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Stew Webb: 'Ted Gunderson is a bad, bad, bad man'!

[Editor's Note: This stupefying rant from Stew Webb ( is typical of his over-the-top denunciations of Ted L. Gunderson. There is nothing that this maniac will not accuse Ted Gunderson of being involved in! You name it- murder, drug sales, drug manufacturing, drug distribution, trafficking in children, selling missiles to bin Laden, pedophilia, stealing from old ladies, gun running, statutory rape, kiddie porn, satanism, white slavery, etc. etc.; it's a bottomless pit! Occasinally, I'll get an e-mail from someone who stumbles upon this idiot's swill and will write me, anxious to alert me to the menace posed by that dastardly and darkly evil genius of ex-"COINTELPRO" repute, Ted, after they've been enlightened at Webb's web. Holy Cow! How can serious minded people read this idiocy and actually accept it at face value? People CANNOT be this stupid!

If you merely take the time to carefully read ALL of Webb's posted data about Ted: the so-called 'documentation' which he claims are 'proof' of Ted's guilt about this or that, or the courtroom transcript of a hearing he requested in order to convince a Nevada magistrate that he needed a one year "Protective (restraining) Order" against Ted, his elderly housekeeper Anna May Newman, and a man named Tom Gaule, you will find that the REAL Stew Webb will emerge from those documents. Webb, the former construction worker/convict/psycho-ward immate, told the hearing judge that he had his "reputation" to uphold!

When you read the court transcript of the 'Protective' hearing that took place on January 9, 2001 in Las Vegas, you will see a mentally twisted, emotionally immature, anger driven, paranoid psychotic personality who makes a comical ass out of himself in front of the judge and all who witnessed that performance. You cannot help but burst out laughing when you read the entire dialog that takes place between Webb and the judge! It's the funniest damn thing I've seen in a long time. The ironic thing is that Webb himself took the trouble to obtain the transcript and unload it to his web site as 46 separate pages (jpeg images). Despite the fact that he lost the hearing, the obsessive and fevered mind of Stew Webb felt compelled to underline every single word in the transcript that was in any way, accusatory towards Ted Gunderson. Webb even penciled in margin notes to let the reader know where Ted was "committing perjury", or "slander", or "making false charges" against our maligned hero.

I'm going to scan, OCR, and repost the entire transcript of that hearing as an html file, so it will be easier to read and less laborious than clicking through 46 separate pages, but it's still worth going directly to Webb's site and reading it in its present form: (Please tell me whether Woody Allen or Sidney Lumet could have done a better job of staging it. This needs to be captured on film for posterity. Screen writers, you have nothing more to do than title it and hand it in. What are you waiting for?)

Finally, Webb has invested so much time and labor in slandering Ted, that it's going to take me some time to properly respond to the mountain of lies that he has laid down here, but I can no longer allow this troubled bottom feeder to continue to assault Ted's reputation unchecked. I will respond to each and every allegation made below with REAL documentation and genuine proof of Webb's mendacity and that of his cohorts, Jackie McGauley and Barbara Hartwell. If I only had the time, I would have done this much sooner. I regret that it has taken me so long to come back to Ted's defense. He's a real American, a decent and honorable man who served the FBI for 28 years with a track record of unblemished distinction that few could match. At 78 years old, he deserves far better than to be a punching bag for this unfettered lunatic and his gaggle of barn yard squakers...Ken Adachi]

By Stew Webb, a Blower of Whistles
April 18, 2002 (or June 24, or Oct. 29) or Nov. 23, 2003


By Stew Webb Federal Whistleblowersc

Nov 22, 2003

APRIL 18, 2002

Updated June 24, 2002

Updated Oct 29. 2002



(1990’s-2002’s-Patriot/Militia/Christian/Jewish Name Taker for THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY-Shadow Government)


Beware: this man is Dangerous to all. Nationally known radio talk show host Art Bell filed suit against CIA Ted Gunderson, Bell claimed Gunderson called him a child molester on a Radio talk show, Art Bell won the lawsuit. Please understand I had first hand observations of Ted Gunderson's activities. Ted offered to allow me to live at his place as long as I needed too, I was in need of shelter, Ted did not have transportation at the time, and I did, so we traded off. After living there for 9 months and observing the unusual and very mysteries activities I questioned Ted, and I actually got answers from him when he would get loaded on his Vodka and Orange Juice. He drinks daily.

Stew Webb's Investigation of CIA-Ted L. Gunderson:

1. Ted L. Gunderson ex FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge LA was forced into early retirement for performing satanic ceremonies in his FBI offices 1979. He has publicly stated he is the only ex-FBI agent to be kicked out of the FBI retired agent’s alumni, this is why. FURTHER: Ted Gunderson worked in his early year of the FBI as a Cointelpro agent.

"The FBI COINTELPRO program was initiated in 1956. Its purpose, as described later by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, was "to expose, disrupt,
misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize activities" of those individuals and organizations whose ideas or goals he opposed. Tactics included: falsely labeling individuals as informants; infiltrating groups with persons instructed to disrupt the group; sending anonymous or forged letters designed to promote strife between groups; initiating politically motivated IRS investigations; carrying out burglaries of offices and unlawful wiretaps; and disseminating to other government agencies and to the media unlawfully obtained derogatory information on individuals and groups."

2. In 1998 Ted L. Gunderson married the widow of Anton Lavey, Diana Rivalry, the founder of the Church of Satan in America, she kicked him out after 2-weeks because he could not perform in bed. The marriage was annulled in 2000 Las Vegas, Nevada. Why would Ted Gunderson marry a known satanic witch? Remember he claims to be an expert on Satanism, and out to save and rescue the CHILDREN in America from Satanists.

3. In Feb 2000 Ted Gunderson was caught stealing from the trust of Mary Schiebe of Las Vegas, Nevada. (Public administrators records) To keep from going to jail for stealing $ 150,000.00, Ted Gunderson agreed to a plea bargain to allow the repayment to the trust of $ 1,500.00 per month from his early FBI retirement of $ 62,000.00 per year. Ted Gunderson continues to this day telling people he is broke to con--more little old ladies out of their life's savings. It was Ted Gunderson’s associate who keep him out of jail.

4. According to 2 Retired Los Angeles Police Department Detectives, that when they were still with LAPD and Ted Gunderson was in charge of the Southern California FBI from 1977-1979, that Gunderson protected the Illegal CIA George Bush Sr. Narcotics for weapons smuggling into southern California. The Yacht was hauling Narcotics in from Costa Rico and transporting weapons out of the docks in Santa Monica, CA, were today Ted L. Gunderson's daughter Laurie Hern lives and Ted Gunderson spends months at a time there.

The Detectives further state those young Girls from southern California were being kidnapped and put on that same Yacht to be sent to drug smuggler in Costa Rica, to be used as sex slaves. Ted Gunderson protected these kidnappers and drug for weapons smugglers while he was in charge of the LA-FBI. This location in Costa Rica was the same location owned by Carl Lindner-United Fruit-CIA front Co. (The Ohio Connection-The Bush Crime Family See: Stew Webb- Flow Chart or log also

See: Stew Webb Grand Jury Demand, Ted Gunderson is named in the Demand.)

Today the Congress of Costa Rico has Indictments and Arrest warrants for Oliver North, George Bush Sr., Carl Lindner, Assistant US Attorney William Richard Scruggs, and many others for their Drug for Weapons smuggling. Costa Rica has asked the US Justice Dept, the Congress, The US Courts, The State Department for permission to extradite these Criminals and many others unnamed in this report. Gunderson ties are to General  John Singlaub, who had offices across from Charles Keating-Lincoln Savings and Walter Bush-securities had offices on the same floor.

(See: Affidavit by: Former LAPD Detective Below)

5. Ted Gunderson after early forced FBI retirement, began working for George Bush Sr.-CIA-Shadow=Government-full time, dealing drugs and guns with Ollie North and General Singlaub, to Afghan Rebels, to Costa Rica the Iran/Contra affair and many other Illegal CIA drugs and guns operations. Ted Gunderson was partners with Michael Reconishuto (now in jail), Raymond Lavis-NSA, (now hiding out in Canada), and were stealing stinger missiles from the China Lakes Naval Facility in California. There base of operations was the Capison Indiana Reservation in Indio, California. (ABC-Reporter-Danny Casolaro got killed over Inslaw and His book The Octopus, Gunderson admitted to me, he spoke with Danny prior to his death.) They were further involved in espionage involving the Government of Canada by sliding the Inslaw software into the Canadian National Security Computers. (See by: Kelly O'Mear her series of stories began Feb 2002 part the Inslaw Affair)

6. Ted Gunderson was caught in the mid 1980's stealing from the estate of a dead nurse he worked with on the McMartin preschool case, the nurse suddenly developed cancer and was sent to a clinic in Mexico. (She knew Gunderson was there from Kroll Bros & Assoc. NY part of Bush cover up PI‘s. Bush hires them, ex-spooks to go after remaining documents left behind or evidence that needs to be destroyed. Ted Gunderson was an affiliate of Kroll & Assoc.) The Clinic was owned by Ted Gunderson’s Dr. friend who gives laetrile treatments. (Steve McQueen the Actor who died of cancer, was coned out of $50,000.00 by Ted Gunderson and Gunderson’s Dr. friend. At that time Gunderson was conning other people out of $5,000.00 for the same treatments.) Her body never left Mexico, Ted Gunderson began selling off the nurses property and belonging, and robbing her bank accounts. When he tried to sell her house this is when he was caught and did a plea to keep out of jail, with LA DA’s office. (Ted Gunderson is protected from prosecution by this same criminal cartel-The Bush Crime Family) He is allowed to steal from people and not be prosecuted. He gets a cut from his thefts and the rest go to the New World Order-Bush Crime Family's Empire-Anti-Christ.

7. Ted L. Gunderson claims he investigates Satanism and Child Kidnapping this is a front to identify those victims of MK=Ultra, to identify and  eliminate those who know too much. Gunderson works with George Pender who ran Operation Brownstone, the Blackmail of Congressman and Senators using children as sex slaves in Washing DC. 1980-1990. (CIA George Pender and CIA Clint Murchison had direct ties to FBI-Homosexual-Hoover. Gunderson brags he was one of the last Hoover-Boy‘s, he further tries to say FBI-Hoover was not a Homosexual, I know people who state they saw Hoover committing these Homosexual Acts.)

See the book "The Last Circle" by: Carol Marshall at read chapter 6 & 7.

Also read chapter 1, Carol interviewed Ted Gunderson before she found out his involvement with Michael Reconishuto and Ray Lavis these CIA Criminal-shadow Government boys, Ted‘s partners in crime. (Note: chapter 1, why was Ted Gunderson’s apartment full of KIDS TOYS? Ted’s kids were grown then. After CIA-Clint Murchison died Ted Gunderson lived in his house for over a year. If you remember Gunderson had a radio program on WWCR-Shortwave, and if you remember he stated he was doing his program from Dallas, Texas. This was his, at the time secret Dallas location. Anna May Newman who was a house-maid to CIA Clint Murchison now lives with Ted Gunderson in Las Vegas, and pays his rent out of her Social Security. She loaned Ted Gunderson her $ 68,000.00 retirement. Gunderson told her he had a client, (like her has other little old ladies) who was paying him $100,000.00, and that he had breaking news on kidnapped kids and needed the money now. She was foolish enough to give her retirement to him. He then got stuck with her after the estate attorneys kicked them out of the house off Northwest Highway in Dallas.

Patriots in Dallas have told me Gunderson was holding parties there for Gunderson could name take, identify the Patriots in Dallas. Gunderson helped destroy evidence and cover-up the Nebraska-Franklin Savings case. Rene a woman who paid Gunderson $10,000 to help her, suddenly found herself in jail and Gunderson keep her money and never helped her. She came to me in Feb 2001 through a Intel Source and she wanted to go on Radio with me, and tell everyone who Gunderson was, she Died 3 weeks later. The family would not do an autopsy, she left 2 children ages 15 and 17. Their mother is dead because of Gunderson. (Foot note: Do you really think that the Boy’s Town Orphanage was the only Orphanage in the Country that Children were taken on a tour of The White House? NO. NO. NO. I have lots of evidence. Therefore, if you were the CIA-Spin Dr. wouldn’t you limit the liability to just one Orphanage? And bring in the spin Dr.’s to focus the attention there, limit the testimonies, limit the flow of information, send in Ted Gunderson to destroy evidence, to identify victims, so they could be either killed or jailed?)

8. Ted L. Gunderson admitted to this Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb, that he Broke-up the Black Panther. He stated he sent love letters that turned Panthers on each other that resulted in Murder of one Panther. This makes Ted Gunderson a conspirator in Murder as a FBI agent in 1970. I talked to Bobby Seals the Panther at length about this, I now have copies of those letters. A Senate investigation of Ted Gunderson FBI-Coin-Tel-Pro resulted, for violating these American’s Constitutional Rights. The FBI was sanctioned by the Senate 1971-1972, the Gov. settled with members Seals and others for $3 1/2 Million, because the FBI-Gunderson team tried to frame 3 of them for this murder, they were not involved with. Does this sound like the current FBI- nothing changes with these criminal- FBI-element. Ted L. Gunderson should be in Jail for MURDER.

9. Ted L. Gunderson tried to frame this Whistleblower-Stew Webb on false burglary charges, (A form of assault in Nevada) to extort this Whistleblower out of documents, so Ted could be paid for Perjured testimony in the Murder of 2 innocent men by a Convicted Killer Tom Gaule of Las Vegas. Convicted killer Tom Gaule is on the streets on probation even though he was convicted of murder. This was a direct result of Ted Gunderson’s lies under oath to get paid $ 200,000 promised by this killer from his mother’s trust, who the Public Administrator in Las Vegas controls. Gunderson and Gaule wanted documents. I had access to for $4,000 that proved the Public Admin had problems in the past. I believe they intended to use these documents to extort the Admin, out of the control of the trust, so Gunderson could get paid. Gunderson put this killer on the streets for $600 cash and a promise of $200,000. (With out a Nevada P.I. License)

I was first accused of assault upon this killer. (Charges dropped-Aug 2000) Then I was accused of theft from Ted Gunderson, a swat team stormed were I was living tore the house apart and broke out windows etc.  Serious damage to the house. Detectives left after 5 hrs. and bringing Ted Gunderson there to search for Boxes he claimed I took from him. I never stole anything in my life. The Detectives cleared me of this and left. (Sept 2000) The day after the swat raid I received a Threat by phone from Ted Gunderson he was going ballistics, that I had been on a Radio program and told everyone what Gunderson had done to me. Gunderson went nuts over the Guns for Narcotics with Terrorist Bin Laden that he had been   involved with. Gunderson said to me,

"You will not out think me". (I have made several copies of this threat, I will be happy to play it on any Radio program.) After the threat I filed a restraining order against Ted Gunderson, Convicted Killer Tom Gaule and Anna May Newman in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 2000. In October 2000, An attempt upon my life occurred. I cannot discuss the details at this time to protect the witness. But it was ordered by Ted Gunderson. (wet-opts team) November 1, 2000 I was arrested for supposedly burglary of Ted Gunderson and charges were filed by the convicted killer Tom Gaule. Why? Because this is how they booth were playing this game, of extortion on me. I took a lie detector and had witness, I never  did anything wrong. The prosecutors knew this and ask the Judge to dismiss the case, leaving liability on Las Vegas and Gunderson-Gaule.

November 7, 2001 the phony burglary charges were dismissed by Las Vegas Prosecutors, Judge Mosley dismissed the charges with prejudice. I am preparing a suit against them now. Further see my Grand Jury Demand against the Bush Crime Family Sept-Oct 2001 They booth are named. (see  see My Federal Grand Jury Demand Sept. 2001 and Oct 2001 & July 3, 2003) Remember Art Bell collected a ton of money from the suit he filed against Ted Gunderson. Gunderson’s insurance policy paid that case off. Gunderson accused Art Bell of being a child molester. Bell is not. (NOTE: The attached Affidavit by Colleen Lloyd a Investigative Journalist: In support of myself Stew Webb, that she witnesses  PERJURY by Ted Gunderson, and convicted killer Thomas Gaule, in Court in Las Vegas, Nevada pertaining to these false charges of burglary (a form of assault in Nevada.) The Police and the District Attorneys refused to take statements and charges from me Stew Webb. WHY?

Ted Gunderson works for the Government and is protected from prosecution. Has Ted Gunderson ever been arrested for the crimes he has committed? NO. I Stew Webb have never committed a crime, yet I have been falsely arrested over 30 times to silence me. Has Ted Gunderson ever broken a National Scandal? NO. I have and my track record of exposing The Bush Crime Family is impeccable. Ted Gunderson writes reports, from news paper articles already published, NOT HIS WORK. He compiles these articles, then puts in the Bad Gov. disinformation. Example his OK City Bombing Report, the only truth was the seismograph 2 explosions, and the Cary Gagan immunity paper I gave Ted Gunderson, which tied the 2 Iranian or Iraq terrorists to the bombing. Which was released to the media by myself in early 1986, so it was already out there. In his faked Ok City Bombing report Gunderson stated a Energy Bomb did it. This is bogus, plastic explosives were placed on the pillar’s.

Example why did Ted Gunderson claim an energy bomb?

Because Ted Gunderson’s Illegal Capison Indian Reservation co-conspirator partner Michael Reconishuto is in jail for manufacturing Narcotics (Meth) and Michael is a witness against Ted Gunderson, because they were partners. (read: Gunderson Dump site) Mike Blair of the old Spotlight Newspaper is the only one who publishes Ted Gunderson disinformation. WHY?) (Affidavit of one of Stew Webb’s witness: Colleen Lloyd)


As a witness, I am bringing a matter of my concern to the attention of the court.  I have knowledge of circumstances at and relating to Ted Gunderson's home, during some time periods when Stew Webb has been accused of committing crimes on the premises. I also have knowledge of my association and some interactions between Ted Gunderson, Anna (May) Newman, Thomas Gaule and Stew Webb. Because of this, I was asked to testify in this case and to give the court a statement. Had the prosecution asked me, I would have done the same for them.

When I came to testify at a hearing for a restraining order on the date: January- -2001, I was harassed and intimidated solely because I was a witness, by Thomas Gaule and Anna (May) Newman, in the courthouse, which animosity and disturbing actions I did not initiate, having always been civil with all of these parties.

Up until this point, I had never had any cross words with Anna or Ted, and considered them pleasant acquaintances and friendly associates, in spite of the issues and accusations that have arisen. I had never spoken with any malice, anger or intent to hurt Thomas Gaule; in fact, I had done things which were to the benefit of all the herein-named parties.

Finding myself in the same place as Tom and Anna, I acknowledged them and stated that I had been asked to testify. That is all I said. In my heart, I was here simply to do my duty as a citizen, and I hoped to be able to do so as fairly to all concerned as I could.

I was immediately attacked in a very chilling, evil manner by them, which bothered me and still does. Thomas began insinuating that there was some conspiracy between myself and Stew, saying that it was clear that was what was going on here, and comments to that end - that me and Stew were involved in this together. I felt the viciousness in a physical way.

Anna also attacked me venomously, which was as unprovoked as Thomas's slurs. She snarled, "You deserve each other," and insinuated that I belonged in the same category, or should have the same fate as Stew. In light of the accusations against Stew, and statements made immediately thereafter, I have cause to be concerned about such warrantees attacks, and I call upon the court to remind the parties that to harass a witness in this manner is against the interest of creating an environment free from intimidation where a witness may testify freely and fairly. I just do not deserve this treatment when I go out of my way to come to the court simply because it is my civic responsibility.

I have witnessed since that time misleading insinuations and statements made while the parties were under an oath, and also made in open court; I believe I have witnessed acts of perjury, and intent to commit perjury on the part of the prosecuting parties. I have told them of what they have done wrong and that it is a crime. I speak out; I have no desire to take my time to come to the court, but since I must, I need to do so in peace and with respect for my protection as a witness. I never had spoken any hurtful words to any of these people. I appreciate the seriousness with which the judge is addressing the issue.

My only involvement with this case is that I have knowledge about the credibility of the witnesses, relationship of the parties involved, apparently incorrect and inconsistent statements made by the other witnesses, and statements made to me when I spoke with Ted Gunderson, Anna and Thomas which corroborate Stew Webb' accounts on several points; for example, that Stew did have permission to be at Ted's apartment during the period that he was accused of burglary.

I have been acquainted with Stew, Ted, Tom and Anna since _________-__-2000; my initial contact and a significant element in the relationship with them was related to my capacity as a writer for local and national publications. I spent a great deal of time working on a story about Thomas Gaule's legal cases, which was published in the Las Vegas Tribune in the summer of the year: 2000. Stew and Ted also discussed issues with me which involved them; we all hoped I could spend some time covering them. As a result, I spent some time at Ted's home and had many conversations and experiences with all of these people, with Stew present much of the time.

Therefore, I am aware of certain issues between them; for example, the issue of Stew's allegedly having access to documents regarding Jared Shaffer of interest to Thomas, which there was some apparent discussion of between them.


: copyclaim(c)copyright: 18-May-2001: Colleen-Lloyd

10. Ted L. Gunderson was fined $ 2,500.00 Dec 11 2001 in an administrative hearing in Las Vegas. He was charged by the Attorney General's Office for entering into the Sandra Murphy-Binion murder case with out a PI License. More of his frauds. (This case was initialed by myself through the Attorney General office of Nevada, they said Gunderson had so many complaints from people Gunderson had ripped of that they would take this case)

11. Ted Gunderson’s first wife of many, talked to me in depth about Ted Gunderson being diagnosed as a paranoid-schizophrenic in 1971 and was on medication for this problem. She divorced him because of his mental condition then. Today 2 of his 4 adult children, Ted Gunderson Jr. or PA. and Lorie Hern of Santa Monica, CA., suffer from this same medical problem, and Ted Jr. is on medication for this. She claims it runs in the genes. Both his adult children have been hospitalized numerous times for this problem. Today Ted does not take his medication. He should he needs it. (Maybe then he would not work for THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY-CIA-Shadow Government)

12. Barbara Hartwell posted an excellent article on her site, what Ted Gunderson did to her. she was CIA, and Ted Gunderson tried to discredit her, like he is doing to me. First he aligned him self with her in public speeches, then he tried to discredit her, this is part of his game for the bad-CIA. Discredit Real Whistleblowers.

13. Ted Gunderson makes copies of others videos, in violation of copy-right laws and pockets the money. This provides him with the name of those who send a check. I have been told by a Gov. source he turns them into the Gov. for payment of those names. (Turning patriots  Christians and others in, for payment.)

14. Virginia McCullough of the famous Inslaw-Case ( Feb. 2000 by: Kelly O’Mear,) her husband created the hard disk drive needed for Inslaw further she tells a lot about Patriot Spy Ted Gunderson on Ted Gunderson dump site.

15. One of Ted Gunderson’s latest scams are: Buy into his GOLD or Mexico Land Scam with his known Criminal Partner Victor Hancock. Victor is an old scamster for many years, he spent years in jail for conning little old ladies out of their life’s saving, by offering them investments in various scams he was doing. Their latest scam is, Victor and Ted claim Victor was breaking into a safe for a former Las Vegas Cop who put Victor in Jail years ago, at the request of the Cop, who bought a bar and wanted to open the safe. Victor claims he found a map with details of $ 2.5 Billion Dollars worth of Gold buried in a cave in Nevada. Victor claims it was Fernando Marcos the former President of the Philippines hidden gold. I question Victor Hancock at length about the marking on the gold. He stated it had marking like oriental markings, all in equal size bars.

I then asked my Intel. sources, who stated, "This was a scam by Gunderson and Hancock". They indicated that all the Marcos gold had been taken by the Bush Crime Family Boy’s, and all of it was accounted for, and their was no Vietnam or Marcos gold except in the hands of George Bush Sr. I discovered parties that were involved in the confiscation of those two Countries gold, that had been stolen by Bush Sr., they told me the same thing. I was further was told that the Philippines Gold was unique, that they did not have a gold refinery, therefore the peasants would melt the gold and put it in various sizes depending on what 2x4’s or 2x6’s or what they could scrap together to pour it in. This made me question further Victor Hancock,

I told Ted Gunderson at the time, Victor is lying to you, this is Bull. Ted Gunderson made a Video tape sponsoring this scam with Victor Hancock at a location on Jones Blvd. in Las Vegas. I told Ted he was involved with Bull, and this could come back to haunt him. Gunderson said he had  hecked out this whole story and it was all true, that Victor had found the gold. Gunderson further told me, that He and Victor would make millions of dollars selling this to the Patriots. Victor’s further claim was he took $ 60 million of the gold and bought a large track of land on the Baja California Island in Mexico, the South East corner and was going to build a Condo resort. I further question this being a former Home Builder before being forced into hiding as a Whistleblower.

As usual his claims were Bull. No Architectural Drawings, no specks, no costs, nothing, they could not even come up with the Deed or Plot of the land, just a map, anyone can get from your local store. Further Victor and Ted claimed the rest of the $ 2.5 Billion Dollars worth the gold, was dumped by Victor of a Reef in the ocean, because Victor was afraid that Bush may come after him for discovering the gold, therefore he wanted to hid the rest. These to con-men further told Patriots in Nevada, and Gunderson even said it on several radio shows, that the initial $200,000.00 they were trying to raise would go to recover the gold Victor had dumped.

Then they held meetings at various locations in Nevada and California to con-patriots out of their money, by stating you give us $100-$300 per month and you will own part of the parent Corporation that owns the land in Mexico. And your payment will go for your down payment etc. This all was going on in the summer of 2000, when Gunderson and Gaule tried to extort me and have me falsely arrested. So I contacted the Attorney General in Las Vegas, to see if they had anything on Victor Hancock, and if they would take charges from 2-patriots I knew who had been conned.

The Deputy Attorney General claimed, he wanted anything I could give him he further claimed, Victor Hancock had been charged for this same gold and land scam. And that he had been convicted, and Hancock appealed the case on a technicality, and the charges were dismissed on the  technicality.

Therefore if you invested your hard earned money with Ted Gunderson and Victor Hancock and their land and gold scam, contact me or the Attorney General Office in Las Vegas, Nevada. Footnote: I found out the land that they are trying to sell in Baja, Mexico is the same land owned by the CIA-General John Singlaub, the one Gunderson answers to in behalf of The Bush Crime Family.

I further discovered that General Singlaub’s Boeing 707 had landed on the airstrip in 1991, on that same piece of Real Estate Gunderson claims he and Victor own. The Boeing 707 airplane burned up an engine in 1991, and landed there for refueling and could not take off. Drug Enforcement Agents discovered the airplane full of cocaine, matter of fact, they claim it was overloaded with cocaine is the reason the plan burned up the engine.

The land at that time was owned, and I believe still owned by General John Singlaub. The airplane was confiscated by the DEA and sold at the DEA auction in Florida in 1992. General Singlaub was never charged. General John Singlaub was the counter-part to General Richard Secord the Iran/Contra boy’s. General John Singlaub ran the Capison Indian Reservation Drugs for Weapons operation for George Bush Sr. If you will read the Book the last Circle by Carol Marsh you will read that

Ted Gunderson operated his Weapons for Narcotics, from there. (See; part of chapter 6 from the book below)

16. This Whistleblower has tons of evidence and details of other Crimes that CIA agent Ted L. Gunderson is currently involved with to numerous to mention. Including murder, Obstruction of Justice, & Narcotics Trafficking. (Note: My Federal Grand Jury Demand US District Court Las Vegas, Nevada case number CV-S-01-0714-PMP-PAL filed Sept 18, 2001 and Oct 5, 2001.) July 3, 2003 Grand Jury Demand)

Ted Gunderson is a Traitor to the United States of America, he has committed Treasonous acts and therefore should be tried in a court of law and if convicted, be given the death penalty. Further this Whistleblower has discovered that Ted Gunderson is part of a wet-opts team, that identifies MK Ultra Victims and then sends the hit teams in to kill those victims in behalf of the Bush Crime Family. Ted L. Gunderson identifies Patriots, Militias, Christians, in order to supply those names to his current superiors, The Bush Crime Family. Stay away from Ted L. Gunderson.

END NOTE: At one time I Stew Webb thought Ted L. Gunderson was a true Patriot, I even booked him on  Radio Programs, went to New York and did a lecture there with him. Until I began to her from CIA-FBI-Intel. types, who would ask why are your associating with Ted Gunderson he works for The Bush Bad Guys. This is when I began to ask Ted Gunderson about his involvements with George Bush Sr., Ollie North, General John Singlaub, Iran/Contra Drugs for Weapons, Stingers to Terrorist Bin Laden, when he would get drunk, (he drinks daily-Vodka and Orange Juice) sometimes he would then confess to me. Then when he was Sober I would intentionally re address the issues. He admitted tons that I do not have the time or inclination to put in this news release. Further, I have been keeping recorded tapes of various Radio Programs Ted Gunderson has been doing lately, including but not limited to Jeff Rense May 7, 2002, in which Ted Gunderson has continued his attacks and lies about me. Ted Gunderson stated on the Jeff Rense program that Stew Webb works for the CIA and that I am an infiltrator for the CIA. This is BULL. I have never worked for the Government. I contact Jeff Rense about these slanderous statements, he refuses to allow equal airtime. WHY Jeff Rense?

I was in the Unites States Marine Corps when I was 17 and was Honorable Discharged. And yes I was proud to serve my Country as A United States Marine. This and other information on Patriot/Militia/Christian spy’s, naming names will appear on my future web-site

I once asked Ted Gunderson, why is that you never, wear that COW-BOY HAT and BOOT’S except when you go to do a speech. Gunderson stated: "The Patriots think I’m a Good-Old-Boy, and this helps create the Image, along with my former FBI-Credentials". Further, I am preparing a lawsuit against Ted Gunderson, Tom Gaule, and others, including Radio Talk Show Hosts regarding false arrest & imprisonment, slander, defamation of character, and many other things that have been said, to numerous, to mention in this article. I would ask all of you who read this, if you hear Ted Gunderson on a Radio Program were my name is mentioned, please contact me at my e-mail address , or by mail and please let me know the program, Host and date.

Further, I keep getting more and more information from people out there of names, of Little Old Ladies, who have been coned by Ted Gunderson out of their money. Then when they go to prosecute for none repayment of their signed promissory notes, the Attorney General’s or DA’s in various  jurisdictions, tell them first they are willing to prosecute then the CIA-Bad Guys intervenes, then suddenly nothing is done. Bush gets his cut Gunderson gets his. Ted Gunderson is protected by the Bad Guys, therefore contact me Stew Webb, if you are a victim or know of his scams, I am compiling a Hugh list now to take action. Thank You

Stew Webb

Solider in the Army of Jesus Christ

Federal Whistleblower

Donations are needed to further expose The Bush Crime Family.

Stew Webb
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Thank you for your support.

Stew Webb Credentials

My Track Record and Exposure, of the "Bush Crime Family".

1. I was credited for the 1989 HUD-Housing & Urban Development Scandal And the first Independent-Prosecutor appointed Arlen Adams, since Watergate. ("The Denver Connection" to the Bush Crime Family Leonard Millman-Bush King Pin, my former father in law.)

2. I was involved with the 1990 exposure of, Silverado Savings and Loan-Congressional-Hearings. Neil Bush Director. ("The Denver Connection" to the Bush Crime Family, Leonard Millman King Pin)

3. I was involved with the congressional hearings 1990, on the Denver International Airport Scam, and it's secret underground facility. ("The Denver Connection"-Bush Crime Family, Leonard Millman King Pin)

4. I was involved with the 1990 exposure of, Keating Five-MDC Holdings, Inc (Silverado's parent Co., Neil Bush Director) Illegal Political Money Laundering to over 200 Senators and Congressmen. (Time Magazine Aug 14, 1990) (The Denver Connection"-Bush Crime Family-Leonard Millman King Pin)

5. I worked with Jonathan Beatty, Senior Correspondent for Time Magazine, who after doing stories on Denver, led him from Silverado to the exposure of the BCCI Scandal with Denver Connections. (Bank of Credit and Commerce Intern., he later wrote a book the OutLaw Bank) (The Denver Connection"-Bush Crime Family, Leonard Milkman King Pin)

6. I was held as a Political Prisoner from 1992-1993 for 10 1/2 months, for the above exposures. The charges were dismissed with prejudice, after the book I contributed to,, came out. Then they tried to kill me. ("The Denver Connection"Bush Crime Family King Pin Leonard Millman filed false charges of harassing, threatening phone calls, his goon-partner in crime, then US Attorney Mike Norton filed the bogus charges.)

7. I exposed, with the help of my friend, who was murdered (Oct 1997) Bill McCoy, a former CID/Army Investigator-known as the "Famous Iran/Contra, Inslaw, Oklahoma Bombing investigator, who exposed Lt. Strassmeyer, and who is a Bush/Clinton Crime Family investigator. We exposed CIA-Agent Bill Clinton-Spotlight-Newspaper Sept. 1993.

We exposed, "The Brownstone Operation" blackmail of US Congressmen and Senators, involving Bush Sr. using children from orphanages, drugged and used as sex slaves for those child-molesters-willing to pay to screw kids. Bush Sr. himself is a known child-molester. (See: Cathy O'Brien's Book "Transformation of America').

8. I worked with many Investigators on the Oklahoma City Bombing, and the exposure of the CIA-Bush involvement with Tim McVeigh, Terry Nichols, Roger Moore, and other CIA agents who blew the building, for George Bush Sr. (There were many Ark.-Clinton, and Bush Denver Connections, that have never been revealed. I need a Grand Jury)

9. In 1986 former CIA Shadow Government Player Gene"Chip" Tatum, contacted me, and agreed to expose his relationship with the "Denver Connection", and gave me a lot of information, that I have never exposed, if I would book him on radio show interviews. I did many shows as a co-guest with Gene. This later lead to the series of articles by Gary Webb in the San Jose Mercury Press, concerning CIA drug smuggling into California.

10. I exposed the "Boulder Properties Scam" 1999, Blackmail of US Congressmen and Senators, involving Neil Bush, Leonard Millman, Hillary Clinton, Jonathan Flake, and others. (Bush Crime Family Part 1 Dec 1999 Media By Pass Magazine, Bush Crime Family Part 2 Media by Pass Magazine May 2000).

Also now on, archived stories.

("The Denver Connection"-Bush Crime Family-Leonard Millman King Pin)

11. I exposed the Current Bush-CIA-Terror in America Sept. 1999, involving school shootings using MK-Ultra Mind Control Victims. (See my Dec-1999 Video CIA-Terror-In-America, to bring in National Id/Credit-Debit/DNA Cards-666-mark of the beast-Ollie North's-Rex-84-Concentration Camps) This included the Egyptian Airline suicide, the Alaskan Airliner crash, tail bolt loosened, the Fort Worth Shooting, and others.

(This has led to the current Patriot-Act being approved, which eliminated your Constitutional and Civil Rights-Bush Crime Family-Plans-for NEW WORLD ORDER-ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

12. I recently exposed the BUSH CRIME FAMILY, what is known by Knight's Templars as the Tiffany-Lamp-Meetings-Satanist-Human-Sacrifice, in Sedalia, Colorado, Kimball Castle every summer and Winter Solstice. (Press releases Dec. 21, 2001; this took 6 years to track this event and location)

13. I was involved with Dr. Len Horowitz, Ex-LAPD Detective Mike Ruppert exposing the truth about The Anthrax Scare and deaths relating to Hadron and the CIA-Bush Crime Family Sept. 2002.

14.I have completed over 2,000 Radio Interviews as a Guest since 1991.

15. I have seen over 200 stories written, with out my name involved, were I handed the reporters these stories on a silver platter.(example Gale Norton from Cradle to Cabal)

16. I have given over 150 Lectures on "The Bush Crime Family and The Denver Connection" to Patriot groups, Militia groups, Graduating Doctors, Graduating Journalists, Church Groups and many others.

17. I have contributed to the following books:

* "Defrauding America", by Rodney Stitch

* "The Mafia, CIA and George Bush", by Pete Brewton. Local libraries.

* "The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Power of Politics", by David Hoffman

* I was instrumental in brokering a deal that has lead to Al Martin's new book "The Conspirators", I have known Al since 1991, when I had to hide from the FBI who tried to jail me for exposing, "The Bush Crime Family-Denver Connection-King Pin Leonard Millman", my former-father-in-law.

18. My 6 videos totally expose the Bush Crime Family. ($25.00 ea.)

19. I have been falsely arrested over 30 times since 1984, held twice on $50,000 bonds, held 10 1/2 month's as a Political Prisoner, and always the cases were either dismissed, I was acquitted, or there was a hung jury.

This all began, because I wanted to Co-Parent my Daughter Amanda Melia Webb, aka Amanda Millman of Denver.

END. More to come


Affidavit from Former LA,CA. Police Department Detective.


Consider this an open letter to the corrupt criminal cabal, and those conditioned dupes in CIA, ATF, DEA, FBI, LAPD, military, and other agencies. CIA DRUG RUNNING, GUN SMUGGLING, AND MUCH MORE

The suspects who conduct the harassment toward whistleblowers will not change by us publishing this info (harassment) and pleading with them to understand that we are American patriots who love this country. It just shows a sign of weakness in their eyes on our part. No I believe we need to say in response to harassment such as with interference with phone and email, etc.

"So what ass......... Keep it up... you will just make us more determined to keep up the battle for freedom, and someday you will get yours." What goes around-comes around is surely true. Nearly everyone one of the key people in LAPD (Los Angeles Police Dept.) who harassed me while on LAPD when I was blowing the whistle on illegal CIA drug running, gun smuggling, kidnapping of teen age girls, drugging them and forcing them to prostitute for VIPS aboard your yachts in Marina del Rey, California, crimes of murder, attempted murder of a police officer/detective, using Florida law enforcement in conspiracies to commit murder (whacking your own men) money laundering, bilking investors of savings and loans, and much more; those key LAPD supervisors and corrupt detectives got theirs in various ways. Such as one was beaten up badly in Hollywood while with his girlfriend, a few others were bilked out of about $100,000 by other corrupt white collar criminals, but that is what they get for accepting bribes from Mafia. Still others had their own marriage suffer badly when it was exposed (by me) they were using prostitutes at LAPD parties. Others who attended these parties were local FBI and DEA agents. Yes, I was there too...just to take all of your names for my later report! Hope I didn't cause you cops and agents too much anxiety. You should not spit into the wind...or have messed with me. What...oh yes I almost forgot that's when I received death threats from peers and superiors and the threat from one CIA operative... Let's see my transcript of those threats seems to indicate over thirty threats and by name! You ignorant fools could never figure out I was taping our conversations so many times. And for you good guy FBI agents, I thank two who will remain unnamed, who instructed me as to how to turn so called illegal evidence, including tape recordings, into legal evidence. Thanks guys-it did work at least for part of my purposes.

Regarding my many allegations, others, including very high officials, were at least forced to retire earlier than they had wanted...due to my allegations. Can you believe that one high official in LAPD had the audacity and was so ignorant, that he had flyers put up all over the city announcing his retirement party at a known Mafia hotel/restaurant! Someone eventually advised him to change it to somewhere else since I had already made allegations about LAPD officials covering up Mafia crime, naming various names including this official.

I thank my honest immediate superiors who wrote in my annual rating reports that "He is second to no one in investigations." Wasn't that difficult to explain to the public when you (corrupt high officials) attempted to discredit me.

I believe that I rattled some cages from LA to Washington, D.C., possibly as the most stubborn and tenacious flea on the dog's back. I don't regret anything. I only suffered for six years and then won my lifetime tax free disability pension along with six years back pay. I thank the ass........ for allowing me to pay cash for my farm/ranch after that six year wait which woke me from my Robocop state!

And no neither Mike Rupert nor Mike Rothmiller of LAPD were crazy when they charged LAPD and CIA of being in bed together in running drugs internationally and other crimes. Nor were/are many other federal, state and local agents and detectives who have multitudes of evidence throughout America From LAPD to NYPD of the drug running and many other crimes by shadow government cabal inside CIA, FBI, ATF, and many other agencies with corrupt, conditioned cops.

Thanks to LAPD rumor control that spread I was very dangerous, carried six guns and two hand grenades at all times-that rumor helped keep me alive. Hey guys it was only two guns (not to mention what was in them) but sorry no grenades, and just one other very secret weapon and the best weapon of brain!

And thanks to the CIA, when trying to recruit me, for all of the valuable 'detailed' information I received in my weeks of instructions on becoming an expert international arms dealer. Could it be that when I finally refused to be one of you that you had be fired on trumped up charges. Did you really think I was that ignorant that I didn't know you planned to have me, once hired, 'accidentally' dropped out of a C-130 or otherwise disposed of. Did you think I would allow my key informant to take that cruise to Costa Rica with you so you could drop her over the side. Yes my law enforcement intelligence partner from another jurisdiction had been documenting as to how many persons never returned from those 'day long cruises' with you. You are so lucky to have had such high ranking corrupt friends inside U.S. Customs and ATF in Washington, D.C. to stop our investigation. They even stopped the IRS!

Notice though that I never stopped anyway?

Thanks also to the 'real' good guys who are 'proven' un-named whistleblowers from the CIA, FBI, military intelligence, military officers-current and former, as well as other agencies, all of whom I learned much from in many fields. You have never heard of most of these
men and women.

And I have not yet even written about the major crimes involving airlines, MAFIA, CIA, LAPD and massive corruption and cover up in which I have another four good guy retired FBI S/A (special agents) to back me up!

Nor have I even touched on the subject of Operation GLADIO-commando operations in Europe in which the CIA (U.S. and allies) trained and financed European terrorists to kill multitudes of innocent people in bombings and shootings in order to frighten the public into crying out for more state security! In the words of one Belgian terrorist who's leader reported to the CIA, "we were told to kill mostly just women and children..." Read...machine gunning innocent women and children in supermarkets and while they were fleeing outside the market! This was in a city in Belgium. Isn't mind control/behavior modification wonderful? This is all documented evidence on GLADIO.

And to you FBI, ATF, CIA, etc., agents...these U.S. commandos seriously injured federal policemen in more than one country. The terrorists trained by GLADIO commandos killed federal policemen. Remember the three dead Carabinieri in Italy? Maybe it will be you, your partner, or your
children here in your own military, U.S. and allied commandos. No... patriotic Americans are not the enemy-it is your own government cabal of men who would sacrifice you and your family for their purposes.

So CIA, FBI, U.S. Army, CIA and U.S. military mind control doctors, etc., etc., you think we don't remember anything?

For John and Jane Q. Citizens of the USA and those in other countries, do you get the picture yet about the planned 9-11 New York and pentagon attacks on innocent persons, why, and by whom?

Operation Northwood's (pretext for a Cuban Invasion) was a plan that was never put into play. However GLADIO was operational for decades...and many innocent persons were killed. More to come on the history and status of GLADIO.

I hope that this small piece reaches many countries and many more in America. For I have only just begun to speak out.

More to come.


The Book: "The Last Circle" by Carol Marshal

Describes in details Ted L. Gunderson.

The Following is taken from chapter 6 of "The Last Circle" Ted Gunderson Dump Site

From the book:
Ted Gunderson was one of the few "cooperating" witnesses at Michael's trial. Through his affidavit and testimony, Ted hoped to supply the defense with needed corroboration of Michael's covert government sanctioned activities. Unfortunately for Michael, Ted could not disclose numerous activities, which had included Robert Booth Nichols. At one time Gunderson, Nichols and Riconosciuto had been inseparable, like the three musketeers. But, Nichols was currently under investigation by the Los Angeles FBI for alleged involvement in organized crime in the U.S. and abroad. Gunderson was Special Agent Supervisor at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C.. Interestingly, amongst a prestigious list of positions nationwide, he was also SAC from 1973 to 1977 in Dallas, Texas (where he became friends with Clint Murchison, Jr., according to his live in partner, J.M.. J.M. stated in phone interviews that she and Gunderson attended parties with Murchison in Dallas, and Gunderson phoned him often from their Manhattan Beach home)."In early 1986, I met one Ralph Olberg through a friend of mine, Bill Sloane. Sloane is a former official with HUD. Sloane was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the HUD position after the president was elected in 1980."Olberg is a prominent American businessman who was spearheading procurement of U.S. weapons and technology for the Afghanistan rebels. arms assistance project to the Afghan rebels and that Ralph Olberg was working through the Afghan desk at the State Department as well as through Senator Humphreys office. "This was subsequently confirmed by journalist Danny Casolaro who was recently `suicided.'

"Olberg indicated a potential turf battle problem with certain factions of the CIA and his group MSH (Management Science For Health). In negotiations and/or lobbying efforts with Congress, the CIA MSH people were arguing that Ralph and Tim Osman's group did not truly represent the leadership of the Afghan rebel resistance.
"Tim and Ralph proposed calling their people and having an unprecedented leadership meeting in Washington D.C. to prove that their group did in fact represent the full leadership of the Mujahaden.
"When I recently called Ralph, he denied that the above meeting had taken place and then after prodding, he finally admitted to it and he asked me not to talk about it. This five page statement is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Ted L. Gunderson."
Later in my investigation, I obtained from Michael Riconoschuto's files in the desert, a handwritten note from "T.G." to "Michael" which read as follows: "Raymond is arriving at LAX 7:55 p.m. Air Canada via Flight 793 from Toronto. Will have to go through Customs. This will give us another member for our drug/arms operation." The note gave a telephone number where "T.G." could be reached. "Raymond," referred to in the note, is presumably Raymond Lavas, Gunderson's former forensics' expert during his tenure in the FBI.
Michael's trial was not going well. He called and asked me to contact R.J. and bring him to my house. Michael was ready to talk he wanted me to set up a phone conversation in which he could preliminarily open negotiations for entry into the Federal Witness Protection Program. I was out of my depth here. I had no idea whether R.J. would cooperate with such a request. Nevertheless, I called him and related Michael's proposal. He said he had no authority to approve such a request, but he would take the information and pass it along.
He arrived at my home early the following week and Michael called as scheduled. Excerpts from that first tape-recorded conversation went as follows: (Michael did most of the talking) " ... In the Fresno area, there was a group of people known as the Fresno Company, and the Bernard brothers were involved in it and Jamie Clark was involved and all of these people seemed to have charmed lives ...
"The Company was originally out of Lexington, Kentucky and Mena, Arkansas. Brian Leighton was the assistant U.S. Attorney who was the most effective person in formulating a strategy in the Justice Department to go after these people.
"We recognized what they were, for what they were, at that time, and there were a few ATF guys down in Los Angeles that recognized them for what they were, OK? Here was a group of over 300 people, most of them exlaw enforcement and exmilitary, exintelligence people involved in a major drug and smuggling operation. And they were involved in compromising activities. The bottom line was espionage.
"And all Leighton served to do was vaccinate the group against further penetration. Just hardened them. And all the major sources that were developed from inside turned up dead. A federal judge in Texas turned up dead.
" ... This is a nasty bunch of people. And they're still alive and well. Now where that dovetails into my current situation, is in 1984 I was involved with Robert Booth Nichols who owns Meridian Arms Corporation and is a principle in F.I.D.C.O., First Intercontinental Development Corporation. The CEO of FIDCO is George Pender and Bob Maheu was Vice President ...
"FIDCO was an NSC [National Security Council] corporate cutout. FIDCO was created to be the corporate vehicle to secure the financing for the reconstruction of the cities of Beirut and Damour in Lebanon. And they were working out of an office in Nicosia, Cyprus.
" ... And here I got involved with a group of people that were all high profile and should have been above reproach. FIDCO had a companion company called Euramae Trading which operated throughout the Middle East. I came in contact with the PROMISE software (unintelligible). Euramae had a distribution contract with several Arab countries and I was asked to evaluate the hardware platforms they had chosen. That was IBM/AS400 stuff ...
" ... That had come from IBM Tel Aviv but it came through a cutout, Link Systems, because they couldn't deal directly with the Arabs.
"And I came across a guy named Michael T. Hurley and I thought he worked for the State Department but it turned out he was in country attaché for the DEA in Nicosia, Cyprus. [Nicosia is the capital of the island of Cyprus, off the coast of Lebanon]. Now, the DEA had no real presence in Lebanon. Neither did anybody else, including the Israelis. They had their usual network of contacts but it was very ineffective. The only way to penetrate that situation, was to get into the drug trade.
"Euramae got into the drug trade and I was told that it was a fully sanctioned NSC directed operation, which it turns out that it was ... All those operations were bonafide and all the people who were in them were definitely key government people, although they were not who they said they were.
"They all worked for different agencies other than was stated. Probably part of the normal disinformation that goes with that. And I was technical advisor for FIDCO and we had auspices through the government of Lebanon to get in and out of Lebanon.
"But as far as going to the eastern part of Lebanon, unless you were connected with the drug trade, your chances were slim coming out unscathed ... They built a network throughout the Bekaa Valley, and [Robert Booth] Nichols ... he is under Harold Okimoto from the Hawaiian Islands.
"Harold Okimoto was represented to me as being an intelligence person, which he is. He has worked under the auspices of [Frank] Carlucci for years. [Carlucci was former CIA deputy director and former Defense secretary]. Apparently Harold performed services for the U.S. government during World War II. He's of Japanese ancestry. I guess he was rewarded for services well done.
" ... Harold operates through a company called Island Tobacco Corporation. He has contracts for all the condiments at all the casinos in Atlantic City, in Reno, in Vegas, in Macao, China ... he's got contacts in Honolulu, the Orient ... a couple of Jews he knows in Bankok ... and there is a casino, no a city about 15 miles north of Beruit that Harold has his fingers in.

"When FIDCO was wheeling and dealing on financing for the reconstruction of the infrastructure of Beirut, they were making sweetheart deals with Syrian mobsters and the brother of the president of Syria, Hafez Assad.
" ... The intelligence people in their infinite wisdom decided to capitalize on the longstanding battle between Rifat Assad and his group and the Jafaar family. Selectively they were backing both people, but they were also playing them off against one another, developing networks. They got a bunch of prominent Syrians thoroughly compromised and they were in tow in the intelligence game. And they had people that could get me in and out of the Bekaa Valley, even out of certain areas of Syria.
"From an intelligence standpoint, it was a success. But to maintain the credibility of those intelligence operations the heroin had to flow. To make it real. And the stuff was starting to accumulate in a warehouse outside of Larnaca. "I personally was in a warehouse where Hurley and George Pender and George Marcobie (phonetic spelling) told me there was upwards of twenty-two tons. And even though it was packaged for shipment, the smell of it in that closed warehouse was overpowering. You know, white heroin like that has a certain odor because of the way it's processed.
"They had authorization for what they called `controlled deliveries' into the United States. And they would target certain cities and then follow the stuff out, ostensibly unmasking the network and conducting prosecutions.
"However, the operation became perverted at the U.S. end of the pipeline. Controlled heroin shipments were doubled, sometimes tripled, and only one third of the heroin was returned to the DEA.
"At a certain transfer point at the airport in Larnaca, the excess baggage from the original controlled delivery would be allowed to go through. I was given the names of the narcotics people who were handling that. But there were a couple of agents who were on the up and up, and they had suspicions.
"An intelligence agent who worked with DIA is now deceased. His name was Tony Asmar and he got on to the operation early on, and started going toe to toe with Hurley [DEA]. He died in a bomb blast and it was ascribed to terrorists. And it actually was terrorists who did it, but his cover was deliberately blown. Myself and others suspected Hurley and Bob Nichols and Glen Shockley were responsible for that ... "
After researching Michael Riconosciuto's information, R.J. noted to me that Michael gave mostly valid information, but he could not prove that Michael had been involved. He did, however, verify (through Customs) that Michael HAD been in Lebanon, but he could not verify the details of the drug operation.
Michael responded (on a taped message to R.J.) by visually recounting the DEA apartment/condo in Nicosia, Cyprus: "The DEA had a condo, I think it was on Columbra (phonetically spelled) Street, in Nicosia, Cyprus [off the coast of Lebanon].
"They had a ham radio station there. It was an ICOM single side band amateur radio setup, with a linear ..."
"Were you actually there?" I asked. Michael quipped, "Yes, I was there," then continued. "I can describe the antenna system, on the top floor and the way it's wired up and everything. Unless you were there, you wouldn't know it was ICOM equipment.
"Now, the game plan with Euramae and Hurley's operation ..." Pause. " ... You need to understand that the airport in Lebanon was closed down. I took the ferry from Larnaca to Jounieb. Now Jounieb was slightly south of where the casino city was and the casino city was intact. Beirut was a nightmare, and so was Damour, because the PLO destroyed the infrastructure by burrowing bunkers, and there was no water, electricity or phones. It was a combat zone.
"The Syrian mob controlled the Casino du Liban in a little city north of Beirut. It was used as a front by narcotics people. Island Tobacco, owned by Harold Okimoto, sells all the cigarettes there. Now, I could give you the names of the families. They pitted them off against one another. F.I.D.C.O. was to finance the reconstruction of the infrastructure of the cities of Beirut and Damour. Deals were cut as to who got what concessions. There were certain families, like the ElJorr family that had to be placated. And there was Rifat Assad and his group. "Tony Asmar figured out what was going on with Hurley, that they were shipping `noncontrolled' loads of heroin back to the U.S.. They killed Tony ..."

"What were the names of the people you were working for over there?," I asked. Michael's Tim
More on Ted L. Gunderson Current Illegal CIA Drug Smuggler

More to come on CIA-Patriot-Spy Ted L. Gunderson

by: Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower

End for now/


News Release

Oct. 6, 2002

Please post/forward....thank you

Barbara Hartwell
Legal Defense and Research Fund
PO Box 832
Woodstock NY 12498

This is a response to the post (on the Larry Lawson News) by Dennis Slatton of the United America Patriot Alliance, in reference to statements made about Jeff Swedenburg; Stew Webb; Tim White and Ted Gunderson.

My perspective on these issues is based on my personal experience with these individuals, respectively, and my own extensive investigations. Since my name has been added to the mix, it's important that I set the record straight, at least as far as my own involvement is concerned. With the exception of Tim White, I am well acquainted with all of the individuals named in Mr. Slatton's commentary.

Mr Slatton writes:

"Tim White is the Person who contacted me about Jeff Swedenburg...being a Fed. Gov. Infiltrator. Jeff Swedenburg was one of our United America Patriot Alliance State Chairman...and contact points. (My Mistake)"

and further states:

"I just spoke with Ted Gunderson about this, Ted tells me there is yet a third Person by the name of Stu Webb...who has documental proof that Stu
is a Federal plant. "

Let me start with Ted Gunderson. I worked with Ted for three (3) years between 1997 and 2000 in a professional capacity. At the time I also considered him a close friend. I broke off my association with Gunderson in 2000 due to serious disagreements. Some of those disagreements have since been aired publicly (in articles on various websites) by both myself and Ted. I can no longer, in good conscience, endorse Ted's credibility, nor do I trust him. I have gathered enough evidence to support the belief that he is functioning in a sort of Cointelpro-type capacity and related operations. Enough said, for those who know the agenda there.

In a public statement Gunderson made the false claim that I have never broken away from the CIA and am still under the control of CIA handlers. This is disinformation intended to discredit me. Gunderson has also disseminated disinformation about several of my associates, including Jeff Swedenburg and Stew Webb.

Regarding Tim White: I have never met Tim White. I first heard of White in August 2001 when he contacted me through a conduit, claiming he had "important information": Specifically, that Jeff Swedenburg had made threats to my life. I thoroughly investigated this matter; made a point of getting to know Jeff and was able to determine beyond the shadow of a doubt that the information relayed to me by White about Jeff Swedenburg was completely false and bogus.

I have been subjected to telephone harassment by Tim White intermittently for about six (6) months. In these long-winded and often hysterical phone messages (all of which I have on tape) White made a string of derogatory and slanderous accusations about Jeff Swedenburg; Stew Webb and others.

Several reliable sources have told me that White has been furnishing false information about me to the FBI and law enforcement in Denver. White has been telling these individuals and others that I work for the CIA and that I had been sent to "take him down." And God only knows what else...... and I had never even heard of Tim White until he contacted me with the false information about Jeff Swedenburg.

White has also targeted for harassment Al Martin; Stew Webb and others, including a friend and colleague of mine, Ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, who contacted White as my advocate, in an effort to warn him to stop his harassing phone calls to me. But instead of ceasing and desisting his harassment of me, he began to harass Geral.

In recorded telephone calls ( admitted as evidence in a court of law) to Doreen Bishop, White threatened me and called me, among other epithets "that CIA bitch." Other witnesses have also furnished me with similar testimony re White's defamatory comments about me.

Based on my investigations, it is my belief that Tim White is being used as a dupe ( provocateur and infiltrator) by corrupt law enforcement in Denver. I know for a fact that White has spread a tremendous amount of very damaging disinformation about myself; Jeff Swedenburg; Stew Webb; Al Martin and others. I also believe White to be delusional and clinically paranoid.

White is also notorious for his abberrant behavior, in the form of 'cross-dressing'; collecting vile pornography, such as videos and magazines; and engaging in a lifestyle filled with drug abuse and perversion. Al Martin, in a phone conversation with me, laughingly referred to White as "the cross-dressing conspiracy theorist". I can't think of a more fitting description. Perhaps one reason why Tim White has ZERO credibility among legitimate investigators and whistleblowers.

I have discussed Tim White at length with all of the individuals named here and targeted by White for harassment and disinformation, and each concurs with my basic assessment of Tim White. These assessments are based on factual information; documented evidence; and intensive investigations by professionals trained in law enforcement and intelligence operations.

I am also in possession of a transcript of a court hearing, documenting the testimony of Doreen Bishop and Tim White. The judge issued a restraining order against Tim White for criminal harassment of Doreen Bishop. Tim White is what as known in the legal system as a 'predicate felon '.

Regarding Stew Webb: I have spent countless hours exchanging information with Stew, on the phone and by e-mail. I know Stew to be a reliable source of information. He has a near encyclopedic knowledge of names, dates and facts which have proved extremely valuable and instrumental in corroborating information gathered in my own investigations. He also has reams of documentation to support this information.

Stew is also a sincere Patriot. He has been a good friend and has always stood up for me and defended my credibility when I came under attack.
He has been targeted for extreme persecution as a result of being a whistleblower; has suffered false arrests, imprisonment and attempts on his life.
I know FOR A FACT that Stew Webb has never worked for the Federal government.

Jeff Swedenburg is also my professional associate and good friend. Ironically, the reason I got to know him was because of the bogus death threat being disseminated by Tim White and others (such as Kurt and Lee Ann Billings). I conducted my own investigation of Jeff, only to learn that --far from being a government plant or assassin-- he himself had also been targeted by the same government agents who had targeted me to be "neutralized". Jeff has since worked with me on various investigations ( he is an excellent forensic investigator) and most recently served as my bodyguard on a trip cross-country. Perhaps needless to say, I would trust him with my life. And, believe me, I would not trust a "Federal Gov't Infiltrator" as far as I could throw him.

For a more comprehensive analysis, please see my articles: The Denver Connection: More Conspiracy, Corruption and Coverups.>

Man named in Denver Connection Takes Issue with Reports>


I find it disturbing, to say the least, that Mr. Slatton would publish these allegations about Stew Webb and Jeff Swedenburg (or for that matter,Tim White) when he has clearly not even bothered to take the time to look further into this matter.

Mr. Slatton is in possession of NO facts; NO documentation. He has furnished NO specific nor detailed testimony of witnesses which could possibly substantiate these allegations.

Mr. Slatton is operating purely on hearsay based on the dubious and vague comments made to him by two (2) individuals, Ted L. Gunderson and Tim White.

Mr. Slatton claims that " both individuals [Swedenburg and White] have questionable backgrounds. "

But who is to say that the background of the OTHER individual, Ted Gunderson, is any less "questionable" ?

For that matter ANYONE could be said to have a "questionable" background. But if you never bother to ASK the questions, how can you ever find out the truth ?

Did Mr.Slatton ever give Jeff Swedenburg or Stew Webb the benefit of the doubt ? No.

Did he attempt to contact Swedenburg or Webb BEFORE posting this false and libelous information ? No indeed.

Did he give either one of THEM the opportunity to refute the allegations of Gunderson and White or tell their side of the story ? No, he did not.

Worse, Mr. Slatton adds insult to injury by summarily accusing Swedenburg and Webb of "betraying" the patriot community. Mr. Slatton writes:

"The very People we called Patriots, are betraying us. "

Posted on a public message board: Speculation....hearsay....gossip....rumours....nothing more. It's little wonder there is so much disinformation out there........

It is precisely this type of irresponsible behavior that plays into the hands of those who are deploying the 'divide and conquer' strategy and with great effectiveness, I might add.

I would submit for your consideration that if Mr. Slatton wants to do any REAL good in the cause of 'patriotism', he might first make some attempt to check the facts and gather some solid evidence before jumping to wild and incendiary conclusions -- and especially before he makes those conclusions public.

--Barbara Hartwell
October 5, 2002
>From the LL News:

In a message dated 9/29/02 11:05:15 PM, DSlatton writes:

Well, I have to report here goes.

New information has arrived, that leads me to speculate on the possibilities of 2 agents instead of one...if in fact the first one I spoke of in my last an Agent. The Person who called me about the would be Agent, is now in question as well. They are both from Colorado, and both have
questionable backgrounds.

When this Person told me of this "Agent," I was shocked, this "Agent" was a contact point for United America Patriot Alliance. Yes, the organization I Founded and Chaired. It can be confirmed that this "Agent," was involved in a situation which you can read for yourself. Go to, in the
search box, type in the name Jeff Swedenburg, when you have finished that, type in, Barbara Hartwell. Most of what you'll be looking for, is the Denver Connection. Remember the name Tim White, you'll be hearing about his involvement as well. When you have read that, come back and get the next part of this puzzle.

Tim White is the Person who contacted me about Jeff Swedenburg...being a Fed. Gov. Infiltrator. Jeff Swedenburg was one of our United America Patriot Alliance State Chairman...and contact points. (My Mistake)

After reading what I read in on both Jeff and Tim, I personally do not trust either one of them.

I just spoke with Ted Gunderson about this, Ted tells me there is yet a third Person by the name of Stu Webb...who has documental proof that Stu
is a Federal plant. Isn't this getting interesting? The very People we called Patriots, are betraying us. I understand now, why 7
years ago...when I first tried to bring the Patriot/Militia Groups together, I was put on the Militia "No Contact List"! I now understand the need to
tighten up the Patriot Movement.

You make up your own minds on this, the best I can make of the whole situation is, they all three (Jeff Swedenburg, Tim White, and Stu Webb)
cannot be trusted. That is my have yours. But I thought you should be aware of these three, and BE careful.

My mail is being tampered with now as well. I received a package yesterday from Freedom Law School...containing some brochures to send out, and the package was all ripped open at top and bottom. I believe they are trying to send me a very clear message. They have my phone tapped, have my mail covered, and no computer to, the Poor misguided Heart and Soul Still belong to God, and the Patriot Movement! Have I gotten their message yet?, Why sure I have.

Good Bye, God Bless.

Dennis P. Slatton
United America Patriot Alliance

(I have nothing personal to backup what Dennis is saying here about these people. I have posted a couple against Barbara Hartwell. Something fishy there. The bad guys definitely want us DIVIDED and fighting amongst ourselves and certainly not trusting one another. So take all information like this with a grain of salt.)


Additional information on Ted L Gunderson's spy's

see Wahshington times magazine

Inslaw by Kelly Omera early 2000 her story on

Mike Reconishuto and Inslaw. Ted Gunderson CIA Partners in crime. Mike today is in jail for 24 years.


end for now.


Original Message:


From: Geral Sosbee

Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 08:34:11 -0700 (PDT)


Barbara and Stew - The fall of the United States has begun; you two have worked yourselves to near death in efforts to bring our country back from the precipice of doom. I know of no more worthy Patriots and children of God than you two, for your perseverance, your faith, and your love of mankind.

Each time I read your work I am delighted to realize that you both have caused in the mental dwarfs (defined on my site) and the Satanists in this nation's government a certain bewilderment at your talents. Such pure truth as regularly flows from your minds can only be born and brought forth by the spirit of our Maker; anyone of faith can readily see this fact.

You have each done your duty to your fellow man and to God. I count myself , humbly, in your company which now numbers at least three.


cc- Intellectual Giants Still Standing


Why is Ted Gunderson Advertising Stew Webb

Video Tapes.

This is illegal copyright violations.

updated: November 12, 2002

The Ted L. Gunderson Chronicles

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S&L whistle-blower faces federal charges


Houston ChronicleSeptember 18, 1992

A man said to have been an instrumental source in unraveling the savings and loan crisis was in Harris County Jail Monday on federal charges of making threatening interstate telephone calls. Stewart Anthony Webb 38, allegedly made calls to his former father-in-law, wealthy Denver businessman Leonard Millman. Webb contends the FBI unjustly acted because of pressure from Millman, but a spokesman for the agency’s Denver office denied any government impropriety. Jonathan C, Beaty, a senior correspondent for Time magazine, wrote a letter in support of Webb. "The news articles that Mr. Webb contributed to exposed a pattern of illicit political influence in Denver and led to the indictments, and subsequent convictions, of several businessmen," said Beaty’s letter placed in court records. Webb, who had lived in Houston for a year before his recent arrest, is expected to be returned to Colorado for trial.

H. Michael Sokolow, a public defender, wrote in an emergency appeal to reduce Webb’s $ 50,000 bond that Webb provided information to Congress pertaining to the late 1980’s influence peddling scandal in the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Webb, a construction contractor by trade, also provided information to lawyers and investigators in the failure of Lincoln and Silverado savings and loans, Sokolow said.

"Mr. Webb," he wrote, "is a political whistle-blower on fraud on the high est levels of federal institutions." Webb claims tape-recorded conversations between him and Millman, on which the FBI based its charges, were made during a child custody dispute in the mid-1980s. An FBI affidavit said the conversations were made from Independence, Mo., to Denver from 1987 to 1991. Political Prisoner Case number 92-C-R-356

False Warrant Sept. 18, 1990

False Arrested Sept. 16, 1992

Released July 20, 1993

Charges dismissed with prejudice Aug. 20, 1993

By Federal Judge Richard Matsch US District Court Denver, Colorado

Donations needed to further expose the Bush Crime Family and their New World Order if you can help simply log onto enter and follow the instrutions, thank you.

And send me an e-mail please.

Thank You

Stew Webb


Flocco, Webb, and Ted (Sep. 9, 2006)

Webb's Stew (April 5, 2005)

Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb, A Response from John Allman (Mar. 31, 2005)

Linda Newkirk and Stew Webb Wowing Them in South Africa! (Nov. 4, 2004)

Stew Webb and Kansas City (Sep. 13, 2004)

Former Mental Asylum Patient Stew Webb, Currently Running for U.S. Vice President, Issues His Own Restraining Orders & Injunctions (July 8, 2004)

Stew Webb, Barbara Hartwell, Al Martin-ALL Connected (June 11, 2004)

Stew Webb v. Ted Gunderson (Sept. 10, 2003)

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