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Tom Flocco Joins Webb & Hartwell in Liar's Hall of DeFame

Satire by Victor Thorn
October 25, 2005

Original Title
Revealed: Tom Flocco's Next Ten Articles

As everyone knows, Tom Flocco's credibility has plummeted to new lows with his recent bogus articles about Barbara Olson, the Chicago MI-5 subway shootings, the Bush-Cheney indictments (which he said actually took place last July), and a slew of other obviously false stories. These sensationalistic-disinformation pieces always quote "unnamed sources" and provide no verification whatsoever. Of course none of these "sources" even exist because all he's doing is making this stuff up. It's that simple. Thus, anyone with even one ounce of sense now knows that anything Flocco publishes should be taken with a pound of salt (not just a grain of salt).

Luckily for us here at WING TV, these same "unnamed sources" that have supposedly been feeding information to Flocco and the other shysters recently contacted us with a list of Tom Flocco's next ten articles. Due to the amount of crap he has been taking, it now seems he is focusing his attention on the alternative media.

It is our intention to examine these potential "news stories" and verify whether they are legitimate, or once again outright fakeries, which is so often the case with Flocco. So, without further ado ..


1) Mike Ruppert found in homosexual tryst with Exxon executive.

Analysis: Of course Ruppert is in bed with Big Oil to promote their gloom-n-doom peak oil scam, but there is no validity to the above story. FALSE.

2) George Noory has discovered the identity of the shadow rodents that he's been seeing in his house and along the highway, and it turns out to be none other than Art Bell.

Analysis: Although Noory has admitted on his radio show to seeing "shadow rodents," he and Art Bell live in different geographical locations around the country. So, unless "shadow rodents" can teleport themselves at will, there is no validity to the above story. FALSE.

3) Revealed: Alex Jones is seen at Bohemian Grove bowing at the altar of an omnipotent Owl where he is worshipping the Almighty Dollar ($$$$$$).

Analysis: Very likely TRUE! Considering how Alex Jones sold-out and betrayed the Gray Family to ABC's 20/20, the way his wife scolded Michael Corbin for not pushing the sale of his videotapes hard enough, and how his show has become nothing more than one big long extended infomercial, Flocco is probably right on the mark with this story.

4) Jeff Rense has been abducted by an alien UFO entity where he was subsequently given a new Tiny Tim wig to wear as a disguise.

Analysis: Even though Rense is known to wear wigs, false glasses, and contact lenses to conceal his identity, there seems to be no validity to the above story. FALSE.

5) Nicholas Levis and Kyle Hence of 9-11 Mafia fame are going to have sex-change operations and re-name themselves "The Gatekeeper Queens."

Analysis: Even though Levis and Hence are notorious for concealing the truth about 9-11 and the World Trade Center controlled demolitions, as far as we can tell, this story has no legs. FALSE.

6) Patriot Jim Kujawa is one of the most dedicated patriots in America, and his committment to exposing and defeating the New World Order is unparalleled.

Analysis: True with 100% accuracy. Flocco hit the nail on the head with this one.

7) Jack Blood has become such a lap-dog sycophant to Alex Jones by refusing to expose his censorship practices that he has now taken to mowing his grass, raking his leaves, and cleaning his garage on the weekends - all free of charge.

Analysis: Although it is true that Blood - a staunch anti-censorship proponent - has blatantly shirked from his responsibility as an independent journalist to denounce Alex Jones' sordid censorship practices, we have uncovered no evidence that Blood is serving as a weekend handyman for Jones (even though John Stadtmiller did say that Blood considered Alex Jones his "hero" ... how pathetic is that?). FALSE.

8) Amy Goodman, Air America, Counterpunch, Truthout,, and a slew of other liberal alternative press venues are finally going to start
confronting the issue of 9-11 by exposing the truth instead of shielding and protecting George Bush and his cabal of mass-murdering criminals.

Analysis: We would love to think this story is true, but when one examines the track record of these phony false-front operatives, it is only wishful thinking. As far as we can determine, they'll continue - like the corporate mainstream media - to promote the left/right paradigm and keep accepting big money pay-off "grants" to keep them quiet about 9-11 Truth. FALSE.

9) Breaking News: God just informed Phil "Commander Pod" Jayhan that he will discover Flight 77 on the lost city of Atlantis.

Analysis: Despite the fact that Jayhan once wanted to dredge the entire Atlantic Ocean to search for all four 9-11 airliners, and he thought that a dead Mossad agent was hacking into his website, we cannot verify that God is actually communicating with Phil Jayhan about anything! FALSE.

10) Tom Flocco, Sherman Skolnick, Tom Heneghan, Sorcha Faal, Stew Webb, Fintan Dunne, and Lenny Bloom are exposed as complete phonies who are duping the public and discrediting the alternative media with their gossip-rag bogus sensationalistic stories.

Analysis: TRUE!

These charlatans have now been so thoroughly discredited that they're nothing more than laughing-stocks, and anyone who believes one word they say is an even bigger fool than they are.

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