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Questions on Gardasil and the "Mandatory" Order of Texas Governor Perry

From Donna Voetee <>
November 6, 2007

Questions on Gardasil and the "Mandatory" Order of Texas Governor Perry (Nov. 6, 2007)

Last Feb I wrote a letter about Gardasil that was published at many sites, including NewsWithViews.

Recently I was contacted by a journalism student at Indiana University, asking me about my opinions. I have posted my replies here for this forum.
Please note #3, on the origins of the word "Gardasil." An unusual perspective, but something to think about....

Donna Voetee

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Hi Donna,

Sorry it has taken me so long to send you the questions...I would love to hear your opinion...Just to give you some background information on my paper, I am doing a report on the different opinions of the Gardasil vaccine since it has been a requirement for young girls in Texas, and possibly more states in the future. If you could e-mail me back, it would be very helpful!

Thanks so much, Whitney Riggs


1. What part of Texas are you from, and what do you do for a living?

Donna Voetee: I am in Lockhart, just below Austin. Don't let proximity to the Big City fool you. This is a small town, and as different from Austin as proverbial night and day. Why Lockhart? This is where my daughter and son-in-law moved 2 yrs ago (to be near his family) and as they held my grandchildren hostage, we just had to follow.

In Calif, where we moved from last Dec, I taught classes based on my series of books, Supermarket Survival. Here, there was no Parks and Rec or Community Ed, so I opened a store/office/classroom called The Life Emporium. My background is in health education, certified as a Counselor of Natural Health. What I do is not 'for a living,' as my husband has that honor, but I consider my efforts 'ministry' or 'service' to people. So many good people are hurting for the simple reason of eating food, taking Rx, getting vaccines, etc that govt, industry, and media have assured us is healthy. We are in an age of deception, and my heart's desire--and moral responsibility, I might add, is to tell the truth.

2. Do you have any children of you own? If so, what ages and have any of them received the vaccine?

Donna Voetee
: My children are grown, but I have grandchildren. My daughter is 32 (mother of my grandbabies) and had all of her shots. Then there are the boys, 26, 24, 23. The 26 yr old had his shots to enter Kindergarten, but shortly afterward, we started homeschooling, and the younger two boys did not receive any more vaccines. My grandchildren have no vaccines. One is in school, the other a toddler, and another on the way next May. My daughter has seen enough and understands the situation. Her husband wasn't so sure, until he saw 5 of their friends' children become afflicted with autism in various degrees. Now he is a 'believer.'

It was 12 yr later after my oldest son's last vaccines, and at 17 he used some benzene in the workplace as a roofer. He came down with aplastic anemia and subsequently had to go through a bone marrow transplant. (He is fine today). I spoke with Dr. Len Horowitz, one of the foremost authorities on vaccines and public medicine. He agreed with my theory that the vaccines could have possibly contained mycoplasma that lay dormant until his immune system was challenged by the chemicals. At the time he got his last shots, I had taken him to a public clinic (my husband had just started his business and we had no health insurance) in Bellflower,Calif. I learned in one of Dr. H's books that there was much experimentation at that time with mycoplasma. This may freak you out, but it is not beyond the possibility that the public is being used as guinea pigs, or even that our children are unknowingly targeted for population control. OK, this is hard to take and I understand the cognitive dissonance you must be experiencing right now. But it is true. Read the inscription on the Georgia Guidestones, the first "new commandment," and see that the world's population is systematically being downsized to 500 million. That means 9/10 of the people now must be eliminated to accomplish this nefarious goal. Where once the Golden Rule was "First, do no harm," now the Gold is the Rule and Pragmatism rules supreme. The end justifies the means to those without a conscience, and sadly there are many such people in prominent places of influence. Do some homework with Dr. H's material and you will see what I mean.

3. How do you feel about the Gardasil vaccine, and what were your reactions when it came on the market?

Donna Voetee: Hang on, you won't read this anywhere else. I have always been fascinated by words and their origins. Ever wonder how drugs get their very odd names? Sometimes it is due to their chemical nature, but sometimes I believe there is more to the story. For instance, Gardasil. "Guard" a "Sil" ? What is a Sil? Sci Fi was never my favorite genre of literature until I came to understand that much truth is hidden and esoteric. The following is from Wikipedia about Sil, a fictional alien from the TV series Dr. Who (1985):

Sil was the representative of the Galatron Mining Corporation present on the planet Varos to extract concessions from the current Governor. Unbeknownst to the Varosians, the mineral Zeiton-7 which was abundant on their planet was not as they thought nearly valueless, but in fact rare, particularly to time travellers. The Varosians lived barely above the poverty line due to the exploitation of companies like the Galatron Mining Corporation and others Sil was a particularly vile creature by any standard...Devoid of morality and dedicated to getting the cheapest price he could for Zeiton ore by any means, he also enjoyed the various tortures which passed for entertainment on Varos... The Doctor interfered with Sil's plan and informed the Varosians of the true value of their natural resources, forcing Sil to concede...

Any similarity of Sil, a hideous reptilian alien, to Gov. Perry ("Particularly vile creature, devoid of morality, enjoyed tortures"); of the Galatron Mining Corp to Big Pharma ("mined" the abundance [health] of the planet [people]); of the Varosians to the American people ("lived barely above poverty due to the exploitation" [of their drugs]); and of Zeiton-7 to the most precious natural resource of all, our daughters' fertility (our ability as a society to "time travel" via our posterity), is purely intentional.

4. How do you feel about Governor Perry before he mandated the vaccine, and now that he has mandated the vaccine?

Donna Voetee: Before, I did not even know who the governor was (we were in the middle of moving here and had lots on our minds). But now I know he's a whore. Sorry, but euphemisms just don't do justice. Perry is political toast and has lost all his credibility with most of Texas.

5. Do you think the vaccine should be a requirement for girls ages 11,12? Why or why not?

Donna Voetee: My position on this is very clear within the letter.

6. Describe the letter that you wrote in February, and the reasons behind writing it. What has happened since it was written?

Donna Voetee There is a principle in law that if you see a crime being committed and do nothing to stop it, you are complicit and just as guilty as the perpetrator. I saw a crime and was duly bound to expose it. Surely you must know that the mandate was rescinded by 181-3 vote.

7. How do you think people reacted in Texas since the vaccine was mandated a requirement?

Donna Voetee The phrasing of the question is somewhat unclear, but I will assume you are asking why I think people reacted in Texas. That's fairly obvious-- it happened in Texas. People in any other state would have done the same thing.

Now, let me ask you something, since your question appears to imply surprise that people would dare go against a "mandated requirement." In retrospect, we can see that Hitler was an insane animal, yet the German people and soldiers obeyed his "mandates" to do horrific, inhuman acts to innocent people. Is there a time to disobey "mandates"? If your answer is No, then Seig Heil and welcome to the Third Reich. If you believe there is a time when one must reasonably refuse to do what is wrong and injurious to ourselves or others, then you are truly Free.

Mandatory vaccines are the sign of an abusive dictatorship that has abrogated any right to rule. When a governing authority commands the taking of any medicine at the point of a gun, that authority is claiming ownership of the people's physical bodies. Let's break it down this way: Propaganda, or what some call advertising, works for the Simple-Minded whose deception is their own judgment; mandates are reserved for the Fearful who would shoot their own Grandmother if Congress so legislated, but there is no weapon of coercion for the Free who have only one Master, that being the Almighty Sovereign of Heaven and Earth. For them, civil disobedience to tyranny is an unalienable right and a duty. The Free are constrained by one law alone, that of Perfect Love. Perfect Love does not inject known toxic substances into the bloodstream of a child, but guards her against all dangers.

For the Truth,
Donna Voetee


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