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Ken Adachi Letter to U.K. Editor Regarding Stew Webb
September 20, 2006

Subject: From Ken Adachi concerning Ted Gunderson and Stew Webb
From: Ken Adachi <Editor>
Date: Thu, September 21, 2006
To: "Jim Cairns" <>

Hi Jim,

This is Ken Adachi from

I came across your web site while doing a search on google looking up articles relating to Stew Webb ( and Ted Gunderson ( I found a note posted at your web site from Stew Webb in 2004, in which Webb denounces Ted Gunderson as a phony and undercover agent for Bush, etc. This is the link I refer to:

After reading your site for a bit, I can see that you are a sincere individual who is concerned about the growing menace of satanism and the infiltration of satanism within the ranks of Christian fundamentalist groups.

I have many articles along the same lines posted at my web site. I also have a number of articles that talk about the NWO gang and their takeover agenda.

I'm writing you because I've been trying to expose the lies and slanders that Ted Gunderson has suffered at the hands of Stew Webb, one of the most odious liars that I have ever encountered in my life (next to Barbara Hartwell, that is).

Webb doesn't merely fudge the truth, he will either fabricate his charges against Gunderson out of thin air or will tell you something that is exactly opposite of the truth. A good example is his statement to you (at the above link) that "Gunderson never did anything for Jeff MacDonald or McMartin Preschool,.. only cover the Bush's asses" etc.

Both statements are utter falsehoods. I would never have known about the injustice suffered by Dr Jeffrey MacDonald had it not been for Ted Gunderson discussing the MacDonald case at the beginning of his talk. I caught my first Gunderson lecture in July of 1999 here in southern California. Go to this link and read my article about Jeffrey MacDonald and see who I credit with having done more to try and expose the MacDonald frame up than any living soul on earth-Ted Gunderson.

If it wasn't for Ted Gunderson, then YOU, or Webb, or few others would have known about the MacDonald case in the first place because Ted Gunderson, single handedly, MADE the MacDonald railroading a national cause celebre. It was Ted Gunderson who convinced Jerry Potter in 1985 to write the definitive book which EXPOSED the MacDonald shafting; the book is called "Fatal Justice" after MacDonald was betrayed following his trial, by his "pal", Joe McGinniss, with his fairy tale novel called "Fatal Vision".

Read Potter's book and you will see where he says that it was Ted Gunderson who eventually convinced him (Potter) that MacDonald was innocent, while Potter previously had assumed that MacDonald was guilty--based on the McGinniss book and the TV movie.The same goes for McMartin Preschool. I won't burden you with the details in this e-mail, but Ted was the LEADING person who kept that case in the spotlight for ten years. If it wasn't for Ted Gunderson, there would have been NO underground tunnels discovered under the McMartin Preschool and NO evidence of a cover-up or corroboration of the satanic rituals that had taken place in the tunnels being told by the kids.

I have a section of my web site devoted to a review of Ted's work:

There, you will find a subsection titled "The Smearing of Ted Gunderson" Prominent among the 7 or 8 individuals who are trying to destroy Ted's reputation is none other than "Whistle Blower" Stew Webb.

With the single exception of Jackie McGauley, ALL of the other character assassins arrayed against Ted Gunderson are associated with either the CIA or FBI-including Stew Webb (FBI informant).

I have recently organized a new section on Ted's page devoted to unmasking Stew Webb. It's called "Defending Ted Gunderson: Stew Webb, Liar, Thief, Slanderer". I hope you can find the time to go there and read the many articles I have posted there about the REAL Stew Webb.

Perhaps you will then come to realize that you have been DECEIVED by Webb, as have THOUSANDS of other people who have read his rank prevarications and accepted them as true.

Ted Gunderson has been exposing satanism, ritual abuse of children, kidnapping of children ("The Finders"), trafficking of children, etc., since the early 1980's. The very sort of expose articles that dominate YOUR web site was being spearheaded in talks given by Ted Gunderson before small groups of people throughout America, while you and I during the 1980's had little or no inkling of the level of infiltration that satanists had achieved in America or Ireland, or England, etc.

Ted Gunderson is an American patriot of high moral character who became aware of the threat posed by the NWO gang AFTER he retired from the FBI in 1979. The MacDonald case was Ted's introduction to the degree of infiltration of satanists into military bases and to the ongoing collusion between these satanic covens and the CIA, FBI, Army CID, etc, who were actively working to SHIELD them from exposure or arrest. In the case of Dr Jeffrey MacDonald, they needed a patsy to hang the ritual murders of his wife and two small children committed by a local satanic group connected with Fort Bragg, so they framed up MacDonald.

Hope to hear from you.

Kind Regards, Ken Adachi



you must realise that I am slightly removed from the American experience and inside info on all matters relating to NWO and satanists groups therein. I can only use my instincts/intuition to judge which are genuine and which are those trying to doubly deceive. The great deceiver is a title well suited to describe the times we are living in! Many socalled victims have contacted me by email and by phone in Ireland, claiming to be victims and fighters in the name of juctice and freedom, all trying( claiming) to expose the satanic cults in Ireland.

I have come to one conclusion! Most who have first hand knowledge of satanic cults are not whistleblowers and they are in fact still working for their satanic masters and they contsact me because they see me as a danger as one who exposes these crimes on the net. They feed me info about the cults hoping I will join them and their "groups" , which are moist likely fronts for the cults.

I no longer meet anyone who contacts me by phone or email. This is why I am so sceptical about new information. I have to let it grow on me, until I get a feel for the person or persons making the claims. At this point in time I cannot make a judgement on your claims or those of Ted Gunderson. Maybe I will in the coming years if I survive the cult!

Thanks Jim Cairns


Hi Jim,

Sure, you can do whatever you think best. I contacted you because you seemed like a responsible person.

I'm not going to allow a sack of garbage called Stew Webb to ruin Ted Gunderson's reputation by posting outright fabricated lies and slander on the internet. The statements from Webb which you posted on your web site about Ted Gunderson are untrue and patent SLANDER.

If the day ever comes in which a libel lawsuit is launched against Stew Webb, Barbara Hartwell, and the other character assassins who have assaulted Ted Gunderson over the past 6 years, then we will name as co-conspirators every web site and web site server who has posted slander against Ted Gunderson. That will include you and your web site, your skepticism about considering "new" information notwithstanding.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


Subject: Re: From Ken Adachi concerning Ted Gunderson and Stew Webb
From: "james cairns" <>
Date: Fri, October 6, 2006 8:53 am
To: Editor


if facts are untrue then the courts is the place to examine them thoroughly, you imply that nothing should be published , even by whistleblowers, about anyone, which is controversial. The very fact that you put forward this thinly veiled threat makes me feel that you and Ted Gunderson have something to hide and you are only trying to censor free speech and the courts are your last resort. Im not based in the USA and Im not privy to up to date info on this, so I cant give a judgement but I believe in free speech and whistlle blowing.


Hi James,

I answered you in the way I did because of the stupidity you expressed in your response to me, after I took the time to carefully and patiently explain to you what Webb was doing and why he was doing it. I have more important things to do with my time than spend all of it contacting web sites, such as yours, that are posting defamatory statements about Ted Gunderson which were obtained from slanderers like Webb and accepting it without challenge-and then re posting it like it was the unvarnished truth from the Oracle of Delphi.

Sure, we're all for free speech. What a monumental statement! I bet your also opposed to the use of drugs as well! Bravo, what a champion of liberty you must be. But there are degrees of 'FREE SPEECH' which are not protected by law, and SLANDER is one of them.

Your lack of discernment and perceptive acumen was already made clear in the readiness in which you embraced Webb's allegations against Ted without requiring anything that even borders on corroborating evidence. Webb says it, so it MUST be so, right? Exactly what were your words? On yea, something like "I always suspected something wasn't right about him anyway" or close to that. Wow, you're really on the ball aren't you?

Here too, in this e-mail, your statements reflect the mind of a person who's adept at spouting shibboleths and jingoism, without requiring any real logic to support it.

I love this line:

"The very fact that you put forward this thinly veiled
> threat makes me feel that you and Ted Gunderson have
> something to hide and you are only trying to censor
> free speech and the courts are your last resort"

Apparently, even suggesting to you that Ted Gunderson is a victim of character assassination is in itself cause for greater suspicion on your part!

The threat about including you and your web host server as defendants in a slander and libel lawsuit was not veiled at all. It was clearly stated. If you allow yourself to be used as a vehicle for slander than you are as guilty as the party who initiated the slander.

I realize that you're an unwitting dupe in this case. But once someone, like me, brings it to your attention that you're being duped, then you have an obligation to INVESTIGATE and RE-EVALUATE before mouthing slogans about free speech and "whistle blowing".

I'll send a few links in this e-mail of articles that I've posted which establish beyond ALL DOUBT that Webb is a LIAR and a THIEF. If you're unwilling to take the time to read them and carefully consider what's being presented, then you've gone beyond functioning as a dupe; at that point, you've graduated to a DOPE.

Stew Webb - Liar, Thief, Slanderer (

Pam Schuffert Recalls Phone Conversation with Stew Webb While He's Robbing Ted Gunderson's Home (Sep. 22, 2006)

Cameraman's Statement Confirms Stew Webb's Videotaped 'FBI Informant' Slip (Sep. 21, 2006)

Pam Shuffert Describes Stew Webb's Boasting of Stolen Boxes Taken from Ted Gunderson's Condo (Sep. 19, 2006)

Stew Webb: 'Ted Gunderson is a bad, bad, bad man!' (Sep. 15, 2006)

Housekeeper Names Stew Webb in July 2000 Theft of Ted Gunderson's Files (Sep. 15, 2006)

Flocco, Webb, and Ted (Sep. 9, 2006)

The Murder of Richard Carl Post


Jackie McGauley's "Curious" Remark Leads Stew Webb to Claim that Ted Gunderson 'Murdered' Richard Post (Sep. 15, 2006)

Stew Webb's Documented 'Proof' That Ted Gunderson Was Involved in Post Murder (Sep. 15, 2006)

Tom Flocco Joins Webb & Hartwell in the Liar's Hall of DeFame (Oct. 25, 2005)

Webb's Stew- The 'Lawsuit' (April 5, 2005)

Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb, A Response from John Allman (Mar. 31, 2005)

Linda Newkirk and Stew Webb Wowing Them in South Africa! (Nov. 4, 2004)

Stew Webb and Kansas City (Sep. 13, 2004)

Former Mental Asylum Patient Stew Webb, Currently Running for U.S. Vice President, Issues His Own Restraining Orders & Injunctions (July 8, 2004)

Stew Webb, Barbara Hartwell, Al Martin-ALL Connected (June 11, 2004)

Stew Webb Reveals His FBI Informant Status on His Own Video (Nov. 2, 2003)

Stew Webb v. Ted Gunderson ( Sep. 10, 2003)

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


Subject: Re: From Ken Adachi concerning Ted Gunderson and Stew Webb
From: "james cairns" <>
Date: Tue, October 10, 2006 8:13 am
To:   Editor

Let me explain my present position and the relevance of these articles regarding Webb and Gunderson.

To be honest, as I recall, I posted the article on my Breaking News web pages as just one more piece of news in the on going saga of NWO cover ups etc. As this piece hails from the USA, it is not one of my priorities and one I had long forgotten about! Theres a huge fight against the "Powers that Be" here in Ireland right now! Ive better things to be concerning me than the dispute between yourself and Webb! The Irish Government are threatening a privacy bill here that will restrict the freedom of the press.

This is real censorship which bears all the hallmarks of the first steps of the oncoming police state! Im not the only one concerned about this, left wing and liberal parties are exremely worried. Its been debated on the news every day! How will any cover up or crimes of the rich and powerful; be brought to the attentiopn of the public if people such as myself refrain from taking a stance on freedom of speech. this is why Im so strident on this point!

Again I repeat, the article by Webb was long forgotten and the least of my concerns, so give me a break, go torment someone else!

Jim Cairns


Hi Jim,

Torment was not my intention. I appreciate the concerns you have expressed here. I'm well aware of the growing moves of Big Brother towards greater censorship and suppression of free speech.

I was miffed and annoyed at the relatively careless and offhanded way in which you responded to my first letter. Thus, I answered you rather quickly and with irritation.

I happened upon your site and that Webb posting, because I was searching for other info about Webb and your posting popped up. I had thought you would be receptive to a detailed and careful explanation about what Webb was up to, and was surprised to see that my efforts fell on uninterested ears.

If you wish to keep the Webb posting in place, that's fine, but in fairness, you should post the first letter I sent to you right under Webb's words, so that your readers can see both sides of the story.

If you can do that, then I think we can bury the hatchet and move on to other things.

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: Re: From Ken ADachi concerning Ted Gunderson and Stew Webb
From: "james cairns" <>
Date: Thu, October 12, 2006
To:   Editor


I will tell you my present predicament! I have been offline since 2004 Sept. Ill not go into the reasons for this but my book and website have irritated many in Ireland! Thats all I will say!

I'm no longer in Kilkenny Ireland either!

However I hope to be back online in a matter of months! Again I wont go into detail for good reason, I have in the past tended to run off at the mouth, so to speak, talking too much online and to strangers on the phone about my plans, thoughts etc! I have learnt the hard way to say as little as possible without being abrupt and rude! However Ill give you a promise, Ill post your first letter when I get online again, showing that theres 2 sides to the argument on this issue! Please remind me of the webpage on my site of the offending article, then Ill repost my response when I get back online!

Thats the best I can do for now!

Jim Cairns


Hi Jim,

OK, fair enough. Look forward to your update.

Sincerely, Ken

(end of 2006 contact with Jim)

(begin November 2007 contact with Jim)

Subject: Re: Billy Graham and Illuminati
From: "james cairns" <>
Date: Tue, November 11, 2007
To:   Editor

I have been reading some of the Billy Graham/Illuminati article on your site! When I came to the reference regarding Chinese House Churches, I got real angry! BTW Im the dope you emailed last year! Jim Cairns Back to the anger! I have been trying to expose satanic house church prayer groups in Ireland since 1996 and I just realised youre extolling their virtues! The core point of my work is to exp[ose to the public that these charismatic house-church prayer groups are fronts for satanic cults and the practice of devil worship, also for their"evangelising" crusade!These are Satans true evangelists!

Jim Cairns


Hello Jim,

I sort of recall your anme, but I can't remember the specifics. If you are the guy I was talking to concerning the Stew Webb disinfo posted at your
site about Ted Gunderson, then I do recall our conversation. My main objection was you're unwillingness to post my rebuttable to Webb's
garbage-beyond the fact that you were participating in libelous slander against Gunderson and are eligilbe to be sued. You told me at the time
that you couldn't access your web server. Is that still the case?

OK, concerning your work. I think we're on the same page as far as these churches being covers for satanic activity. We have exactly the same thing
here in America. Many of the people featured on TBN evangelical TV are satanists. I've had first hand conversations with people who participated
in satanic rituals with them.

I don't know where you get the idea that I'm extolling the virtues of these churches in Ireland. You didn't read that from anything I wrote. Exactly which aritcle are you refering to and what's the connection to Billy Graham?

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Billy Graham and Illuminati
From: "james cairns" <>
Date: Tue, November 13, 2007
To:   Editor

Hello, im back online only a short while, i have had a lot of hassle in the last 3 years because of my book and websites. The article is one I read on your siote, I think it was the Illuminati Formulae. The Born Again Charismatic House Church phenomenon is here in Ireland and Ive been trying to expose this for years. Many foreign refugees have gone missing here in care homes run by Irish Police, nobody will question the police responses which are, theyre being abducted into sex industry, even though most young men are between 14 -21. I will delete that link when I get the chance
because Im not too much into US internecine scquabbles. However, I dont see you suing Webb, why not?

I also dont like the fact that you posted my emails! I notice you didnt post where you threatened to sue me for libel!

Jim Cairns


Subject: Re: Billy Graham and Illuminati
From: Editor
Date: Tue, November 13, 2007 3:08 pm
To: "james cairns" <>

Hi Jim,

There are two issues here which we should separate.

First, there is my initial reason for contacting you which was based on your posting of the Webb slander against Ted Gunderson. I don't think I
was focused on your exposure of dark activities within these charasmatic church groups in Ireland as much as your assistance to help Webb spread
disinformation about Ted. Or if I was aware of your work, I wanted you to know that you were helping a mind controlled, FBI stooge and pathological liar named Stewart Webb slander a man who had been trying for 27 years to expose the same sort of satanic infiltration, disappearing of children, and sexual abuse of children that you claim to champion.

I posted your e-mails because I've made it my business to defend Ted Gunderson against the scurrilous lies of Stew Webb and the other members
of the CIA/FBI Character Asasassination Team assembled to discredit his reputation and name. That includes those who abet or otherwise aid Webb in smearing Ted. And anyone who has allowed themselves to be hoodwinked and used by Webb to spread Webb's slander is going to
hear from me and at the very least be exposed on my web site.

I didn't post the reference to possible libel action as a COURTESY to you, and for no other reason. You are as giulty of publishing slander as is
Webb. Apparently, you think you're the only one who gets put on the ropes financially or otherwise, when you go up against the satanic gang. Ted
has also suffered a loss of income - due in measure to the cumulative effect of unchallenged disinfo and slander over the internet- and has often needed to borrow money just to get by. It's not as if there's a lack of evidence of Webb's slander. Good grief, read my web site! We have boxes full of evidence. It's the cost of litigation!

The Illuminati formula was written by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier, not me. Whatever charge you were attributing to me was misplaced. I don't know the specifics of which you speak, as the Formula is a big book and I've posted it in its entirety on my web site, but it is the most
revealing expose on the infiltration of satanism into every strata of American society-including fundamentalist Christian churches. Tell me more
specifically what chapter, what page, and what paragraph you are refering to so I can read it too and understand what you are reacting to.

I published your e-mail because of the nature of your response to me.

Here it is a year or two after I took the time to send you a long and polite introductory letter EXPLAINING to you CAREFULLY the nature and
degree of Webb's calumny. I realized that you were duped by that idiot, so I wanted to give you the chance to re-assess your posting of his slander
and to at least put up my rebuttal to his garbage. But you didn't do either. You brushed me off with some quick-draw dismissive blather. So that's how you got on my hit list, Jim, right then and there.

I'm sure you don't like seeing your name at my web site cast in a negative light, even though they are your own words. So how do you think Ted
Gunderson feels when he sees a couple of paragraphs of utterly fabricated lies authored by Stew Webb and posted on your web site?

Second, if you are exposing the satanic cover of using charismatic chruches to abuse, program, or scarifice children then you owe Ted Gunderson a huge apology because he was doing that exposure work beginning in 1980 (16 years before you jumped in) after he found out the depth of satanic infiltration in wake of his investigations into the Dr Jeffrey MacDonald "Green Beret" murder case.

I know your heart's in the right place Jim, that's why I took the time to> write to you INITIALLY as carefully as I did. It was your poor performance
follwing that letter that resulted in the little tete a tete that we are now engaged.

Looking forward to a better relationship.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Billy Graham and Illuminati
From: "james cairns" <>
Date: Thu, November 15, 2007 12:52 pm
To: Editor


let me say something first! I am not a researcher akin to the likes of David Icke! I and my family are victims! I survived a murder/abduction attempt on the 12th August 1994 by UVF killers! Who I know now, along with the former and present Ireland police force are under the control and
influence of the "cult", for want of a better word - international Illuminati if you wish!

Here is link which will explain my position! I think what happened to me proves that things dont always go to plan even for satanic cults, who pray to their demon god for assistance against the likes of me!

Its so difficult to know who is genuine nowadays, have a look at this alsp! Ive met Icke and Im not sure of him at all, even though James Whale on SkySports UK thinks hes the greatest! Look at the article about David Icke!

I emailed Webb years ago but got no answer! I dont know who to believe! Ill just delete the article! Let me know where it is, my site search isnt working anymore!

Jim Cairns


Hi Jim,

Ok, better late than never. Here's the link which I sent you in my very first e-mail:

It would be nice if you could go a step further and mention that you are taking the page down because you've came to recognize what I've been trying to bring to your attention from the very beginning: Webb is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR and Gunderson is an honorable man who has been exposing the activities of satanists-such as you do - since 1980 and has been unfarily maligned by said scumbag Webb.

That would be a just resolution and atoning for the harm you've inflicted on Ted's reputation for all the many months that your page has been up.

Regards, Ken


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