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Texas Mother Needs Help to Fight School Vaccination Coersion

[Editor's Note: Put yourself in this mother's shoes. She's knows enough about the dangers of vaccines that she wants to protect her 7 year old child from being vaccinated under the pretext of Texas school vaccination 'compliance' policy. There is a school vaccine exemption in every state, but most school officials will do their best to keep you in the dark about it. In this case, we have a school principal who is willing to cooperate with the mother to obtain an exemption, but a Catholic school superintendent, Dr. Ned Vanders,.who is not. As I mentioned in my introductory remarks concerning the need to vote prior to the November 7 election, bureaucrats (and politicians) are largely composed of self aggrandizing cowards. They find it terribly easy to push around, stonewall, or intimidate the solitary mother who wants to protect her child from vaccine damage, but will usually crumble like a house of cards when confronted with public pressure and censure. You can help this mother get her seven year old son re-admitted to school by contacting the Catholic school bishop, Bishop Gregory Aymond, and his superintendent,  Dr. Ned Vanders (see below), and let them know exactly where you stand on the subject of coerced vaccinations.

A few months ago, Dr Len Horowitz, a widely acclaimed author and authority on the dangers posed by vaccines, had to face the same fight with a school superintendent in Hawaii over the same issue for his 14 year old daughter. Despite his national reputation and the wide exposure of his daughter's case, Horowitz still had to sue in order to get the superintendent to back down. Following a court showdown, he eventually got a reprieve of sorts and his daughter gained temporary re-instatement at school, but he still faces more legal hurdles. Considering Len's international clout and undoubted superior wealth, what chance do you think this mother has without public pressure to come to her rescue? 

It's important to realize that school superintendents are not taking a hard nose position on vaccination 'compliance' on their own. They are responding to pressure that comes from above. Ultimately, the federal governement is the driving force leaning on state authorities to force vaccines on school children, but local enforcer (school board, school superintendent, etc.) are the only officials with a name that you can have some effect on.....Ken]

From Ingri Cassel, director Vaccination Liberation <>
November 15, 2006

Texas Mother Needs Help to Fight School Vaccination Coersion (Nov. 15, 2006)

The following true story needs 10 minutes of your precious time. After reading the following case of injustice occurring near Austin, Texas, we are encouraging all concerned adults to take the time to email and/or phone [info below] the principal of Sacred Heart School, La Grange, Texas, the superintendent and the bishop regarding this case and ask them why, after giving the school their financial deposit for the 2006-2007 school year, they would not allow a young boy back into a school he had attended the previous year, allegedly because he is not vaccinated even though he has a letter from a licensed physician in the state of Texas notifying the school district that the required vaccinations pose a danger to his health and well being and therefore needs to have the required medical exemption. You may want to ask if any of these school officials have a license to practice medicine in Texas and, if not, have they agreed to accept medical liability for the boy if he has the anticipated vaccine adverse reactions that the licensed physician believes is likely to occur. ~Ingri

My name is Mary Bowen <>and I am seeking assistance from people who read this letter because my seven-year-old son Garrett is being unfairly banned from second grade. Alone I cannot accomplish what I need to do for my son, but with your help I have hope that a terrible injustice can be corrected. My son entered first grade at Sacred Heart School in La Grange, Texas last school year 2004-2005. We were given a parent handbook listing all school policies. My parent handbook has no mention of a vaccination policy. Garrett successfully completed first grade with good grades and a good behavior record. At the end of the school year the principal, Mr. Faykus, informed me that we would have to either have Garrett vaccinated or meet the medical exemption which the school offers.

On July 12, 2006 Garrett’s licensed physician wrote a letter stating that Garrett was contraindicated for vaccination use because there is a very strong history of rheumatoid arthritis on my husband’s side of the family. My husband, his brother, and his mother have all been bedridden with this malady. Please allow me to explain that this is not arthritis which afflicts one joint. Rather, it is a systemic form of arthritis which leaves the person with all joints inflamed and bedridden with a chronic fatigue that leaves them unable to work or function. Knowing that my son carried the genetic blueprint for this illness and that substantive medical literature clearly indicates that these children should not be vaccinated because multiple vaccinations can trigger an onset of the illness we felt sure that with a physician’s letter Garrett should qualify for a medical exemption.

Mid-August, 2006 we presented the letter to the school and the principal, Mr. Faykus, stated that the letter would suffice for him. The letter was sent to the school superintendent, Dr. Ned Vanders, which is when our nightmare began to unfold. Although we had purchased all of my son’s school supplies and prepared for the first day of school Dr. Vanders did not have the decency to call us and tell us that he was banning Garrett’s attendance. I was frantic when I called his office asking what I could do to get into compliance with the policy. Dr. Vanders, who is not a licensed physician, stated, “Well, Mrs. Bowen, if you want to get into compliance you can get your son vaccinated.” (quote) This revealed to me that Dr. Vanders must have a personal bias that is driving his actions. He is not enforcing the medical exemption Mr. Faykus claimed the school offers. If you think this is unfair, read on.

It is bad enough to have my child banned from second grade, but I have come to find out that other unvaccinated children (without any medical condition or medical contraindication) have been allowed to stay in the school system. As a mother, that fueled my desire to have this injustice shared with others in the hopes that you who are reading this will help me and my husband pressure these people into doing the right thing and reinstate my son.

My husband and I have tried EVERY diplomatic and reasonable way to communicate with these people. We have sent certified letters that were not afforded the courtesy of a reply. The only response we have gotten is a sophisticated game of “duck and dodge.” They want to stall so the school year will continue to slip by without resolution. Effective legal solutions will cost precious time. We are hoping that a form of “poor man’s justice” will prove more expedient!

I feel like a mother lion protecting my cub because I think that this is so wrong. When I try to resolve the situation with dialogue the response I get leaves me feeling that these people think they can do anything they want and without any accountability. Some people state emphatically that private schools can do anything they want to do. Maybe yes, maybe no. Those people underestimate the power of a few people willing to lift a rock to shine some light on this problem. I am hoping that you will take a moment to call or email the Bishop’s office and ask why Garrett is being singled out for not being vaccinated. My son does not deserve to be banned from school. Let Bishop Aymond, Dr. Vanders and Mr. Faykus know that you, as another concerned parent, want to make sure that Garrett's medical exemption to vaccinations is honored and he is reinstated as a pupil in Sacred Heart School.

Please email me at with any assistance or encouragement. Forwarding this email to your contacts so that my story can spread far and wide is sincerely appreciated. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful attention to this predicament!

We encourage you to relate your own thoughts in an email or a phone call to the below contacts.
However, the following sample letter may be helpful:

Dear ……,

A friend emailed me the saga of Garrett Bowen, a pupil of Sacred Heart School. It appears that this boy has been unfairly held to a vaccination policy that is not being enforced with other children, in spite of the school having a letter from his primary physician indicating that Garrett's medical history contraindicates him from receiving the recommended vaccines.
Is there a licensed physician on your staff who is disputing Garrett's medical contraindication? Have you offered to give the family a written explanation for Garrett being refused to attend your school so far this year? And, finally, is there a written policy that you are using to justify your stance with this child and his family? As a fellow concerned parent, I would appreciate a prompt reply to this email query.


Your name

Contact information:

Bishop Gregory Aymond

Dr. Ned Vanders
Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Mr. Faykus
Principal of Sacred Heart School, La Grange, Texas


Ingri Cassel, director
Vaccination Liberation
P.O. Box 457
Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869
(208) 255-2307 / (888) 249-1421

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