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The Riconosciuto Letters, Exhibit "B"
Urgent Feb. 14, 2001 Warning to Congressman of 'Planned Attacks in the U.S.'

" This needs to be dealt with ASAP. If not dealt with in a timely fasion, this opportunity will be gone." ...Michael Riconosciuto

[Editor's Note: Exhibit "B" is the second handwritten letter by Michael Riconosciuto (held in federal prison in Allenwood, PA) in Ted Gunderson's report Terrorism Cover Up in America. It was sent from Riconosciuto by certified mail (#7000 0600 0027 1175 6538) to Congressman Brian Baird (D-WA) on February 14, 2001 (The original handwritten letter can be viewed here: Page1, Page 2, and the certified proof of mailing). Mike Riconosciuto had been an intelligence asset for the U.S. government for a long time, but ran afoul of the Big Boys because of the work he had done for them in opening a 'back door' for the (privately owned and proprietary) PROMIS software. Mike was subpoenaed to appear before the Brooks Congressional Committee investigating the government's role in the Inslaw Case which involved the PROMIS software. Three weeks before he was to testify in front of the committee, Mike got a telephone call from a Department of Justice official named Peter Videnieke, who, according to Michael Riconosciuto, told him that if he testified before the committee, he would have to 'suffer the consequences'. Riconosciuto testified anyway and shortly afterwards, his small trailer workshop/lab in northern Washington state (Riconosciuto is a scientist by profession) was raided by federal agents. .

Riconosciuto suddenly found himself the target of an indictment for operating a "methamphetamine lab". Apparently, possession of common (& legally obtained) chemical solvents that could be used during one of many steps involved in meth production, is enough to get you convicted these days for running a meth lab, despite the absence of evidence of the drug itself (the feds having destroyed all of Mike's lab glassware; glassware that could have established the absence of illegal drug residues, which you would expect to find in abundance for a 'meth lab' operation). Mike's trial set a new mark for prosecutorial and judicial abuse even by federal 'railroading' standards. He was given a 30 year sentence for a first time drug offence.

Riconosciuto's intelligence contacts continued after he was incarcerated and his investigative probes into the activities of Robert Booth Nichols (Cabazon Indian reservation scandal) led to an trusted inside source that was providing high level information about planned attacks in the U.S. by Islamic radicals. Riconosciuto and his lawyers were doing their best to bring this valuable information to the attention of the appropriate government agencies and the highest political figures with the authority to take action, but they were met with either stone silence, a perfunctory listening (FBI), or outright dismissal (FBI, DOJ). Mike was particularly weary of the FBI, because they kept betraying him. For example, they turned over a copy of Mike's intelligence info given to federal investigative authorities about Robert B. Nichols to Robert B. Nichols!

In this letter, Riconosciuto calls Rep. Baird's attention to the "extreme urgency" and "time sensitive" nature of the planned terrorists attack information. He says that his Islamic source has "a chillingly accurate track record with his information" and is prepared to reveal much greater information if the government would consider his proffer and provide immunity from prosecution. At the same time, Riconosciuto's lawyers were also trying to bring this critical intelligence to cabinet level officials and influential Congressional politicians as other Exhibits in this Report will reveal. The greatest stonewalling, however, was yet to greet Ted Gunderson by Administration officials and the mainstream media following the WTC attacks, which Riconosciuto's warnings-had they been heeded and investigated- could have stemmed the attack. You cannot help but draw the conclusion that very powerful forces in this country wanted the 9-11 attacks to take place and they were doing their best to ignore anyone who was trying to warn them...Ken Adachi]

Written By Michael Riconosciuto
Posted Sept. 28, 2003


Congressman Baird,

Enclosed are copies of a recent series of articles that appeared in the Washington Times' Insight Magazine. The documents, that appear in the photo were taken from me during my trial, As a consequence, I did not have benefit of this material for my defense. Now, years later, this material shows up in the media. Of particular note, is the letter on Wackenhut stationary that refers to Dr. Fair's characterization of me as a potential national resource because of my technical ability. This is significant because it is in direct opposition to what was presented to my trial. jury. Also enclosed, is the paperwork trail on the initial contact I had with the Canadian RCMP/NSIS [Royal Canadian Mounted Police/National Security

The treatment I received at FCI Coleman was in large part retaliation against me for cooperating with the RCMP/NSIS investigation. The FBI has lodged formal protest to the Canadian govt. for this RCMP investigation. The charges brought against me by the FBI at Coleman were found to be absolutely baseless. The timing of the events leading up to these charges is highly suspicious looking and beyond mere coincidence,

Things are not alright in my case. The BOP [Bureau of Prisons] response to your inquiries have been mere bureaucratic cover responses. My present problems are too numerous to address in one letter. As per my last conversation with Barry, I will keep my letters basically confined to a single issue.

The issue I wish to address here is of extreme urgency because it is time sensitive. As is apparent from the Insight series, my claims check out. Yet, the US govt. refuses to deal with me in a straightforward manner when I proffer information. As I previously stated, I have been cooperating with U.S. Customs agents against Robert Booth Nichols and his group. There is some reason that Mr. Nichols and associates seem to be immune from prosecution. In my efforts to help work a case against Nichols, I have come across some important intelligence leads.

Recently, one of these contacts has found himself in a very unique position with a major Islamic radical group. This party is presently involved in providing ID's and passports. Very recently, he has been put in a position of trust with this group. The significant issue here is that this party has contacts with the principals of numerous cells in the organization. It is extremely rare that one source is able to penetrate across many different cells in one of these organizations! This is a rare and valuable asset. This needs to be dealt with ASAP. If not dealt with in a timely fashion, this opportunity will be gone. This source, and several others, report of planned attacks in the US. One of these sources is [...blanked out words...] . This party has a chillingly accurate track record with his information. Several very credible lawyers have attempted to get the DOJ [Department of Justice] to move on this situation. They went to the DOJ, and then finally to Senator Santorum. They were referred to Senator Patty Murray because I am from Washington State. We were told to contact a Mr. McMackin (202-224-2621). I have recently gotten ahold of a retired CIA Terrorism specialist. He is making a referral to a current case officer. This may take some time.

Time is of the essence here. Will you please find someone in Senator Murray's office that is able to handle this information. I will attempt to call Barry in the Olympia office on Tuesday 2/20/01. Someone in a position of authority, capable of acting on this, needs to come and interview me on this.

Mike Riconosciuto

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