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Sample Letter to School Principal and Nursing Staff to NOT Vaccinate
November 5, 2009

Warning Letter to School Principal and Nursing Staff to NOT Vaccinate (Nov. 5, 2009)


Nov. 4, 2009

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) After reading about the forced vaccination of a Brooklyn schoolgirl who ended up in the hospital, many parents are concerned about how they might protect their own children from school-based vaccination schemes.

To help parents protect their children, I've written a letter that you may copy, modify and use as a warning to the principal of the school(s) where your own children are students. This letter will serve as a warning to the school principal that if your child is vaccinated without your permission, you will unleash a hellstorm of legal action and media attention that every school principal desperately wishes to avoid. (Feel free to modify this letter to tone down the language a bit if you already have a friendly relationship with your local school principal.)

Once you're satisfied with the language, print and sign this letter, then have it notarized so the signing date can be proven in court. When that's complete, mail a copy to your school using registered mail (so you have proof it was delivered), then print off another copy for your child to carry with them at all times.

Instruct your child that if they are called to the nurse's office to be injected with the vaccine, they should produce this note and show it to the nurse. You may also instruct your child to protect themselves by running from the nurse's office and calling you at home or work (print your phone number on the back of the note).

Role-play this scenario to make sure your child understands exactly what you're asking them to do. Otherwise, they will usually just do what they're told at school, especially if they are threatened with getting into trouble by school teachers or nurses.

This letter hasn't been reviewed by a lawyer. If you want a stronger legal angle for your letter, take this to your lawyer and ask them to beef it up with more "lawyer language."

This letter, by the way, is offered as-is, with no guarantees. It's simply being published here on NaturalNews as a public service to give concerned parents something they can use to help protect the health of their children from overzealous vaccination schemes.

(Note: You may need to alter the gender references in the letter below if your child is a girl. The note is written using "he.")

A letter for your school principal (and nursing staff)

From: (Your name here)

Date: (Insert date here)

RE: Request for NON-vaccination of my child (insert child's name here)

Dear Principal Johnson (and the nursing staff),

This letter is to inform you that as a parent of a child in your school, I do not consent to any H1N1 (Swine Flu) vaccination of my child, (insert child's name here), and that if my child is subjected to such a vaccine without my permission, I will consider that a gross violation of not only my parental rights, but the civil rights of my child.

The H1N1 swine flu vaccines currently being given to schoolchildren in America were approved by the FDA using an unlawful waiver that allowed the vaccines to be approved with absolutely no credible scientific testing. No adequate safety or efficacy testing has been conducted on any of the swine flu vaccines, and those children who are being injected with the vaccines are being treated as human guinea pigs.

H1N1 swine flu has also turned out to be so mild that it can be easily overcome with a healthy immune system aided by healthy levels of circulating vitamin D. My child takes vitamin D3 supplementation and therefore has an extremely healthy, active immune system that can easily mount its own antibody response against swine flu or other forms of influenza. Because of his immune system health and nutritional regimen, my child poses no health threat as a "carrier" of the swine flu, even without being vaccinated.

As a parent, part of my responsibility to my child is to protect them from potentially dangerous chemicals or unproven medications that may cause neurological side effects. A previous batch of swine flu vaccines in 1976 are now known to have caused Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), a serious neurological disorder that can cause paralysis or death. The risk of such side effects may be small, but they are permanent and not worth the claimed protection against a disease that, according to CDC statistics, is many times less virulent than regular seasonal flu.

Please make note that my child is not to receive any vaccinations without my prior written consent, and that if my child is subjected to vaccines of any kind without such permission, I will immediately seek legal counsel in an attempt to hold your school responsible for all long-term medical costs potentially associated with the vaccine side effects. I will also sue for violation of my child's civil rights.

Should such a scenario unfold, I also plan to go public with this story at both the local and national levels in order to bring increased awareness to this gross violation of parental rights. A copy of this signed and dated letter will be made available to the press to prove that I clearly and specifically requested my child NOT be vaccinated. I will also be happy to provide this documentation to whatever state regulators or law enforcement investigators may become involved at that point.

You may avoid all of this by honoring my request to safeguard my child from any and all H1N1 (Swine Flu) vaccines being given at your school.


(Your name here)

(Notary stamp here)

Final Note: If your child is violated with a vaccine without your permission, please contact NaturalNews so that we may bring awareness to your story (if you wish). Your credibility will be greatly improved if you have a signed, notarized and dated letter (along with proof of mail delivery) stating your desire to avoid having your child vaccinated.


Subject: Re:Sample Letter to School Principal and Nursing Staff to NOT Vaccinate
Date: Fri, November 6, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Read the article 'Sample Letter to School Principal and Nursing Staff to NOT Vaccinate ' with interest. I have prepared a similar legal notice to serve on my son's school here in Ireland. I know from previous experience (thankfully on a less serious issue) that the attending medical staff easily manage to 'accidentally' overlook the NO answer on the parental permission form, so this time l thought l'd make it simple for them:

----Start Document----

The document presented below sets out and establishes unequivocally, both morally and legally, the position that we the parents of XXXX hold regarding the administration of any vaccination and in particular any purported H1N1 - swine flu vaccine. It should be noted that this document carries legal force and potential penalties for its infringement.

To the Principal and to all teachers, employees, agents and assistants of XXXX National School, also of the Department of Education & Science, also of the Department of Social and Family Affairs, also of the Department of Health & Children and of all other departments of the Government of Ireland and of all third parties employed or contracted by such whether temporarily or permanently which may at times be present on the premises of XXXX National School.

Whereas ~ it is my understanding that Baxter International filed a patent for the H1N1 vaccine on August 28th 2008 ie. 7 months before the supposed discovery of this novel strain of flu…

and whereas ~ it is my understanding that Baxter flu vaccines contaminated with H5N1– otherwise known as the human form of avian flu, a often fatal biological weapons with a 60% death rate – were received by labs in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Slovenia for distribution in 18 countries in total…

and whereas ~ it is my understanding that production methods make such an occurrence beyond the possibility of being accidental…

and whereas ~ It is my understanding that Baxter International have been contracted to supply H1N1 vaccines to the Irish government….

and whereas ~ It is my understanding that the H1N1 vaccine contains the adjuvant squalene….

and whereas ~ the adjuvant squalene has been known for decades to cause severe autoimmune diseases in laboratory animals ….

and whereas ~ It is my understanding that squalene was an unapproved ingredient in experimental anthrax vaccines and has since been positively linked to the devastating autoimmune diseases suffered by countless Gulf War vets resulting in severe disablement and tens of thousands of deaths….

and whereas ~ it is my understanding that the squalene in the H1N1 vaccine is between 60,000 and 1 million times more concentrated as that implicated in Gulf War Syndrome….

and whereas ~ Dr. Richard A. Fayrer ­Hosken at the University of Georgia, has developed a new and completely effective sterilisation tool found to be effective on all mammals, the potential long-term side effects of which are still being compiled…

and whereas ~ the active ingredients of this sterilization vaccine are primarily antigens from PORCINE (pig) glyco-proteins (viruses are a form of glyco-proteins) bonded with a powerful oil-in-water "adjuvant" called squalene….

and whereas ~ Novartis' master patent for the "swine flu" vaccine utilizes swine (porcine) glycol-proteins bonded with the powerful oil-in-water "adjuvant" squalene…

and whereas
~ Novartis' "swine flu" vaccine product information circular, section 8.1, includes this warning paragraph: "Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted with this ---[vaccine]. It is also not known whether the vaccine can cause foetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman, OR CAN AFFECT REPRODUCTION CAPACITY." (Emphasis added.)……

and whereas ~ it is my understanding that the H1N1 vaccine contains the glycoprotein-gp120, a major component of MF-59 vaccine adjuvant….

and whereas ~ it is my understanding that this is the same protein fragment isolated from HIV - the virus that is responsible for the rapid dementia seen in AIDS patients. …

and whereas ~ it is my understanding that the nutrient solution for the vaccine consists of live cancerous cells from animals….

and whereas ~ it is my understanding that the H1N1 vaccine contains thimerosal, a form of mercury and further that mercury is the second most toxic element for the human body….

and whereas ~ it has come to my attention that individuals within and committees of the United Nations have called on many occasions for the rapid reduction of the human population by figures of between 70 and 85%….

and whereas ~ it is my understanding that such reductions are not achievable by natural process,….

and whereas ~ it is my understanding that there exists World Health Organisation memos dating from 1972, (discovered by Patrick Jordan), detailing how to use vaccines to kill people by weakening their immune system, loading their bodies with viruses and creating a massive inflammatory (cytokine) reaction….

and whereas ~ it is my understanding that the H1N1 vaccine is designed to create a cytokine storm within the body, whereby the body’s immune system attacks the body itself….

and whereas ~ it is my understanding that investigative medical journalist Jane Bürgermeister has submitted an indictment with the FBI alleging and supplying hard evidence of intended mass genocide using the H1N1 vaccine….

and whereas ~ it is my understanding that the pharmaceutical companies have sought and have been granted total immunity from all legal and financial liability in respect of all and any adverse reactions to their vaccines…

and whereas ~ all the above facts are verifiable….

and whereas ~ it is my understanding that in light of the above facts the balance of probabilities is that the true purpose of such a vaccine is to severely disable, sterilise or kill the recipient…

and whereas ~ our first responsibility as parents is to protect from all threats and dangers, the life, health and well being of our child…


1/ All parental rights are reserved in full.

2/ Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER are the school staff to permit the administration of any vaccine whatsoever to our child.

3/ Upon the arrival or upon notification of the intended arrival at the school of any medical personnel carrying the H1N1 or any other vaccine with them WE ARE TO BE NOTIFIED IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT DELAY.

4/ Under no circumstances whatsoever, except where specifically agreed by prior arrangement with ourselves in writing, is our son, XXXX to be removed from the school premises for any medical procedures whatsoever, the exception being emergency first aid or accident treatment, in which case tetanus vaccination is specifically excluded from permitted actions.

5/ In the event that the Government of Ireland attempts to introduce mandatory vaccination we reserve the right to remove our son from the National School system and his attendance at XXXX National School will cease; his education being continued by other means.


I'm sure it's not perfect but it should help to concentrate the mind particularly, when l have formulated a scale of charges to be added.
Keep up the good work,

Kind regards,


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