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Did Trevor J. Constable Capture Sylphs on Infrared Film in the 1950's?

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
February 19, 2007

In The Cosmic Pulse of Life (1976), Trevor James Constable published a number of photos showing huge airborne amoeboid-shaped creatures which he dubbed "critters". In all cases, he could not see these creatures with the naked eye, but rather caught the images on infrared film or he used an 18A filter over the lens of his 35mm camera to block out all visible light and only allow light from the (unseen) extreme ends of what we call the visible light spectrum. The photos seen below were photographed by Trevor on August 25, 1957 from the Mojave Desert.

Rather than scan the photo from the book, I made a scan last year at Trevor's house of the original black and white print which measured only 4.3 " x 3". The photo has aged considerably over 50 years and has now taken on a sepia tone. You will notice a faint line that runs from the "nose" of the creature to the right, slanting downwards slightly. You cannot detect this line in the photo printed in the Cosmic Pulse book because of the limitations imposed by the printing process, but you can pick it up on the original print. I altered the contrast of the critter photo in Photoshop to show you how this line can stand out. I have no idea what the "line" is of course, but I wonder if this creature is following its trajectory? It sure looks that way.

In the Cosmic Pulse, Trevor labeled each frame of these amoeboid-shaped creatures (there were at least two of them photographed) as "Alpha #1", Alpha #2", etc. The shot shown here is labeled Alpha #3. He first published these photos in his 1958 book, They Live in the Sky. It's only speculation on my part, but I can't help but believe that these huge living creatures captured on infrared film by Trevor Constable are the same elemental beings that we are referring to as Sylphs at this web site. Remember that the name "Sylph" was coined by the ancient Greeks, who were obviously capable of detecting the presence of these creatures with the ordinary senses.

According to ZS Livingstone, Sylphs can take on any physical cloud-form appearance they wish or they can remain invisible to the unaided eye. Sylphs exist in the borderlands between the third and fourth dimension, so it doesn't surprise me that they possess some attributes of both dimensions -invisibility yes, but they also have a heat-producing body that will show up on infrared film.

Trevor keeps reminding his readers that anybody can reproduce these results. Using  a 35 mm still camera, load up with high speed infrared film and shoot in those areas where the likelihood of encountering Sylphs are highest. You can also buy an 18 A filter, attach it to your 35mm camera lens, and see what you get using ordinary color film. Another idea is to try custom-fitting an 18A filter over the lens of a digital camera. That might bring in some very interesting photos, since digital cameras have the reputation of capturing UFOs and other invisible phenomena. .

Wilhelm ReichWilly's Wand on TJC House  DeckOrgone or ether movement, as effected by Wilhelm Reich's Cloudbuster for example ('Willy's Wand' seen right), would attract these critters for Trevor. The "Star Exercise" that Trevor leaned from Dr. Franklin Thomas could also "stir" the ether and attract the attention of both critters and invisible USO craft. Since orgone generators seem to help in attracting Sylphs  to work on transmuting chemtrails, I'd have to guess that they could act as an attractor for filming purposes as well.

I'll be adding more photos to this page from.Trevor's Cosmic Pulse book and his original photo collection so you can get a better idea of just how fabulous-and truly unique- was this discovery of captuing these huge airborne creatures on film in an era when most people dismissed UFO related phenomena as pure Hollywood fantasy. .

Ken Adachi

Original print from Trevor J. Constable's collection scanned at 200 pixels per inch . Labeled as "Alpha #3"

TJC Critter Alpha #3 25 Aug 1957 Mojave Desert

Same Photo adjusted for zero color and contrast enhanced

Alpha #3 Darker contrast

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