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A Response to Barbara Hartwell
Ted L. Gunderson Analysis of the Barbara Hartwell Article Entitled,
"Time To Set the Record Straight."
[Editorís Note: Barbara Hartwell is a victim/survivor of CIA mind control abuse. A couple of years ago, she was in desperate need of help and was grateful to Ted Gunderson for the support and assistance that he extended to her. For a time, they had planned to co-author a monthly Report that was intended to expose the machinations of government mind control abuse. Last year, she apparently became convinced that Ted was a Ďdouble agentí who was really trying to control or monitor mind control survivors and joined in with others striving to discredit him.

Kurt Billings has a family connection to the CIA. He told Jeff Rense during a 1999 radio interview, that his father had worked for the CIA. Billings, a self-described authority on CIA mind control technologies, told Brice Taylor that he can deprogram mind control victims and that he could help deprogram her daughter, Kelly. Brice hired him. At Billingís insistence, Brice rented a four bed room house in Las Vegas so Billings, his wife, and child could be together with him while he worked with Kelly for what was to be 2-3 weeks of deprogramming therapy. After arriving at Brice's house, Billings' behavior can only be described as strange. He arrived on Thanksgiving Day, a week late without explanation; spent one brief session with Kelly; refused to sleep in the house Brice had rented and shot a hole with his .45 automatic through the dresser of a Las Vegas hotel room that was being paid for by a woman friend of Brice Taylor who came to Las Vegas to assist with Kellyís care. Kurt explained to the woman (and later to me and another man) that he was merely emptying a specially made bullet from the firing chamber of his gun when the bullet inexplicable fired sideways out of the gunís cartridge ejection port.

Stu Webb is a criminal informant who was living at Tedís house and living off Tedís largess. Stu decided to vacate Tedís home late one night last year while Ted was away on a speaking tour. When Tedís housekeeper awoke the next morning, she discovered a number of boxes (35) filled with Tedís files, investigative reports, journals, new books for sale, long term storage food, personal items, etc. to be missing. Stu took great umbrage at Ted for having the temerity to report the missing property to the police, identifying Stu as the principal suspect in the theft.

Virginia McCullough oversees a web site that includes a section she has titled the Gunderson Dump, in which she sets out to establish that Ted is a double agent working for the Bad Guys. Kate Dixon and Virginia McCullough may be the same person or possibly two different individuals, both working on McCulloughís web site...Ken Adachi]
By Ted L. Gunderson
March 26, 2001  
Barbara Hartwell has informed me many times that she is from a CIA family and probably as such is the victim of the CIA MK Ultra mind control program (whether she thinks so or not). For a period of time, she showed signs of breaking out of the grasp of the CIA.  So what did the CIA do?  They planted Kurt Billings, a CIA mind control victim/ programmer, in her lap.  Let me explain.
For one thing, Billings and Hartwell have a lot in common. They both purport to have relatives in the CIA and in my opinion they are both victims of mind control attempting to recover.
On October 13, 1999, Mr. Art Bell, the famous talk show host, made a sudden announcement that he was permanently leaving the air and this would be his last radio show.  He said he was retiring because of a personal matter concerning his family and that he couldnít discuss it, but hoped his audience would understand and respect his wishes for privacy. He returned to his radio show a few weeks later. He then revealed more information about his sudden retirement stating that it was done out of concern for his son Art Bell IV and made references to myself and David Hinkson as being responsible for making unfounded defamatory statements about him concerning pedophilic accusations. For the next several months, Bell would from time to time mention the names of Gunderson and Hinkson and their pedophilic accusations against him over his radio show threatening a lawsuit would ensue. That lawsuit was launched in May 2000 and on April 1, 2000, Bell once again announced that he was permanently retiring from radio at the end of April.
Bell was now willing to reveal more details about his sonís case. Art Bell claimed that his son had been kidnapped, transported across state lines, and raped.  Mr. Bell claimed that on December 9, 1997, Dave Hinkson, a guest on my radio talk show airing out of radio station WWCR in Nashville, TN, publicly divulged information about Art Bell being a child molester which resulted in pain and distress to him and his family.
I personally made no allegations about Mr. Bell or his son on my show or anywhere else. I don't know Art Bell, I have never met him, and I had no desire to portray any negative image of him. As far as my involvement regarding the lawsuit, there was absolutely no substance to Mr. Bell's charges against me. For a transcript of my radio talk show involving Hinkson, see
Following Bellsí retirement announcement, there was a nationwide campaign, by numerous persons to discredit me. For example, one Kate Dixon set up a web site to smear me.  She referred to me as a "right wing freak hater," claiming that I  ďorchestrated this hit on Art."  She further said that: "Gunderson's conduct was designed to destroy Art Bell."  She referred to me as a "powerful big creep."
In addition, Mr. Bell's attorney appeared on Good Morning America on May 13, 2000 making numerous statements on the air claiming that I had accused Bell of being a child molester.  I have never made any such statements. There were interviews with Bell in Peopleís Magazine and US Magazine about the lawsuit and Mr. Bell appeared on EXTRA, the television show, on June 7, 1999 repeating the story that he left the air because of alleged pedophilic accusations by Hinkson and myself. I believe this national publicity was not a  coincidence.  It appeared to me there was now a well organized campaign against me and radio station WWCR.
Realizing that there was no real substance to Mr. Bell's allegations against me, my attorney filed for a summary judgment to dismiss.  Affidavits from Mr. Kurt Billings, his wife, Lee Ann Billings, and one Robert Ghostwolf (a frequent guest on Bellís radio show I later found out) were filed with the court a few days before the oral arguments for summary judgment were to be heard.
Billings and his wife claimed that in November/December of 1999, they were in Las Vegas at a rented house  of Brice Taylor (real name, Sue Ford).  They said that I was present there and when Art Bell's name was brought up, I had said that Art Bell was a child molester and that he raped his own son. They also claimed that I said that Art Bell had been indicted for these crimes.
The truth is, although I never brought up the subject of Art Bell, Kurt Billings and his wife did, and repeatedly asked me questions about the Art Bell lawsuit.  I stated the case was in litigation and I could not discuss it.  Due to their urgent questioning of subjects I did not initiate, nor cared to discuss, I surmised that they came with an agenda.  Brice Taylor, who was present during the conversation, submitted a statement to the court attesting to the fact that she was witness to the Billings' questioning of me and heard me say that I could not discuss the Art Bell case. However, her statement arrived too late to be considered by the judge during the oral arguments.
Mr. Ghostwolf's affidavit claimed that in February 1997, he saw me at a Las Vegas seminar and that I stated that Art Bell is "not a f------ American, okay and I'm going to take this son-of-a bitch down."  (I never use the F--- word.)  Ghost Wolf further claimed that I stated Art Bell was involved in child pornography and he, (Art Bell) has a dark past.  I don't even know Robert Ghostwolf and I have never met him. I wouldn't know Robert Ghostwolf if he was standing in front of me.
Billingsí and Ghostwolf's affidavits were fabricated.  There is absolutely no truth to either of them.  During the oral arguments the judge said she was suspicious of the affidavits, but she could not ignore them and ordered that the case go to trial.  It was at this time that I realized that the affidavits and probably the lawsuit was designed to discredit me and destroy my name and reputation and destroy radio station WWCR.  It was also apparent that Mr. Bell was after the almighty dollar.  Instead of a trial, which the Art Bell group knew they could not win, there were several mediation meetings between the attorneys which resulted in a confidential, out of court monetary settlement for an undisclosed amount of money paid to Mr. Bell by the insurance company which represented me for liability claims. I was asked by the insurance lawyers to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to learn of the terms of the settlement, but I refused.  I told my attorney the lawsuit against me was unjustified and I would not allow myself to be blackmailed.
Mr. Bell subsequently returned to the radio with a new lucrative contract.
Are the Billings, Robert Ghostwolf, Kate Dixon, government informant Stu Webb (who claims I am a drug dealer), Debbie Nathan, Mike Ruppert and others on the internet, part of a conspiracy to discredit those of us who love America and are successfully exposing an evil element within our government?   Is Art Bell's radio show part of the conspiracy and, if so, is he spreading disinformation as a disruptive tactic to cause confusion among his thirteen million listeners?  I don't know, however, this lawsuit and the ability of Mr. Bell to orchestrate anti-Gunderson and pro-Bell publicity on national television, in national weekly magazines, and the obvious orchestrations of false information to the courts through the phony affidavits a few days before the oral arguments makes me wonder.  The timing of these affidavits was such that I did not have opportunity to present a rebuttal.  Is it possible that Art Bell, the American hero, could be a contributor to a deceptive and fraudulent situation like this?
The court pre-trial depositions revealed that Brain Lepley (the alleged rapist of Bellís son) did not deceive Art Bell IV, as the oral sex act between the two was consensual and that Bell Jr. was of legal consenting age.  Lepley was tried and convicted, but the case was subsequently reversed by the appellate court.
Back to Barbara Hartwell.  The next time I heard about the Billings, they were involved with Barbara Hartwell and the result was that Barbara began publicly criticizing Brice Taylor and myself.  It appeared to me that Barbara was being reprogrammed and/or influenced by the Billings, after all, Barbara had never been critical of me or Brice Taylor before.  In fact both Brice and I spent time on the phone with Barbara from Brice's home in Las Vegas trying to help her when she was upset.  I have no animosity against Barbara.  I love her and always will.  It is sad, but I believe she is another victim of the Billing's disruptive tactics.  I further believe the Billing's were planted on Barbara as a follow up to their continuing campaign to discredit my reputation.  Up until then, Barbara had always defended me.  But for a time after this, Barbara was part of the campaign against me.  She has stopped this and apologized to me.  I believe the Billings are also victims and are merely doing what they have been programmed to do. I also believe the Billings are not culpable because of their own MK Ultra programming.
I suggest that Brice Taylor is being targeted due to the books she has written about her mind control victimization and the public stance she has taken over the years to expose mind control and ritual abuse.  We have lectured together over the years; I share documentation and Brice shares her story.  We also appeared on Ch. 13 News in Los Angeles on November 9, 2000 to expose mind control.  Since then, numerous negative articles have been written in an attempt to discredit both of us.
As for what I stand for and against.  I believe in God and my country.  I have never taken drugs nor do I sell them.  I have never been involved in criminal activity of any type as I am a law abiding citizen and as the former head of the FBI, Los Angeles; a public servant dedicated to service to the public.  Through my investigation of the Dr. Jeffrey R. MacDonald case (See the book Fatal Justice, where my involvement is documented) I have successfully exposed large scale drug operations out of SE Asia during the 1960's and 1970's. I worked with attorney John DeCamp in exposing pedophiles, prostitution, pornography, satanic activity and mind control, in the Nebraska Franklin Case (See The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp, available at
I was the sole person responsible for initiating the archeological dig that was successful in finding and documenting the tunnels under the McMartin Pre-School in Manhattan Beach, CA. (The children at the pre-school said they were taken down through the tunnels into a chamber where they were subjected to satanic-like rituals with adults).  I have been working with Noreen Gosch for years in regard to her son Johnny's kidnapping and she has written about my involvement in her new book (Why Johnny Can't Come Home; Kidnapped while delivering Newspapers. Forced into Pornography, Prostitution, Mind Control and Espionage, by Noreen Gosch, available on website listing ). I authored a 52 page report in June, 2000, further elucidating developments in the Franklin Case and in the Kelly Ford case, called The Rusty Nelson-Kelly Ford Report
(see )

During the past 20 years, I have given presentations all over the country, alerting the public to the reality of satanic abuse, ritual abuse, mind control, and it's use in pornography, prostitution, and espionage and have taken a public stand (in spite of threats to my reputation and life) for the victims and the children.  During the late 80's and early 90's, I was a member of the L.A. Women's Task Force on Ritual Abuse in Los Angeles.  Upon discovering the problem of ritual abuse and mind control as wide spread and prevalent, I have done all that I can to help the victims and to alert the public.  Along with Brice Taylor and others, I publicly present information on these subjects every time I have the opportunity.  We are all dedicated to exposing and eradicating these horrific abuses.
Although there have been allegations of profit made in the sale of books and videos, the only profit any of us working toward ending this abuse have received, is the reward of helping others.  If one understands the workings of those attempting to keep this abuse covered up, then it can be understood why those of us at the forefront of exposing this issue are experiencing attacks to our reputations and at times to our very lives.  The enemy knows how successful they can be at disempowering those who are delivering the truth when they attempt to publicly destroy the reputation and credibility of those who are divulging their highly guarded secrets.
A FBI Supervisor has bragged that the government has informants and provocateurs in every Patriot group in America.  One of the roles of the provocateur is to spread disinformation about those who criticize the government.  I have been accused of being a homosexual, a disgruntled former FBI employee, a mental case and most recently a drug dealer.  Anyone who is not discerning enough to recognize the tactics of the enemy and who does not realize what is
happening behind the scenes is uninformed and a victim to his own ignorance.
Please understand.  We have the greatest country in history.  I am not anti-government.  Many of the problems we have in our country do not relate to the government, but to a few individuals who are entrenched in key positions in the government, where they are continuing their corrupt and criminal activities.
Iíve been forced to defend myself against duplicitous accusations leveled by the Billings, the Ghostwolf's, the Stu Webb's, the Mike Rupperts, the Debbie Nathan's, the Kate Dixon's, and the other disinformation specialists arrayed against me, but I prefer that we all show sympathy and pray for them.  We need to stay focused on solutions.  We need to put our differences aside and join together to solve these problems.  As for me, I will continue on the path to which God has called me.  Proverbs 31:8  "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.  Speak up and judge fairly; defend the right of the poor and needy."
Itís time for America to wake up.
Ted L. Gunderson

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