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Defending Ted Gunderson:
Exposing Stew Webb

Housekeeper Names Stew Webb in June 2000 Theft of Ted Gunderson's Files

[Editor's Note: (Sep. 15, 2006) In an e-mail dated Sep. 10, 2003 and titled "Stew Webb v. Ted Gunderson" (, I had alluded to the theft of a number of Ted Gunderson's research files and other boxes from Gunderson's home sometime in late June or early July of 2000 and named Stew Webb ( as the leading suspect.

It wasn't hard to finger Webb as the chief suspect because Ted Gunderson's elderly housekeeper, Anna May Newman, was in the condo at the time of the theft. In the witnessed statement made below, Anna May describes how she saw Webb putting Ted's boxes in the hall of the condo late in the evening, only to find the boxes (and Webb) GONE the next morning. Ted had already been on the road for a number of weeks doing speaking engagements when Webb took his property. In October of 2005, Pamela Schuffert contacted  first Tim White, and then Ted Gunderson, to tell them that she was not only aware that Stew Webb had stolen the boxes from Ted's house, but that she had a phone conversation with Webb while he was stealing the boxes (

A second incident occurred with Webb on July 6, 2000, when Webb tried to get into Ted's condo again. A man named Tom Gaule was asked by Anna May to stay with her in the condo until Ted returned from his trip because she was worried about Webb. Webb pounded on Ted's door, but Gaule wouldn't open the door and a neighbor complained to Webb to stop pounding on the door and yelling. Webb then went outside and climbed up the the rear balconies to Ted's third floor apartment and entered through an unlocked sliding door in the bedroom. After Webb got into the condo, he went into an adjacent bedroom where he surprised Gaule and assaulted him. Anna May heard the scuffle and came out to tell Webb to get out of the apartment and that she had already called the cops. Webb then left the apartment. She called Ted and told him what happened, but Ted was obliged to complete his speaking engagements and other work, so it wasn't until August 21, 2000 that he was able to return to his Las Vegas and file a police report after verifying that his files and stored boxes were missing. Ted called me the next day and told me about the boxes Webb had taken.

It took Ted some time to go through all of the stored boxes in the condo in order put together an inventory of what was missing. It's probably less than complete as anyone who accumulates research material knows that it's easy to loose track of  what was stored in boxes over a span of years. Ted gave the inventory of what he could determine was missing to the Las Vegas Police Department on Sept. 1, 2000. The incident report Ted gave to the police on Sep. 5, 2000 details Webb's conduct in the condo with respect to the theft of the boxes, the illicit entry though the third floor bedroom, and the assault on Gaule on July 6, 2000.

When Las Vegas police paid Webb a visit to see if they could discover the boxes, they said Ted could come along to identify his property. Predictably, the boxes were not to be found in Webb's home (it's astounding that Webb would latch onto this in so many of his rants against Ted and crow that the lack of Ted's boxes at Webb's home "proved" that he was innocent of the theft, when the facts told a different story). At his web site, in his inimitable style of extreme exaggeration, Webb has characterized this visit by the police as having been directed by Ted Gunderson, who "called in" a SWAT team to kill Webb, he claims! Ted told me what really went down between the cops and Webb that night, and as always, it provided a barrel of laughs.

The fact that Webb was later able to get three felony charges against him dropped (a convict with a criminal record) and given a 90 day suspended sentence in the aftermath of the grand larceny theft of Ted's property, including the July 6 assault on Gaule, was more than strange and seems to indicate that the prosecutor was told to drop the case. Webb would then take the opportunity to boast on dozens of radio talk shows and in print how Gunderson was "slandering" him and making "false charges" whenever Ted described the theft of his boxes and the illicit entry into his condo.

The Universal Law of Cause & Effect finally manifested itself in October of 2005 when Pam Shuffert contacted Ted and told him that she had been deceived by Webb and Barbara Hartwell into thinking that Ted was "dirty", but know she knew better, she said. She told Ted that Webb had called her on the phone the very night that Webb was in Ted's condo and was gleefully informing her of his thievery while in the act. Pam said she would sign a notarized affidavit, appear in court, take a lie detector test, and cooperate with a prosecutor if asked (you can read Pam's signed statement here: ).

The statement below is Anna May Newman's account of what happened in Ted's condo on the night of the theft and the illicit entry on July 6, 2000. I will reproduce other court records, criminal records, and affidavits which will leave little doubt, with even the densest of Webb's web site readers, just how deceitful, calculating, and mendacious is the character of Stewart Anthony Webb...Ken]

Statement of Anna May Newman
October 25, 2005

(Scanned image of original Oct. 25, 2005 statement from Anna May Newman seen below text)

"October 25, 2005

I Anna May Newman make the following free and voluntary statement to Ted L. Gunderson a professional investigator. No threats or promises were made to qet me to make this statement.

I have resided with Ted Gunderson in Las Vegas, NV at 750 Royal Crest Circle since 1998. In early February 2000, Stuart Webb contacted Ted Gunderson stating that he needed a place to stay for 4 days and Ted allowed him to stay with us where he resided until late June 2000.

During late June 2000/exact date not recalled - Ted had to leave town on business. Prior to leaving he informed Webb that he had to move out of our condo. While Ted was gone and before he returned, Webb who seldom performed chores at our condo, told me he wanted to move my bed in my private bedroom so I would be closer to my private bathroom. I objected but he insisted that this would be more convenient for me.

Before he moved my bed, I noticed he was stacking numerous boxes that contained Ted's research in the hall. I asked him what he what he was doing and he stated he was tidying up the condo. Before he moved my bed, I could lie in bed and see down the hall. After he moved the bed, I no longer had a view of the hall. I estimate there were approximately 15 boxes stacked in the hall. The boxes that Webb stacked in the hall were taken from Ted's bedroom and my bedroom. The next morning when I woke up, the boxes were gone and Webb had moved out of the condo. I recall that Ted had several boxes of the book Thanks For The Memories by Brice Taylor. These books were missing after Webb left. Ted told me he had 35 copies of this book, which I understand are selling on the Internet on for $125.00.00 each.

After this, Ted had Tom Gaule stay in the condo for protection for me. I asked Tom to stay because I was afraid of Webb. On 7/6/00 while Ted was out of town and Tom and I were in the condo, there was a knock on the door late at night. It was Webb trying to get into the condo. Gaule refused to open the door so Webb went outside and climbed up the balcony handrails into our condo, which was on the third floor. Webb then assaulted Gaule and left. I called the police who could not find Webb in the area. See police incident reports LLV000905001364 and LLV 000706-0852.

Signed on this day Anna May Newman
October 25. 2005

Witnessed on this day Fiona Lyon 
October 25, 2005"



Anna May Newman Statement about Webb 25oct05



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