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Ken Adachi Radio Interview with Don Nicoloff, Nov. 12, 2009

From Ken Adachi, Editor
Nov 13, 2009

Ken Adachi Radio Interview with Don Nicoloff, Nov. 12, 2009 (Nov. 13, 2009)

I did another radio show with Don Nicoloff last night over BBS radio. It runs for 1 hour and 47 mintues. We mainly talked about the Swine Flu hoax and the need to AVOID the Swine flu vaccine (and any other vaccine) at all costs, but I also went into greater detail about the PROPAGANDA efforts of one Dr. Henry L. Niman, regularly featured at, who wishes to portray himself as a scientist and researcher, but is in fact a shill for pharmaceutical interests and himself the FOUNDER of a pharmaceutical company originally called ProgenX, but now known as Ligand Pharmaceuticals ("Ligand Is Collaboration" 1 )

Dr. Henry Niman would have us believe that the Swine flu "pandemic" is a nature-created event and that the only way to protect yourself from the Killer Swine Flu is to get yourself (and your kids) vaccinated tout suite (and be sure to take "Tamiflu" at the first sign of symptoms-or better yet, take it BEFORE you have symptoms!). Dr Niman routinely alludes to the statistics and recommendations issued by the criminals at the World Homicide Organization (WHO) and the Center for Damage Control (CDC) as AUTHORITATIVE sources of information about the Swine flu pandemic which, according to him, "raises concerns" on a daily basis it seems, judging from the numerous headlines found at his web site that shout these two words again and again ; employed 90 times out of 284 articles listed from Jan. 3, 2009 to Nov. 12, 2009 (did someone say neuro-linguistic programming?). 2

Don Nicoloff reveals some very important information that he has received from a 'very high source' (that cannot be revealed) that affirms the suspicion that a unique and specialized bio-weaponized pathogen has been dispersed in the Ukraine in late October in order to jack up the fear and push the panic button, not only for Ukrainians, but more importantly, for the benefit of internet readers around the world (did someone say ' fear mongering'?). The numbers reported by the Ukraine Ministry of Health (and religiously echoed by Dr Henry Niman at every opportunity possible) are GROSSLY exaggerated and inflated.

[There is an additional element to the Ukraine story that is not being discussed by Dr Niman in his many radio interviews and fear-inducing articles, but is very much part of an intentional dispersion of the specialized bio-weaponized pathogen in the Ukraine in late October. Moscow (meaning Putin) is vying for hegemony over the Ukraine in order to pull her economic resources back into Russian spheres of influence. The West (meaning the U.S., Britain, Germany, etc) helped to engineer the Orange Revolution in 2004 which helped to install the current president and Prime Minister, which is "NATO -friendly", while Putin wants the country to be NATO-free (F. William Engdahl just published an article that explains this dimension to the Ukrainian story in far greater depth). How better to curtail political activity and postpone the Jan 17, 2010 election for a new Prime Minister, than to have the current Prime Minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, create the pretext for a martial law clamp down necessitated by the "exploding" incidences of hemorrhagic deaths that are sweeping the country, so ably trumpeted in western media by the venerable Dr Henry L. Niman? ]

Yes, the bio-weaponized pathogen released in the Ukraine is of an Ebola or hemorrhagic category, which causes a breakdown of cell wall integrity and causes people to bleed to death, but this latest genocidal assault in the Ukraine, Romania, and some other locations WILL NOT GO UNCHECKED. There will be NO "explosive" and rapidly escalating death count which pharmaceutical propagandist like Dr Niman and his ilk are predicting. Sadly, there will be more deaths until the virulence stage has been subdued, but the numbers will not grow to staggering heights as said Panic Propagandists would have you believe.

We touched a bit on the Fort Hood shooting near the end of the show. There was one person who called in.

Ken Adachi & Don Nicoloff Radio Interview, November 12, 2009 (25MB)

Ken Adachi


1. Ligand Is Collaboration

At Ligand, we believe collaboration is an important part of successful drug discovery and development. We have forged numerous valuable research and development alliances with global pharmaceutical companies that have ongoing clinical programs.

Pharmaceutical partnerships include the following companies and span programs in large market indications, such as muscle wasting, frailty, hormone-related diseases, osteoporosis, inflammatory diseases, anemia, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.

* GlaxoSmithKline
* Wyeth
* Pfizer Inc.
* Bristol-Myers Squibb
* Schering-Plough
* Celgene
* Cephalon
* King Pharmaceuticals

2. Other Neuro-linguistic Programming phrases repeated in Dr Niman's article titles include:

A) "Pandemic" (used 67 times out of 284 article title)

B) "Tamiflu resistance" (used 71 times out of 284 article titles)

C) "explodes" (used 10 times out of 284 artiucles)

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