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Anti-Smallpox Vaccine Sentiment Grows
Gov't Admits to Uncertainty About Vaccine Safety

From: Michael Wright <>
January 26, 2003

 USA Today reported (January 21) that a growing number of doctors and hospital administrators are expressing extreme doubts about the Bush plan for mass smallpox vaccinations.  The story followed an announcement by doctors at the Medical College of Virginia Hospitals that they would not participate in the Bush vaccination program.
 There are good reasons for the resistance.  In a 1997 article in the Public Health Reports, the government admits to "substantial uncertainty" in the interpretation of data from ongoing surveillance programs concerned with vaccine safety.  For more information, see my article in the Idaho Observer:
 In the article I argue that there is some likelihood of neurological damage due to repeated traces of mercury and other factors in vaccines given to infants and small children, and that the problems can manifest over time as behavioral disorders and learning disability.
 Just a few days after I submitted it, evidence predictable by my hypothesis emerged in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine (Vol. 157, No 1).  Researchers reported that 6% of American children are now using psychiatric drugs, and that the incidence of this type of treatment for children increased 200% to 300% from 1987 through 1996.
 This article is currently online here:
 You are of course welcome to link to my article if you find it useful.  A brief introduction describing the findings about children on psychiatric drugs would be appropriate, since this information surfaced after the article was submitted.
 Michael Wright
 Norman, Oklahoma

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