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Trevor J. Constable on Jeff Rense Show April 29, 2003

By Ken Adachi <>
April 27, 2003

Jeff Rense will once again interview Trevor James Constable on April 29, 2003.

Some controversy has arisen at Jeff's web site with regards to my early March article at Jeff's site defending Don Croft's chembuster design and Trevor's critical reply to same. Regardless of what may appear to be a debate ongoing between Trevor and I over chembusters, I think Trevor James Constable is always worth listening to as he has much important information to share. Our opinions may not always agree, but my respect and admiration for Trevor remain unchanged.

Where to Listen

1. The Live Internet broadcast with can be heard from

2. If  you miss the original broadcast, you can catch the show from Jeff's radio archives:

3. Jeff Rense is usually heard on the radio from 7-10 PM (nationwide) on stations carrying the Talk Radio
    Network (TRN)

4. More info about Jeff Rense can be found at

(*)  Trevor's books can be obtained from Adventures Unlimited Press ( and
       Borderland Sciences (


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