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Transcript: ZS Livingstone & Don Nicoloff Dismantle the Japan "Radiation" Apprehension Psy-ops, April 14, 2011, on BBS Radio
Transcript of April 14, 2011 Evident Footprints Radio Interview
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Posted April 22, 2011

Transcript: ZS Livingstone & Don Nicoloff Dismantle the Japan "Radiation" Apprehension Psy-ops, April 14, 2011

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April 14, 2011 - 10:00-11:30 pm, BBS Radio, Evident Footprints Radio Show with Don Nicoloff

Participants:  Don Nicoloff (host) and ZS Livingstone (ZSL)

[Introduction to the show]

Don Nicoloff:  Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Evident Footprints on I'm your host, Don Nicoloff, and I'll be with you for the next hour on this April the 14th on the west coast; now April the 15th on the east coast and in the Central Time Zone. And we'd also like to welcome those listening in on Wind Talkers Radio Network around the world. And we hope, in light of some of the topics we're going to bring forth, that you find tonight's show both informative and possibly even relieving, because there's certainly a lot of disinformation out there.

We began the disinformation campaign, as I recall, sometime in 2007, when we had an individual, who was not an American citizen, announce that his candidacy for the U.S. Presidency, and still we haven't seen any documentation. In fact, after all this time, certainly the word is out there; certainly the mainstream media has heard it, but they're programmed, probably more than the general public for that matter, because we talk about it and they will not, for fear of losing their multi-million-dollar contracts to lie to us. They get paid millions just to lie. Think about that. And I was thinking this evening what it must be like to be the President of the United States and to really be a puppet, to have sort of a Napoleon complex of sorts; you're the ruler of the world; you can be corrupt and no one can do anything about it. And I contemplated, "Has anyone ever written a song that would fit such a character?" And believe it or not, back in 1970, The Spinners did, and this is what they had to say - sort of prophetic, actually…  [MUSICAL INTERLUDE]

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is a shame. It's a Shame - The Spinners, from 1970. And that was the teleprompter remix [CHUCKLES] in the year 2011. I hope that brought back some good memories for ya. I love The Spinners music, and that song just popped up into my head and I said, "Yeah, that describes what's going on in the United States of America. It describes what's going on in Washington, D.C., and pretty much in the financial community around the world." And that has everything to do with all the false flag events going on - all the dictatorial overthrows that we're witnessing right now, as they try to get their New World Order in order in the Middle East. And then we have the issues of the earthquakes, tsunamis and destruction in various parts of the planet, not just in Japan.

Tonight's guest has been studying this for some years; written about it. His work is featured on Ken Adachi's website at He is an essayist, an intuitive, a metaphysician, and a thinker. He's a truth-seeker, and he does find the truth. He's becoming a regular here on Evident Footprints, all the way from Canada, my good friend, Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone. ZS, welcome to the show. How are ya?

ZSL:  It's great to be here.

Don Nicoloff:  Okay, now I'm gonna make sure you speak up here, because we want everybody to hear every word you have to say.

ZSL:  Okay.

Don Nicoloff:  So make sure you speak up. [CHUCKLES]

ZSL:  Okay!

Don Nicoloff:  You wrote a piece within the last couple of days about Japan, and we're getting mixed messages from everywhere, even from Japan, I have to say. There's some videos out that are showing some of the devastation of the tsunami. And then we're seeing people leaving areas in the neighborhood of the nuclear power plant - there's too much radiation around there. What's your take on what's going on, ZS, if you don't mind summarizing it?

ZSL:  Okay. Well, right from the very start we knew that it was a false flag - that the explosion at the 4 reactors, especially at number 3, when the mushroom cloud arose over the top of it, I immediately knew that that was a tactical nuke or a suitcase nuke, not a hydrogen explosion. So, I was continually looking at pictures of the explosion, and seeing all this twisted metal, the roof blown off. And they're talking about keeping the water levels high in the holding tanks for the fuel rods that are withdrawn from the reactor.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  And the fuel rods were supposedly, automatically all withdrawn from the reactor at the time of the 9.0 earthquake on March 11th, and would have been drawn into the holding tank, or pulled up into the holding tank and cooled down there. And it takes about over a week; maybe 2 weeks for it to cool down, as the fission products of cerium and iodine are intermittent steps in the heat process of the breakdown of the uranium. So, we're getting all this information about they're having to keep the water levels high, or else the zirconium alloy tubes would melt, and then you have a meltdown. And they're saying that it looks like the tubes are melting down and they'll be problems.

Last week I saw a picture, probably taken by a helicopter looking through the gap in the roof, directly into that holding tank where there's no water.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  The water had long since disappeared, because there was a crack in the foundations, and it was going down into the earth and possibly into the sea. And they kept putting water in there, and they were actually putting seawater in there to cool the rods. But then, looking down and seeing this crane (with the explosion) had crashed down on top of the - what they call - the cans - it's actually a square grid rack. And I looked at the rack, and there were no fuel rods.

Don Nicoloff:  Humph.

ZSL:  The place where the fuel rods were supposed to be and where often, especially in American reactors where they have old fuel rods in storage for years after the useful lifetime of uranium has gone, would be layers upon layers of these thin, 1 to 2-inch diameter rods, up to 20 feet long (depending on the size of your reactor) hanging from that grid. It wasn't there.

Don Nicoloff:  Okay. Now, let's back up for a minute. You described seeing twisted metal. Now, was that the metal of the roof itself?

ZSL:  Yeah, it was metal of the roof. The support gantries for the crane, which would be on rails on the ceiling there - they would move back and forth like a crane in a steel mill - which would lift girders up, and then hold them from one side of the plant to another side of the plant. That crane would have full access for the whole tank - the whole grid.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Now the crane was outside then, you're saying?

ZSL:  No. It was in near the roof…

Don Nicoloff:  Near the roof. Okay.

ZSL:  …on the inside of the containment building.

Don Nicoloff:  Okay. So you had a clear view of missing fuel rods, is what you're saying.

ZSL:  Right. And if the fuel rods had stayed in the reactor and the electricity had gone out - [CHUCKLES] well, it's an impossible situation - you would have had a meltdown: no water in the core…

Don Nicoloff:  In the reactor core, you're saying.

ZSL:  In the reactor core, or no water in the storage core.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  The heat would have built up in a matter of days and the tubes would have turned into spaghetti - like cooked spaghetti melting together into a mass. If they were in the racks, they would have melted to the racks. The racks were not melted. They were pretty well intact; even in spite of explosion, they're very strong.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. And the earthquake, or earthquakes. Yeah.

ZSL:  And the earthquake. Yeah. It was shaking for like 10 minutes. And the building was intact after the 9.0 earthquake. Maybe the foundations were cracked, but the grid was pretty well there. Then the explosion fragmented the roof and blew the crane down upon the racks and the cans.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Yeah. I looked at few photographs of the sight from a distance - photographed from a distance. I was close to the photograph, but [CHUCKLES] you know. I looked at what was a long shot of the whole facility. And it appeared to me that you could take that photograph, and put that on a postcard and send it to somebody, and they wouldn't think anything of it. [CHUCKLES] You know, you couldn’t see a lot of damage from the front end of the building.

ZSL:  Yeah.

Don Nicoloff:  So, I concur with you on that. Now I think, on one or two of our past shows, where you and I and Ken Adachi spoke about this, we talked about the fact that there were news reports that they were bringing light water into the area, so that they could hand that over to the Japanese, and they were going to add that to the reactor core to prevent a meltdown.

ZSL:  Mm-hmm. And that was coming from The Ronald Reagan?

Don Nicoloff:  [CHUCKLES] Well, CNN, Fox, you know, the mainstream, Fair and Balanced networks out there. [CHUCKLES] What I found interesting is that, after they said that, you had this impression in your mind that they were going to be shipping water, possibly in containers. And what we saw, when the images actually were shown of this event, was the helicopter. And I referred to that - that it was dropping water, and it was spraying all over the place - sort of like when they drop water on a wildfire in southern California. It looked just like that. And it wasn't a real large helicopter, either. So, whatever was going on, I thought was probably just for visual effect. I don't know if you saw that, or how that even resonates with you.

ZSL:  I think I saw that picture, and I saw that they missed the building by half the water.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  And there's a possibility that that water did come from the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan. And it was light water, but it came from their reactors and was radioactive.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  What they call light water is regular water - H2O - purified, so it's very, very clear. And what they call heavy water is deuterium water. And in Canada here our nuclear reactors are called heavy water reactors. If you put heavy water into storage tanks it would become a neutron-slowing medium and would cause a nuclear chain reaction to happen inside the holding tank. In the General Electric and most American reactors, the moderating unit is carbon blocks. And the carbon blocks slows the neutrons to allow the fission reaction to go ahead in creating a sustainable chain reaction creating a sustainable release of energy.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Now you mentioned The Ronald Reagan. Do you think that they routinely carry light water around with them?

ZSL:  Well, they'd have to for their nuclear reactors, but they wouldn't have a huge amount like that huge tank there. They'd have to have their own storage facilities for their spent rods when they're pulled out of the reactor core. And they'd have to have a light water source there, plus extra tanks of light water - purified water.

Don Nicoloff:  Well, it just seems awful suspicious, to me, that this would have been so easy for them to do. They seemed to have arrived there rather quickly.

ZSL:  Yeah, on hand.

Don Nicoloff:  When they want to start a war, like they did the first Gulf War, it took a month to get all the ships in place, and start the whole plan into motion. And here you have this supposedly, or allegedly, natural event (as they would like us to believe), and there's a ship right there ready to help out. Now, I'm not saying that that couldn't happen accidently, or coincidentally, but it seems very scripted to me.

ZSL:  The ship would normally be based at Okinawa and south.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  It wouldn't be up on that coast very often.

Don Nicoloff:  Yeah. I wonder if they could even get there that fast. It seems like it was the next day, didn't it?

ZSL:  Well, they say the aircraft carriers can outrace their destroyer escorts, if they really wanted to get up to over 40 knots. So, if they really wanted to get there fast without the armada around them; they usually travel in convoy with the destroyer escorts in aegis class.

Don Nicoloff:  Well, would they easily leave their escorts behind?

ZSL:  Oh, easy. They'd just…

Don Nicoloff:  No, what I'm saying is that: Is it an easy decision to make?

ZSL:   It wouldn't be policy. It wouldn't be a good decision to make.

Don Nicoloff:  Okay. So that's probably unlikely.

ZSL:  Yeah.

Don Nicoloff:  So, you know, they were pretty much in the proximity of the event, it seems.

ZSL:  Yeah.

Don Nicoloff:  Much like some other false flag events that have occurred within the last year out at sea. And I'm speaking about the Gulf of Mexico.

ZSL:  Yes… all there. 00:20:57

Don Nicoloff:  Yeah. Well, I got to see a video. And I have to tell you, it's difficult to watch, but I watched a Japanese video - some 5 minutes or so - of the tsunami coming in, and from a distance all you could see in the beginning of the video was a brownish spray that was hovering in the air. And it seemed to be rising higher and higher, and then slowly you could see the waves creeping in. And it was kind of eerie, because it was as though people had no idea this was coming. It was actually a bus driving through an overpass tunnel, and it was moving quickly. I don't know if they were going to gain an access road and swing around, then start heading up to higher ground. It was being filmed from a higher vantage point. And then with only maybe 15 seconds left, some people came out of a few houses there, and were just casually walking up the hill as the waves were racing in to basically swallow them up. A few people were swept into the rushing seas, and some were rescued and made it to higher ground. But I don't even…

ZSL:  Mm-hmm. Well, Japanese are trained on tsunami avoidance, and from kindergarten on they're told to go to higher ground. And especially on the coastal areas they would have their safe areas several hundred feet higher than sea level.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  But what's strange about this tsunami is it came in 20 minutes after the end of the 9.0 earthquake, supposedly from an area about 80 miles off shore.

Don Nicoloff:  Now, what is significant about that? I kind of know what you're going to say, but I'd like to tell the audience.

ZSL:  What's significant is that seismic ocean waves, or tsunamis, travel at 600 miles per hour in deep water. They're slower towards the shallow waters. And that means that the actual time from 80 miles out would be less than 10 minutes. Therefore, they were probably thinking at 10 minutes after the earthquake, they were all clear; so, they were just walking around; driving around in the buses, returning back to the shore or back to their homes. And it's very likely that the 9.0 did not cause the tsunami, but one of the smaller earthquakes, that followed like clockwork 10 minutes later, then another 10 minutes, then another 10 minutes, the artificial earthquakes around 6 on the Richter scale - one of them was probably a hydrogen bomb in a bathysphere in a subduction trench 80 miles off shore at 10-15,000 feet under water. It's similar to the scenario that Joe Vialls writes about on the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 26, 2004. And he says that was an H-bomb in a bathysphere, a bomb in the trench off the coast of Sumatra.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  And it created a steam bubble. The actual/initial reading on the Indonesian seismic was something like a 5.8, which would be what we'd expect for an explosion in water. Of course, the heat would flash the ocean water with steam - create a huge bubble - which would force all the water out in all directions. And the bubble would rise possibly breaking the surface 20,000 feet in the Sumatra... They had to explode it really deep in order to prevent the bubble from appearing at ocean level. But it would have caused the tsunami.

Don Nicoloff:  As opposed to, let's say, an explosive impression that one could see at the top of the water, where the water sort of sprays out.

ZSL:  Yeah. Where you would see the explosion on the surface of the water… And you said it clearly.

Don Nicoloff:  So, you're implying then that there was likely an explosion that occurred.

ZSL:  Yes.

Don Nicoloff:  Now, what it was that exploded could possibly be debated.

ZSL:  Right. I don't expect they have a million tons of TNT at the bottom of the ocean. It would take a lot of aircraft carriers to deposit.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Would it be possible from space that a weapon was directed in that area to cause the same effect? Let's say, if it was some sort of a penetrating beam.

ZSL:  From 4 years of looking at seismograms, they've been firing phase space beams like clockwork, especially on that coast there. It looks like the pattern, which they created all along that coast; 800 earthquakes between 4.7 and 5.5 on the Richter scale. None of them caused tsunamis. And most of them were causing earthquakes at 10 kilometers and 35 kilometers. And there's no changes in the ocean floor. The 9.0 looked like it started off to be - it was an artificial earthquake up to 7 on the Richter scale, but then that artificial earthquake triggered a natural earthquake of pent up tectonic pressure, creating the 10-minute-long 9.0 earthquake. So, it was an artificial earthquake that created a shift in moving the whole island of Japan 8 miles towards Asia - or 8 feet towards Asia - sorry.

Don Nicoloff:  Eight miles?

ZSL: If it had moved it 8 miles, we wouldn't be here right now. And North America would have been swept in a thousand foot tsunami.

Don Nicoloff:  Well, 8 feet's a lot, too.

ZSL:  Yeah. But 8 feet is not enough ocean displacement to cause a 30-foot tsunami. You have to have either rise or fall or shifting of the ocean floor physically, if you would create an 8-foot wave.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Well, if I were to ponder what might be able to do that, it would have to be - or it could be - let's say, like a plasma beam weapon firing very rapidly.

ZSL:  The plasma - it would have to be very hot. And it'd have to get deep into the ocean in order to create the steam bubble.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  Now, of course, you'd be in the H-bomb energy range: billions of tons of TNT all in a microsecond. So, if you have some sort of craft that can emit that sort of energy, that's possible.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Now…

ZSL:  Of course, that's way beyond our technology, according to what we're taught in universities.

Don Nicoloff:  Yeah. Well, it's quite possible it is within the realm of our technology, but then you again have to ask that question that we've asked so many times the last couple of weeks, "Why Japan?" And really the answer to that makes a lot of sense, if you consider what's going on out in space. And I find this… and I don't necessarily intend to drift away from this topic; I want to come back to it, but I find it rather interesting that the more we bring it up, the more they bring up things that were out 30 and 40 years ago, as if they're re-educating us about the fiction of life out there in the universe, [CHUCKLES] if you get my meaning.

ZSL:  Yeah.

Don Nicoloff:  So, it's looking like it's something that's coming from space.

ZSL:  Right. Now most people are at the kind of level about space that still think of the moon as being of green cheese. They're just not taught that much.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Now also, those that would scoff at some sort of sabotage need to know that there have been other attempts on other nuclear facilities. In fact, Chernobyl very likely could have been a similar even, couldn't it have?

ZSL:  Yeah. Well, I mentioned a little earlier, I've read the 911ology websites of a Russian named Dimitri Khalezov, and he says that all the people who were in the military in Russia at the time he was a cadet in the military, with a Geiger counter during Chernobyl measuring radiation levels around Leningrad, now St. Petersburg. And he couldn't find any radiation there, supposedly down wind from Chernobyl. And the discussions in his class in university in Leningrad said that there's nothing in that nuclear reactor that can go "bang" like that. It's designed NOT to explode like a bomb. It will melt down and create hydrogen, which could cause a bit of some problems. But he writes that he believes that a tactical nuke was placed under the core, and it was powerful enough to blow the core of the Chernobyl reactor to pieces, projecting/blowing off the lid of a 250-ton lid on the building, and spreading carbon blocks and fuel rods in all directions around the facility. He actually says that there was no meltdown at all, because the explosion effectively shut down the chain reaction. [CHUCKLES] And the fire department came seeing all these carbon blocks on fire on the neighboring buildings. And they brought their ladders and went up on the building and put the fire out. But of course, the carbon blocks with their uranium pellets inside them would have been extremely radioactive.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  But those 39 people are the people who died from that. And since there's no meltdown, and since the heat was dissipated within a week or so, there would have been, of course, a release of iodine-131, which has a half-life of about 8 days, and that would have drifted with some wind, but it's a heavy molecule. It doesn't go too far. Cesium also would have been created. Some other particulates would have gone in, but of course, they are all heavy metals. They would have landed mainly within the parking lot and the complex, maybe within a few miles of the explosion.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Now there were relatively few deaths reported after that event, initially, within the first couple of days. But then, over time we heard about a lot of people that were very sick from radiation exposure. Are you aware at all of any figures in terms of casualties?

ZSL:  I've seen none. But they were predicting millions of deaths due to radiation exposure, but most the reports coming out were very, very questionable. And the whole idea of putting what they call, a sarcophagus, around the building was needless. That time the Russian military came in and then they put their teams in there for short durations, to extract/to remove all the fuel that had spread throughout the area; find all the contamination and scrape it off and safely dispose of it. But there's probably nothing left there to be radioactive. So the sarcophagus was just a symbol of futility…

Don Nicoloff:  Just to make it look like they were really doing something to curtail it, probably.

ZSL:  Yeah. Yeah.

Don Nicoloff:  Window dressing, is that what we call it?

ZSL:  Yeah. Window dressing. Yeah. But according to Dimitri Khalezov, he knows who ordered the hit, and that it was to do with big oil. There's a competition between the various energy - natural gas, oil, nuclear energy. They're all owned by the same people, but then there's competition between the various components.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  And it's [CHUCKLES] really strange. The infighting within the group - it's allowed - but then the big boss over top of all there just watching it, then chooses who the winner will be.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  And it's very likely that some of the same people who are anti-nuclear, who caused the Chernobyl problem are also behind the attack on Japan.

Don Nicoloff:  Well, it appears that way, I have to say. Or at least it appears that somebody is - and going that far with such an event - it seems like they could have accomplished that another way, but…

ZSL:  Well, I think that what they were planning did not happen, at all.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  What they were trying… the tsunami wasn't big enough; the earthquake didn't cause the damage that they wanted. Even though it was a 9.0 and lasted 10 minutes, the Japanese built their houses to last. They're supposedly built to 8.2 or something, but they survived 9.0. Most of Tokyo is intact except for all the furniture being thrown around inside the buildings. No buildings fell down from what I read. There was lots of glass broken.

Don Nicoloff:  Yeah. Now when you see the tsunami come in, and sweep away these huge buildings, factories, houses, I mean, it leaves a real gut-wrenching feeling inside you, and you realize the power there. Evidently, the houses weren't built to withstand tsunamis. I'm not belittling.

ZSL:  No. They're wood framed structures. Yeah.

Don Nicoloff:  But after going through the earthquakes, they were still standing. That was clear - those buildings weren't damaged in any major way. There may have been things inside the homes that fell off of shelves or table and crashed to the floor, or got crushed by something that fell on top. But all-in-all it looked like a pretty tranquil place, until the water came in.

ZSL:  Yes.

Don Nicoloff:  And it had a serpentine motion to it, too. Now one would have to assume that that was the lay of the land, but the wall of water, as it was described to the people there in Japan, was so high that the protective wall they had against tsunamis didn't have any impact whatsoever in curtailing it, and keeping it from rushing in. It was as though the wall wasn't there, at all, I heard one man say. So…

ZSL:  Well, the wall's ten… it was about three times the height of the wall.

Don Nicoloff:  Yeah. I'm not exactly sure how tall the wall was, but I can say that once the water started coming in - the more it came inland, too - the more violent it got.

ZSL:  Well, it was carrying debris.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  And of course, people in Thailand, when the water came in there, tried holding onto palm trees. They got battered by debris and knocked unconscious, and then swept out to sea.

Don Nicoloff:  Uhmm.

ZSL:  You have to get right out; you have to get totally free of the water to get away from the debris. You might be able to hold on in the face of a strong current in the water, but what it's carrying is what will hurt ya.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Well, it's obvious that that's a huge amount of water, and the force has got to be overwhelming for anyone to hold on. And I guess the reason we're talking about these characteristics of that is to understand, a little bit anyway, of what might have caused that. They seem to be separate events. They seem to be somewhat out of sequence…

ZSL:  Yes.

Don Nicoloff:  Or, having occurred when an aftershock struck. And you say that they were happening about every 10 minutes. I know I looked at an active list, a Real-Time list of the earthquakes that were happening all over the world, and most of them were in the Ring of Fire region. I didn't really pay attention to a time sequence. I looked at the times, but I wasn't looking for that marker, so it's interesting that you saw that.

ZSL:  Some of the original artificial earthquakes, which started happening in 2008, with the first ones in the high Arctic… and there were 9 up there in a row, all at 10 kilometers deep, all 4.7 on the Richter scale. And they actually created a circle and a square grid pattern - just like a bull's-eye - I guess they were testing the targeting action. And I believe that that was some sort of energy beam weapon, which would pass through the atmosphere and deep into the earth, and hit a layer 10 kilometers down, and then react. It's at a particular frequency that they would do that.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  And like all the earthquakes, which happened in Szechuan, China, were all in that 4.7 to 5 Richter scale. And they're coming at them like clockwork, and they're all at 10 kilometers deep. And then about a year after that, there was a series of earthquakes that were in the 5 to 5.5 Richter scale at 35 kilometers. And they're all 35 kilometers and they're all impacting at the same level, with the same very spiky Shaw seismogram. It just looks like a heartbeat - you know, bleep-blip. You have then no aftershocks.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Yeah. Would you speculate that, let's say, if we're talking about a beam weapon, whether it was to initiate a tsunami or actually any of the earthquakes? Standing waves move through the ground. They move through the air and they travel long distances, until basically something sort of eats them up - absorbs them. We have that in - that's a concern in a recording studio, where you have low sounds, deep sounds coming out of the speakers, and depending on the amount of reflection and refraction and absorption that occurs in the room, if it's not dealt with properly, in other words, tuned to the frequencies that have that ability to move around. And rooms are all different - they resonate at different frequencies, or they're more susceptible to, let's say, having a problem dealing with certain frequencies. Say 20 hertz might be the frequency, or  - yeah, let's just say for the sake of argument, 20 hertz.

ZSL:  Yeah.

Don Nicoloff:  Now if you haven't taken the precautions to capture that sound, and inhibit any reflection or refraction, which basically allows the wave to return. They're so powerful that they come back toward...

ZSL:  The standing wave?

Don Nicoloff:  Yeah, or they can cause distortion in the room - literally cause things in the room to vibrate, which adds to noise. So, you're hearing the music, and you turn it up. The louder you turn it up, the more magnified the problem becomes. And in the sense of using that kind of weapon, speed would have to be important for it to be able to penetrate. And, well, let's say, velocity, because the percussive effect, or the damaging effect of such a wave would come out of it being percussive in nature. We talked about that, I think, on our last two shows a little bit.

ZSL:  A sound weapon, yeah.

Don Nicoloff:  Yeah, like a sound weapon, but it's at a frequency below the hearing range, for one thing. With all of the chaos that's going on, no one would even pay attention to that. They wouldn't be looking for that, or it would have happened so far away that they didn't hear it. But certainly they can feel it. That's the point I'm making about the standing waves, if it's that intensity that it can cause such a catastrophe to occur on the planet. I'm wondering if possibly, that wave out of that weapon was actually even compressed. In other words, when it hits its target; when it hits the depth, based on the velocity that was assigned to its delivery, it has the ability to spread, proportionately.

ZSL:  Okay. Well, it's kind of like a wave front all converging same spot, same time?

Don Nicoloff:  Yeah. Well, it could be that, or moving along with the wave. You know, it could be initiated by the initial percussive attack, when the beam actually strikes the water, or possibly strikes its target underneath the ocean.

ZSL:  Yes.

Don Nicoloff:  I'm just throwing that out there to see if that resonates with you at all, or...

ZSL:  Yeah. I've looked at things like that, and I…

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. No pun intended.

ZSL:  [CHUCKLES] Throwing it out there.

Don Nicoloff:  Resonating, you know.

ZSL:  Resonating. Yeah. Okay. Like there's different… The earth was ringing like a bell during the time periods that we had a thousand earthquakes in the month of March, all off the coast of Japan. And 80% of them were unnatural. And some of them were tectonic movements caused by the artificial earthquakes, and natural aftershocks from all the energy that's being put in there. And… I just don't think it's a sound wave as you're saying. I still think it's some sort of energy beam.

Don Nicoloff:  I'm not necessarily saying it's a sound wave, per se, but something that has the capacity to morph in or cause an effect like a sound wave, is what I'm saying.

ZSL:  Yeah. Well… [CHUCKLES]

Don Nicoloff:  Because you would have to hear that, you know. The whole universe would be ringing.

ZSL:  Right. Yeah. Okay. Well, the whole earth was ringing. The first time I heard about that term, the earth ringing like a bell, was in 1964 [March 27, 1964], with the Good Friday Alaska Earthquake in Anchorage. And the earth rang her bell for a week or so. The sound waves can actually travel through the earth in 30 minutes. The speed of sound through the earth is very, very fast. Like a lot of the seismograms which I monitor are in Australia, and the earthquake's signal travels from Japan to Australia in about 10 minutes.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  It's a little bit longer to the States. And if you have multiple earthquakes all happening within a 10-minute range, then it builds up a standing wave. And the seismograms just look like they are a standing wave. They're just a continuous noise, like with all sorts of distortions and overtones, and humps and peaks. And I believe that it's one of the things they were trying to get was a standing wave action within the earth from the multiple attacks in one or more places around the earth in rapid sequence. But they did not, even with all the effort they put in, and with 1500 earthquakes, maybe 2,000 earthquakes now, off the coast of Japan, they have only had the 9.0 of tectonic shifting, which you're looking for. And they're searching all over the ocean floor, as I said earlier. It's like the pattern's like a meat tenderizer block, you know, with the little pyramid spikes on it?

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  It's like they've been hitting every single spot they can off the coast of Japan for up to 200 miles out for the 400 miles length of Japan. It doesn't make any sense seismically, but they're hitting every single spot they can possibly think of, trying to provoke more tectonic shifting. And they've gone to the point of setting up standing waves and ringing the earth like a bell, and earthquakes have not popped off in other places around the planet, which is probably very, very perplexing to them, because there are huge tectonic pressures at all times on the planet. Yet, all their efforts in Japan have not caused California to shift.

You know they've also aimed their weapons at the… Gulf of California, or the Sea of Cortez. And some of them are natural and some of them are unnatural. There are a lot of unnatural earthquakes happening right on the Mexican border. Then there's unnatural earthquakes happening in the middle of Arkansas; parts of the New Madrid Fault system. And they're pushing, pushing, pushing on that. But New Madrid isn't shifting. And if New Madrid shifts, then you're going to lose St. Louis and Memphis and a lot of the Mid West there; and all the bridges across the Mississippi, dividing eastern states from the western states. And that appears to be (use your tongue boat) sonic sign waves are resonating within the earth creating a room of distortion.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  They have been very, very unsuccessful in being able to achieve what they want that way.

Don Nicoloff:  Yeah. I was using sound before as an example of how those waves move, but I wasn't implying that there was some guy up there with an alpine horn [CHUCKLES] and a couple of singers, singing "52:31". [LAUGHTER] No, not exactly that image, but… [CHUCKLES]

ZSL:  Yeah. And of course, yeah, I've looked at… I told you before, that I believe that scalar waves are sounds that are per… (What's that word?)... going through the ether around the earth.

Don Nicoloff:  Permeating the ether?

ZSL:  Permeating, yeah. And you can see the drumbeat patterns in the clouds in the sky - the ripply clouds - from scalar pattern.

Don Nicoloff:  Yeah. I've seen that many times. And the…

ZSL:  And the speed of the propagation (that's the word: propagation)…

Don Nicoloff:  Okay.

ZSL:  …of the scalars is actually very close to the speed of light. And so, that's where you get an overlap - a very subtle overlap - where the light frequency is directly connected to scalar effects.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  …even though the scalar effect is a longitudinal sound wave, and light is an electromagnetic wave form, or particle form, depending on the source of light.

Don Nicoloff:  The source. Yeah. Yeah.

ZSL:  So, as has been proven with Tesla coils, you create an electromagnetic distortion and it generates etheric sound waves, or a drumbeat into the etheric.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  And they've been experimenting with that. So, I believe that they've been using that as some sort of weapon against higher dimensional spacecraft coming in; or a way of locating higher dimensional spacecraft and disrupting their flight in the atmosphere.

Don Nicoloff:  Now that could be, actually those could be pointed in two opposite directions, too.

ZSL:  Right.

Don Nicoloff:  I mean, if you're firing up from the earth at a craft in space, is it possible that the craft in space is aiming to fire something at you?

ZSL:  Yes.

Don Nicoloff:  On the earth? Of course. And that could very well be what occurred, based on what I've been told has been happening since August 25th of 2009. And that was sort of a ramping up of hostilities out in space. You know, the evidence keeps coming in, that this has more to do with what's going on than anything else. That's why I played, "It's a Shame" at the top of the show. [CHUCKLES]

ZSL:  Okay. Also, going into the action of sound propagating actually through space, that the etheric atmosphere merges with the etheric atmosphere of the sun. Some are about halfway to the moon. And the etheric atmosphere around the earth is pretty thick. I was told that it's equivalent to 32,000 psi at sea level, which is a lot higher than 14½ pounds pressure at sea level of the regular atmosphere, which is only a hundred miles deep.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  So, yeah. The etheric atmosphere goes out for thousands of miles and merges with the solar etheric atmosphere. And some of the effects that they see in coronal mass ejections are actually sound waves traveling through the etheric atmosphere of the sun.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  And some of the negative effects of comets upon the earth in past times were actually etheric sound waves. Like a comet is a very fast moving and it's coming from far out in the solar system and plunging towards the solar system, depending on its orbit. And so, it speeds up as it's coming in, and its etheric bodies interact. And I believe that the etheric body around a comet is 100,000 miles across, even though most comets are only about 10 miles across at the core.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  And you can see a shock wave of the ice particles coming off the comet.

Don Nicoloff:  Which produces the glare or the flare effect that we see.

ZSL:  Yes.

Don Nicoloff:  I mean, I'm being very elementary in that description, but what do you think happens, let's say, when someone shoots something from space? And I'm thinking distance at some point doesn't even become a matter or a problem, when you're using this type of technology. What do you think happens to the natural universal energy grids that are around planets and traveling throughout the universe?

ZSL:  It disrupts them, disrupts them.

Don Nicoloff:  Do you think it pushes them out of the way? Or does it alter them that they take on another characteristic? If we were talking about just a life force that can manifest itself into the various aspects of nature, it would probably make the planet look dull, I would guess, [CHUCKLES] which is how this planet is described from out in space now. But go ahead; comment on it, if you would.

ZSL:  Well, there are energy bands feeding energy from the higher dimensions into the third dimension. Actually, the energy which we receive as sunlight is energy transferred dimensionally from the core of the galaxy. And that energy from the core of the galaxy is stepped down from a higher dimension from the universe. And the universe is getting energy from outside the universe. And so it's a tree of life light stream of multi-dimensional particles coming from one source, feeding energy and inflating creation.

Don Nicoloff:  Yes.

ZSL:  So, there are grids throughout space supporting the whole life structure on earth. And the parasitic action - there are beings out there who have reversed their consciousness towards source, and therefore have to feed off of their brothers and sisters who are still connected to source through natural processes. And so they're siphoning off energy…

Don Nicoloff:  It sounds cannibalistic the way you describe it.

ZSL:  It is totally cannibalistic. It's stupid. But they're caught up in that and they don't know how to reverse their consciousness back to source… They are the Prodigal sons and daughters of creation. And God has set up a system for creating the Feast of Remembrance and having them return to being full sons and daughters in creation, but they keep on turning their face away from source; and they're stealing from everybody else.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Go ahead.

ZSL: Usually from a lower dimension.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. On my show last Tuesday, I talked about some of the anomalies of what they've been telling us about space. I don't know if you get to see that show, but I commented on a recent disclosure that scientists had found a worm traveling - hitching a ride - on a piece of meteorite. And that was the indicator that they believed they had discovered life elsewhere in the universe - intelligent life. [CHUCKLES] And this was, I would say, it was in the last two weeks that I read about this announcement; and I laughed. And then I was doing some research, and I came across - actually I had someone send me this link to a NASA site - where there was a recording made in mid-2004 of radio waves that were analyzed. They were taken to the University of Iowa, if I remember correctly. And an investigative team there put the actual sounds into Cool Edit Audio Editor. And they manipulated the frequencies up an octave, and suddenly it took on a shape that was more recognizable. It still was very autotomic, if we can call it that. It sounded very synthesized, because it was a scrambled signal. But it represented speech patterns.

ZSL:  Oh wow.

Don Nicoloff:  And these were picked up in the region of Saturn. Now, I know firsthand who that would have been talking. And that was merely communication from the mother ship to some of the other craft in the fleet. Simple. That was in 2004. So, what has happened in the past 7 years? I wanted to ask you that question. That somehow those that can talk on radios throughout our solar system, and NASA finally picked up some of the frequencies and were able to record it, and even analyze it a little bit. What happened that those people turned into worms, hitchhiking rides on meteorites [CHUCKLES] in 2011?

ZSL:  Radio-emitting worms. [CHUCKLES]

Don Nicoloff:  REMs or REWs. [CHUCKLES] Right? Well, I don't know. I mean, do you see the insanity of what they're telling us? You see the disingenuous nature of the work that they do; the trillions that they spend; and that's the best they can come up with?

ZSL:  Well, the think tanks are not working very well. [CHUCKLES] They haven't imagined; well, they're just repeating the same old thing that's repeated since 1947.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Yeah. Well, actually even way before that, you know, we've come to learn. But that's - you're talking about the Roswell story - that's still getting the media attention. And they blow it off as fantasy. At least there was no swamp gas there. That's the great thing.

ZSL:  Yeah, methane?

Don Nicoloff:  I didn't think there were many swamps in New Mexico anyway.

ZSL:  No, there aren't. [CHUCKLES] The Rio Grande River doesn't have very much swamp there. I mean down to Mexico.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Yeah. And then a few days ago, somebody sent me an email - it was traveling around; I had seen this a number of years ago when I was reading the Majestic Documents on Ryan Wood's website. And they were talking about the FBI Files. Suddenly now, here in 2011, the FBI is once again being held responsible for having lost documents, or having been conducting the whole operation of discovering ships and beings from other planets that had crashed in New Mexico.

There were references in those documents, by the way, to crashes in the state of Missouri, 6 years before. And that was referenced in the documents as the Crash of '41 in Southwest Missouri. And that was untrue. It wasn't in southwest Missouri. It was in, they claimed later, that it was in Cape Girardeau. But I had investigated that case with Bruce Whiteman from Mufon, Missouri, and we concluded that it was Jackson, Missouri - 15 miles or so to the north. Now what was interesting after I came to that conclusion, Ryan Wood said, "Oh, that's why the Jackson police are in the photographs." [CHUCKLES] And he never told us that he had those photographs. So, we got confirmation by his very comment. We got a lot of other confirmation besides that, you know, right there on the sight.

But so, we know they lie to us about these things. And somehow we expect them to start telling us the truth. And it's just not going to happen. So we have to determine these things ourselves. We're not trying to create fear and get people all afraid again. We have to sort of have that Japanese Zen attitude of moving through the space without banging into the doors and the walls and the countertops, you know.

ZSL:  Do it gracefully.

Don Nicoloff:  Yes. The panic: They show us images of people fleeing the buildings. There aren't many places you can hide on your way down from, let's say, the 80th floor of a skyscraper to get to ground level. There's a lot that can happen. So, you're safest sitting where you are, or at least trying to get yourself some place out of the line of sight of potential flying objects, or fall…

ZSL:  You need to stay away from glass.

Don Nicoloff:  Yes, glass. And I mean, if you have a ceiling fan spinning around, I wouldn't think you would want to sit right underneath that. You find a place and you sit down, and just by being calm you could actually have some impact, when you take everybody into consideration. But people generally are going to panic. You could actually minimize the amount of damage just by keeping your cool.

ZSL:  Yes.

Don Nicoloff:  We're nowhere near that level of consciousness, but we have that potential to do that. And freaking out doesn't help the situation. You put yourself easier in harm's way. And I guess I mention that because we're hearing all kinds of different stories. We're not really getting the truth. We've talked to people. People are getting radiation readings now. Do we know if those readings are from this event? Or, you know, here in the States, in fact, I think within 6 days of that event, they claimed they were picking up radiation as far away as Rhode Island. Now I wonder if that…

ZSL:  More likely that came from Hanford than it came from Japan.

Don Nicoloff:  You think so?

ZSL:  Yeah. And also there were problems with the Canadian CANDU reactors in Ontario. And Rhode Island would be downwind from those. They had problems in the Bruce Peninsula north of Toronto, with a small leakage. And of course, that would more likely affect the east coast than Japan would have.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Well, some scientists or some naturopaths, actually, would say that a certain amount of radiation is essential. A certain amount, but certainly not what you get when there's a nuclear disaster of some sort.

ZSL:  Nor background.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  …Ken and I were talking about it, and he looked into the report of the iodine-131 in one water supply in one section of Tokyo, which is about 40 miles from the water…

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  …towards the mountains. And there was no other trace of iodine found in any other section of Tokyo, nor in the area between Tokyo and Fukushima. And he believes that that was spiked there. That was right at * 1:11:00, but it was very, very low levels. It was like somebody emptying one test tube of iodine into… hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. So, you'd be coming up with parts per million, or parts per billion. And of course, any time you see iodine-131, you know because its lifetime is so short - half-life time of 8 days - that it would have to have been recently created in a nuclear reaction or a fusion byproduct or fission byproduct.

And also, I saw a video a few days ago, which I had not been able to get back to. It shows a Japanese reporter walking towards the nuclear reactors in the evacuated area. He's walking towards the reactors with a Geiger counter in his hands, and the initial reading he showed at the start of the clip, from about 3 or 4 kilometers away from the reactors was in the microsieverts, which is one-millionth of a sievert. A sievert, like at a one sievert rate would be a very high dose, but he was 3 to 4 kilometers away and he was getting like 70 or 80 micro- (one millionth of a) sievert.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  If there was a meltdown there, that whole area would be so contaminated; you'd be in many, many times higher. And he got within 2 kilometers, and he got up to 200 microsieverts, which is still not that much above background radiation.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  But then he, at the end of the report, he didn't go any further because of the higher radiation. But he didn't say what the reading on his Geiger counter was. He might have been trying to cover or protect himself from repercussions back in the news office, if he went against the sanctioned story of what's happening at the reactor.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Now there are a couple of videos out showing that general region - there are some small towns there that have been evacuated. This is what gets me: They evacuate the town, and then they go into a gymnasium, likely at a school, and there's 8 people; out of the whole town there's only 8 people in the gymnasium. So, you have to ask yourself, "Where are all the rest of the people?" Oh, they're in the other gymnasiums, I guess. [CHUCKLES]

ZSL:  Okay.

Don Nicoloff:  And they're showing images of a Geiger counter going off and you hear the !%*#!%*#! [Don imitates the grating sound of a Geiger counter] as they're showing you how devastating the radiation is. But it's so easy to edit a video like that. You're not seeing the Geiger counter being held in the presence of the people who are being interviewed in the gymnasium.

ZSL:  Yeah.

Don Nicoloff:  So, certainly you would take the readings outside and hope that when you take them inside that it's not going !%*#!%*#! [CHUCKLES] in the building. There's no point in being in there. But the point I'm making is that they carefully constructed this video to make it appear that this was a nuclear meltdown, that the people are disappointed - they're all upset. And out of the whole town - they show images of town; it's a ghost town - there's only 8 people who have made it into the gymnasium. So, my gut tells me that it's just propaganda.

ZSL:  Right. And a friend sent me pictures of workers in paper suits with respirators on, working/clearing the roads of debris and metal around the reactor. It's not like the full rubber suit. It's more like they're just wearing a paper suit. That wouldn't protect them very much. But they're working within a hundred yards of the buildings that are broken up, clearing the roads.

Don Nicoloff:  Yeah… I remember hearing Glenn Beck on the radio, talking about how at the time he reported 50 - later the number I heard was 60 - workers who knew they were going to die because of all the radiation. But they were saving their country. Now I'm not belittling that, if that's actually the case, but it's appearing that, especially in light of paper suits? Well, I would think they deserve whatever they get in that regard. Don't they normally walk around sort of resembling astronauts in the process?

ZSL:  Well, you’d want heavier shielding.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  But of course, for alpha and beta particles a paper suit will protect you. The respirator is a preventative to protect the particles from getting into your lungs. But if you're getting hard gamma radiation, paper is nothing.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  Even a regular decontamination suit would not protect you from gamma radiation.

Don Nicoloff:  Was the radiation ever identified officially by anybody? What type?

ZSL:  They did not…They were saying, there was reports about two weeks ago, saying that they're getting neutron beams. And you need very, very special detectors to get neutron beams… because neutron coming off a fusion reaction slides out at the speed of light. And in 10 to -13 seconds, it gives off a high-energy particle and breaks into a proton and electron. And so how to detect these hydrogen atoms at any distance from those beams requires a very, very sophisticated sensor. But that's part of the story, which I've been hearing about Mach's field and the higher plutonium concentrations in Reactor number 3, and contributing to the meltdown. And I think that's just a bunch of bull.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm.

ZSL:  I don't think there's any plutonium anywhere near there, except the bomb that they put to blow the containment building to shrapnel.

Don Nicoloff:  Yeah. They're trying to imply that they were developing a nuclear weapon, and they had no nuclear program whatsoever.

ZSL:  No, Japan is very much against developing nuclear weapons, having suffered Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Don Nicoloff:  Well, of course.

ZSL:  Now it's interesting that a few years ago that the uranium that went into creating the big Little Boy and the bombs that fell on those two cities, came from Uranium City in northern Saskatchewan. And the people who actually dug the uranium out were Indians, the Northern Plains Cree, and they suffered huge health problems from exposure to yellowcake [uranium concentrate powder] and other ores in the concentration cycle, and died of all sorts of different cancers. And way in the north of Canada, the people of Japan put a plaque dedicated to the remembrance of  Victims of the Nuclear Bomb in Canada (the Indians who mined the ore).

Don Nicoloff:  Hmm.

ZSL:  So that city's now pretty well a ghost town itself. But there in the middle of that small town is this plaque from the city of Hiroshima.

Don Nicoloff:  Yeah. We hear a lot of stories like that from around the world over the years. They seemed to have come out more recently. And even people who fought against each other have come back and met each other and apologized. But of course, those that started the war and those that profited from the war have never apologized to anyone, have they?

ZSL:  No. Sitting on their profits - Daddy Warbucks.

Don Nicoloff:  Yeah. Well, ZS, we're about out of time. I want to thank you for the update on what you're discerning has occurred and is occurring there in Japan. In closing, anything people should be watching for? Or, what would you recommend people do, besides just use some common sense and stop listening to the mainstream media?

ZSL:  Yeah, you got to get away from… Yeah, we've had some people I know of who are just really afraid, and they're demanding that the government tell them how much radiation. And actually, the Health Canada on directions from the Prime Minister, turned off the Geiger counters on the west coast of Canada. So…

Don Nicoloff:  Was that to save energy or…

ZSL:  [CHUCKLES] Save batteries… Of course, we're getting reports of iodine, but it's more likely from Hanford than from Japan, because Hanford's been leaking since 1945…

Don Nicoloff:  And nobody's raised any kind of a stink about that…?

ZSL:  Yeah. Actually, the woman who lives on Vancouver Island was setting up a petition, to petition Ottawa to release the radiation results, or measurements. And I sent her back, saying, "There is no radiation." [CHUCKLES] So that actually caused her double shock. I sent her the piece which I had posted at and she had a hard time looking at it. She thought it was one of those David Icke type things, in her words, that she had a hard time accepting; and conspiracy theory; and reptilians that control the planet; and that sort of stuff, which she dismisses. But because she's listening to the mainstream media and the supposed meltdowns, she was very, very fearful. It took her about 3 or 4 emails to settle her down and tell her that she's in no danger. But how many millions of people in the United States, especially on the west coast, are actually in a state of fear - which is only feeding the parasites?

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Yeah. It's a tenuous situation, because people are trying to get valuable or accurate informatio, and they're not getting any. And they're hearing the fear - the fear mongers, basically, aren't providing any valuable information. They're showing images and telling stories. But they're not required to any scientific standard, any genuine proof. And then you can fabricate that with the technology there is today; anybody can draw a bar graph and make claims about what it means - what it represents. But that doesn't mean it's the truth.

ZSL:  No. Often… what looks scientific has very little science in it.

Don Nicoloff:  Mm-hmm. Well, we're out of time. I want to thank you for being on the show. We were hoping to have Ken with us, but he was preoccupied. So hopefully, the next show that you guys come on, we can get into another round table discussion. Ken's gotten a lot of traffic to his website where he's posted those archives from the shows that we did back in March - the last 3 weeks of March, actually. He's gotten a lot of hits on those. People are paying attention. I listened to one and read the transcript, and I was quite amazed at how clearly we were speaking about this. You know we hadn't really prepared and we were gathering…

ZSL:  She was a very - or the woman who did that was a very good editor.

Don Nicoloff:  Yes. Yes. [CHUCKLES] She took all the "uhs" you know. [CHUCKLES]

ZSL:  All the slips and syntax and…

Don Nicoloff:  Well, it read very smoothly. But the point is that we touched upon a lot of things, because there is a spiritual aspect to this that we've been trying to get across to people - not to focus so much on the physical. It is important that people are safe; that people have a place to live; that they can eat; that they're healthy; and they're able to earn a living; and that they're happy. What is wrong with that? There are those that derive great pleasure from making others miserable. The big question is, "How much longer can this go on?"

ZSL:  Not much.

Don Nicoloff:  Not much.

ZSL:  Not much longer.

Don Nicoloff:  And the scale's got to tip in the opposite direction for sure. There's nowhere else for it to go. You know, it's like the teeter-totter - the evil ones are sitting on the bottom rung, or the bottom end of the teeter-totter. There's no further down they can go. So, it's got to come back the other way.

ZSL:  Yes.

Don Nicoloff:  And that's part of what we're experiencing. Well, thank you, ZS. Folks, if you want to read his essays, go to Ken Adachi's website and look for ZS Livingstone. If you click on Current News, that gets you rolling. But if you want to go straight to his articles, he's on the fourth line, I think, or 3 links from the left, at the top of Ken's webpage. So, ZS, thank you…

ZSL:  Thank you.

Don Nicoloff:  And I wish you a good evening.

ZSL:  Good night.

Don Nicoloff:  Alright, folks, that wraps it up. You've been listening to Evident Footprints on and tonight's guest, Zuerrnnovahh-Starr "ZS" Livingstone. Special thanks to Wind Talkers Radio Network over at BBS Radio. We had Seth Hendrick on the sound. I want to thank Don and Doug Newsome for making Evident Footprints possible, and most of all you, the listening audience, for tuning in.

Join us tomorrow evening when our special guest will be scientist/inventor, Jim Murray. In the meantime, I wish everyone a night filled with peace, love and light, and have a good night.

[end of transcript]


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