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Larry Lawson Exposes Hartwell, Webb, & Other Patriot Radio Phonies

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Newsletter from 2003

Larry Lawson Exposes Hartwell, Webb, & Other Patriot Radio Phonies (2003)

Red Flag
Larry Lawson

You are being offered a WARNING on one Rick Stanley. I encourage you to read through the material below and then VERIFY its accuracy BEFORE making a final determination. Is that fair?

We've got a lot of PHONY 'PAYtriots' in our midst folks and the reason you're receiving this is to alert you to Rick Stanley as being one of them! If he's not a phony, he's among the dumbest of so-called patriots out there.

Let's start with one of the known good ones.... Mark Gregory Koernke.

Currently in a converted Air Force Base prison, set up for his good efforts in exposing the New World Order.

Mark had started a radio program and 'Republic Radio' and was on shortwave with John Stadtmiller where he warned that FEMA military bases were being setup as future prisons that, ironically, where he's now locked up.

Mark was set up on phony bank robbery charges and denied a fair trial. A fed did the robbery and Mark was charged with 'absconding' and endangering a police officer when they rammed his car! Mark was forced to try and protect his son.

He's been repeatedly denied parole. No good deed goes unpunished.

Both Mark's wife, Nancy and John Stadtmiller, ran radio shows on GCN (Genesis Communications Network) which had shut down Mark's Republic Broadcasting Network. The owner, Ted Turner, promised that Nancy Mark would always have a show as long as Mark was in prison. TED LIED ABOUT THIS AS WELL AS MANY OTHER ISSUES!

Larry Lawson and others were asked to guest host shows on GCN for Mark's show. Larry and co-host Jack Otto found much evidence that the Zionist Israeli Mossad had their hands in 9-11 and had much to gain from the wars foisted on Afghanistan and Iraq and reported such. Even though Alex Jones read Albert Pike's plan for WWIII to be between political Zionist and Arabs, this brought intrusions and comments from Alex Jones and Michael Trudeau. (Pike was kicked out of the Freemasons for spreading conspiracy rumors - T.T.). Trudeau was a part owner of GCN and a die hard Zionist.

Over a period of time, Lawson identified phony 'Patriots' on the internet such as 'Stew Webb,' (Cointelpro), Barbara Hartwell (CIA Cointelpro), Carl Worden (Zionist), John Perna (John Birch / Zionist) and other traitors. There is a long history of identifying Stew Webb and Hartwell as complete and total frauds!

This background is critical to understanding the fiasco that happened at Genesis and Rick Stanley's current complicity in supporting these COINTELPRO Propagandist!

Stadmiller began bringing Stew Webb up on his show at GCN. Stew provided half-baked truth mixed with lies and attacks on the truely good guys like Nancy Koernke, Fritz Springmeier, Lawson and others. Stew lied about filing a court case against Bush with Barbara Hartwell on April 1, 2003 then solicited payola for it on GCN. This is fraud!

Jeremy Floyd whom he was grooming to take over the 'Intel Report' spot that was run by Nancy Koernke. Webb was a very frequent guest of Floyd's at that time. When it was announced that Barbara Hartwell was going to be up with Webb on Floyd's show on November 12, 2003, Lawson phoned into the Alex Jones show and warned listeners that she and Webb were globalist CIA frauds. Alex then said that if he was listening he would call in. Which he did. You can hear the actual audio clip of these and other files in the yahoo group: in the files area. As Hartwell was speaking, Jones called in and ordered Floyd to cutoff both Webb and Hartwell. Floyd's show ended on Genesis that weekend. However, Jones then lied along with fellow creep John Stadtmiller in implying that Lawson and Koernke's show were both COINTELPRO problems.

These audio files are also at the worldcom site or you can email hitech1@... to have them sent.
Again, no good deed went unpunished at GCN. John Stadtmiller was subsequently booted from GCN just a couple weeks later reportedly over a tiff involving price fixing water filters. Jones has consistently felt the need to 'spin' callers who point the finger at Israeli involvement in TERRORISM and benefitting from the U.S. military fighting it’s wars and the huge amount of Zionist installed by Bush.

EXPOSING ZIONISTS WAS THE REAL REASON KOERNKE'S SHOW WAS BOOTED FROM GCN! Dave Von Kleist confirmed this in another call to GCN. Also available in the worldcom audio archives!

If you don't know the difference between Real Jews and the ZIONISTS who worship a satanic doctrine called THE TALMUD, you really should start learning!

Clay Douglas did a couple special shows with Nancy Koernke, Lawson and a few others as the Intel Report aired on Truth Radio network briefly before his 'accident'. They are now at: still telling the whole truth!

Rick Stanley, like John Stadtmiller, deliberately ignored warnings about Stew Webb before propping him up on his show. Since that time, Rick has shown his true colors by allying with Carl Worden, John Perna, and now airing CIA fraud Barbara Hartwell.


"Birds of a feather...."

I mean c’mon people! With this latest 'allegiance' to CIA perp Hartwell, Rick's journey to the Dark Side is complete!

When Stanley was asked by Nancy Koernke to help with a patriot problem in his area he replied that he was busy having a drink and being in the hot tub with his wife. Go figure! He's either incredibly stupid or has another agenda. I believe that he has both!

"The Best Way to CONTROL OPPOSITION is to LEAD IT!!!"

Bob Stewart who sold kits for .50 caliber rifles has been setup and imprisoned. Fritz Springmeier who wrote good material on MK-Ultra CIA mind control was setup like Mark Koernke on bogus bank robbery charges and also imprisoned. Fritz was consistently demonized by phony CIA perp Barbara Hartwell.

Bill Cooper and many other good patriots are dead!

I submit to you that if Rick Stanley was such a 'good patriot' he'd be dead or in prison.
The FEDs have a way of rushing you through their system when they want to.

Go figure! With these kind of 'PAYtriots' helping U.S. may God help us all!

If you want additional confirming details... (And there is a lot of them!) email: hitech1@...

You are encouraged to verify this material and alert others!

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