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Shocker: 46 Year Old Croatian Man Dies of Swine Flu, Despite Swine Flu Vaccine 'Protection'

[Editor's Note: Read the ludicrous excuses being offered below by Croatian doctors to explain why this man, who had been vaccinated against Swine Flu, died of Swine Flu. They suspect that because he was fat and had diabetes, this "prevented" the vaccine, which he received a month ago, from working. As I mentioned in the many articles that I posted in 2009 during the Swine Flu 'Pandemic" propaganda blitz, that current vaccines not only don't protect you, they can GIVE you the illness that they were suppose to 'protect' you from. Many hundreds of people died during that 2009 Swine Flu propaganda hysteria BECAUSE they got their wonderful Swine Flu vaccination. Dr Vera Scheibner of Australia has been publishing warnings since the mid 1990s that it takes about 3 weeks, in many cases, for the FIRST allergic immune reaction to the POISONS in vaccines to manifest. I'll bet you a dollar to a donut that this man began to show symptoms about 3 weeks after he got the jab.

Don't you make the same mistake as this unfortunate man. Avoid ALL vaccines: today, tomorrow, and forever....Ken Adachi]
January 12, 2011

Shocker: 46 Year Old Croatian Man Dies of Swine Flu, Despite Swine Flu Vaccine 'Protection' (Jan. 12, 2011)

Original title: Man dies of swine flu in Croatia despite vaccine

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The Associated Press
updated 1/12/2011 6:44:19 AM ET

AGREB, Croatia — A Croatian doctor says a 46-year-old man has died of swine flu even though he had been vaccinated against it.

Dr. Ante Beus, head of the Infective Disease Clinic in Zagreb, says the man — the country's third flu fatality this season — did not respond to the vaccine he received a month ago.

People should develop immunity after two weeks.

Beus said Wednesday that the man, who died this week, was obese and had diabetes and several other illnesses, which might have prevented vaccine from working. Doctors are studying the case.

Croatian health authorities urge people to get the shots, but many are reluctant.

More than 20 people died last year in Croatia during the global swine flu outbreak. About 1,000 are believed to be infected now.

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