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Barbara Hartwell, Gunslinger or Mudslinger?

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By Ken Adachi, Editor
June 13, 2003

Barbara Hartwell, Gunslinger or Mudslinger? (Jan. 13, 2003)

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I received an e-mail today from Mark Davey inquiring about an article (reprinted below) by Barbara Hartwell posted at a chat list of which he's a member. I guess he was surprised by what Barbara had to say about Ted Gunderson and me, and wanted to know my reaction. Her remarks are dated June 10, 2003, so this must be new bile from Barbara's seemingly bottomless supply. Ted Gunderson told me over the phone a few months ago that the Merchant of Venom had posted a scathing attack on himself, me, and others at Rumor Mill, and I should go there and read it. But I still haven't taken the time to go there yet because it's not important to me. I'm just not interested in reading her toxic invectiveness.

I already forced myself to slog through most of her "Intelligence" Reports and other misnamed complaint chronicles at her web site a couple of years ago, and I'm reluctant to waste my time ploughing through fresh fields of manure. I'll properly respond to her villainous assertions about myself and Ted in a separate article, but for now I would suggest that the reader carefully examine the statements of whomever Barbara Hartwell attacks, as they are likely revealing something of value that the CIA or the NSA doesn't want the public to believe.

Honest thought is now so foreign to the mind of Barbara Hartwell that she lashes out for describing her as a "mind-controlled shrew"; when that is the very way she describes herself in various articles at her web site:

1. Barbara's current 'career' is exclusively based on telling the entire Internet world (ad-nauseum) that she's a mind-controlled victim from a CIA family and

2. she often describes herself as a "bitch" from Hell ( or 'on wheels'-I can't remember exactly), and she seems very proud of it. I thought I was being both forgiving and polite by upgrading her to "shrew" (casting pearls can be such a tricky business you know).

First, you'll find Barbara's 'Report' below and then my response to Mark Davey.



Barbara Hartwell
Legal Defense and Research Fund
PO Box 832
Woodstock NY 12498

Based on prodigious and emerging evidence, it has now become clear that former FBI Senior Special Agent-in-Charge Ted L. Gunderson is the ring leader and controller of a rag-tag gang of Gov't Groupies whose mission is to stalk, harass, libel, slander and otherwise make life as miserable as possible for those of us who are legitimate whistleblowers, we who continue to expose real and vital information about government crimes, cover-ups and corruption.

Harassment of dissidents and whistleblowers is nothing new, not by a longshot. But the tyrannical, yet bumbling, Bush regime has clearly set a record by sinking to an all-time low in exploiting and deploying the stupidest, sleaziest, creepiest bunch of degenerate low- lifes I have ever had the displeasure of encountering. Golly gee, they must be desperate indeed to resort to scraping the bottom of the barrel and hiring THESE slugs. Good help must be hard to find.

The Gov't Groupie Stalkers share many common traits. They are wannabes, misfits, degenerates and rejects with no background or training in law enforcement or intelligence work, but who fancy themselves "players". They have room-temperature IQs and are uneducated to boot. They lack any semblance of class, being loud, vulgar and sleazy. They are spiritually and morally bankrupt. They are pathological liars. And perhaps most significant, they are just plain nuts ! Why else would they want to use up so much time and energy stalking and harassing decent, legitimate people ? And why else would they be taking orders from the likes of Ted Gunderson, who is running a COINTELPRO-style witch hunt against anyone who has seen through his facade of the ex-FBI hero and true-blue Patriot and refused to go along with the shadow government disinfo and containment program.

The Gov't Groupie Stalkers post their outrageous lies on many message boards all over the World Wide Web. They metastitize like a cancer, as new recruits jump on the bandwagon, eager to get into the act.

They host yahoo groups, violating the terms of service by using the message boards to libel, harass, stalk, defame the character and impugn the sanity of their targets. And despite numerous complaints to yahoo by several of us about these flagrant violations, yahoo doesn't do a damn thing to stop them. I have to wonder who's calling the shots at yahoo ?...... But when they're hit with a lawsuit, as they surely will be, it will be interesting to see if their legal hotshots can protect them as they scurry for cover, like cockroaches from under a lifted rock.

Those of us who have been targeted by the Gov't Groupie Stalkers can testify that their tactics are the lowest, the cheapest and the sleaziest imaginable. The targets are accused of every nefarious motive and deed the stalkers can dream up (in their delusional fantasies, that is). Crooks. Whores; CIA goons. Nutcases. Frauds. name it, these creeps have fabricated lies about it and slapped false allegations on their targets.

And just so there can be no doubt as to exactly WHO they are and WHAT they are, here's a list of names of some of these Gov't Groupie Stalkers; this pathetic band of Mental Dwarves (as my friend and colleague ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, one of their favorite targets, would call them).

Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick:

Gunderson's little dupe and provocateur. A man-crazy slut who sexually harasses any man who comes across her radar screen, but alas, with little success in bagging her prey. Negri worked for TSA as a baggage screener until she was exposed yet AGAIN and quit before she was terminated. Or maybe she was canned and is lying in a desperate attempt to save face. Now she's trying to become a "whistleblower" by claiming knowledge of dirty dealings inside the DHS and a has touted herself as a self-styled union organizer......what a joke. Even her idols, the Bolsheviks, would be laughing at Negri's bumbling bufoonery.

Since Negri lies about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, it's anyone's guess about the real story there. Negri has lately decided to enhance her libel campaign against me by calling me a "whore"; a "paid CIA prostitute", accusing me of "doing sexual favors for a long line of Special Forces men". Worse yet, evidently her malice is so far out-of- control, she just could not restrain herself from making PUBLIC death threats against me, claiming that her gutter-trash friends, the Mexican thugs, gang members and drug dealers, would "beat your ass to a pulp if we ask them to" and..... "you'll be lucky if they don't flat out kill ya" . End quote. But "luck" has nothing to do with it. It remains to be seen if Negri is feeling "lucky".....and what the consequences for these lovely little criminal death threats will be....but I can guarantee that Negri will not be thrilled with the outcome. That's a promise to this scumbag, one I intend to keep.

Ken Adachi... another of Guderson's dupes, is also a toady and mouthpiece, spreading propaganda and disinfo on his idiotic New Age website. Adachi also publishes drivel from mind-controlled zombies about Alien Space Cults, etc. Adachi has called me, among other things, a "mind-controlled shrew". But it's clear who's REALLY under mind control here...anyone who slavishly hangs on Gunderson's every word and who makes a fool of himself by PUBLISHING libelous disinfo for the very NWO he claims to be fighting against. Adachi is a world class stooge, if ever there was one.

Tim White aka The Phantom: Gunderson's patsy; transvestite; predicate felon and child porno freak. White has made death threats against me, just like Negri. He's also guilty of falsely accusing an innocent party of making threats against my life. He cut a deal with corrupt law enforcement after he was jailed for a drug bust, in return for becoming their snitch and provocateur. But with all the damning evidence I and his other targets have on him, it's only a matter of time before he's back where he belongs: behind bars.

Shirley Anderson: MK ULTRA wannabe (Can you IMAGINE such a thing ?); foul-mouthed liar and provocateur; sleazy drunk and brawler; man- crazy, just like her counterpart, Negri. (Are Anderson and Negri twins, separated at birth ?) Now claimed by Tim White to be his True LOVE and "life partner". A match made in heaven ?.... more likely in hell. Anderson came out of the woodwork to target me, Stew Webb and ex-LAPD officer Ed Schooling with harassing e-mails as well as stalking and sexual harassment of Schooling and Webb; and has publicly accused me of being a "CIA assassin".

And let's not forget the Gunderson Gov't Groupie cohorts, also spreading lies and defamation about people they do NOT know, have NEVER met, know NOTHING about, and who apparently have nothing better to do than parroting all the libelous disinformation they've heard and read on the Internet, straight from the Gunderson Gov't Groupies themselves.

Larry Lawson: Sponsors a "Christian Patriot" message board where he mouths off on a regular basis, claiming to defend Freedom and the Constitution, but in reality providing a forum for the Gunderson Gov't Groupies and their ilk to bash legitimate whistleblowers. He's been on my case for over a year, dedicating large portions of his site to libeling me and taunting me with obscene insults . Lawson claims I am "scum" and says "Once a spook, always a spook". I think Lawson's been reading too many spy thrillers for his own good.

Charles Bruce Stewart: An imbecile from Oregon notorious for his pompous, sanctimonious "Christian" commentaries, which by the way are anything BUT (Christian, that is). He has libeled ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, and impugned his sanity, after posing as a "friend"and "supporter". Stewart has called Tim White, along with his new sidekick, Shirley Anderson, a "heroic family rights activist". Well, I guess child pornography; cross-dressing; drug abuse and stalking meet Stewart's ideals of "heroism". What a guy !

"The Webfairy": A real moron (whose real name is never used) who posts on many message boards and e-mail groups; who writes some of the stupidest comments I've ever seen, about myself, Stew Webb and others. Evidently, here's a gal with some time on her hands, an ignoramus who apparently enjoys nothing more than shooting off her big mouth, making disparaging comments about people she doesn't know. This one also claims to be a "Christian". But apparently, since she is parroting some of Tim White's comments, and calling me "Babbles"; and since she has endorsed some of the mindless drivel written by Brenda Negri, she fits right in with the Government Groupie In Crowd. If The Webfairy keeps trying, maybe she too can become a bona fide Gunderson Government Groupie Stalker.

I'm sure I've left out quite a few of the morons, mostly the ones who hide behind screen names to make their malicious comments, too cowardly to expose their real identities.

But let this serve as a warning to the named as well as the anonymous:

Y'all are messing with the WRONG woman here: Me, my friends and family.

You will reap as you have sown. There will be retribution, under the color of the law, and from God Almighty, and it won't be pretty.

--Barbara Hartwell
June 10, 2003


----- Original Message -----
From: Editor
To: Mark Davey
Sent: Friday, June 13, 2003
Subject: Re: For your info

Hi Mark,

Barbara comes from a CIA family and is a mind controlled person. She claims she's free of control, but the truth is self evident that she is not. She's been actively trying to smear Ted for the past 3 years or so, bouncing from one extreme statement to another. I'm a Bad Guy as well, according to her. I wrote a long piece 3 years ago about her, but never put it on the net. I'll guess I'll have to get it out there to answer her mendacity.

You'll get a headache reading her stuff because she's so filled with negativity and chronic whining that she quickly becomes tiresome. She, along with 4 or 5 others, are the most active in trying to make Ted look like a double agent. People who get to know her, will tell you the same story: Bad News. Her actions and words make that self evident. Stew Webb is doing the same thing along with Virginia McCullough (to a greater extent) and Kathy Sullivan (to a lesser extent).

If you only knew the background between Ted and Barbara. About 4 or 5 years ago (around Fall of 1998 or early 1999), Barbara Hartwell contacts Ted and asks for his help (remember that- Barbara contacted Ted, not the other way around). He extends himself left and right for her (including giving her money; Ted's son too) and even reluctantly agreed to allow her to co-author a "Gunderson/Hartwell Intelligence Report" with him (Ted had already been writing the "Gunderson Intelligence Report" for years ).

Next, she worms her way (without invitation) using Ted Gunderson and Brice Taylor into a 1999 Global Science conference in Daytona Beach, Florida. Both Brice Taylor and Ted Gunderson gave Barbara Hartwell about 30 minutes each of their scheduled talk time so Barbara could address both of their audiences. Afterwards, they allowed her to sit in on a video taped interview (Chicago TV news station covering the event) along with ChipTatum, Ted, and Brice Taylor (the three INVITED speakers). Hartwell later, loudly and bitterly, complains at her web site that she had never received any royalties from Brice Taylor's for sales of that tape! Apparently forgetting that Brice -alone- PAID the guy who was shooting the tape for Brice and that she OWNED the tape and never agreed to give freeloader Barbara Hartwell royalties for anything. When making reference to that conference, Barbara alludes to herself as a mainline speaker at that event, conveniently forgetting the fact that she simply used Ted Gunderson & Brice Taylor to crash the conference and get up on the podium.

That's ONE example of who Barbara Hartwell is. There are many other stories of her outrageous betrayals and back stabbings of generous people who have given her help or taken her under their wing.

I keep telling Ted that the purpose of using MC victims like Barbara is to tie up his time defending himself against their spurious and outrageous allegations and he shouldn't invest too much effort in responding to their hectoring. Defending yourself against the baseless charges of people like her or Stew Webb is exactly what the NSA and CIA WANT him to do. Instead of solely concentrating on his investigative work and his lectures of Mind Control, satanic abuse, satanic Illuminati connections, Riconiscuito, etc, they want him to waste time defending himself against CIA mind-controlled stooges like Barbara Hartwell. It's a dilemma, because if you don't defend yourself, you leave the appearance (among the uninformed) that you're guilty. If you respond, you just stoke the fires and elevate these clowns to your level.

She's committing libel and slander in writing this stuff, but she's also broke and without a job. Same for Webb. So who's going to shell out money for a lawyer and sue them? What are you going to get for your money and trouble? Of course, their controllers know that, so that's why they use them. Nothing to lose and everything to gain if Ted responds to them.

Barbara's own contribution of useful info to glean something new about the NWO or the CIA or the Illuminati is ZERO. Reading her articles, you will learn nothing other than what a raw deal she got in life and how everybody is out to use her and abuse her. In between her bouts of screaming how 'free' and 'liberated' she is from all her oppressors (real and imagined), she usually is crying for someone to send her money to pay her phone bill or something. The idea of getting an ordinary job and earning a living, is apparently beneath her.

Also, use your own faculties of judgment. Does the body of Ted's work to expose the Illuminati seem to be an honest effort? Is it reasonable to assume that someone with Ted's credentials would be a PRIME TARGET for a smear campaign by the CIA/NSA using 'former' mind controlled CIA asset like Hartwell? Another thing to keep in mind: What verifiable EVIDENCE does Hartwell or the other members of the Ted G. Smear Gang offer to support their truckload of lies and distortions?

Answer: NONE, ZERO. Only lurid tales and made-up fabrications dressed up as allegations.

Have you read my pages of Ted yet about the Art Bell fiasco? Barbara Hartwell was in on the early planning stages of that deal too. I have their blog postings on the Mind Control forum to prove it. You'll read about it in my story about her, McCullough and Sullivan (see Ted's index page: ).

Ted told me about her recent article posted at a few months ago. I never did go there to read it because I'm so numbingly bored with Barbara Hartwell and anything she has to say. I don't really want to engage in a mud slinging contest with the likes of her because I'm engaging the equivalent of a toxic waste dump and I have better things to do with my time, but she forces the issue by incessant and outragoeus provocations. So we will respond to her and make it clear who's telling lies -- and using her own words to do it.

Regards, Ken


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