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California Vaccine School Exemption Form

June 26, 2004

Subject: California Philosophical Belief Exemption from School Vaccinations

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California Philosophical Belief Exemption from School Vaccinations
Health & Safety Code #120365


School/ Institution
1776 Independence Way
Anytown, CA

To Whom it May Concern,

This letter is to serve as an affidavit, stating that vaccinations are contrary to what I believe is healthy for my child, Child's Name.

Health & Safety Code #120365. states that, it is my legal right to decline such vaccinations for my child.

Thank you kindly,

Legal Parent / Guardian

Some schools my have their own exemption form, or may use a form provided by the county health dept. However, a straightforward personal communication is better assurance that your rights will be respected.

The California philosophical belief exemption (health & safety Code #120365.) is your legal right as a parent, to enroll your child in public school without vaccinations.

The right also applies to legal adults seeking admission to a community college.

Under the law school authorities can not deny this right. However, they may be unaware of the legal exemption and know only to follow general procedure.

Private schools are sometimes a challenge and may have their own policies. Terrorizing parents with threats of disease to their child for non vaccine compliance is a common practice.

The media, health agencies and doctors, etc., who proclaim that children (and or college students) can not be admitted to school without hepatitis-B and other vaccines are simply parroting false information.

Something is very wrong when people are told they do not have rights that they do in fact have.

The bottom line is; money is made each time any body is vaccinated and "free vaccinations" are not free. They have simply been paid for in advance with your tax dollars.


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