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Defending Ted Gunderson:
Exposing Stew Webb

Stew Webb Reveals His FBI Informant Status on His Own Video

By Ken Adachi <>
November 2, 2003

In a video tape titled Terror in America, Vol II (recorded on December 18, 2001 by John Gentry of Dallas, Texas), Stew Webb ( reveals that he is an FBI informant. The admission takes place about 23 minutes into the video tape interview where Webb is explaining to the viewer his role as an 'investigator' of mind controlled persons (now there's a real irony for you) who were involved in public shootings. Webb's exact statement transcribed from that video tape at 0:23 minutes

"...And, eh, the Shadow Government boys were, eh, informed that they were going to charter MK Ultras. And they were informed that they were going to do 'special things'. Well, I went to the FBI because Shadow Government people came to me, three of them, and at the time, were saying

'Stew, this needs somehow or another, let the right hand know what the left hand's doing. You know, a few maybe good guys within the government that might try to do something. '

And so I took this to the FBI here in Las Vegas, eh, to an agent named Robin Salvadore and I made him give me a Confidential Informant number on it and I said 'look', I said, 'there's this guy that went off at the Jewish Community Center and he shows up in Las Vegas in supposed [?] military gear.' And then I dig on his background : find out he was tied to McCoy Air Force base out of Oregon, I believe it was, and he was former Air Force slash NSA-and one of the mind control victims..."

Ted Gunderson has often claimed that Stew Webb was/is an FBI informant who was planted on Ted in order to gain access to his private files (of which perhaps as many as 70 BOXES were stolen by Webb) and to worm his way into Ted's confidence so he could monitor his work. Webb continues to deny his FBI informant status to this very day, but he tipped his hand on this video where he appears (to me at least) to be either somewhat intoxicated with alcohol or he's on drugs. Anyone viewing the tape can see that he's flying on something.

Webb tips his informant status a second time when he tells the camera that he was assigned a symbol number. Ted Gunderson told me that the FBI never uses an informant's real name in their reports, they only use an assigned symbol number.

Ken Adachi


Cameraman's Statement Confirms Stew Webb's Videotaped 'FBI Informant' Slip (Sep. 21, 2006)

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