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Transcript: May 13, 2011 Evident Footprints Radio Show
Some Japanese Beginning to Realize that 3/11 Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima Blasts Were Sabotage Events ~ ZS Livingstone, Jim Murray, & Don Nicoloff in Conversation
May 13, 2011

Transcript: May 13, 2011 Evident Footprints Radio Show

Evident Footprints - BBS Radio Interview- Tokyo Nights

Some Japanese Beginning to Realize that 3/11 Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima Blasts Were Sabotage Events ~ ZS Livingstone, Jim Murray, & Don Nicoloff in Conversation - May 13, 2011

Transcript of May 13, 2011 Evident Footprints Radio Interview
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Posted May 27, 2011


May 13, 2011 - 10-11:30 pm, BBS Radio, The Evident Footprints radio show with Don Nicoloff

[Introduction to the show]

Participants:  Don Nicoloff (host), ZS Livingstone (ZSL), and Jim Murray

Don Nicoloff:  Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Evident Footprints on I am your host, Don Nicoloff, and I will be with you for the next hour on this May the 13th, Friday the 13th on the west coast, and May the 14th, the day after Friday the 13th on the east coast and in the Central Time Zone. We'd like to welcome all those listening in, also, on Windtalkers Radio Network, and I'm sure you're going to find tonight's show very fascinating. As usual, my regular guests on Friday nights, and my co-hosts: scientist/inventor Jim Murray is with us; and as well tonight, we decided to invite on the show for a round-table discussion: essayist, metaphysician, intuitive extraordinaire, ZS Livingstone, whose work is featured on Ken Adachi's site: As you may know, if you've been listening to the show on a regular basis, we've been covering, from time to time, the Japanese earthquake, the tsunami, and what we feel has actually occurred there. And we're going to be bringing some damning evidence forth tonight - this is going to be damning to those who have been putting out nothing but propaganda and creating fear all over the planet, especially in the United States. And so a lot of truth is going to come out tonight.  And we could say - we could label this show "Tokyo Nights".   

That was Rob Mullins, keyboardist extraordinaire, from his album, Tokyo Nights. That was Tokyo Nights, and I felt it was at least a little bit appropriate to include the Japanese and a little bit of Japanese singing there on tonight's show. Why? We're going to talk about the earthquake, the tsunami, and behind the scenes what happened.

Now this is going to be stretch for some people. We have a scientist with us tonight who understands physics; understands power production - both guests actually do. And we're finding that we were right on target with what's happening; and we're finding corroborating evidence. We were told that there was an earthquake, let's say, a 9.0 / 9.1 magnitude - whatever number you want to assign to it - a catastrophic event, and a tsunami. And our take (I say our take, because on the shows that we did previously with Ken Adachi and ZS Livingstone, and separately with Jim Murray, we concur that something was rotten both in Denmark and Japan. And we're going to bring our guests on board, and we're going to discuss what we feel really happened, and the evidence that we have been able to dig out from underneath the rocks and all the creepy places that they hide the truth, and we're going to bring it out into the daylight.

First I'd like to invite back to Evident Footprints, my regular Friday night guest and co-host, our resident science advisor, as I affectionately call him, and a very dear friend, Mr. Jim Murray. Jim, welcome to the show.

Jim:  Thanks, Don. It's good to be back.

Don:  Alright, it's great to have you back here. Now before we go into a discussion, let's bring ZS Livingstone (Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone) on board. ZS, how are you?

ZS:  I'm great. It's great to hear Jim up and close and personal.

Don:  Yes. You gentlemen haven't met yet, so, ZS this is Jim - Jim, ZS.

ZS:  Hello, Jim.

Jim:  It's good to hear your voice.

Don:  Jim, do you want to comment on this event? Anything you want to comment on, as far as it was delivered to us in the media, before we go deep into the discussion. Now I did give just a short summary of what we've been told, leaving out the fact that they're talking about radiation that's coming over here, and what source and the nature of that is. Anything you'd like to comment on?

Jim:  Well, as you know, and I have mentioned on other shows, I have friends in Japan. I've been over there probably seven times in the last few years and I keep in touch. And I talk fairly regularly with this one individual, and this person was kind enough to tell me, just a couple of days ago, that traces of plutonium were actually found in the containment site, and that was not a material that should have been there under normal circumstances. And so, they are now pretty confident that it was probably destroyed by a suitcase nuke that was smuggled in, and it was part of a scheme; it was obviously a man-made scenario, the whole thing. And I think that the Japanese people are very rightfully annoyed with this to the point where they're not doing anything to hide it. I mean, it seems to be common knowledge that they have been attacked, basically.

Don:  Yes, this is an act of war.

Jim:  And it's in the media, too.

Don:  Mm-hmm. It's in the media, and yet we're getting a totally different spin on this in other parts of the world, aren't we? They've been filtering that out, obviously; preventing us from getting that information, haven't they?

Jim:  Well, yeah, but not only that; I think that the entire thing was used for more than one purpose. I mean, it appears that the attack on Japan was to achieve certain ends, with respect to that particular nation. But then in order to cover their tracks and to produce downstream damage, as it were, this whole idea of the radiation plume and all of the destruction that's going on was related to that, as far as the news reports were concerned, but it may not have been a direct cause of that, if you understand what I mean.

Don:  Yes.

Jim:  We had discussed that on another show, where the possibility that airplanes have actually sprayed radiation into our own atmosphere here in the U.S. and then blamed it on the happenings in Japan. And what was interesting was, by coincidence, I was talking to a friend of mine in California just a few days after the calamity in Tokyo, and he happened to mention (we got on the subject of these chemtrails and what-not) that the entire west coast on that particular day - at least the area where he could see for quite a few miles - was just covered with these chemtrails. And he said the density of it was far more than what they were normally used to seeing. And I said, "Well, gee, that can't be a coincidence, you know - that's got to be part of something." And so it just all falls into place, at least in my opinion.

Don:  Yes. Now the reason we invited ZS on the show tonight, Jim and ladies and gentlemen, is because he had intuited what had occurred, and he had written several essays that Ken Adachi posted on his website: Now ZS, I have to make amends for not having all the titles memorized, because you were so prolific in seeing what went on, and intuiting what went on, regardless of the methods that you use to arrive at the conclusions which enable you to discern what happened. So much of what you said corresponded with what I felt - with what Jim felt - and when you actually explore these pathways that our discernment opens up, we find corroboration, don't we?

ZS:  Yes, you do.

Don:  And I'd like you to comment on, if you would, some of what you've written; and you don't have to refer to the articles, unless you care to, but you sensed that there was an explosion in the Fukushima reactor. When Jim said the containment area, he was referring to the nuclear reactor that Tepco owns. That's the facility that was built by General Electric, by the way. And we understand from various sources that it was not up to standards that would make it a safe place, but it wasn't faulty - is what you were saying. Would you expound on that, please?

ZS:  They are very, very large reactors; some of the largest in the world. But they're kept up to standards - they're 30 years old, built around the 1980 era, and the containment buildings were built way over spec. They were built with steel structures instead of concrete, in order to survive large earthquakes up to 8.5. And they did survive the 9.0, except maybe one of the foundations might have been cracked where the water leaked. But also, the cracking could have been caused by one of the suitcase nukes. The explosions went off almost like in time sequence, and from the very first explosion I knew that that was not a hydrogen explosion. They were just too big, too dark, and the smoke was black. And there was actually a mushroom cloud over Reactor Number 3, the one that was later said to be a containing a fast-breeder reactor MOX fuel, which is something that as soon as I heard that I knew it was an absolute lie. Japan would not be producing nuclear weapons-grade plutonium in quick order.

That's a Hafner sort of reactor, which is a very dirty reactor and very leaky; and Japan wouldn't do that. It's way against public opinion, and the government would not commit to that type of program or allow Tokyo power to do that. And also, in reading up and studying nuclear reactors for over 40 years - reactors do not explode. They might melt down, or they might have hydrogen explosions, but hydrogen explosions would be contained within the containment building. It might blow the doors out and some of the glass in the doors, but hydrogen would not build up to the point - it would be vented - and it wouldn't be too radioactive, and they would just blow it right out of the building as fast as it was accumulating.

And I don't believe that the earthquake caused so much damage, even though it knocked power out and also backup power. It would have been no problem for them to open up a vent; and they got the explosive conditions reduced. Of course, hydrogen explodes with a clean, blue flame; and the explosions were not a clean, blue flame. It's a fuel/air explosion. You have to get the exact - in the right parameters - a mixture of hydrogen with oxygen - or air - in the building, to cause everything to go Kapoof.

Don:  Now if there was, let's say, a hydrogen explosion, and there was water that had leaked into the building from the tsunami (that's part of the story - I mean, it's not been clearly stated if it was - and this leads to what we're revealing tonight, too), if there was a nuclear explosion and the smoke was black, it would say that something dry had caught fire. Okay?

ZS:  Yes.

Don:  And in the case of water, it would be a white plume, would it not?

ZS:  Steam, yes.

Don:  Yes, it would come out as steam. You would see white, white plumes of smoke coming out of the hole in the roof. And the images… I looked at the images of this - video images. And it reminded me of the phony shots that we saw of the Gulf of Mexico. Images are claimed to have been from a Japanese source, but it had that murky, creature from the black lagoon look to it. You couldn't see a lot of detail. But I didn't see any fuel rods in the image, if there were rods there. And you had commented that there were no rods. You feel they had been removed.

ZS:  Yeah… I was sent a picture taken by one of the helicopters - or maybe it was the hovering drone that was brought in - looking down on top… where the water had been drained out through a crack in the foundation, and they had tried keeping the level up as much as they could. They actually had helicopters from the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier dumping water very messily in and around, but not inside the building.

Don:  Yeah, we remarked that it was sort of spraying out of this helicopter as it flew.

ZS:  And that was supposedly light water, with no deuterium.

Don:  Was this heavy water that leaked out of the building? Or was this water that was leaking out after the foundation cracked and the tsunami, let's say, surged and entered the building? Do you know?

ZS:  Well, the containment water would be what they call lighter water; it would have had the deuterium, or heavy water, extracted from it, because deuterium acts as a moderator for neutrons, slowing it down and causing a sustained nuclear reaction. And if you had heavy water inside the cooling ponds, then you would not be able to cool it down. The heat would continue on being generated. And so, light water is very expensive stuff. It takes months and months to get even enough for a helicopter ride from the aircraft carrier.

Don:  Yeah, now Jim, if I can, we are going to be bouncing back and forth, because I want to give you both an opportunity to discuss this. Jim, your impressions on what ZS just said, because I think this is the first time you've heard him speak on these matters.

Jim:  Well, I think before we even get into that it's probably important to clarify something: I don't think most people are familiar with the layout of these plants. I used to work in a nuclear plant, and so to me it's easy to follow what the other gentleman is saying; but the word containment is actually used in two different ways, and I think that should be clarified. There is a dome, that is usually reinforced concrete - sometimes steel - that encases the building that has the reactor in it. And that's usually referred to as the containment dome. But then you've got the other place where the spent fuel rods are put to cool and to go through their half-life cycle. And that's sometimes referred to as a containment pond or a containment pool. And I just don't think that some of those casually listening would be able to make that distinction. I think we need to say which building is which, when we're talking about these things. That was my only observation. But other than that, yeah, I agree with what the gentleman said, and I can tell just by what he's saying that he understands the mechanisms involved, and the purpose for the heavy water and all this other technical stuff. So far everything is right on.

Don:  So, this is not pseudo-science, is what you're saying. This is the real deal. Now I congratulate you, ZS, on your take, because as we go further into this discussion, we are going to reveal some other facts, some of which I steadfastly held to, and then Jim was able to corroborate some more things to show that some of the other things that you said in this regard were also very accurate: that we've got confirmation from the Japanese, that they know what happened; they know what caused the tsunami. Before you jump in here, I just want to make a general statement, because I was alerted to this event and I was paying attention to what mainstream media was saying about it, because I just knew that it was something that I should listen to. And they were already predicting when the tsunami was going to hit. It was too scripted. They were giving schedules - it was going to be at Guam at this time; and then they described a few scattered islands in the Pacific; then they said Hawaii; then they said the West Coast. And they were predicting this, as if they knew the intensity of the tsunami instantly, but before any waves appeared. It was as though the reports came out, and they knew by design, which explains how the tsunami occurred - not as a result of the earthquake. And we're not going to get into the earthquake yet, okay? We can refer to it, but we're not going to get into what actually caused it, yet. But regarding the tsunami, your impressions - share that with the listeners, and then I'd like Jim to add the information that he found out in that regard.

ZS:  The tsunami came in 20 minutes after the 9.0 earthquake. And the distance offshore, to the trench where the earthquake was is about 80 miles. And the speed at which tsunamis travel is around 600 miles per hour. Do the math and it should be… 600 miles an hour in open ocean at 10,000 feet depth; but when it comes close to the shore it slows down a bit. And then as it gets right to shore it starts building up and forming the white cap crest - the breaker. The 9.0 - there was an 8-foot shift of Japan towards Asia, and with any changes in the topography of the ocean bottom (whether it's stretched out or lifted up or dropped) will cause a cavity into which water falls, then slops around and creates the seismic ocean wave. And since the earthquake came in 10 minutes later than that, the 9.0 did not cause the tsunami. It appears that the tsunami was caused by a 6.0 earthquake in the Japanese trench, at about 10,000 to 20,000-feet depth, about 10 minutes later. The seismogram on that earthquake shows an explosion under the water.

Don:  An underwater explosion. Okay, I'm going to stop you right there before we go into the math, or talk about what the probability of the tsunami being a certain intensity, and how fast it was going. Only someone who knew when it was going to begin - that whole process that you described - would be able to calculate the time, right?

ZS:  Right.

Don:  Okay now, Jim, share with the listening audience, first of all, any comment about what ZS said. I'd like you to talk about what you've learned, also, from the people in Japan, as to what they've determined was the cause of this tsunami.

Jim:  Well, there was a deep-sea drilling ship that was spotted off the coast of one of the islands, not too far from ground zero of the effect, and it has apparently been determined that they had drilled a mile-deep hole in that area. And it is now pretty clear that some type of explosive device - probably nuclear - was lowered into that shaft and ignited. And in my opinion, if that turns out to be the case - and they seem pretty confident that it is - that would certainly give plenty of impetus to create a tsunami in that region. And of course, if this whole thing was orchestrated - the tsunami, the earthquake, the blast at the building - then all these things would have to have been carefully choreographed, and that automatically suggests massive conspiracy. There isn't any way that you can call it natural; and there isn't any way that you can call it coincidental. It's a plan!

Don:  Yes, now I just want to comment. Think about the earthquake, folks. In other words, this explosion was timed to go off at a certain time, so somebody knew the earthquake was going to take place. That's all I want to say right there. ZS, do you want to comment a little?

ZS:  Well, the earthquake was on 3/11 and it was like the occultists who planned it were looking for the numbers that they wanted. And on the seismogram for the 9.0, you can see that up to about the initial event was an explosion up to 7 on the Richter scale. And then, that caused a tectonic slip along fracture zones. So they knew exactly where to place another explosion in order to cause a shift on the tectonic plates of built-up pressure, which was the 8-foot move of Japan towards Asia. And so they gave it a kick-start up to 7.0, and then a massive amount of energy came rolling off the next 5 to 10 minutes, causing shaking which was in Tokyo and all along the coast there in Miyagi Province, where that was an earthquake that wouldn't stop. And there was tectonic pressure, which they had located and knew how to release.

Don:  Uh-hmm. Now my understanding is - and my intuition tells me - that the tsunami, if we determine that it was an explosion, had a tremendous impact in its downward movement. Is it possible that the hole that Jim described was drilled in which to place that nuclear device, was not as deep as you say, but that the explosion actually caused the downward continuation of that path of the original hole?

ZS:  Well, they actually tried over the next month - the rest of March there was over 1200 earthquakes over 4 on the Richter scale, and many of them were in the 5 and 6 range. And the layout of the earthquakes along the whole 200-mile long coast, from about 20 miles out to over 100 miles out, that whole area was just peppered with artificial earthquakes - 80% of the earthquakes were artificial, mostly in the 4.7 to the 5.1 range, at specific depths of 10 kilometers, 35 kilometers, and some a little deeper. In talking before about that, it appears to be the earthquake machine of targeted energy that hits a certain frequency at a certain depth. For over 4 years, I've been tracking the 10-kilometer deep, or 6.2-mile deep earthquakes. Since 9 of these type of earthquakes happened in the Canadian archipelago right near where the north magnetic pole is - 4 years ago - and knowing the seismic action of the archipelago up there's almost nothing; and then you have 9 earthquakes 4.7 to 5.1, all at 10 kilometers deep, forming actually a square grid pattern, in an area off the slope of the archipelago. I knew it was truly artificial, and I suspected that they had drilled and put nukes down as far as they could. And my theory on that was that actually they were trying to go for deep oil, which they later did in the Gulf of Mexico.

Don:  Yeah, it's possible that the hole was widened maybe. Maybe it was deeper, but it was widened to put this weapon at a certain depth.

ZS:  Well… I'm not sure. I've never actually physically been near a nuke, but…

Don:  Oh really? I saw one last… [Chuckles]

ZS:  I don't have that expertise, other than watching the movies. But, Jim, could they put a cylindrical fission nuke, which at Hiroshima 20-megaton to 100-megaton bomb, down an 8-inch hole?

Jim:  Well, that's a good question. I could only stretch my imagination to give you the answer, but before I do that, I don't think that we're limited to 8-inch holes anymore. They've got even horizontal boring capabilities now that can put even much larger, up until maybe 12, 14, 18-inch holes down, and some of them are done deliberately for the sake of putting casements and all kinds of other stuff down. And of course, it's used primarily for the oil industry. And they've got these guided drills, that can actually go at an arc and can go at an angle - they're pretty sophisticated. So, I wouldn't say that we're necessarily limited to a 4- or an 8-inch hole. But let's assume for a moment that we are. People who spend all their spare time designing nuclear weapons could probably come up with the geometry of a long skinny bomb, if they wanted to. I mean, the material has to be there, and the trigger mechanism has to be there; and they don't necessarily need the same type of a yield. What I mean by yield would be the conversion efficiency from primary fissionable material into actual electromagnetic energy. The yield wouldn't have to be as high as it would be, for instance, if you were trying to demolish a city and wanted to get the effect, because everything is going to be magnified by the rock strata, and the containment of the hole, and the propagation of the vibrations through the tectonic plates. So, my guess would be if you've got billions of dollars at your disposal, and you're nuts to begin with, there's no reason why you couldn't make an investment in whatever type of explosive device would be necessary to achieve your objective.

Don:  Mm-hmm. Now I'd like to comment on something, because Jim said something that reminded me of another aspect of this. And this was just shortly before this event occurred - on one of my shows I revealed that I had discovered an underwater base - at the northern tip of Japan there's a strait that moves to the north of there, and if you go due east, maybe 200/250 miles or so (and I'm guesstimating the distance, because I didn't actually measure it or calculate what it might be. I suppose I could intuit it. I've done it before very accurately, within a 10th of a nautical mile - actually 210 of a nautical mile, on 2 occasions as far back as 1999. So I'm capable of doing it, is what I'm saying, but it's not necessarily the distance). But this could have been bored through access from this underground base, using the nuclear boring machine and creating a large tunnel that they could bring this device in on large equipment to the actual location; and then take precautions to seal it off so there's no back flash going back through the tunnel. Or if it is, it could be neutralized somehow. But this is an alien base - the underwater base. And we shouldn't discount the fact that that possibility is there. So what Jim just said fits hand-in-glove with that. I was suspicious of the fact that this base might have had something to do with it. When we get into the earthquake, it even gets further out there. [Chuckles] So, either of you like to comment on what I just said?

Jim:  Well, I don't know anything about that particular area, and to be honest with you, I don't have your gift of intuition when it comes to that sort of stuff. But I would kind of be suspicious of the nuclear-size boring machine, for one reason. That darn thing is so huge, that if they were using something like that, I think that Japan is riddled with seismic detectors, because it's a very active volcanic area. And I think a machine that big would probably set up some kind of a signature that could be detected by various seismic outposts. I think it would probably make more sense for them to use something smaller and more stealthy, if they were trying to pull this off without being caught.

Don:  Yeah. Well, they certainly could be doing it unseen, by accessing the location of where they place that explosive. And they could have done it in a way that it was very easy to prevent - some sort of back flash, I'm calling it - a backward or a sideways exposure of that explosive material, because it's going to create a big hole, too. It would be sufficiently far away that it may have had no consequences on the underwater base, too. Maybe they didn't have to do anything to worry about that. But the point I'm making is that when you said that, it reminded me of that. In fact, at the Google Earth location at the surface of the water, there is some device that is purported - there's a photograph of it, actually. When you locate this base, there are also some picture icons, and you click them and they're right above the location you are. If you don't change your longitude and latitude by moving the picture around, you see what's on the surface of the water. And there is a device that's either a seismic sensing machine, or it may be a combination of that and like a tsunami-warning machine, or a cyclonic alarm, if you will. I don't know what they use it for, but it happens to be on the surface right above that base. Would you like to comment, Jim? [Chuckles]

Jim:  Well, I'm kind of in the dark when it comes to that, to be real honest with you, but I would like to point out that even if all those things are exactly as you say, the most amazing thing is that this deep-drilling rig which is in the form of a ship, was actually seen and photographed; and as far as I know, they even have the name of the vessel. That's at least a very tangible and obvious component in all this. I really don't see how everything fits together. The only thing I can tell you is that regardless of how well-engineered it is, or was, it's certainly the work of madmen. That part's very obvious.

ZS:  Yeah, but how deep can the boring machine go? I know that around 7 miles seems to be a limit. The casing would just collapse back down, because the plasticity of the rock at that pressure - also, it's getting a bit warm down there. And would the nuclear boring machine, or any sort of boring machine, be able to create a sustainable hole at that depth, beyond 6 miles?

Don:  Well, keep in mind that there is an alien base down there - an underwater base. And if it's connected to that tunnel, it could have done some horizontal drilling, you see, to meet the vertical (the vertical hole that Jim said the Japanese have discovered).

ZS:  Okay.

Don:   You see? You know, I'm thinking outside the box, but that kind of explains. So, they could keep the temperature down, I think. And if you're going down at a slant with that machine, you should be able to go to any depth, as long as it doesn't crush the machine. You know, that's a huge piece of equipment, and they've been using it for years. And maybe they're using something else.

ZS:  Hm-mm. Yeah. Just how noisy those machines are, because you hear about the Kokomo Hum, and you hear about the Taos Hum, where they hear like diesel train type of noises constantly coming from the underground…

Don:  So, there's tunneling going on, you're saying?

ZS:  Yeah, or a lot of tunnel making. But it's definitely heard on the surface. Well, the people feel that the deep underground military bases are 2 miles to maybe up to a depth of about 3 or 4 miles, at the depths of these earthquakes and actually artificial explosions. Now we're talking from 6 to 20 miles deep. So that's where I'd be suspecting that they have a pulse - some sort of a beam weapon - which could be from space, or nearby, hitting some sort of strata with a very high-intensity microsecond blast in the nuclear range of energies.

Don:  Yeah. Now, I don't know enough about scalar weapons to tell you exactly what happened in that regard, but I can sense the timing of the weapon, and it's in the form of a pulse code, okay?

ZS:  Okay.

Don:  And it's scalar, and therefore it's difficult to direct the wave. But would it be a possibility, or had you had any impression on possible, let's say, receivers; whether those would be crystals or some technology that might pick up that signal from space, in other words, and act as receptacles for desired resonance frequencies and amplitudes - maybe amplify it.

ZS:  Well, one type of crystal that does happen at depth is Olivine, a very, very highly compacted silicate. And that might have the particular resonant frequencies that would accept the pulse and convert it to energy at that depth. When you're getting down to 20 miles, you're actually getting into the area where oil is being generated by the earth - abiotic oil - and it could be that the pulse is hitting oil pockets at that 20-mile depth, and causing thermal explosions from the oil.

Don:  Mm-hmm. Is it your understanding - whether it's scientific or intuitive - that that would travel as a standing wave at some point, with a particular resonant frequency?

ZS:  I just see just a whole bunch of energy hitting there. Those deep earthquakes have a pressure wave - P-wave type earthquake signal - and not too much of an S-wave, or the surface or lateral route; and so it's more of a pressure wave.

Don:  Okay. Now, my intuition tells me, and I've held to this. I've listened to others' explanations for what caused the quake, but I have the impression - and a strong impression - not just from a perspective of being somewhere within the earth's atmosphere looking down, but past the ionosphere out in space, where I could see the general area from where this came from. And this has been corroborated on several fronts, that there were weapons being used from space. And there are ways to track that and measure it, and document it by observing data that had been collected. It's not as though this was an event being watched and monitored, as if someone knew what was going to happen, but because the infrastructure was in place to monitor all happenings; that it was able to be retraced / reviewed, okay? (In the sense of looking at the time this happened and what certain readings would have been.) Without going into technology or anything, I would presume that you're talking about an unimaginable amount of computing power. [Chuckles]

ZS:  Yes.

Don:  Lots of data being collected, and in ways that we haven't thought of collecting this data, yet. Maybe wishing, but not developed. Go ahead.

ZS:  Yeah. Well the Department of Energy has been purchasing super computers for 30/40 years. Of course, the 30-year-old super computers are laptops now. I remember reading newspaper reports where they were going to map out the whole stratigraphy under the United States, using a super computer, and bore holes for oil samples, plus seismic soundings, plus all of the studies which have happened regarding reading stratigraphy through looking at earthquakes themselves.

So they probably have 30 years of super computer technology for maybe how the ground lies up to 50 miles deep worldwide now. Maybe… I believe that they are plotting right to the core into the interior of the earth, and seeing the topography at the core / mantle interface, which they say is surprisingly a very stiff sphere inside at about 4,000 miles depth. So you're right about computing power. They've probably got gangs of super computers figuring out what's happening down there; and also, they're probably also figuring out how to create a standing wave through simultaneous earthquakes in a cluster or a sequence, creating explosions on the standing waves, as you were saying, and causing the earth to ring like a bell. And so, that would take a tremendous amount of computing power to see the seismic pattern of the standing waves worldwide inside the crust - inside the mantle. But then you get into this Dr. Strangelove sort of stupidity of trying to trigger every single earthquake in the world - a Dr. Doomsday weapon, trying to release every bit of tectonic pressure everywhere all at once. And considering that gives me a headache. It's just so psychopathic, it's hard to imagine why they would want to do that. But I'm also absolutely amazed that in the time period during the two days before the March 11th earthquake, 9.0, and up to today, there's still artificial earthquakes going off, off the coast of Japan - not as regularly as they were for the first month - which was almost like clockwork every 10 minutes or so. And I believe 800 of them were artificial.

Don:  Mm-hmm. Yeah. Jim, I want to give you the opportunity to comment on what we've been saying here. But before I do, I want to just let you know - and this is for the listeners out there, too (whether they're wearing white hats or black hats) - that I can hear the tempo - the pulse - and the speed of the pulse. And if you could hear this energy as a sound, it would be like "fwoom, fwoom, fwoom, fwoom, fwoom" in just bursts like that - short, but very compressed bursts of energy. And I see it expanding into standing waves as it hits the earth in this; it moves deeper into the earth. So Jim, would you like to comment on anything that you haven't in regard to what we've been saying over the past couple of minutes or so?

Jim:  Well, the one thing that had resonance with me was your remark…you know, you're not sure why they're doing this. If these people are as psychopathic as I suspect that they are, and if they really have a concern that they might be losing control of their empire - you know, the attitude has always been: If I can't have it, nobody else is going to have it. And there's an enormous amount of information (and there has been for quite some time) about the fact that there are polar shifts that occur from time to time. And nobody knows exactly what sets them off; there's a lot of different theories about it, including the centrifugal force differentials that are caused by the ice packs at the poles, and this type of thing.

But apparently under certain conditions, there's a lubricating effect that occurs between the crust and the mantle; and if there's enough force involved, the crust can slip. And this, of course, rearranges the position of the outer shell of the earth, without necessarily interfering with the main mass of the planet. But the reason I bring that up is because if the slip is large enough - let's say, it was a full 90 degrees, you would have just astronomical destruction, and it would be worldwide; it wouldn't even be local. And you're talking about, for instance, tsunamis that could easily be 3 and 4 miles high; and winds accompanying these water displacements would be in the neighborhood of 1500 miles an hour.

And you know, it's this type of thing that had occurred around the close of the last ice age. And these high winds and all this water displacement; and the relocation of the tectonic plates and stuff like that; and the earth's crust slips has also been linked to the extermination of untold thousands of animals that were once living altogether on the earth in the late millennia epoch 00:58:30.

Well, I must put it this way: There's just not enough to want to induce something like this, because it would certainly get rid of the so-called surplus population. But the irony of it is, even if they are down under the earth in these tunnels that they've created and these subterranean cities, I don't think that their own probability of survival is too high, because a slip like that - the one thing that they may not be counting on, is the fact that the equatorial bulge of the earth has to be contended with. And if the crust slips in such a way that it moves across the equatorial bulge, all our land mass will just be absolutely chopped to pieces in the process. And you know, this is one of the things that caused the Great Africa Rift. It's one of the things that caused the Grand Canyon and other enormous topological scarring in various parts of the planet. And even if they do survive, they're going to come out to a very bleak and very different world.

Don:  Mm-hmm.

But my point was, not to question why they're doing it, because I don't think that they necessarily understand their own cravings. If they're truly nuts, they're just nuts! But that could be one of the reasons why they've got such a repetitive pattern of blasts going on - to get this one layer to the point where there is significant slippage. The irony of it is, that there would still have to be a very large tangential force available to cause the actual impetus to twist. And I can easily see that the polar caps, particularly the one in Antarctica, because that's definitely anchored to a continent as opposed to being a floating mass of ice, would have significant bearing on this process under normal conditions. But, the so-called warming of the planet and the melting of the ice caps may actually wind up being a preventive measure in that respect. [Chuckles from ZS]

Don: Yeah. Now coincidently, there's knowledge that there's an underground base in Antarctica. So there again, we have this anomaly of an underground or underwater base, alright? That has garnered a lot of interest lately. We know this is occurring, and I think we've talked about this on several shows, too. Even you and I, Jim, have done shows on Commander Perry, or I mean, Byrd - Admiral Byrd. Excuse me - I misspoke. Commander Perry is another whole other issue. [Chuckles from Don & ZS]

But let me pose a question to both of you, and you can give either a scientific or an intuitive / metaphysical response to this. Assuming that I am correct and all the data really has been discovered that there was a pulse beam, or a scalar pulse, or scalar weapon used to initiate all of these phenomenon that result in an earthquake, and let's say, one or more craft involved in a synchronous process orchestrated in a timing sequence - you know, you could do this off of one computer, or you could have synchronized clocks and just automatically initiate the process, that it all happens at the rate it must happen (or is designed to happen) - which could also be intentionally out of sequence, but at timed intervals between each ship firing the weapon; and since by its very nature, scalar weapons or scalar energy is a measurable quantity of energy that has magnitude, but it lacks direction; is it possible that this was fired through a natural vortex that exists as a means of maybe accelerating it, or giving it direction? Would either of you like to comment on it?

Jim:  I'll take a crack at that, because I know a little bit about scalar technology. But actually, in order for scalar waves to really produce a large result, it really takes more than one. And they have to be at orthogonal angles, or at least at some severe angle. The Russians played with this idea back in the 60's, and what they were endeavoring to do is to have two transmitters that would be able to transmit waves using great arcs of the earth, and where these two waves intersected the energy would be released thermonuclearly, but not as a result of an actual bomb. So it would just simply be that the two scalar streams suddenly interacted and released their latent energy at that location, which is very interesting, because that is the same effect as a thermonuclear weapon, except there's no delivery system, so to speak.

So if these things were coming down from space, let's say, radially with respect to the surface of the earth, in order to do the most damage there would have to be a transverse wave somehow coming to intersect at that same location, and that would be following the contour of the planet as opposed to being radially disposed. So that would be something worth investigating, if there was any way to do it. Find out if there was a secondary transmission sight somewhere in the vicinity that could have contributed to this.

Don:  Yeah. Well, I know there was more than one craft, which was why I proposed that this was either done totally in 100% synchronization, or possibly to give a more chaotic effect to the whole thing. Maybe they were firing in a sequence, but not in synch with each other; in other words, in synch with the clock. Okay?

Jim:  Well, I understand what you're saying, but I'm trying to get the point across is that unless their scalar technology is completely different from what we know, there needs to be a second beam that is actually originating on the surface of the planet and intersecting the down-coming beam.

Don:  Okay.

Jim:  And so you would have like one beam coming across the circumference of the planet, and the other one coming down radially. That would be… go ahead.

Don:  Could it be possible… I'm not necessarily implying that all three craft are side by side, you know; that they could be on the opposite side producing that counterweight that you're talking about - that transverse wave.

Jim:  Well, yeah, I mean, anything is possible. What this really all seems to be pointing to, is the fact that in order for this to have happened at the magnitude and intensity that we're talking about, somebody off earth is involved. And I think that that's where this whole conversation seems to be leading.

Don:  Yes. Well, of course. I'm not saying it was one of our craft. In fact, I say that it's not. And that was my initial impression on this. I have to give ZS credit for a lot of what he said. I looked at what caused the earthquake first, and I stayed focused on that for quite some time. And he was already looking at the nuclear aspects of this, you see? And he was very accurate. What you brought forth on the show tonight, Jim, corroborates what ZS has said. So, we've got it from a metaphysical source, and we've got it from the people on the ground that are saying, "We've discovered plutonium within the reactor site." And plutonium is not used for manufacturing or producing nuclear power. So, there's an anomaly there, and what ZS said about that right out the gate from the beginning was 100% accurate.

Well, I have a question, and then ZS, maybe you would like to jump in. As far as you know, Jim, has there been any adverse effect on the population because of the plutonium? Have they had to take any special precautions in regard to what they've discovered?

Jim: I'm not sure if anything specific was done on account of plutonium - because as you know, it's extraordinarily poisonous - but from what I understand, almost every citizen in every major city is doing two things: they had bought up all the Geiger counters available in the world, literally, [Chuckles] and everybody has one; and in addition to that, they're all wearing face masks and filters, and stuff like that. But God bless the Japanese; I mean, despite the problem they're just going on with their everyday lives. So, according to what I was told, women who are going shopping are wearing these filtration masks and they have a Geiger counter in their purse, and whatever they intend to buy, they take readings of the vegetables and stuff like that, before they purchase them. [Chuckles]

Don:  Well, gentlemen, I want to give you both a chance to make a closing comment, but before we do this I want to give you the opportunity to gather your thoughts. And I want to preface this: I'm going to play a song - if you can't tell - to give us that opportunity.

The information that came out tonight, you know, we're not asking anyone to believe us. If you do the type of research, from really a multi-dimensional perspective, we go by our intuition and we trust that God directs us to understand these things, whether it's from a metaphysical or a scientific perspective. Jim is a very spiritual person, and he understands scientifically what he's saying spiritually. And likewise, he understands the opposite methodology, as well. He can approach science from a metaphysical perspective, and combine the two. And that's really understanding the true nature of God.

And we can look at this event, and the timing, and all of the things that led up to this; and the evidence shows that it's not what they told us - period. What has occurred has not been what they told us, other than that there were many earthquakes, and there was a tsunami. They even put out a second tsunami warning at one point. But my understanding was nothing happened. That was just to put more fear out there. And they put the fear of radiation, but they're not telling us the nature of the radiation; if the plutonium is traveling eastward, and has reached Canada and the U.S. and at least Central America. It depends on what is really going on there - the obfuscation of the chemtrails and all that.

So, we're adding information here that you haven't heard, but it corroborates with what we told you over the past month-and-a-half, on a series of shows that I did with Ken Adachi and ZS Livingstone, or just ZS, or just Jim Murray. We've all talked about this numerous times. And we said we were going to find the truth in this. You have to accept that this is a reality.

It all connects to space every time, folks. I've been saying that for some time. And my guests agree; these trails all lead to what's going on in other parts of our solar system and across the galaxy. And I said on the show last night, that it's like a freeway up there. It's like the German Autobahn, or the center of Milan, Italy, during rush hour. The traffic is enormous and the battles that are going on there. And there are those here who are doing what they can to put an end to all of this madness. But you've got this struggle for Planet Earth going on. And Japan is a very desirable area, and it does have an underwater base, off the northern tip of Japan, due east several hundred miles east of there. It's just too coincidental, and the scientific information that Jim brought forth tonight even corroborates other things that are going on, and could be used in conjunction, or could have been affected by what has happened.

So, gentlemen, I don't mean to sound so long-winded. You've brought forth most of the information tonight. I want to give you both the opportunity to make a closing comment, after we consider Otis Redding's thoughts before the tsunami and the earthquake hit.        

Don:  Otis Redding said it many years ago. It's amazing how that song fits this story. You can picture a tsunami. He's naming the mileage and just describing the scenery. He's into the moment. And that's what we get into when we see these things, from a metaphysical perspective, certainly.

Gentlemen, would you care to comment with the audience your closing remarks? Just to make it easy, ZS, would you like to start off?

ZS:  If I was on the dock of the bay and suddenly the water retreated rapidly, I would be moving as fast as I could to higher ground. [Chuckles] I would not be watching what was coming in next…

Don:  Mm-hmm. Yeah. He said, "Looks like nothing's going to change" you know?

ZS:  Okay.

Don:  The waves were only a foot-and-a-half on the west coast of the United States and Canada, from what I was told.

ZS:  Yeah. Yeah.

Don:  So it wasn't this predicted wall of water that was going to come in here. They didn't get the effect they wanted. But go ahead. I didn't mean to interrupt - I just wanted to comment on that.

ZS:  So going to your idea of energy being star-gated from light years out on other star systems, the math on it would be incredible. You'd have to have multiple portals to get the angles proper from the different points of the planet. And you'd have to calculate the time distortions through hyperspace or whatever medium you're going to call it. But of course, they are able to jump from other star systems in a split second to here. They would have that type of technology. So, you're picking up intuitively that it's coming from what, 10 or 15 light years out?

Don:  Well, there's that possibility. Certainly, the people are from 10, let's say, 10 light years out.

ZS:  Okay.

Don:  Now, they could be anywhere from that point up to, let's say, outside of our ionosphere.

ZS:  Right. Yeah, I tried looking at orbiting craft. I tried looking at the moon. I tried looking at other systems. And when you consider the rotation of the earth, you either had to have the craft inside the atmosphere, let's say, at the ionosphere level, or at geosynchronous levels to have that continuous barrage of energy beams every ten minutes like clockwork.

Don:  Yeah, because you were saying it would take the shape of the ionosphere, and probably be dispersed before it got to the depth they wanted, right?

ZS:  Yeah, right. It would have to be inside the atmosphere to have some of the more intense scalar effects.

Don:  Okay. Alright. Anything else you'd like to add before we have Jim make his closing remarks?

ZS:  Yeah. I was trying to read It just turns my stomach now the amount of fear that's being generated on that website. It's not in the regular media - they're not talking about it - but a lot of people are going to to get a fix on fear.

Don:  Mm-hmm.

ZS:  They have to get their adrenalin rush today. And the science there is very questionable. They're saying, the possible meltdown. If you had a meltdown, you'd have a steam plume coming up from deep in the earth, which would look like Old Faithful Geyser on continuously - a white plume of steam, which would be highly radioactive. You wouldn't want to be anywhere near that site. And that's not what we're seeing at Fukushima. It's just they'll see a little puff of smoke or steam from something and say, "Oh, that's a meltdown!" But in a real meltdown you're having tens of tons of fuel coagulating into one molten ball somewhere in the water table you'd have steam and smoke. And that's not happening. And people are working in and around the plant, cleaning up the roads in paper suits with a breathing apparatus. So they're not getting the hard radiation at all. They're not getting high quantities of radiation. The place is being cleaned up.

Don:  Mm-hmm. I have to comment, and I have to again congratulate you on the tremendous amount of attention you put on this, and the work and the truth that you brought forward, because this all connects. It really does. It makes sense that what the Japanese have disclosed to their people, and has been kept from the rest of the world, is in line with what we have been saying, and what caused this. The timing folks is just off the charts: 3/11 on 3/11? That's an Illuminati formula; that's a Secret Society Masonic formula. So you know, Satanic. And so from a metaphysical standpoint, the numerology even has their signature on it.

Jim, your closing remarks before we say, "Good evening."

Jim:  Well, strangely enough, The Dock of the Bay happened to be one of my favorite songs from that time period. And the irony of it is that every time I hear it I think of more serene things. I think of the days I spent while I was going to college, working on the waterfront in New Jersey. And many a time I ate my lunch sitting on the edge of the dock watching the ships maneuvering in the harbor. So I really don't want to make a mental association between that song and the horror story that we're talking about. Allow me a few shreds of pleasurable memories to fall back on here.

But as far as the main content of the information that was disclosed this evening, I think there is enough information already out there - not only from us, but from numerous sources - that if people really want to get a fear fix, all they have to do is start thinking about what these madmen are trying to do, and come to the realization that we're the only ones who can stop them. The only difference between making that statement and actually taking action is the realization that if good people do nothing, evil always prospers. And if we want to sit around and wait and see what they've got in store, I can only assure you it's going to be something even worse. So, I think everybody should start to consider how the human race can work as a unit to rid ourselves of these insane monsters that call themselves The Elite.

Don:  Yes. Well said. Jim, I want to thank you and congratulate you on your efforts with your enormously busy schedule that you maintain, that you were able to follow through as we promised. And we will continue to bring forth information as it comes to us. But this is certainly the opposite of what we have been told. And we've talked about this on past shows. Again, I want to congratulate both of you for the amount of work and personal effort and sacrifice that you have put into viewing this, and considering from both a metaphysical and scientific perspective what had occurred. And investigative, as well, because there's a lot of that that went on. And I thank you both.

I want to encourage you ladies and gentlemen out there listening in Radio Land, that you should go to Ken Adachi's website: and on the second line, fourth link from the left - or is it the fourth line?

ZS:  Fourth line.

Don:  Fourth line, okay. Is it the second link from the left?

ZS:  No. It's right in the middle.

Don:  Okay. But I think it's a little bit on the left side, fourth line down. The page links that are at the top of Ken's site on every page, you can click on ZS Livingstone and read his essays, because he's put this in writing. He's documented this. He's brought it to us in real time tonight in the context of all this new information that has come out, and he's with us because his research and his discoveries are corroborating the information that we've gotten from the people on the ground in Japan. And these aren't people who are just out there twiddling their thumbs. They're people in the know, paying attention to what's going on.

So I congratulate and thank you both for your contribution to Evident Footprints tonight, and may we all agree that we should be still praying for the people of Japan, for their healing from this catastrophe that was intentionally created from a multiplicity of fronts; and that we pray for their peace, as well. And for those who were lost, the families who have lost loved ones, due to what amounts to nothing more than extortion, blackmail, and sabotage leading to mass murder.

Gentlemen, I want to say "goodnight" and wish you both a very pleasant weekend. You are permitted to respond [Chuckles] if you care to.

Jim:  Well, okay, I thank you. I thought that the young gentleman was going to go first, but that's okay. So, thank you for your good wishes, and you have a good weekend, too. And hopefully, next week we can continue on with the revelation of more important facts.

Don:  Okay. Well, you are my co-host, so ZS is our guest tonight, that's why I let him go first. So, ZS, again I wish you a great weekend, and I want to say, "Thank you".

ZS:  Okay. I sure wish to explore this deeper. There are other angles to look at metaphysically, but it wasn't appropriate to go into those tonight. Maybe another time we'll go into them, and other metaphysical actions, as well.

Don:  Yes. Okay, very good. Well, folks, that wraps it up. You've been listening to Evident Footprints on and tonight's guests: Jim Murray, scientist/inventor who is my co-host, and Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone. You can read ZS's work at I encourage you to do that. Very interesting stuff there. Special thanks to Windtalkers Radio Network for broadcasting Evident Footprints. We're at BBS Radio tonight and we had Seth Hendrick on the sound. I'd like to thank Don and Doug Newsome for making Evident Footprints possible, and most of all "you" the listening audience for tuning in. Join me next Monday night for another episode of Evident Footprints. In the meantime, I wish everyone a night filled with peace, love and light, and have a good night.

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