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Plate 16 from Radio-Vision Booklet

Absessed Tooth

By Ken Adachi <>
July 30, 2003

The image shown below is a Radio-Vision photograph. Titled Plate No. 16, Abcessed Tooth, the original 8 x 10 photographic film was made by Dr. Ruth Drown in her Los Angeles, California laboratory. The photo shows a magnified cross sectional view of an abcessed tooth and the adjacent gum area. This image is one of twenty two Radio-Vision photographic plates presented in the 1960 booklet, Radio Vision, Scientific Milestone ( This image is not a conventional X-ray photograph. It was not made with any form of external radiation applied such as X-rays, or radio waves, or microwaves, or ionizing radiation, etc. The energy which was captured on this photo was produced by the patient and channeled into the Drown Homo-Vibra-Ray Diagnostic Instrument via the etheric continuum which permeates the universe. The photo reveals the energy produced by the etheric body, a virtual double of the physical body. The link up between the Drown Diagnostic Instrument and the patient was a dried drop of the patient's blood crystallized on a piece of blotter paper.

You can see the central portions of the tooth's roots pointing upwards in the photo below, but the tips of the roots and the lower crown portion of the tooth are outside the field of view. Dr. Drown was able to "tune in" on the abcessed part of the tooth using the Drown Homo-Vibra-Ray Diagnostic Instrument and a dried drop of blood (a blood 'crystal') from the patient. Patients were usually many miles away from Dr. Drown's office at the time she made her diagnosis and Radio-Vision photographs. They didn't need to be there because all of the patient's etheric vibratory 'signatures' are captured within the blood crystal as long as the patient remains alive. Using the same drop of dried blood, she could have tuned in on any part of this patient's body and discovered diseased organs or pathogenic organisms anywhere in the body by merely changing the dials on her diagnostic instrument and changing the vibratory tuning "rates". It's important to remember that Dr. Drown began producing these incredible cross sectional, Radio-Vision photographs in 1935, at least 40 years before the advent of CAT scans. The Drown Diagnostic Instrument was not plugged into a wall outlet. It had no wall plug. It did not use electricity to analyze, treat the patient, or make Radio-Vision photographs. The Instrument intercepted the etheric waves being radiated by the patient's body.

The description below in italics is taken directly from the Radio-Vision booklet. Other areas of this same image are also highlighted and labeled below. The top image is unlabeled by me and was scanned directly from the booklet. The other images were labeled to clarify the different tissues shown. Bear in mind that this image represents a substantial magnification of the abscessed tooth. It's also important to note that within a few months of the publication of this astounding collection of Radio-Vision photos, Dr. Drown's Los Angeles office was raided. In addition to having all of her equipment, files, records, and photos seized, Dr. Drown was thrown into jail and labeled as America's leading quack by a reporter working for a major newspaper. Life magazine ran a multi-page spread showing a shaken Dr Drown standing behind bars and denouncing her as a charlatan feeding off the desperation of seriously ill patients. The kangaroo trial which was to follow (Dr. Drown's second grueling trail courtesy of the federal government and the AMA medical mafia) was simply too much for the aging Dr. Drown to withstand and she succumbed to a stroke.

The original Radio-vision booklet measured 8.5" x 5.5". I've made digital reprints of the original booklet size, but I found that magnifying the booklet up to 8.5" x 11" really improved the detail and clarity of the photos by a substantial margin. See if interested.





"This photograph was made by tuning in on the abscess. The outline of the root of the tooth is shown by Arrows A. Arrow B shows the pulp of the tooth, with the black and dark spots blood vessels within that pulp that have been cross sectioned by the Radio-Vision Instrument. Arrow C shows a sinus of infection from the lower part of the pulp area through the gum of the patient. Arrow D shows the gum boil as a bulge in the mouth of the patient."





B) Identifying the jaw bone area.                                                           C) Pointing out the gum boundary












D) Nerve & vascular tissue in central root cavities.                          E) The protruding abcess gum boil












F) Infected sinus from roots to gum line                                     G) Blood vessels in cross section













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