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Defending Ted Gunderson:
Exposing Stew Webb

Cameraman's Statement Confirms Stew Webb's
Videotaped 'FBI Informant' Slip

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
Statement recorded October 15, 2002
E-Y posted September 21, 2006

Cameraman's Statement Confirms Stew Webb's Videotaped 'FBI Informant' Slip (Sep. 21, 2006)

Below is the scanned image of a statement given to Ted Gunderson by Jon Scott Gentry on October 15, 2002, written at the Melrose Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Jon Scott Gentry is the man who both posed the questions and videotaped Stew Webb for his video, Terror in America, Vol II. The video tape was made on December 18, 2001. Twenty three minutes into the tape, Webb let it slip that he got himself a confidential FBI informant number under FBI agent Robin Salvadore. Webb slips a second time in this video when he refers to his "symbol number", a second admission of being an FBI informant.

The transcribed text of Webb's exact statement is here (

For those who watch the video, it's plain to see that Webb is either somewhat intoxicated or is on drugs. He has a reputation for using both. Undoubtedly, his braggadocio, combined with whatever he was sipping or snorting that night, gained the upper hand and out comes the acknowledgement that he's working as an informant for the FBI, something that Webb, a pathological liar, has repeatedly and vehemently denied.

Gentry's statement reads as follows:

"October 15, 2002

I, Jon Scott Gentry, furnish the following information to Ted L. Gunderson. No threats, coersion, or promises were made to get me to make this statement. The information, a videotaped interview, contains a statement that Stew Webb made affirming that he is a confidential informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. under Robin Salvadore and has been assigned a confidential informant number. This interview was conducted by me December 18 of the year 2001.

The above statement is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

(signed) Jon Scott Gentry

10/15/02 "

Jon Scott Gentry statement on Webb video

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