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Wiolawa Press Defends Ted Gunderson & Reveals Reptilian Entities in Photos at Area 51

[Editor's Note: Update, Dec. 19, 2016: Barbara Crouse Brown stopped posting information to her web site in March 2012. Her domain became available for purchase some months later. I believe that Barbara is alive, but she was likely threatened so severely by the reptilians that she had to stop posting altogether and essentially drop out of public view. She had more than her share of harrowing and life threatening experiences from the reptilians while she was running her web site. I'm sure things became more dangerous for her in 2012 and she had to disappear from public view. She had a lot of guts and knew more about the habits and belief structure of reptilians than just about anyone. I've enlarged many of the photos that she originally posted with this article so you could see the reptilian entities more easily and appreciate more fully just how sharp she was in spotting these etheric creatures who normally reside in the 4th dimension, but can reveal themselves in the 3rd dimension when certain special conditions present themselves, as was the case here. Here's a wonderful audio interview she did with an initially skeptical Daniel Ott in January of 2008 (notice how she wins him over with her patience, civility, knowledge, and kindly sincerety).

Original note posted with article: The smear campaign against Ted Gunderson was launched by Kate Dixon and Virginia McCullough in April of 2000, the same month that Ted was appearing in court in Tennessee with the Art Bell lawsuit. They titled their smear effort the Ted Gunderson Data Dump. which I have to concur with as a title since a "dump", by definition, is the normal repository for garbage; and you'll get plenty of that when you read their slander. It was simply by accident that I tripped across this posting at

Barbara Crouse Brown is the amazingly gutsy woman who maintains She enlarges photos taken off the internet and runs them through various filters available with Photoshop to reveal the most remarkable details not normally observed by the casual viewer. In the pictures posted below, she points out alien reptilian entities that CAN be seen in the original photo IF you look closely enough and with eyes that are sharp enough to spot what's plainly there, but very few of us can SEE these details without them being pointed out to us. I plan to write more about Barbara and the many difficulties and dangers she has endured to get her information out. This is one lady, that the government jackals surely do NOT want you t o know about. They seem to have dozens of mind controlled character assassins on the net trying to disparage and vilify her with the most vicious ad hominem attacks imaginable. Over the years, I've noticed a linear correlation between the intensity of such pillorying and the accuracy of the message. ..Ken Adachi]

By Barbara Crouse Brown <>


First let me say that Ted Gunderson, while I was at Area 51 and took pictures, was very helpful and informative and I do NOT like lies that have been printed on various websites and message groups that are NOT ACCURATE about what I said about GUNDERSON...

On this website below : I would like a retraction ASAP!! from [Kate Dixon]


NOR DID I IMPLY THIS!!=Gunderson speaks about aliens taking DNA from children at Area 51: Source: Click to read all: [posed below]


"...speakers who included Ted Gunderson.. who was speaking from his position of authority, having been an ex-FBI chief and retiring after 27 years of service.......they (Anthony Hilder and Ted Gunderson) began by showing a small segment of a true film (from Thomas C. who gave his life for us to have the information) on both the creatures that were being created at Area 51 from our human DNA... and the Sacrificial Rites called Satanism.... in which our fellow humans are slaughtered..."

Furthermore, I would like to say that in talking with Ted,  I related some of my problems with people breaking into my house and threats to my life and my family. Ted was most helpful and told me techniques I could use to counter those KREEPS.... as example, by using a Medico lock on my doors. He also told me that he had 6 attempts on his life.... and since I was on the list of Robert Stephens website SHADY PINES .. with Art Bell and group, he could not discuss the litigation between BELL AND HIMSELF, exactly as Ted has stated on other sites. I am extremely tired of Art Bell going after some of the best people who are going against the Satanists/Illuminati/Lizards... EXTREMELY TIRED OF ART BELL!

Another example is David Oates, who Art Bell literally helped drum out of this country. There is hardly anyone the government lying thieves fear more than David Oates and his REVERSE SPEECH.. This is another flagrant example of BELL CAMPITIS...

TED also helped me by allowing me to camp in my 4-Runner near the Little Alien Inn trailer that he was staying in. I had my gun, but was very aware all night of being stalked by the LIZARDS (actually every 15 minutes!). Ted woke me up in the morning at 5 am and we went to the area  I photographed- the LAST GATE, which might also be called LIZARD CITY 51

I appreciate his expertise in his discussion of his investigation into the Satanic Atrocities that he encountered in his films of a Satanic Community House Ceremony, that he and his FBI agents investigated and found a beheaded man only 1 hour old with 27 other bodies. That report and film was given to the CIA .. or the CIAKARS and squashed!  He is a very brave man and I appreciate his writing and help to all HU_MANITY to counter these horrible beings....who KILL in the name of RELIGION..

home is not lying humans working for the dracs

Ted Gunderson Trip to Area 51, June 16, 1999 as reported by Barbara Crouse Brown

AREA 51 RALLY ON 6-6-6 (June 6th at 6am, 1999) [Reversed, the triple nines of 1999 also become "666"]
Because of the nature of the BEAST, I decided to make a trip this summer to the Rally at Area 51. Mny events happened that were quite significant for both myself and the participants who came for the event. There were four speakers who presented material dealing with the Dracos and Lizards whose religion is what we commonly know as Satanism., or that is the term they use for us HUmans ....MON_KEYS.. who are used in their Sacrificial Rites... or maybe we should just call this how to EAT A MONKEY and HAVE A CEREMONY.

I had been to Area 51 about 7 years ago and had experienced bizarre events, so I knew before I arrived, that would be the case. Very soon after I arrived at noon on the 5th, I listened to Anthony Hilder (his website- by Enoch another major problem as Anthony's Draconian Nazi-covert Webmaster). This presents a whole new problem, and can perhaps explain why there are red and black logos..all over his website done by ENOCH.(he has since taken them down!) since Anthony's web is AGAINST the red and black Satanic Ceremonies. Hmmmm, interesting? I think so ... very very interesting indeed. What is the famous saying.. "oh,what a tangled web they weave when first they practice to deceive".

ANTHONY HILDER made the introductions for the speakers who included TED GUNDERSON. who was speaking from his position of authority, having been an ex-FBI chief and retiring after 27 years of service.

They began by showing a small segment of a true film ( from Thomas C. who gave his life for us to have the information ) on both the creatures that were being created at Area 51 from our human DNA and the Sacrificial Rites called Satanism in which our fellow humans are slaughtered.

Area 51 at the Last Gate before Jail or Death.


About 2PM, on the same day..after listening to Ted, I decided to buy several books on Satanism from him and went back to my car in back of the Little Alien Inn during an intermission in order to read and rest for a few moments. I had just positioned myself into a comfortable reading position in the back of my 4-Runner. and my hatch door was completely open to the breezes that would come in from the hot desert. I looked up for a moment and saw the strangest sight that caused me to wonder what was taking place. Near the ground and the back of my truck, I saw what resembled to me a flying mechanical black bat or spider. At first, I couldn't tell as it was further away,  but when it seemed to flap its artificial wings... to move closer to me and my truck first impression was that this was someone's toy.

It proceeded to move very quickly and move under my truck. I looked under the truck but didn't continue to see it.. The black bat was quite easy to see during the day because the desert brush is mostly tan and light beige, so the Bat stood out clearly. It wasn't until the end of the conference, the morning of the 6th, that I heard Anthony speak about the bats at Area 51. And then I definitely knew what it had been: a spy to simply see what I was doing;   and be an attachment probably somewhere under my truck, that would indicate my position the ensuing night of the Draco.

The Draco in transmission called himself the "Death Defier"..who stalked me that evening.... all night... and some of the best books relating to the Death Defier Dracos can be accessed at this address if they are still available. I would recommend them for any serious Draco Dragonslayer... Interestingly, these books were handed to me for free from Avendar Dragon when he was in Phoenix. I guess they like a good fight; so be it...

(The Dragon's Emanations by Avendar Dragon.... from THE QUEST FOR FREEDOM PRESS, P.O. BOX 418, N.Y.C., N.Y. 10032 (212-923-7954).......4 books.)

One of the most interesting aspects of my experiences at Area 51 was the high strangeness that included the Dracos themselves and their Pets. In the Photo below, where during the morning of 6-6-6- Anthony and Ted are talking near the Forbidden [to enter] sign. It is a barrier both for the Dracos and the you shall soon see. On the Left is Anthony and on the Right is Ted. Now at Ted's right shoulder, you should be able to see the "Invisible-Mode Draco" with his ominous teeth and near his nose is a funny little reptile Pet.... with a long nose and nostrils. They were obviously watching us as we were them (well some of us). I'm not going to outline them, because in teaching people how to SEE these critters, you must begin to work for the knowledge yourselves. Good luck..... towards your work...

.Draco up ^^here.....and lizzy Above Draco looking at Ted and Anthony to Ted's right shoulder. Below the large teeth and eyes of the Crocodile Draco at Ted's shoulder. Wonder if he wants to EAT HIM?

Below, the Little Pet Lizard with the Red Eyes and long snout like a crocodile looking at the other people present

This is the best I could do to blow these guys up and take them out of invisible mode for you. Hope you can begin to see them..

Below a lighter version

This part of the major photo below of Ted and Anthony by the sign, is what I would call a Meditation in "Critters". See if you can find first the green pig-like animal with the long snouth directly back of Anthony's neck. And at the top of the photo, the little green elf.. or is it ALF?  There are many bigger & smaller critters in this photo enlargement........ have fun..

This is exactly what you are to do when you meditate in nature .. see what is really there.. not demons supposedly from the Bardo......but life. Lots of life... opening the VEIL in various dimensions. .. all about life. The next two photos are from the same area where Ted Gunderson was speaking with Dr. Jack Ringley. Ted has the cowboy hat and Dr. Ringley is facing him and has glasses. Now the interesting part comes when the Watchers are being Watched. This must have been a great event for all curious to view each other, only apparently the Humans were mostly oblivious to these events. Again, thanks to the art of photography, we can begin to see the invisible. That has been kept from us by technology from beings who have controlled us, NOT of the Earth..... Ted Gunderson and Dr. Jack Ringley talking amongst the Lizards

Look at the green tree area between the man with the pony tail and the man with the hat on the right

[Enlarged crop of three figures]

Crop Three

Crop A

Can you begin to see the three beings near the green tree?

One light beige, one skinny one, and one green hybrid. This is exactly what they do at Area 51: they create new lifeforms from our DNA and then the hybrids, as they grow older, come out to view us on this "Special " for them (NOT US!) .. 666 day. [June 6 at 6 am]

By the way, I proceeded during the ceremony to give them the finger of TRUTH!. Although to be quite honest, these beings that they have created and control, we must have compassion for, as I'm sure if they were given the chance, they would rather belong to the Earth as other lifeforms and NOT  DRACO-controlled LIFE FORMS. But for many of them, it will be necessary to give them BACK to Earth to begin again, and give them a chance to become a better lifeform; not being controlled with many implants

This next item will be quite difficult for you to see and especially understand..and my question to myself has been: "should I try to explain this to them?" Will anyone out there understand?

Well I debated and said to myself: "Yes, as a human, I owe the people of this planet an explanation (or as the DRACOS would say "MON_KEYS" which is a draco misnomer. Humans are NOT MON_KEYS!)

Maybe someday they will be able to comprehend what this actually means: the ability for a photograph to capture multiple dimensions of time and space which includes thought forms in time and space.

. SO HERE GOES.......... THE WYRM WATCHING US and thinking about the time he ate a man

Again. this pic above is part of the same large picture where Ted and Jack are talking. Notice off to the top right, above the man on the far right, above his hair.

Now this blowup is going to be a "stretch", as I have already mentioned. I have altered the color to yellow to show you more detail of the Wyrm. ... which is a large Wyrm with a reptilian hawk beak. Now this Wyrm is in a "time frame", where the Wyrm is in time eating a man directly below the beak ... with its mouth open and the man about to be swallowed. Good luck also in seeing this one.

In essence, this is a "bleed through" of the thoughts of the Wyrm eating a man, as the Wyrm is watching the humans below.

This is exactly what  4-D and 5-D is: thoughts manifesting into form.

The large hawkbilled Wrym is thinking of the food below him -US!  And it was captured in the photograph; present time and past thought form time. This is quite similar to what you experience as you know it as DREAM TIME, thoughts manifesting as form and substance in your dreams.

Remember how you have told a friend: "MY DREAM it was just so REAL"

Here is a living example above, of a creature who lives in both worlds (if he eats your blood that is) and maintains his 3-4D status ..... like the DRACS..

~This next photo is what I call the Jolly Green Snooping Man with the green cap by the bush,  peering at us with great interest.. near the White "Do Not Go Further " Jeep...

Now you see him..................................................................................................................................................................................Now you don't

Here is a LINK to another page of these reptilian lifeforms who were watching and participating in our "retrograde" ....666 ceremony...


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