About Ted Gunderson

Author of Terrorism Cover Up In America



Ted 1. Gunderson, who joined the FBI in 1951, retired as Senior Special Agent in Charge of the Bureau's Los Angeles Division in 1979. He was then appointed by Attorney General Griffin Bell as head of security for the Pan American Games. Drawing upon his 27 years of experience in heading several FBI field offices as well as multiple assignments at Bureau headquarters, he then established Ted L. Gunderson and Associates, a firm that specialized in international security consulting and investigations. This brought him into contact with persons in the so-called "intelligence community", one of whom was Michael J. Riconosciuto, the source of information contained in this report. Meeting him in 1982, Gunderson became Riconosciuto's pro bono investigator when the latter was arrested on federal drug charges, which Gunderson believes were "manufactured" .


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