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A Brief Note from Barbara Hartwell to Yours Truly ,
June 9, 2004

[Editor's Note: Good Grief! Looks like we hit a nerve with The Crimson Cobra! She's a Tower of Power when it comes to dishing out her venom to others, but it's a different matter entirely when she's on the receiving end of criticism:-)! I won't take the time to respond to her hissy fit here, but will save my thoughts for a longer and more thorough article in which I will illustrate and document Hartwell's unending stream of LIES and slander about Ted Gunderson and others. I don't really relish the job of engaging a person as venomous as Hartwell, as I find the narrative of this mind controlled CIA whiner (and dupe) to be utterly boring and of zero benefit to humanity. However, her lies (along with those of other members of the Gunderson Hit Team) have done considerable damage to the reputation of innocent people and I'm going to help set the record straight, whether 'Babs" likes it or not. Barbara Hartwell's come uppance is long overdue and I have a feeling that that my retorts will be just the beginning of an avalanche of statements from others who have been smeared by her reckless and slanderous accusations. Stay tuned. The Hissing One is soon going to be spitting like a Thompson submachine gun in the coming weeks...Ken Adachi]

From Barbara "I'm such a Valiant Warrior for Truth" Hartwell
June 9, 2004

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--- In, "Sherwood J. Percival" <sherwoodpercival@y...> wrote:

Listen up Adachi ! You are a loud-mouthed ignorant asshole, just like the rest of this crew of gov't stooges and provocateurs. In fact, I'd call you a WORLD CLASS ASSHOLE. Quite a feat, considering how many of y'all are out there shooting off your mouths.

Adachi: You are a toady and dupe of Ted L. Gunderson, nothing more. I'm sure you're well paid for your efforts and maybe enjoy fooling yourself that you are a "player" like the rest of these buffoons.

You don't have even one hard FACT you can present, in your libelous commentaries about me. Not ONE. No, you rely on hearsay and malicious gossip from the other stooges and minions, such as Sue Ford, Pam Schuffert et al. These individuals are also totally lacking in FACTS, not to mention that they are pathological liars, to boot. They don't know the first thing about me; nothing that is TRUE or REAL anyway.

"Acoording to Sue Ford....blah,blah, blah" means nothing. She is not an expert on mind control, anymore than you are. Sue Ford was a mind-
controlled prostitute for the government. Blow jobs in the White House. Big deal. If that is your "source" about me you are pathetically devoid of any understanding, much less accurate information.

Same goes for Pam Schuffert. Pam is a scamster and bogus "Christian" who ripped off more than one friend of mine for BIG MONEY. Ask Fred Sasse, see what he has to say about Schuffert. And my sister, whom you presume to mention here, is FURIOUS with Pam for all the violations of confidence and for the LIES ( such as: that I was ever involved in "satanism") Pam has been promoting and claiming they came from my sister. Pam Schuffert is a liar, just
like the rest of you'all.

Yes, my situation WAS and IS very, very different from that of these other people claiming to have been involved in operations connected to CIA mind control. I was never sexually abused, never "satanically" abused. So what ? And no, I was never "deprogrammed". I sure as hell did not need the type
of "deprogramming" being touted by Sue Ford or others of her ilk. She made big bucks selling that brain wave crap to people who ended
up in mental wards because of her.

I guess you have never heard of the GRACE OF GOD. That is what saved me, and only that. No, I guess not.

Instead, you promote UFO nuts who are really gov't mind control victims like "Anna Hayes" (whose real name is Katie Tegue, by the way) posing as "channelers" of weird alien space creatures offering "spiritual wisdom" to their intiates. Your website is nothing but a bad joke --maybe a money-making bad joke-- but still laughable.

Just because I refused, from the time I first went public with my case, to be intimidated, coerced or bribed to lie about my own past experience and background with CIA, you pathetic bunch of clowns call me a liar or claim that I still am a "CIA asset", or "under mind control". There are no FACTS at all in your "reports" about myself; and none in your reports about Gunderson and his cronies. No facts period. Show me a fact, Adachi. You can't, there are none. Not that you have access to. Of course, being an imbecile doesn't help your case either.

You people are beneath contempt. An ignorant bunch of ne'er-do-wells and losers.

SCREW YOU, Adachi and the slug you crawled in on.


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