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Defending Ted Gunderson:
Exposing Stew Webb

Pam Schuffert Recalls Phone Conversation with Stew Webb
While He's Robbing Ted Gunderson's Home

[Editor's Note: All told, Stew Webb may have stolen as many as 70  large boxes of Ted Gunderson's property including 10 boxes of investigative files of Ted's most important criminal research projects, 35 new copies of Brice Taylor's Thanks for the Memories book, 15 boxes of de-hydrated food, 4 boxes of Spotlight magazines, blank video & audio tapes, personal FBI mementos, a directory phone listing of retired FBI agents, and other property. In Las Vegas Police Incident Report LLV000905001364, the stolen property was listed at a value of $16,068. Webb was charged by Las Vegas police with both Grand Larceny Theft and the assault on Tom Gaule in Ted's home on July 6, 2000- both felony counts. Miraculously, Webb managed to get both felony counts dropped, along with a third felony count of threatening a couple in their car with a handgun, reduced down to a 90 day suspended sentence.  It is not possible for a convicted felon, who has a lengthy arrest record and has already served time in prison, to get a 90 day suspended sentence on three new felony charges unless he has very powerful friends in the government who pressured the prosecutor into dropping the cases. Webb had unintentionally revealed that he was an FBI informant during the taping of a video tape that he had made on December 18, 2001. Who do you suppose may have been that powerful government agency who learned on the Nevada prosecutor to drop the charges against Webb? ...Ken Adachi]
October 18, 2005
E-Y posted September 22, 2006

Pam Schuffert Recalls Phone Conversation with Stew Webb While He's Robbing Ted Gunderson's Home (Oct. 18, 2005)

From::    Overcomer for Jesus Christ
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Sent::     Tuesday, October 18, 2005 5:27 PM
Subject: Ted Gunderson letter/statement

DOB 02/16/1952
SSN 230-84-75150

Government Propaganda


Current 2016 email address for Pam Schuffert: <>

Scanned images of the original, signed e-mail found here:
Place of birth- Washington DC


I am SO SORRY I was suckered in by HARTWELL AND WEBB in the past! But 1 am glad it's NOT TOO LATE to rectify things.

In a is my information regarding STEW WEBB and my previous contacts with him:

I was in contact with Stew Webb several years ago, outside of DENVER , Colorado. I met him personally at the home of JACK AND CYNDRA BRUNNSR, friends of mine through my website,

They introduced me at that time to STEW WEBB, also a contact of theirs through the internet.

Stew was almost overwhelming to be around. I have done professional Christian counseling of people. including with extreme problems (satanism, etc. ) Stew Webb was dafinitely a person who was extremely paranoid, extreme dysfunctional, often not in control of his behavior. In fact, I almost expected him to lose his temper and go over the edge, NOT with anger at me, but rather his perceived problems with LEONARD MILLMAN also of Denver, CO.

He eeemed to be a person dependent on drugs/prescriptions, and highly unstable and erratic. Although I cannot prove it. I suspect he was involved both with drugs, alcohol and prescriiption drugs for his severe mental/emotional condition and state I found him in. His problems were real however, with the MILLMAN family and those aligned with Millman.   Everywhere we went in Denver, Webb was followed by people in cars or vehicles with darkly tinted windows and sunglasses. ..even on dark cloudy days.

(Page 2)

I attempted to approach his problems from a Biblical perspective, bringing in prayer and counseling, etc. We became friends at that time. I followed him by phone and email after that.

A few years later, I discovered he had moved to LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. We had a few casual phone calls, in which he said he needed money, etc. He admitted he was living with a TED GUNDERSON, who I did not know at that time.

I called him a while after that, and was fascinated over what he discussed with me on the phone. He SOUNDED SO if he had juat stumbled upon a BIG CATCH! Breathless, he described to me how he was moving boxes, many boxes, into a hallway of a  home...GUNDERSON'S HOME. WEBB sounded elated, mentioned how important these boxes full of GUNDERSON files were to him.

I HAD NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT as he moved the boxes EVEN AS WE WERE TALKING. He to1d me how he had to hurry, before GUNDERSON CAME BACK. He mentioned how he had to MOVE A BED of another person to another place, so NO ONE COULD SEE WHAT HE WAS DOING. 

His attitude towards me was. "I (WEBB) AM THE GOOD GUY, DOING THE RIGHT THING. ..AND GUNDERSON IS THE BAD GUY I HAVE TO DO THIS TO." Not understanding in fact THE TRUTH about WEBB and GUNDERSON and what Stew was really up to, all I could do was listen.

Being a journalist who has to be meticulous in taking notes and mentally remembering information so it can be recalled for my reporting, including undercover investigative reporting, I never forget that strange night in which Stew was bragging over the phone to me about what he was doing. I had apparently called him WHEN HE WAS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS ACTIVIITY INVOLVING MOVING GUNDERSON'S FILES OUT!

I cannot forget his utter elation and excitement, as if what he had discovered and was taking out of the Gunderson house was so VITALLY IMPORTANT. Nor can I forget his breathleasness and fear as he struggled to bring the boxes of GUNDERSON's PERSONAL FILES out into the hallway as we spoke, stating that he had to do this and get away before GUNDERSON returned to his home.

I almost felt as if I were there, and had stumbled onto something MAJOR, by the way Stew ecstatically described his findings and eagerness to get them out of Gunderson's house.

Yes, sadly, I was one of those people previously brainwashed by WEBB and his deceptions. I was also deceived and drawn into HARTWELL'S lies as well, and the two work together...I know now they are MISINFORMATION AGENTS with a hidden agenda, and they are LIARS as well.

HAD I KNOWN the truth about STEW WEBB and GUNDSRSON, I would have CALLED GUNDERSON IMMEDIATELY to tell him that WEBB WAS STEALING HIS PERSONAL FILES OUT OF HIS HOUSE THAT VERY NIGHT! But sadly. I did NOT understand until a long time after...after reading reports EXPOSING STEW WEBB and reading Gunderson's reports exposing him and what he had done to GUNDERSON.

That is why I am finally coming forward with this important infortion to give to GUNDBRSON at this time, I now FULLY UNDERSTAND WHAT HAPPENED. I was ear-witness to a crime in the process of being committed against GUNDERSON in his very own home by STEW WEBB, by Stew's own personal admission to me on the phone.

(Page 3)

I will testify to the veracity of this above statement under polygraph, in a courtroom. etc., upon GUNDERSON'S REQUEST.

Sincerely, Pamela Schuffert

SSN- 230-94-7950
Birthplace -Washington DC


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