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Psychotronic Amplifiers

By Tim Rifat<>
June 10, 2003

Would it be possible to store psychic energy like electricity, was the question Soviet scientists asked themselves? With hard evidence from Kirlian photography and a wide variety of other electronic scanners designed to study the body's biophysical field, which comprised: biomagnetic, bioelectric and bioplasmic components, the Soviet physicists were given experimental data needed for a new physics of the paranormal. Dr. A. Akimov, former director of the Soviets' Centre for Non-traditional Technologies disclosed that Russian research had discovered a new class of physical fields and particles. They had also elucidated the effect they exerted on living and non-living organisms and inanimate objects. New names such as "spinor," "torsionic," and "microleptonnic," were used to define these new classes of physical field. Scientists in the West, who have little appreciation of the remarkable advances made by the Soviets called them "scalar," fields. In my book Remote Viewing, I examine the biophysical fields used for psychic spying, and begin to discuss just what these biophysical fields do. Russian psychotronic generators which stored "torsionic radiation," were found to cause destruction of the brain's neural network and the biophysical field around the brain that constitutes our mind and psyche - mind zappers were born.

The discovery that psychotronic generators could store biophysical energy, meant that Russian psychic viewers could link themselves to psychic amplifiers that boosted their paranormal powers to near miraculous heights. Psychotronic generators, devices which store Psi-energy, were discovered by a Czech called Robert Pavlita. It was found by Czech researchers that biophysical energy is the field effect behind psychokinesis and remote viewing. The psychotronic generator was discovered in ancient alchemical texts, Pavlita set about using modern technology to improve on this psychic battery effect. Psychotronic generators draw biophysical fields from a person, store this field and then can be used to carry out psychic effects. The Czechs found two types of psychotronic generator, cosmic generators of which the Egyptian pyramids comprise this form and the biological generators of which Wilhelm Reich, and his Orgone generator belong. Wilhelm Reich, a pupil of Sigmund Freud, found that boxes with alternate layers of wool, then steel wool, could store biophysical energy. His seminal work in the 1950s led the Soviet researchers into bettering these early biological psychotronic generators. In Psychic Discoveries: The Iron Curtain Lifted, by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, the whole subject of psychotronic generators is covered in depth.

These generators can carry out three different effects depending on their type. The first type of Psychotronic generator, once charged, carry out the effect they were designed to do independent of outside agencies. The second type need to be continually charged and directed by human touch and gaze. The third class can be charged from plants and animals.

Soviet scientists looked into the uses of psychotronic generators to psychically amplify paranormal warfare experts such as Russian remote viewers. Work at the Metronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences in Moscow studied Pavlita and his psychotronic generators. Remote viewers were hooked up to these psychotronic generators and research begun in earnest into ways of boosting the remote viewers' powers. Psychotronically boosted Russian remote viewers were found to be capable of enhancing the telepathic knockout, refined versions of which are now called remote influencing. The telepathic knockout was developed to include remote influencing. The technique of remote influencing was developed from 'Sleep-Wake hypnosis' which was discovered by the Russians in the 1930s; it being the ability to hypnotise people from a distance. 'Sleep-Wake Hypnosis' allowed a hypnotist to transfer hypnotic commands telepathically to a subject, whether they were a few feet, or even a thousand mile away. Remote influencing is the basis of hypnosis. A Ukrainian, Albert Ignatenko demonstrated (on the Paranormal World of Paul McKenna, ITV UK) that he could raise or lower the pulse rate of people who were remote from him. This was a dramatic demonstration of remote influencing. This technique was developed from the methodology where Russian remote influencers were trained to stop the hearts of test animals. The ability to hypnotise people at a distance and plant suggestions in their brains enabled the Russians to remotely influence their enemies. Years of research along these lines led to the development of the remote killing ability, the power to make your enemy drop dead by telepathic means. Vladimir Zironosvky, taunted the West by stating on BBC television, that Russia had psychics who could remotely kill anyone up to a thousand kilometres away. Russian boasts that they could remotely kill anyone may indeed be based on fact!

Tim Rifat has turned this military technology, unknown in the West to peaceful purposes. Using methods unique to himself he converts quartz crystals to type one, two, and three psychotronic amplifiers. They amplify, produce and direct bioplasmic energy to modify quantum mechanical collapse, changing the course of events in the macroscopic world. Rather than hurt people, these remote influencing quartz psychotronic amplifiers increase the probability of love, money, luck... coming to the programmed user. The crystals tuned to psychic powers boost RV. The psychic protection crystal collapses all negative energy entities. The health crystal boosts the immune system and by killing the negative entities that feed on man may prolong lifespan

As no other non Russian expert exists in this field, these crystals are unique technology in the West, unavailable to any Nato military power. The crystal should be worn in close proximity to the user and never given to any one but the programmed user, as it is attuned to only the purchaser. It will not work for any one else.

To link up with the energies produced by the psychotronic amplifier at the end of a tiring day, place it over the lower neck. Then use this crystal for charging the body.

This device uses a multiphase set of fields which apart from altering events, inculcate a theta rhythm of around 7 to 8 Hz, the natural theta frequency of the planet being 7.82. This frequency is the Schumann Resonance, the doorway to the psychic world.

Switch the device on by visualising it broadcasting your amplified energy.

Place it on the cleft at the bottom of your neck over the thymus gland..

This device will naturally induce a theta state in the user as it alters reality to make love, money, luck etc more probable.

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© Tim Rifat, 2002


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