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Ken Adachi & Don Nicoloff Radio Interview, Dec. 9, 2009

From Ken Adachi, Editor
December 11, 2009

Ken Adachi & Don Nicoloff Radio Interview, Dec. 9, 2009 (Dec. 11, 2009)

Ken Adachi & Don Nicoloff on the Evident Footrpints radio show, Dec. 9, 2009

My December 9, 2009 radio interview with Don Nicoloff ran for 1 hour and twenty three minutes. We began our conversation with a brief overview of the disinformation/psyops known as the "reports" from a supposed Russian journalist by the name of Sorcha Faal to her "Western subscribers." It's a CIA/Pentagon/MI6 type of 'The Sky is Falling' propaganda operation in the mold of Amitakh Stanford or the more recent doom & gloom-ers of the fundamentalist Christian/Zionist persuasion who have been pushing the 2012 End Times/Armageddon/Apocalypse "prophecies" of British Israel which will culminate in the "glorious" return of Jesus to rule from his new golden throne in the very garment district of Chabad-Lubavitch Land, the 'new' Jerusalem (as in jeru-Salem).

Norway Spiral Light Show Dec 9 2009While on this topic, Don Nicoloff mentioned the Project Blue Beam show seen over Norway on December 9, 2009 which presented the spectacle of a white light rotating in a spiral-like pattern with a secondary blue spiraling vortex beam pattern emanating from its center at a right angle. It's very interesting, very pretty, and very entertaining, but it's a light SHOW created by satellites using HOLOGRAPHIC projection equipment. I'm quite certain we will see many other amazing sky spectacles in the months to come. I can only hope that enough people who witness these holographic light shows realize that they are part of the Project Blue Beam deception and portend NOTHING more worrisome than the hidden advancements in holographic projection technologies. You can expect a "logical explanation" for this phenomenon to appear in the main stream press within a day or so. Someone is going to admit to some "test" that went awry and give you some utterly moronic explanation to explain away this holographic beta test.

Don also reviewed the "meteorite" that lit up the sky a few weeks ago over Salt Lake City, Utah. It was actually a shoot-down of a reptilian spacecraft which was obliterated, according to Don, and experienced a release of anti-matter energy. Don mentions a second case in which he was driving to an Ohio airport a couple of months ago and witnessed the furious chemtrailing of the sky in that area of Ohio (and parts of Canada) to obscure a huge space battle that was taking place just above the earth's atmosphere in that region. Don said that government anti-gravity craft were seen coming out of Lake Erie to either participate in the obscuration of the sky or play a role in the space battle itself. I have no idea of who was fighting who, but people need to know that space battles routinely take place over this planet and have been for some years.

I next launched into a discussion of the amazing career and accomplishments of Dr Hulda Clark who wanted to help humanity learn how to take care of health problems YOURSELF at home without the dependence on expensive insurance plans, or allopathic medicine, or hospitals, or orthodox medical diagnostic testing facilities. I begin with an explanation of Hulda's unique diagnostic tool called the Syncrometer. This simple-to-build electronic device can REVOLUTIONIZE health care and disease treatment if its value and diagnostic capabilities were fully understood and recognized. Anyone can build a (or obtain ready-made) Syncrometer and learn to use it at home.

[1. Short video clip of Dr Hulda Clark demonstarting how to use the Syncrometer (1996)

2. A Syncrometer Demonstration with Dr. Hulda Clark & Carmen Myers ]

Once competent in its usage, you have at your disposal the most comprehensive diagnostic testing "lab" in existence. The Syncrometer cannot measure the QUANTIY of substances under investigation, but it can detect the PRESENCE and LOCATION of these substances in the body down to a single ATOM. All conventional laboratory testing equipment is limited in its detection ability by the amount of the substance in the body. If that amount falls below so many part per million, for example, then the equipment can no longer detect its presence. The Syncrometer is not limited in this way.

Towards the latter part of the show, we got a call from "Gary" who asked about the Hulda Clark "zapper" and I took the opportunity to explain the benefits of using a positive-offset, pulsing square wave, which Hulda found to be far more efficacious in attacking ALL pathogens, regardless of the frequency chosen for the zapper (although Hulda reported that a zapping frequency between 30-33 KHz seemed to achieve the best, broad spectrum germicidal results against the widest array of pathogenic orgamisms).

I could overview more details from the show, I suppose, but why not just listen to the show?

Ken Adachi & Don Nicoloff on the Evident Footrpints radio show, Dec. 9, 2009 (26MB) or

Ken Adachi

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