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Defending Ted Gunderson:
Exposing Stew Webb

Stew Webb's 'Proof' That Ted Gunderson Was Involved in Murder

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
E-Y posted Sep. 15, 2006

The image seen below was posted by Stew Webb at the following link,

It is a perfect example of his utter recklessness and disregard for honesty that Webb has demonstrated at his web site from the very beginning. The full story of Webb's outrageous slander against Ted Gunderson in this matter can be read at this link,

The hand written note seen along the right margin of this image is written by Stew Webb. It says:

"Ted Gunderson murder of P.I. Rick Post . Post worked out McMartin Preschool case. Ted Gunderson's handwritted note to Rick trying to persuade Rick to flip to Bad Guys side. Rick's body tortured & cut apart at Gunderson & Munotts Sierra Clinic."

The hand written note seen immediately under the article is written by Ted Gunderson. It says:

"You aren't going to do research and put my name on it, but you will do this with Rick Post or Chris Clark [?] & put their name on it. Did Post or Clark support you and your children for the past year and a half? Come on, how about working with me instead of against me? This was the idea when you quit your job - we were going to work together & both take credit - as a Team".

The note written by Ted Gunderson was sent to Jackie McGauley. Ted is addressing Jackie McGauley in this note, and not Rick Post as Webb claims in his note.

Webb accuses Ted of Richard Post Murder

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