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Defending Ted Gunderson:
Exposing Stew Webb

Pam Shuffert Describes Stew Webb's Boasting of Stolen Boxes
Taken from Ted Gunderson's Condo

From Pam Shuffert <>
October 18, 2005

[Note from Ken Adachi: Sep The first part of this E-mail sent to Tim White by Pam shuffert and forwarded to me, included information about other parties which I did not include here. I pick up the story where Pam begins to describe how she met Stew Webb.

Pam also sent a longer, signed E-mail to Ted Gunderson on Oct. 18, 2005 expressing her regret for having been sucked in by Webb and Hartwell's lies about Ted and she went on to provide details about her encounters with Webb and her impression of his character.

From: "Overcomer for Jesus Christ"<> [Pam Shuffert]
To: [Tim White]
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005

...Now about Webb and Gunderson. I first met Webb while visiting my website readers, Jack and Cyndra Brunner right outside Denver. Webb was truly a basket case. I have done counseling with many people, and knew Webb was a sicko from the start.

I tried to listen to him and minister to him. He was paranoid about Leonard Millman, admitted Millman was a big Satanist as was all his family. He told me of encounters with horrible demons including one of Baphomet manifesting in his room He sweated bullets as he told me about Millman's Satanism and his family.

He then showed me how he rigged Brunner's phones so that he knew if Millman's henchmen were monitoring him, etc. In fact, we were followed by Satanist henchmen everywhere we went in Webb's vehicle in Denver. Dark sunglasses, the whole scene, following us everywhere. I have dealth with Satanists big dad was a big famous USAF [U.S. Air Force] one...I have fought them for years..Stew was paranoid...totally unstable. I felt sorry for him at that time. He put Brunners at risk however. Jack came up dead later, somewhat mysteriously.

So I kept in contact with Webb, didn't realize what kind of person he was either until after the fact.

When I called him next, he was living with Gunderson. I did not understand until MUCH LATER what he was talking about when he told me about his PRIZE CATCH...dozens of boxes with Gunderson's files and stuff in them! He talked to me excitedly about the boxes he was removing from Gunderson's home as if he were elated and on to a big find! In fact, he was often breathleess as he described what he had found and was taking...he told me how his whole procedure was going...stage by stage. Gunderson will have to walk me thru some of it, because I can only remember pieces of some of this. Something about Stew getting SOME of the boxes out, and then having to wait until later, so many of them...I thought Webb said around70 boxes or so...I could be wrong.

Had I known then what I now know about Webb and the whole Gunderson situation, I would have contacted Gunderson immediately!! I too was temporarily duped by Webb, whew! So I will call Gunderson ASAP. Anything he wants in info, I will gladly give him.

I also can tell him much about Hartwell from what her sister Irene Adrian confided in me about her sister Babs.

God bless, Pam


Pam Schuffert Recalls Phone Conversation with Stew Webb While He's Robbing Ted Gunderson's Home (Sep. 22, 2006)

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