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Defending Ted Gunderson:
Exposing Stew Webb

Stew Webb v. Ted Gunderson

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
Sept. 10, 2003

From the Educate-Yourself Discussion forum Sept. 10, 2003:

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From: "rods892002" <>
Date: Wed Sep 10, 2003 5:31 am
Subject: More New Secret Bush Documents

From: "ken_adachi2001" <>
Date: Wed Sep 10, 2003
Subject: Re: More New Secret Bush Documents & Stew Webb

Stew Webb is an informant working for the FBI and likely other covert intelligence agencies in order to discredit and smear Ted Gunderson. He is possibly under mind control. His cover story is being a Bush "whistleblower".

Unfortunately, what Webb "whistleblows" has already been published and exposed by others. What he doesn't reveal is, that before he was a self proclaimed "whistle blower" (the CIA's latest 'good guy tag' used by their most obedient stooges like Webb or Barbara Hartwell) who wormed himself into Ted Gunderson's life as an "informant" in exchange for Ted providing him with free room and board for over seven months. Ted also bought him a suit and a used truck, as the man didn't have a dime to his name.

Out of the blue, about 2 years ago, while Ted was away on a speaking tour, Webb is observed in Ted's Las Vegas condo moving around dozens and dozens of Ted's boxes filled with files, books, tapes, documentation, emergency food, etc. Webb is being observed by Ted's elederly live-in house keeper, "May" (full name Anna May Newman). Webb was told to move out of Ted's condo (at Ted's request) about 3 weeks prior, but was allowed into the condo by another man, Tom Gaule, staying there at the time. Gaule went out that night and Webb was left alone with the housekepper. He told May that he was going to arrange and straighten up Ted's boxes. That same night, Webb moved May's bed around so that she could no longer clearly observe the hallway where he was stacking up all of Ted's boxes (now why would he do that I wonder?.

The next morning, May finds that ALL of the boxes that Webb had piled in the hall were GONE. She calls Ted and tells him the story. Ted returns home and contacts the police. He fills out a police report and names Webb as the principle suspect in the theft of at least 35 BOXES of Ted's property. The cops pay Webb a visit, but find none of the boxes at his home (what a surprise!). Webb gets VERY irate that Ted should think he would be responsible for the theft of these boxes (one red flag indicator of possible mind control programming).

A couple of months later, Webb gets this theft investigation dropped, without indictment. Around the same time, he also gets a NINETY DAY SUSPENDED sentence for three felony charges pending against him (including threatening a motorist and his wife with a gun, and an assault case).

Now, how is it that a man who doesn't have a job and no visible means of support can afford his own rent? How is it that a convicted felon with a lengthy criminal record, including ten and a half months spent at a federal correctional institution for the mentally insane (in Springfield, Missouri) can get the Las Vegas prosecutor's office to plea bargain down three felony indictments to a 90 day suspended sentence?   How is that possible?

You think maybe he has unseen "friends" helping him out in the background?

Ken Adachi

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From: Nancy
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2003 12:31 PM
Subject: Stewart Webb.v. Ted Gunderson


I live in Las Vegas, and in the past occasionally listened to radio shows (Lou Epton) featuring BOTH Gunderson and Webb.

I have met Gunderson personally at various promotional/for money type "seminars" that he was involved in sponsoring. This was at least 4 years ago. He seemed to be a congenial fellow, otherwise I had no opinion.

Webb is a radical type as anyone can tell listening to him speak, but to judge that he is a mind-controlled stooge is beyond my powers of observation.

Gunderson, after all WORKED for the government and still collects his government pension, so to assume that he is totally objective would be an assumption at best. My husband collects an annuity, (medically related and very small, nonetheless he would be bereft without it), so to think that Mr. Gunderson would risk his souce of income is not a likely scenario.

The whole subject is interesting, especially since I live here and hear thoughts and suppositions every now and then relative to the on-going dispute. I found your observations fascinating. I have no personal comment because I really have no personal "knowledge" of the facts, but thank you anyway.

Sincerely, Nancy

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From: Ken Adachi
To: Nancy
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2003 3:07 PM
Subject: Re: Stewart Webb.v. Ted Gunderson

Hi Nancy,

The subject of mind control is a deep field to plow. The degree of sophistication employed is simply unknown to the vast majority of people, even to those who know something of the subject. It is not possible to detect a victim of MC by casual observation. That's probably why Fritz Springmeier titled his lengthy tome on Mind Control as " The Illuminati Formula For Creating an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave".

With rare exceptions, the victim does not realize that he's under mind control. People are sometimes metaphorically referred to as robots under mind control, but they certainly don't act like a mechanical robot.

What is known, is that there are likely more than 10 million people living in the United States who have been programmed under mind control (ref. Cisco Wheeler, Fritz Springmeier, Al Bielek, Brian Desborough, David Icke, others). Now, when the secret government spends that much effort and money to create a mind controlled slave, you don't think they're all going to wind up as grape pickers do you? They are going to insert those people into positions that can exercise INFLUENCE over others. That would include journalists, radio talk show hosts, "researchers", judges, doctors, dentists, politicians, etc. You get the idea.

In Webb's case, do you really think it was an 'accident' that he contacted Gunderson and gets Gunderson to take him in for seven months and then turns around and does an overnight 180 degree betrayal of him? Are you familiar with the expression "covert plant" (in this case a FBI plant-and informant) ?

One must carefully examine the body of "research" that people like Webb produce, coupled with what they say and ask yourself 'why' would they say 'so and so'? You need to employ discernment, care, and INTELLIGENCE in gauging the merits of their words. Since you already acknowledge that Webb is a "radical type", that should at least open some doors of perception for you about his nature and character. E.g.: Do people of high integrity and character, who are known for their fidelity to truthfulness, behave like Stew Webb behaves?

I did not definitively state that Webb was a mind controlled person. I said he's "possibly" under mind control. That's a speculative supposition, not a statement of fact. This is what I meant when I referred to a "careful" examination of words and statements. He's definitively a stooge for the FBI, though.

Gunderson receives a pension from the government because he retired from the FBI in 1979 after 28 years of service. He's entitled to a pension and is receiving that pension because he's legally entitled to it. He doesn't have to be in cahoots with the government in order to keep his pension coming in nor does he have to remain on the FBI 's 'good side' in order to receive it. If your thinking is so limited that you're ready to suspect Gunderson of being less than 'totally objective' because he receives a government pension, then you could easily be accused of not being very 'objective' yourself.

Regards, Ken


Stew Webb, Barbara Hartwell, Al Martin-ALL Connected (June 11, 2004)



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