offices of Channel Four and Channel Five, as well as RPP.

Only Channel N, belonging to El Comercio which has been a staunch supporter of Toledo Manrique from the beginning, was spared from attack.

Government Buildings Attacked
With mainstream media effectively disabled, coordinated attacks then began on ten different government buildings scattered over thirty square kilometers while police were effectively distracted by Toledo Manrique's rally at the Plaza San Martin and the inauguration ceremony.

The first contingent of Toledo Manrique saboteurs assigned to each building were armed with crowbars and large metal poles which were used to smash windows on the lower floors. Once the windows had been broken, the firebomb crew began its work, throwing Molotov cocktails into the buildings. To insure as much damage as possible, a third phalanx entered the buildings to scatter papers and files upon the rapidly spreading flames, and to remove wooden furniture which would be used as fuel for other arson attacks.

Employees Killed and Firemen Attacked
Night watchmen or other on-site workers who had the misfortune of being in these buildings at the time of the attacks, or worse, had the gall to try and prevent these savage attacks, were beaten or shot dead on the spot. A total of six workers had been killed and twenty others have been hospitalized. The Fire Department, already exhausted from chasing false alarms for almost five hours, were attacked when they tried to extinguish the fires at the government buildings. Once again, concerted attempts were made to cut fire hoses and render other fire fighting equipment inoperable. At least four fire trucks were completely destroyed.

Police forces were unable to effectively restrain these hordes because, unlike the Toledistas, they had been given strict orders NOT to shoot under ANY circumstances. More than thirty policemen were wounded by Toledo Manrique's hordes, which numbered about six thousand in total

Targeted Buildings
Those institutions that had been singled out by Toledo Manrique during his campaign as particularly 'repressive' and "tools of the dictatorship" were those that suffered the greatest violence. The Bank of the Nation building was almost completely destroyed. Also affected were the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court, the Election Commission, the National Identity Center, the former Ministry of Education and the Superintendent of Taxes building ("That goddamned SUNAT"- Toledo Manrique had often remarked), among others.

Ironically, a branch of the Continental Bank located at the corner of Union and Emancipation, a subsidiary of the transnational holding company, BBV, that had supported Toledo Manrique in its newsletters, was also destroyed.

The Rampage Spreads, but Carefully
The rampages then turned to the burning of cars (after their drivers had been beaten), the looting of public telephones, and the robbing of ATM machine (as has occurred following virtually every Toledo Manrique rally prior to the election). Destruction to local stores were also widespread, as hundreds of commercial establishments in the neighborhoods which were encompassed by Abancay, Emancipation, Union and Lampa streets had their storefronts smashed and merchandise looted.

These attacks, however, were not totally random. It was plainly obvious that, the protesters, acting like schizophrenic Passover angels, miraculously skipped past two Kentucky Fried Chicken establishments and one McDonald's which were located directly in their path. It's just a coincidence, of course, that these franchises (as most other fast food franchises in Peru) are owned by the family of Josefina (CNN) and Anel Townsend (Toledo Manrique organizers and advocates for drug decriminalization). The Townsend family owns well over fifty KFCs, McDonalds, Pizza Huts and Burger Kings in Peru.

CNN Wrap Up
Were it not for the mourning of relatives who lost family members  to this well orchestrated wave of violence, CNN's coverage of the event would have undoubtedly been hilarious. While Josefina Townsend and Maria Elena Belaunde (granddaughter of former President Belaunde) made gratuitous comments from their remote locations, CNN's man on the scene, a novice reporter named Harris Whitbeck, restricted himself to regurgitating Toledo Manrique press releases, rather than reporting what was actually happening.

Particularly laughable was the midnight (EDT) on-air exchange between Whitbeck and his politically well connected female cohorts. After Whitbeck gave his summary of the day's events (citing only two deaths, although by that time, four bodies had been recovered) the following conversation transpired over the air:

Townsend: "Well, Harris, are there indications that the Intelligence Service was behind this?"

Belaunde: "Yes, Harris, there are reports."

Whitbeck: Yes, well, we've received reports from sources that the Intelligence Service may have been involved,  but actually, that information has only come from Toledo and still has not been confirmed."

Despite CNN's best efforts to obscure the truth, those who were able to see for themselves just how carefully these events were planned, have no doubt at all about who is responsible for this day's mayhem.

The question remains, however. Is this the last the people of Peru shall hear from Toledo Manrique?

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