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Brits Stage Protest Against Swine Fools in Front of Parliament

From Ken Adachi, Editor
November 11, 2009

Brits Stage Protest Against Swine Fools in Front of Parliament (Nov. 11, 2009)

I was sent a video link today from Jonathan A of a recent demonstration in London protesting the mandatory Swine flu vaccination in Britain. I can only hope that similar displays of public indignation are mounted in front of government buildings throughout the United Kingdom and those treasonous individuals who are selling out their own countrymen in the interest of implementing the New World Order depopulation agenda are hung in effigy and otherwise made to feel the consequence of their foul betrayal.

If demonstrations become large enough and sufficiently convey the depth of outrage and anger felt by British citizens (who still possess a brain and understand the seriousness of the poisoning agenda underway), logic tells me that the cowardly NWO elites will back off from mandatory vaccinations in the UK--for the time being at least.

I believe the reason that we haven't seen roadblocks in America so far with police and military personnel attempting to either vaccinate people in their cars or haul them off to FEMA detention centers (as training exercises in August and September indicated would take place) is because enough people made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR on talk radio stations (and over the internet) that such a move would precipitate an ARMED REVOLT against any personnel who engaged in such treasonous behavior.

Our hats off to our British cousins who have awoken to the Swine Flu Poisoning campaign and will help awaken other sleeping countrymen to the dangers of continued acquiesce and passivity in the face of such blatant betrayal.

It's YOUR life folks. You either protect it or allow these Illuminated Swine to take it from you without even mussing their hair. It's your choice.


Ken Adachi


Notes accompanying this video posting:

November 11, 2009

H1N1 or so called Swine Flu is not that serious, having significantly less impact than ordinary seasonal flu. The vaccine however is an entirely different matter. Those responsible for its' manu... H1N1 or so called Swine Flu is not that serious, having significantly less impact than ordinary seasonal flu. The vaccine however is an entirely different matter. Those responsible for its' manufacture have connections to governments across the industrial world who have granted them immunity from prosecution for all adverse reactions, including death.

Even if you are someone who beleives in vaccines generally, this one is very different. It has been rushed through without proper testing. It contains, among other ingredients, Thiomersal (Mercury) linked to autism spectrum disorders and Squalene, strongly linked to Guillane Barre or Gulf War syndrome. The very package inserts state that it shold not be given to pregnant women and yet they and the very young have been among the first targeted for the early wave of jabs.

What is going on?

Reported numbers are that over half of all doctors and more than a third of nurses in the UK have said they will not be having it. Given that these figures are reported in the same main stream media which has thus far failed to report the criminal charges brought against vaccine maker, Baxter Inernational for distributing LIVE bird flu within Swine Flu "vaccine", or the unfolding Pneumonic Plague' disaster in Ukraine, its safe to assume these numbers are artificially low.

The level 6 pandemic declared by the World Health Organisation in June 2009 triggered clauses within UN treaties signed by ALL nations, to cede control to the WHO/UN in such an event. The criteria defining a Level 6 Pandemic was revised in 2003 significantly lowering the benchmark. Under the new definiton EVERY year since 1918 would have been a Level 6 Pandemic. It seems likely this is an engineered pandemic deisigned to reap huge profits for the drug companies whilst also advancing a globalist agenda. If along the way, hundreds of thousands of people lose their lives, it appears that there are those for whom this is not too high a price to pay to achieve a global government.

The film shows that there are a great many awake and aware people who are not going to take this lying down. If you are someone coming to this for the first time DO NOT get your swine flu jab until you have done extensive research OUTSIDE the main stream media. If you are or know someone who is a member of the police or security services, find out the facts fast and DO YOUR DUTY. Position within government or society does not place anyone above the law. And if you are one of those criminals responsible for this assault, be warned. We are many and you are few. The tide has turned.

"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."
Edmund Burke

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