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More "facts" About Ted Gunderson from Barbara Hartwell:
CIA Victim, CIA Asset

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[Editor's Note: Updated in 2017: This information was forwarded to me by Tim White on June 8, 2004. At the time, I was friendly with him, but he said something offensive to me in 2006 and I disconnected from him permanently. When it comes to addressing Barbara Hartwell's vicious slanders aimed at Ted Gunderson and other innocent parties, the name of Tim White should be excluded because Tim's 'mission' is to stir rancor by hurling expletives at people and insulting them mindlessly. Hartwell then lumps Tim White's barbaric behavior in with the names of Ted Gunderson, Ken Adachi, etc., as if we're all "working together" to attack her when, if fact, Ted and I are rebutting an unending stream of lies which Barbara Hartwell initiated, first against Ted Gunderson starting in 2000, coinciding with the Art Bell on-air smear campaign to discredit Ted (CIA orchestrated). Ted's 2005 rebuttal to Hartwell's slanders against him concerning the McMartin Preschool case is illustrative of just how dishonest she can be -- all the while telling the reader what a fierce champion she is of Truth, Honesty, and the "Facts."

Hartwell wrote poison pen tirades against Ted Gunderson and anyone else on her Hit List and called it the Hartwell Reports. At the time, she took aim against anyone who committed the grave sin of offering assistance and support to retired FBI Special Agent in Charge, Ted L. Gunderson in any capacity, including writing articles defending him against her slanders. In fact, anyone who associates with or helps Ted Gunderson on any level, is automatically branded by the venomous Ms Hartwell as a " stooge," "flunky", "roady", "toady", "spook", "Ex-CIA", "co-intel pro", co-spook, etc., (take your pick, her list is endless) of the Evil "Double Agent" Ted Gunderson.

'Babs' had also recently slandered and assailed a man named Don Stacey over the internet, a man who had tried to help publicize the plight of government mind control victims by arranging conferences on mind control and offering video tape interviews, including financial assistance to the Crimson Viper herself. Stacey's crime? Being on friendly terms with Ted Gunderson seemed to be the decisive factor in his guilt, but I'm sure his co-association with other friends of Gunderson helped Babs pound the guilty stake clear through his heart without a hint of regret or questioned judgment, despite how much Don STacey had done to help Hartwell on so many levels.

In the exchange below, the intended victim (Vince Lodato) redeems himself before the Crimson Viper by bending a knee in deep genuflection and acknowledging that all of which she wrote about him is "basically true", but he is not, he assures her, "a covert or overt agent of the CIA" - to the best of his knowledge, that is! (Note, it's always a mistake to try to diminish and excessively humble yourself when facing a snake with fangs glistening.)

Unlike that of Barbara Hartwell, however, who continues to prove by her words and unrelenting vilifications against Ted Gunderson that she is still very much a useful tool of disinformation and slander for her CIA handlers. How can she be anything else? According to Brice Taylor, Hartwell has never been de-programmed, nor has she any desire to be de-programmed! She has simply declared herself free of mind control programming or CIA influence! Voila! Babs merely has to say it - and she's no longer a victim of mind control! After all, Babs is a rather special case in the annals of CIA mind control victimization. According to her, of the tens of thousands of victims of MK Ultra or Monarch, Barbara Hartwell, alone, is the only CIA family member programmed with MK Ultra, who has not been run through the gauntlet of satanic ritual abuse and sexual abuse as other CIA victims have. Isn't that remarkable!

Hartwell's own sister, however, told Pam Shuffert (who was also recently skewered and roasted on Babs' Internet Barbie) that ole Babs is full of beans on that one. Anyway, I'll end these introductory comments here and somehow find the time to slog through her blog and properly rebut her lies and outrageous slander against Gunderson, Stacey, Shuffert, and others. Until then, if you can force yourself to wade through her acerbic 'reports', you will notice a constant refrain that rings again and again: Ted Gunderson this and Ted Gunderson that. It seems that she has Ted Gunderson constantly on her mind. But then again, maybe it's not really her mind?...Ken Adachi]

Remarks from Vince Lodato and Barbara Hartwell
June 8, 2004

More "facts" About Ted Gunderson from Barbara Hartwell: CIA Victim, CIA Asset (June 8, 2004)

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----- Original Message -----
From: "Tim White" <>
To: <>; <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 08, 2004 4:26 PM

Barbara Hartwell,
Some Facts You Should Know

Note from Babs:
Here is a message sent to Friends of Liberty by Vince Lodato of
Kingston, New York, as a response to my article,
EXPOSED: CIA MK ULTRA CONTAINMENT OP. Vince's message is posted there, as is my reply, given below.

Thanks to Todd Brendan Fahey, editor of Friends of Liberty for sponsoring the free and uncensored debate and discussion of issues such as this one.

This message is addressed to Barbara Hartwell.

Barbara, I read what you wrote about me and it is basically true. But one fact is not.

I am to the best of my knowledge not a covert or overt agent of the CIA.

It is news to me if I am. Barbara, I am just a phd theoretical physicist who walked into a can of worms and had my life nearly destroyed.

For your information the arsoning of my home and the murder of my sister Joan, I attribute to IBM and in particular Louis Vincet Gerstner and Dr. John E. Kelly III.

The main person who put false and spurious infomation into the system to protect his job and high hopes to be the CEO of IBM is Kelly, a phd from RPI, and now a senior executive at IBM.

By the way he has and continues to fail to bring a manufacturing tool for ultra high density chips into the market place.

I am just 64 and I forgive all who harmed me but I don't forget ...however I do forgive.

Barbara, you have been wronged by the CIA, and they continue to wrong you, but I am not CIA and if I was I would tell you. Remember I helped your sister out.

Barbara I see your son from time to time. I would like to send you some wine via him and I truly wish all goes well with you at present and in the future.

Best Regards Vince

Barbara Hartwell's reply to Vince Lodato:

Hey Vince!

Thanks for writing to Friends of Liberty with your comments, and for corroborating much of my testimony as being true. However, if you read my article again, you will see that I never accused YOU personally of working for CIA. No, I only said that I believed you were "sent" by Ted Gunderson, a crony of (CIA) Don Stacey. In fact, in your first e-mail to me you said you were a "friend" of Gunderson's, which is mostly why I did not agree to meet with you for about a year.

You and I had quite a few discussions about good old Ted, and never reached an agreement about him. But what I told you then is what I still know to be true: Ted Gunderson is involved in CIA containment ops, whether he works "officially" for CIA or not. I was disturbed by the fact that you continued to write to me, after I had broken off contact with you, trying to persuade me that TG was my "friend". It also bothered me that you seemed to believe Ted when he insisted that a good friend of mine (you know whom I mean, but who shall remain anonymous) was my CIA "handler" and that I myself was still involved with them . You see, this is Ted's M.O. One time, years ago, Ted tried to tell me that my current bodyguard, who came with me to stay at Ted's son's home in New Jersey, was a "CIA plant". In fact, he was retired from Dep't of Justice and never had any ties to CIA. To hear Ted tell it, EVERYONE I ever knew or associated with was a "CIA plant". But ironically, it is Ted himself who is precisely that. But I've warned you before and if you want to continue associating with him, that's your prerogative.

But all that's water under the bridge now. Yes, I know you sincerely tried to help my sister. You made a phone call to that "retired" CIA agent Ron Cerra, in North Carolina and more or less gave him hell for his criminal harassment and abuses of my sister, Irene. I sincerely appreciated that. So did my sister and she has always wanted to thank you for your backup. She may even be able to use your testimony in court. Her husband has a civil case coming up, suing Cerra for libel, criminal harassment, etc. etc. I too will be filing a lawsuit against him. And I've got evidence galore! If I win, I'll be a rich woman. Maybe that will finally teach the CIA they are messing with the wrong woman.

My only problem with you was that I saw you as naive (which you know); and as somewhat of a "loose cannon". Yes, I too could be accused of that, but despite that, my intelligence training usually prevents me from becoming a liability to myself or others.

As far as who was actually responsible for burning down your house and the murder of your sister? You say it was IBM and you name some names (good for you!)....however; the way you respresented it to me at the time, you knew the CIA had to be involved, and it's been my life-long experience in dealing with them, that they usually are. Anyway, that was also what you told Ron Cerra when you spoke to him on the phone: "The CIA burned my house down and killed my sister."

But anyway, Vince, I'm glad to hear from you and will send you a private e-mail address to contact me. As long as you PROMISE me you will not relay our conversations to Ted L. Gunderson ! (or Don Stacey or Hank Amsden) . I am the type of person who believes in telling the truth; and I let the chips fall where they may. I like having everything out in the open, especially when it involves crimes and corruption connected to the Criminally Insane Agency. I believe you are the same; you are not a liar, nor have I ever known you to try to cover up the truth.

And I'd love to have some of the wine from your cellars, the last you gave me was excellent. But don't mail it. You'd have to give it to my son Keith in person, he's the only one I'd trust to carry it personally to me.

God bless you....and stay away from those CIA folks. Don't sit down with them over a glass of wine and have a cozy chat. They do NOT have your best interests at heart.

Barbara Hartwell
CIA Poster Child 


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