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[According to Barbara "I'm Just the Victim Here" Hartwell June 14, 2004 ]

[Editor's Note: This was forwarded to me. I won't comment on any of it just yet, but I wanted you to read the Latest from The Liar all the same. Hartwell's recent hissy fit directed towards me said that I had no proof or documentation against her. She's wrong. I have the words and diatribes of Barbara Hartwell. I couldn't ask for a better documentation pool to draw from. She indicts herself with her own words, as does any liar, if you give her-or any liar-enough room to hang themselves. Stay tuned. Much more coming ...Ken]

Written by Barbara Hartwell
June 14, 2004

From: "phantom469366" <>
Date: Mon, June 14, 2004 12:03 pm

--- In, "Sherwood J. Percival"
<sherwoodpercival@y...> wrote:
Barbara Hartwell
Legal Defense and Research Fund
PO Box 7487
Ocean Park Maine 04063

Modus Operandi and Tactics of the Provocateurs

John Perna's posts are the only ones I see here with any substance. His comments about the provocateurs are also ccurate. But I'm very tired of having to read new lies and new insults each day about myself and others.

I see that Brenda Negri has yet another alias: percivalspunypecker. It figures she would choose something like this since she is known to be obssessed with penises. Negri spends most of her time fabricating malicious lies.

One example: That Geral Sosbee is a "fake" who never worked for the FBI. Geral has documents on his website which provide evidence to back up his claims. He is legitimate. Negri targeted him mostly because he's a friend and professional colleague of mine.

Another example: The "Wackenhut Connection". In 2001, a friend named Marcy Gordon who lives in NYC wrote Negri a letter asking why Negri was libeling Barbara Hartwell. Negri, true to form, began to libel Marcy Gordon. Not only that, she found another attorney with the same name in Florida. Then she found out that there was a Wackenhut agency near the OTHER lawyer's office.

So Negri made up the lie that "Barbara Hartwell's attorney, Marcy Gordon, has ties to Wackenhut". Next, she lies that I personally have ties to Wackenhut. Then she spread this lie all over the Internet, repeating it over and over..... and to this day continues. Now, another moron comes along: "James Choron". HE starts repeating this lie, parroting it just because he has seen the lie repeated over and over from the other moron, Brenda Negri. This man does not know me. Yet he's writing outrageous lies about me, about my alleged background, which he knows absolutely NOTHING about, any more than Negri does.

Here are the facts about the "Wackenhut Connection":

1: Marcy Gordon is a friend, NOT my attorney nor has she ever been my legal respresentative.

2: My friend Marcy Gordon lives in NYC, NOT Florida.

3. Marcy Gordon has NO ties whatsoever to Wackenhut.

4: I, Barbara Hartwell, have NO ties to Wackenhut, nor have I ever.

Negri also fabricated many other lies (about being a "CIA prostitute" and "honeytrapper" etc. etc. such as were contained in the post by Tim White, written by James Choron.

These provocateurs all behave the same way: They are pathological liars. Their only intent is to do harm to a legitimate individual in any way they can. This is what they are paid to do. Probably less than $10.00 per hour...... Some of them are paid in drugs or other "favors". Since they are uneducated, they do not have the training or credentials to find a decent job. But they are not looking for honest work, in any case. They would rather pretend they are "players". They are wanna-bes with low self esteem. Desperate to be "connected" in some way, they become dupes and minions for the criminal element in government and harass real patriots, gov't whistle-blowers and defenders of the Constitution. Because they have no accurate information with which to discredit their targets, they resort to fabricating outrageous lies and calling names, the more vile, the better. Tim White's latest post about me, filled with four letter words, is a perfect example. And he thinks if he repeats often enough " CIA bitch! CIA bitch !.....that people will believe that I work for the CIA. The fact of the matter is that I have not worked for the CIA in over ten years. And in fact, it is the CIA themselves who are putting out this false info about me. That's the only way they have to discredit me. If people think I work for the CIA, they'll assume I'm a liar. That is mostly what the CIA does: They disseminate false information to cover their operations. They manipulate people; they lie and they kill people. Great bunch of folks !....But I do not work for them, not anymore. And when I did I was in psychological operations, NOT working as a "prostitute".

They also enjoy making death threats, as both Negri and White have done. It gives them a feeling of power, because in fact they are powerless in their own lives.

Usually, they have multiple e-mail addresses and the address itself is an insult to one or more of their targets. Example: the new one Negri has, above. She knows Percival is my family name. Yet at one time, Negri was spreading the lie that I am NOT a Percival at all, only claiming to be. As to WHY I would claim to be a member of a family I do not belong to, that's anyone's guess. But it must be remembered that these people are not logical and most are not too bright either.

As for Tim White, someone has been feeding him a lot of false information, about myself and others. This "Dave Wasendorf" for example. I do not know this man (if he actually exists); I have never met him nor communicated with him in any way. He does not know me. Yet White continues to claim as he has been doing for years, that I know this Wasendorf "from the CIA". It's a lie, like most of everything Tim White writes about me. Either he is being fed false
info or he is delusional (maybe both) because some of the preposterous claims he makes about me are beyond the pale. One such claim is that I am "George Bush's trollop".

I do not see what purpose these people think their harassment and lies will serve. Eventually, any intelligent person reading their nonsense figures out who and what they are. They do not deal in facts; documentation nor evidence. They just shoot off their mouths, hoping to do as much damage as possible to their targets.

Here, a list of various persons (either operatives or their minions) who are spreading disinfo and lies for the COINTELPRO crowd:

Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick (minion)
Tim White (minion)
Charles Bruce Stewart (minion)
Ken Adachi (minion)
Virginia McCollough (?)
Rayelan Allan (minion)
Ted Gunderson (operative)
Shirley Anderson (minion)
Ronald Cerra (operative)
Don Stacey (operative)
Susan Ford (minion)
Marilyn Guinnane (minion)
Doug Millar (operative)
Larry Lawson ( ?...probably an operative, he tries to hide it, but
he's too smart to be a minion. And I wish Lawson would switch sides,
as he would be an asset.)
Arlene Johnson (minion)
Alex Jones (operative)
Fritz Sringmeier (operative)
Kurt Billings (operative)
Pam Schuffert (minion)
Mark Phillips (operative)
Rosalee Grable aka The Web Fairy ( minion)
Daryl Sturgis aka Tim Hall (operative)

Not a complete list by any means, but just some that come to mind, all of whom have targeted me, my family and colleagues. Also, most of these people are connected (in one way or another) and often cooperate to harass and discredit their targets, since some of the same targets (examples: myself, John Perna, Geral Sosbee, etc.) are usually common to the perpetrators. We are targeted because we are all legitimate; because we disseminate accurate and truthful information; because we are considered a threat to the tyrants/NWO in one way or another.

--- End forwarded message ---


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