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Radio Transcript, April 20, 2012: Ken Adachi, ZS Livingstone, & Don Nicoloff in Conversation

April 20, 2012

Radio Transcript, April 20, 2012: Ken Adachi, ZS Livingstone, & Don Nicoloff in Conversation (May 3, 2012)

Evident Footprints Interview on The Micro Effect
~ Chemtrails Transmuted by Sylphs ~
~ Aetheric Ice and HAARP-Engineered Tornadoes ~
~ Lab Created Bugs: Mad Cow & Lyme ~
~ Eating Real Food and Not Genetically Modified ~
~ The Works of Wise Doctors:
Hulda Clark, Jerry Tennant, Mark Starr & Broda Barnes ~
~ Surrendering To Your God-Given Reasoning Ability ~
Don Nicoloff, Ken Adachi and ZS Livingstone
Friday, April 20, 2012

Transcription date:  May 3, 2012
Transcribed by: <kamele2353@gmail.com>

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Participants:  Don Nicoloff, Ken Adachi and ZS Livingstone

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[Don starts at 00:00:06]   
Don:  Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Evident Footprints on themicroeffect.com. I'm your host, Don Nicoloff, and I will be with you for the next 2 hours on this April the 20th on the West Coast, now April the 21st on the East Coast and in the Central Time Zone. Well, that brings us now to 2 guests who have the same impact. One actually has a prior background in music production and performance, and he manages and hosts one of the most popular websites in the whole world educate-yourself.org, my good friend, Mr. Ken Adachi. Ken, welcome to the show.

Ken:  Thank you, Don. Glad to be on with you again.

Don:  Okay. And all the way from Canada in between Calgary and Vancouver, in an area that I like to call No Man's Land, [Chuckles] we have Zuerrnnovahh Starr Livingstone, an intuitive who has worked for many years in exposing what's really going on in the world. ZS, are you with us?

ZS:  It's a beautiful day in No Man's Land, and no chemtrails; beautiful blue skies.

Don:  Aw. Okay. We're getting a bit of feedback. I don't know if that's because of speakers; if you have the ability to turn the speakers down while you're using headphones. I think that will cure the problem. Welcome to the show, both of you. There's quite a bit that's been going on. Anybody want to open up the first topic? I'm going to spend as much time as I can listening. [Chuckles] So…

Ken:  Okay. Well, I've got to kind of concur with ZS. This is April 20th - Hitler's birthday - a date that is typically important in occult circles. And it seems that in April we have a lot of events / false-flag-type events that have happened in the past, so we have to be aware of that. However, nothing of great cataclysms have occurred up to date. Locally, our skies still have been relatively free from chemtrails, not that they never spray, but when they do spray we don't see the overcast I might have seen perhaps 9 or 10 years ago from chemtrails, because the use of orgone generators, like the Chembuster, has made a tremendous difference in the effects that one sees from chemtrails. So, I just had a…

Don:  Ken, go ahead.

Ken:  I just wanted to mention that in the last couple of weeks I got a really nice email from a guy, who ordered a 5-gallon Chembuster a number of weeks ago (I forget how long ago), perhaps 6 or 7, 8 weeks (I can't remember exactly) and it was his first foray into getting a Chembuster, and he went for the big one. And / but he didn’t know if this was going to do anything. He was getting hammered really hard with chemtrails. He's in New Mexico in an area that's normally relatively remote / rural. You would ask yourself, "Why do they spray so densely in low population areas?" I sort of understand the logic of spraying cities and populated areas heavily, but why do they do it in sparse areas? I don't know.

Don:  They're trying to take over the entire swath of land probably…

Ken:  Well, it could be. I mean, but, so anyway, he was getting hammered very hard there, and so he was a little anxious to get his unit. And I was briefing him as I was working on it. When you make a 5-gallon, there's a number of layers of resin that have to be poured. You have to let it cure a full day. And if it's raining outside, you can't really do it. You have to wait until the temperature is warm enough and the sun's shining, so that you can do the work, because you can't do this inside. Anyway, I finally got his unit done, and sent the base unit off first, but because it was so heavy they just parked it at his local post office for a number of days. And he sent me an email asking me / wondering where it is. And I said, "Yeah. I sent it to you. You should have it by now." And when I checked the post office web site for his his delivery, it said it was delivered 4 or so days ago. I said, "Go to the post office, because it's probably there because being a heavy item - it's well over 60 pounds - the postal workers probably just didn't want to heft it out there, so they just left it in the post office." And sure enough, that's where he found it.

And anyway, he got it home and he set it up. He was sort of waiting for the upper pipes, which were shipped about a week later, so when he told me he was just waiting, I said, "Set it out without the upper pipes. Just put it out there." I said, "You ought to see something." I can't guarantee it, of course, but I said, "Just put it out there. You'll probably see something." Well anyway, the same day that he did put it out there, I got an email from both him, and a separate email from his wife, in which they were remarking on what they were seeing. They just couldn't get over it. Even without the upper extension pipes installed, he saw a large blue area form over his house, sort of breaking through the overcast of the chemtrails, and yet there was this chemtrail haze all around that blue area, so that amazed him. And I also mentioned that if he calls for the Sylphs with the CB there, they'll likely come in and he'll likely see something. And then, he said, "Yes." And within 4 hours he saw the blue and he saw Sylphs coming in." And then, the next day he couldn't get over it. The sky was filled with Sylphs, so both he and his wife took a chance on getting one of these things, and were amazed at the results.

I was delighted to read what he had to say, because I remember how I reacted when I first saw the effects that a Chembuster has on chemtrails. So, if you're living in an area that is being hit hard with chemtrails, set up a CB or make your own or get one over the Internet. And gift the local cell phone towers with the smaller 4-oz. orgone generators, which we call Towerbusters. They're about the size of a hockey puck. And they will have the effect of changing the energy from these cell phone towers from a negative polarity of what's called orgone energy to the positive polarity. And the cell phone towers in effect, act as transmitters of the positive polarity once they are affected by the presence of an orgone generator. So, doing those two things can make a tremendous difference in how thickly chemtrails blanket your area, how long they last, and above all they tend to bring in Sylphs in strong numbers.

And the Sylphs do, as ZS reported many years ago on my website (I forget when he put up the article about Sylphs transmuting chemtrails, maybe 2004 - I'm not sure - 2003. It's been up there a long time), Sylphs will absolutely consume chemtrails, and they go through a transmutation process in which they sort of spit out the transmuted residue of chemtrail toxins and form into a specialized type of cloudbank that I call transmuted clouds. Maybe ZS can add more to that…

Don:  I think it becomes TV programs afterwards. [Chuckles and inaudible talk over] Here. Here's a new program we just got from Old Mexico. [Laughing] You have to look at this, I mean, the insanity of it, and a lot of things come to my mind. First of all, you notice the weather patterns, maybe not so much in California, although you have been experiencing some rather strange weather, but the number of tornadoes that have come in late winter and early spring across the country, especially the Midwest… these are storms that generally come around in the fall. And one would assume by the sheer number of storms that these were created to disrupt life in general. Any thoughts on that, ZS, if you want to chime in you're welcome.

ZS:  Yeah. Like there was 110 tornadoes through Texas… last week, up through Oklahoma and Missouri. And I believe that that effect came about, too, after part of the lower astral realms collapsed, when aetheric ice came down, possibly causing the earthquake in the Oklahoma area, then shattering; you see aetheric material spreading on the land. And the people who run HAARP know that when they / when you hit a certain microwave frequency on aetheric ice it will cause a huge evaporation effect and the aetheric ice breaks down. And so, wherever they have a chunk of aetheric ice, which could be the size of like 10 miles by 20 miles, it will create a thunderstorm cell. And the more energy they can pump into that aetheric effect / aetheric ice, the quicker that they can generate a storm like these storms in Joplin, Missouri, over a year ago, when they had almost zero warning for that coming in.

Don:  Mm-hmm.

ZS:  There was all sorts of HAARP activity in the / coming in from all directions, and a piece of aetheric ice was just totally evaporated and [produced] an F-5 tornado in a matter of minutes…

Don:  … Have you imagined - this question's popped into my head 3 times during your dissertation of what's going on - can you imagine what the individuals that are creating this are thinking?

ZS:  I'm thinking they're just totally nuts.

Don:  Totally nuts. That's…

ZS:  … psychopathic.

Don:  Yeah. It's giving nuts a bad name. [Chuckles] You know what I mean. Yes. Psychopaths is probably a better description. But I'm sort of clowning around a little bit. It's Friday night and I've had a very busy week. But yes, this has occurred in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, the Southern states, and moving in patterns.

ZS:  Getting close to you in northern Louisville.

Don:  Yeah. We had these storms in Ohio, and it's raining now. This is weather that has been coming in. Now, it's normal to get cloudy occasionally and rain. That's the basic pattern. But it's not normal to experience 2 or 3 days of mid to upper 70-degree temperatures and then drop down into the 40's and the low 30's for a few days, and then shoot back up and then drop back down. It's not normal.

ZS:  No.

Don:  It's not natural, and it's obvious that there's something / if you try to understand it, I think you become as insane as those that are creating it. But what we have to do is recognize it. Do we not?

ZS:  Yeah. Well… they're pumping out a pure amount of energy and triggering a bit of a butterfly effect out of the amount of microwave energy they have projected into the substance. Now, to create a huge weather effect is… well, they don't have to pump much energy to get a huge temperature variation or a huge humidity change. And of course, it's the high temperature with really high humidity, which creates a tornado up against a cold front.

Don:  Mm-hmm. Now, are you experiencing any of that weather that we're talking about?

ZS:  Well, we had like a thunderstorm with like almost a half-inch of rain in about an hour at midnight last night. And it's just not normal for this area. We don't usually get thunderstorms until July and August.

Don:  Mm-hmm.

ZS:  And here it's April and we're getting thunderstorms.

Don:  Yeah. And has your weather been unusually or unseasonably warm, or would you say that the storm itself is, let's say, contradictory to the weather pattern that you have.

ZS:  We haven't gone over 60 degrees yet.

Don:  Yeah. That’s…

ZS:  We're usually at nighttime around the freezing point, in this area, and then, I think maximum it's usually it's in the 40's to 50's.

Don:  Mm-hmm.

ZS:  Daytime here.

Don:  Two weeks ago, or so, I was hearing like in Utah - upstate Utah - they were getting in some places as much as 8 feet of snow. Uh… that's a lot of snow. And you know the weather patterns are designed to move people out of areas, or to get people just uncomfortable and unable to focus on anything but just saving themselves and reducing the amount of interference that they're experiencing on a daily basis. Uh…we're…

ZS:  You talk, you… Okay.

Don:  We're on a break here in a minute or two, so I'm going to go ahead and do a short transition, and we'll be back after a few messages from the network. You're listening to Evident Footprints on themicroeffect.com and our guests Ken Adachi and Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone. We'll be back shortly. Don't go away.

[MUSICAL INTERLUDE edited 00:15:55 to 001:15:58]

Don:  Welcome back to the second half of the first hour of Evident Footprints. And our guests tonight are Ken Adachi from educate-yourself.org, and also an intuitive writer, and an intuitive dowser [Chuckles] and many other things, Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone. We were just listening to Mad Cow from Fattburger's album, Sugar. It's really a nice album. I would be happy if I didn't have a guest tonight just listening to music. It's a nice change: Mad Cow. It seems there was a Mad Cow episode in Canada a couple of years ago. Was there not, ZS?

ZS:  Yes, there was.

Don:  And is that cow still mad, or is it now alive now?

ZS:  Well, they got rid of him, and they got rid of the whole herd, and all the neighboring herds. They / the farmers / the ranchers sure didn't like that. The system was working actually properly when it was reported to the Canada Health Agency about a report of downer cow. And they took a look, and so they out went in there and did their worst. And we learned that after the fact that there had been downer cows in / throughout the state, and they just called them downer cows. They didn't call it mad cow at that time. And it was possible that mad cow is still happening and not being reported.

Don:  I think it's happening in politics [Chuckles] more than anywhere else. And I'm serious about that. [Chuckles] It sounds like a joke, but there's a lot of truth in that… I have to say that the assaults upon mankind - this is the thing that people need to really pay attention to - the different assaults on mankind are tremendous, whether you're talking about chemtrails, or you're talking about tsunamis / earthquakes / mad cow disease / the attempt to vaccine everyone, and there are plenty of people that are just dying, literally, and they don't know why; or we have this wonderful medical community that's able to tell us any disease, and yet I hear from countless people - and I suppose the two of you do as well - that the doctors don't know what to do. They want to send these people home to die of a disease that they claim that they can't diagnose. They've checked everything out and everything seems to be working; yet the people are sick. Any input from either one of you on that. [Talk over] ZS, you go first and then…

ZS:  Okay. Yeah. There's a whole bunch of people who are / have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and we're on the far side of the continent from Lyme, Connecticut, where it was first noticed coming off of Plum Island in New York, the… there, and that was back in the 1970's. And it took a long time for it to get clear across the continent to British Columbia. And still, the medical doctors and the whole set up does not want to recognize Lyme Disease, because it sets off their own alarm bells, which they do not want to listen to…

Don:  Is it truly Lyme Disease, or are they diagnosing it as…?

ZS:  They're diagnosing something that looks like chronic fatigue as Lyme Disease. So, it could be something else.

Don:  Mm-hmm.

ZS:  And actually what we're now diagnosing as Lyme Disease might not be the same thing that hit the shores of Connecticut some 30-plus years ago.

Ken:  If I could pipe in on that…

Don:  Sure.

Ken:  I work with an individual, who I guess you could call this person a medical intuitive, that has been telling me a great deal of information for the past, well-over 13 years about many things, including the things she finds in chemtrail fallout. This person had discovered many, many years ago that Lyme is a - what they're calling Lyme - is essentially a weaponized disease, and that they've been dropping it in chemtrails for a very long time now. She had said to me on more than one occasion, "People don't know it, but everyone in North America has Lyme." You see the manifestation of a disease condition based on the shape that your immune system is in. If your immune system is relatively strong you don't see the manifestations, because it holds the expression of the pathogen in check. But when your immunity goes down below a certain point, then it begins to express.

Don:  Mm-hmm.

Ken:  So, you see these symptoms of chronic fatigue being the most common thing associated with Lyme. And it has / there's spirochetes. There's multiple stages involved, so that once you have it you have the problem of trying to keep these stages in check. And people who have severe Lyme have a very hard time of it. They have to go through a great deal of effort with alternative techniques to try to control it. If you go the conventional route, what happens is most people is that their immune system gets worn out by overuse of antibiotics, and that sets up long term problems in the body. And it doesn't identify the / what they're calling Lyme this party has found many subgroups. And she assigns a number, as it were / a frequency almost to various subgroups in her technique for assisting people in trying to help overcome these symptoms of Lyme.

So, Lyme in my opinion is definitely spread by chemtrails, for the most part, because many people simply do not live in a climate or an area that has ticks. They've never been exposed to a tick bite, yet…

Don:  Will it survive, let's say, water / water supply? In other words, they're not just spraying the people, they're spraying the land / it's going in the water / the water is treated.

Ken:  My thought is yes, because it's a multistage spirochete, which has an egg stage / it has intermediate stage in classical development very often a disease, let's say, the… let's talk about the classic textbook case of the tick event, very often the human is infected and the organism has to go through a stage outside of the body. That's classical pathology of many parasites. But in modern times, as Hulda Clark points out in her book, many of these parasites that classically used to have to complete their cycle outside of the body, and then they're re-ingested, for instance, are now completing the entire cycle inside the body, because all of our bodies have been immune compromised, because of chemtrail fallout over such a long period of time, plus the water - the degradation of water / the degradation of food - we're being introduced with toxins on many levels: the air, etc. so, all of our immunity is being assaulted. So, as we lose ground, these pathogens can / these parasites can complete their life cycle within your body. And they settle / they settle in the various organs and they're enabled by certain metals that you accumulate / certain solvents. This is what Hulda Clark mentions in all of her books that if you remove the solvents and metals from the body, you essentially deprive many pathogens, or many parasites, of necessary elements they need for enzymes, etc. to continue to live off you.

Don:  Mm-hmm.

Ken:  So, that's part of her strategy in her book is to get rid of the enabling things, such as solvents, metals, and many other things. By the way…

Don:  If I can interrupt, the foods that people eat - and they're not / I'm talking about you go to the run-of-the-mill fast food restaurant that packages up your food for ya - very few people sit in the venues and eat, although there are some that do in the larger cities where they're on their lunch break or whatever, but I suspect that a lot of the crap (What else would you call it that they're putting in food?), fast-food (and I won't name any restaurants - you can use your own imagination - not you Ken or ZS, but the listening audience), do you think that there are elements being inserted into the food that either prolong or accelerate these symptoms that you're describing, so that when one walks out into the air then and starts breathing it, they become more susceptible to it?

Ken:  Fast-food food, and fast-food chain food, and even many / much of restaurant food is generally more contaminated than what you might buy and cook for yourself at home. I'll give you one example. No, of course, restaurant employees aren't… sabotaging food. The food that they're getting that's delivered to them is usually commercial, so it has pesticides and herbicide residues, and chemtrail fallout residues on the plant and in the plant, because it's being taken up by the soil. But beyond that, soil is largely depleted today; we don't have the mineral content we used to have 100 years ago, for instance.

But the food the way it's prepared, most restaurants / fast-food places use aluminum cookware to prepare stuff in. That aluminum is going into your body. When you eat that food product, you're picking up the aluminum. And then, if they're selling you French fries, well, they're reboiling that oil. It's usually an oil that's not good for you, like canola oil, for instance, or that's the typical oil they use in fast-food places. And they're boiling that, and the oil itself is made with a process that makes it less than desirable for human consumption. Then by boiling it, it has what's known as trans-fats. And trans-fats, as Dr. Jerry Tennant mentions in his book, are essentially plastic fats. The body cannot utilize them, and the body cannot break them down.

Don:  Yeah.

Ken:  So, they wind up being incorporated into membranes that normally use fat to make a cell wall, for instance, because cell walls are composed of fat and lipids, and so therefore, you're incorporating these molecules, which are not natural, which your body cannot break down into your membranes, so you're kind of creating these plastic walls in your cell membranes.

Don:  Mm-hmm.

Ken:  Now, when you do that, you prevent a lot of stuff from migrating through the cell wall, because you've put up a sheet of plastic.

Don:  Yeah. Correct me if I'm wrong, is it margarine that's only one molecule away from being a plastic?

Ken:  Well, any margarine, of course, is made by passing hydrogen gas through an oil / through a vegetable oil, and that doing that makes the oil - excuse me, yeah - makes the oil thick. And then they add yellow dye to it and then they call it margarine, or oleomargarine. But it ain't [Chuckles] / it isn't good for you. It's this very trans-fat phenomenon that we're talking about. And we all know that during the 50's and 60's, particularly, there was this huge publicity campaign by the government and by the advertisers that it was much healthier to eat margarine instead of butter, because butter clogs your arteries, we were told. It's not true at all, but that's what we were told. So, we bought this party line for 20 or 25 years, and then (I don't know) early mid 70's, you started having articles questioning the wisdom of doing that. And today, hopefully, a lot of people realize it. Margarine is a so-called hydrogenated fat - it's not a healthy thing to eat. And go back to butter or healthier types of fats; for instance, coconut oil can be a relatively healthy fat if you can… Maybe ZS has something he'd like to add to this.

Don:  Yeah. It's / we're all over the place, but it's actually all related, you see. We're talking about an assault on humanity, and doesn't just come from the air alone. It's taken into the body through breathing, through eating, and dancing. [Chuckles] I just… Go ahead, ZS.

ZS:  Talking about coconut oil, there's reports going on the Internet of people who are taking cold-pressed coconut oil recuperating from senile dementia / Alzheimer-type diseases. And I just saw a video 6 months ago for the first time, and I talked to somebody who I knew was suffering from that, or her partner was. And she had been using coconut oil for 3 years. And her partner, Walter, is improving. He had senile dementia for 10 years. He was in his 80's, and now he is able to crack more than one joke. [Chuckles] I did some work for them and it was like listening to a tape loop now he's / now he's expanded / his memory is re-expanded and short term and long term memory. And that’s coconut oil entirely according to…

Don:  Now, was he on margarine before that, or…?

ZS:  No. He was a rancher. He lived off the caribou, like raw milk and 20-ounce steaks and he was a rancher.

Don:  Mm-hmm. So, did he cut back? What you're saying is that he regulated his intake of meat, or was there…

ZS:  He, of course, cut back on his meat and his saturated fats, even during the time period when he was going down hill. And then, once he heard about coconut oil, immediately went on the bandwagon and got rid of margarine and butter, and was using coconut oil instead of either of them, and has noticed quite an improvement.

Don:  Mm-hmm. You know, it's not most people's calling to investigate the foods that they're eating. They are more influenced by the / really it's propaganda, because it's a message delivered in a way representing that there's a convenience, and there's a happiness to be had in eating certain foods that are prepared within 30 seconds to a minute, heated, wrapped up in paper. No one even questions what's in the paper! Somebody could just say, "Oh, it's just regular sandwich wrap." Well, what makes sandwich wrap different from any other kind of wrap? (If you know what I mean.)

ZS:  Well, there's dioxins in the process of making paper with chlorine-type / chlorine processing. They do create dioxins in parts per billion, but that's a very toxic substance in paper.

Don:  So, even the paper has an impact then. It's leaving a footprint on the (no pun intended) on the sandwich. [Chuckles]

Ken:  If I can add a thought to that, Don.

Don:  Go ahead, Ken.

Ken:  Since you brought it up (I’ll just say something for a moment here, and back to ZS) that I think most people know, or should know that mercury is used very often in paper that is whitened. For instance, I remember even reading years ago, that when those coffee filters that were very white that you could get?

Don:  Mm-hmm.

Ken:  They… mercury is used as a… molecule like in foods mercury, because the whitening agent. They probably use it on paper towels and napkins, etc. So, it's possible that paper could have metal / metals in it, and that when you wrap food in it the food can pick up some atoms of whatever might be in that paper. And while we're discussing this food wrap, if someone wanted to / someone wants an idea to start a business, the whole food / organic food packaging would be a real growth industry, because naturally everyone would be / much rather have packaging from a takeout place that says… super safe packaging, or however they want to say it. But when you go to a takeout place and they wrap your grinder or your hero sandwich inside aluminum foil, for instance, the aluminum atoms are going into the bread that's touching it, and you're picking up aluminum that way. And it used to be in some restaurants years ago that some places would have a sheet of paper bonded to the aluminum, so the aluminum itself did not touch the food.

Many people can pick up the taste of aluminum. For instance, some people don't drink beer from an aluminum can, because they can pick up the taste. Some people can pick up the taste of food. They're sensitive enough to get that palette taste from the foods. So, that would be a heck of an idea to start a business, to come up with all kinds of boxes of various sizes that was completely benign and safe for food to touch. And the last thing you want to do is to have food touch Styrofoam. You're picking up the chemicals from the Styrofoam, and a large percentage of takeout places put the food directly in Styrofoam / Styrofoam soup containers / Styrofoam coffee cups, etc., etc.

Don:  Yeah.

Ken:  Not good. Not good.

Don:  They won't tell you that, though… For them, it's a low cost way of transferring…

Ken:  Oh, yeah. Of course, but we're never going to get enlightenment from people in business… I mean, they don't even know, for the most part. And even if they did know, sure, they're going to go… But you get interesting information like that from the books of Hulda Clark, for instance. I keep on encouraging people to read her books. They're just loaded with valuable info. And now, of late, I've been promoting the books of Dr. Jerry Tennant

Don:  Before you go into that - before you go into that, Ken, we've got to take another break.

Ken:  Okay.

Don:  So, hold onto your hat and when we come back we'll talk about Ken's topic here. You're listening to Evident Footprints on themicroeffect.com. I'm Don Nicoloff, and my guests Ken Adachi and Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone will return with me after a bit of music and a few messages. Don't go away.

[Start of Part 2]
Don:  That was Stevie Wonder from his album Innervisions and the song called Too High. That's what happens when you eat margarine, I think. I looked up the word margarine on my trusty Apple computer dictionary, and it says it's a noun - a noun meaning a butter substitute. Substitute! Why do you need a substitute butter? Made from vegetable oils or animal fat. Oh, yes. Give me a sandwich and put plenty of animal fats on it. It'll be really tasty. The word comes from the late 19th century from French and from Greek margaron, which also means 'pearl'. And in parentheses they add: (because of the luster of the crystals of margaric acid). Now, I looked up margaric acid. They don't put it in this dictionary, so I can't go into it. But I mean, if you follow the roots (no pun intended) you will discover the truth and you will see that this was not made by God for the human body. It was not provided for the purpose that it allegedly served. And if you're eating margarine, shame on you.

I welcome back my two guests, Ken Adachi and Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone. And if you want to comment on my comments feel free to do so. It's Friday night. [Chuckles]

Ken:  Well, I… hope enough people know what you just said to be the case. Of course, young people very often aren't exposed to this education, so they don't know. But in general, the rules should be: the products that are made in a laboratory that modify foods in such a way so that one obtains an inexpensive product, such as margarine replacing butter, clearly those who produce this product make a far greater profit, because it's much easier and less costly to obtain large volumes of vegetable oil versus cow's milk.

Don:  Or animal fats, for that matter.

Ken:  Right. Yeah.

Don:  But they're not so… what kind of animal?

Ken:  Yeah. Yeah. So…

Don:  Are we talking about a woodchuck here, or?

Ken:  So, the point is the principle is this, is that people in the food - quote: "manufacturing business", which is / which tells you something right there that should put you on guard, they're in this business to maximize profits. So, they produce a thickened substance, wax-like substance and then add yellow dye to it, and call it a butter substitute. Now, it just has the appearance of butter. It might have the / a similar, maybe even superior spreading capabilities than real butter has, but it's not butter, nor is it a substitute for butter. It's an undesirable substance…

Don:  Pathogen, you could say.

Ken:  Replacement of a non-natural substance. And when you ingest that, your body now has the burden of getting rid of that. And if you're ingesting unnatural molecules, your body has a difficult time with it. It doesn't / if you can't excrete it through the normal channels, what does it do with it? It stores it in whatever tissue that will do the least harm - very often, fat tissue is where things like this are stored. And now, you carry around this stuff. So, it can add to your overall immune depressing load, if you will, if you want / if we can call it that. As the years roll by, the more of this unnatural, laboratory created stuff you ingest that your body can't excrete; you're carrying around with you in storage. So, that is the principle that whoever cares about their health has to consider. When you buy the food closest to its / the way it's found in nature, then you're getting the least interfered with or the least processed form of it, which is good news for you.

Now, I think we all know that supermarket food is far from the nutritious stuff that we might have bought 60 or 70 years ago, because…

Don:  Much more expensive, too.

Ken:  Well, it might be, yes. It might be more expensive, and of course, typically it appears / it looks larger / more red / more attractive than it might have looked 40 or so years ago, but in that sense, appearance is deceiving, because they're now genetically modified seeds that are growing those apples and so forth. And their genetic modification stuff itself has molecules that aren't natural to your body. What they've done with a lot of so-called Monsanto terminator seeds is that they've injected and spliced into the genes that produce a pesticide-like substance, which yeah, it'll work on the bugs in the field that are munching away at the corn plant, but it will also work on you once you ingest them…

Don:  People go… about that, which is… [Talk over]

Ken:  Right. Right. Exactly. So, that's why I'm saying these things, just to kind of get people to think about it: the more you buy the food in its natural form and prepare it yourself, the safer you are, because it's getting difficult to obtain clean food and clean water today.

Don:  Well, when we just make the comparison - you mentioned food dye - can you imagine if the guy who was responsible for manufacturing margarine decided he was going to make it look like a bowling ball, you would have people actually using margarine balls for bowling. [Chuckles] You know what I'm saying?

Ken:  You mean the plastic connection? Yes.

Don:  Yes. Exactly… I'm making light of it in a way, but there's a truth to that.

Ken:  Yes.

Don:  You're talking one molecule away. I mean, what is the size of a molecule? It's not something that people can see with the naked eye.

Ken:  No. No, it's not. If I might, Don, I'd just like to take perhaps another 10 minutes or so, and then I want to let ZS take the balance of the show for his material. But I briefly had talked about the work of Dr. Jerry Tennant before the break.

Don:  Yeah.

Ken:  I just wanted to devote 8 or 10 minutes to this and then I'd like to hear what ZS has to say. Jerry Tennant's book simply has amazed me. I first heard about him about perhaps a year-and-a-half or so ago on the Internet. On the Coast to Coast show a doctor was being interviewed by the host, and this fellow had said that he was able to recover his health thanks to the work of this fellow, Dr. Jerry Tennant, who wrote this book Healing Is Voltage. So, that doctor himself was very interesting in his story of recovering himself. I really enjoyed / I'm sorry, I can't even remember his name at the moment, but he apparently is a good friend of Dr. Tennant's, but anyway, that's how the name came to me. And then, so what I did, though, it intrigued me so much that I looked up the book on the Internet and I ordered it, and I got it. And as I started to read it, I was just blown away by the quality of the information in that book.

So, I brought it up a few times before, but I want to emphasize to new listeners who might hear this show, or hear this recording, I'm very much a long-term advocate and fan of the books of Dr. Hulda Clark. I recommend everyone to get those books. They're not expensive and they're loaded with valuable information. But I'd also not waste any time in ordering the book from Dr. Jerry Tennant, called Healing is Voltage. This book is simply revolutionary. And the quality of the information contained within the book / Jerry's info very much addresses conditions and health concerns that most of us are experiencing today. And because of the wonderful information in his book, he led me to other authors. A guy named Dr. Mark Starr, who put together a terrific book on Hypothyroidism, which people need to know about, because there's an epidemic of hypothyroidism in this country, and most of us don't know it. I certainly didn't know it for many years. I only became slightly aware of it in the late 90's, because of stuff that I read and stuff that I heard…

Don:  Can I throw out a question? Is it food related, or environment related, or both?

Ken:  It's both. I can briefly give a short thumbnail reason why, but just to continue with the info about Jerry Tennant's book. His Voltage is Healing - I'm sorry - Healing is Voltage book contains an extraordinary amount of information, which though he references the book of this Dr. Mark Starr, Hypothyroidism, which I recommend everyone to get - it's an extremely important book. And when I was reading this book by Dr. Mark Starr, he in turn put me on to a 1976 book - published book, by Dr. Broda Barnes, who was both an MD and a PhD. I had heard of Broda Barnes before in the 90's in relationship to colloidal silver, of all things. So, I knew he was a good guy, a very valuable researcher in his time, and he did a lot to help humanity. He passed away some years ago, but there is a Broda Barnes Foundation there.

But anyway, this book by Dr. Broda Barnes is called Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness. It is simply fabulous! This guy nailed the story, which as I said, most of us are suffering from hypothyroidism and we don't know it, and he nailed the story very well, and how to first diagnose it yourself / how to overcome it / exactly what to do. It's explained in Broda Barnes' book. It's explained in the Hypothyroidism book by Dr. Mark Starr. It's also explained in Jerry Tennant's book.

In one easy test that anyone can do that's recommended in all three books is this: If you want to find out if you're a hypothyroid, it's simple to do. You simply need an accurate thermometer. And the old-fashioned mercury-type of thermometer actually is the most accurate of a glass thermometer. The second best choice is a non-mercury thermometer, which has alcohol in it, which is okay. It's not as accurate as mercury, but it will do. A type of thermometer that's commonly seen in drug stores today is called a digital thermometer - unfortunately, they're not accurate. So, Dr. Tennant recommends, if you want to go the digital route, there's a type of thermometer called the Exegen - E-x-e-g-e-n - which is normally, well, he recommends placing it behind the ear lobes to take a reading. He, Dr. Tennant, says that it’s an accurate type of electronic thermometer. I'll take his word for it. I don't have one, since I still have a mercury thermometer - the type they used to give you in hospitals many years ago here. So, I use a mercury thermometer to take my own temperature.

But this is what you do: You set the thermometer by your bedside at night. You shake it down, so you don't have to do that [in the morning]. I have a timer device that I keep right next to the bed. And what I do is when I first wake up in the morning, I reach over and I take this glass thermometer, and I place it under my armpit and I close my arm against it. Now, just out of habit I use my right armpit, so I can get the same readings. And what I do is I set the timer for 10 minutes, and when 10 minutes elapse I take the thermometer out of my armpit and I take a reading, and I write it down.

Now, if you were to do this in the way I said, first wake up / don't get out of bed / take your temperature. Oh, by the way, when you do this, wake up, throw the covers off you, so you're not holding in the heat from being under the cover. So, just throw the covers off / take the temperature reading / do leave it under your arm for 10 minutes - not 5 minutes - it doesn't hurt if you go longer, but 10 minutes is the minimal amount of time / and then take a reading, and write it down. If your temperature is below 97.8 degrees, you are hypothyroid [unless proven otherwise]. And the more you find yourself in the 97.0, 96.0 to 97 range, and even 95.-something degrees range, you're definitely hypothyroid.

The thyroid regulates the metabolism rate in the body. And in olden times they used to - well, olden times, I'm sorry - some years ago it was standard technique to measure the base metabolism rate by breathing in oxygen, and they'd measure the exact amount of oxygen consumed, etc. - expensive tests / laborious / very difficult to do next to your bed when you first wake up in the morning, but that's one way they were able to measure the base metabolism rate. But it was noticed that what's called a basal temperature matches the basal metabolism rate proportionately.

So, if your temperature… Dr. Broad Barnes said that the normal range should be 97.8 to 98.2. That is the normal range. If you're above 98.2 you might be dealing with a slight infection / you might have hyperthyroidism. There's different reasons for elevated temperature. But if you're below 97.8, you have hypothyroidism. And the lower your temperature is, that should be an indication - below 97.8 - that's an indication of just how seriously you have hypothyroidism. And what you have is when you're hypothyroid is a lot of symptoms that many people will recognize: thinning hair / ridged fingernails - if your fingernails have these sort of vertical ridges in them instead of being perfectly smooth like a billiard ball - that's one possible tip-off of hypothyroid / if the outer part of your eyebrow is either missing or very thin, that's another indication / you're tired a lot - exercise, even mild exercise poops you out / you're fatigued / you're sleepy a lot during the day / you're bobbing, because you're falling asleep maybe while reading at the computer or whatever - another clear tip-off of hypothyroidism / overall chronic fatigue is the clearest tip-off. Oh! Also, cold, because your metabolism is lower than normal you're producing less heat, so you will feel cold, so you might be wearing sweaters when others in the house are not - you might feel that you have to wear a hat when others say, "Are you cold?" So, being cold, let's say, abnormally cold, and others given heat environment is another clear tip-off of hypothyroidism.

Now, if people hearing this were to do this, a large percentage of the folks who do this are going to discover that their temperature is going to be below 97.8, usually by a full degree or two. And once you've seen that or arrived at that, then it's time to get the books that I mentioned. And start learning what you have to do to reverse hypothyroidism, because you can very much do it on your own. Naturally, if you can find a doctor who specializes in this, at least the sort of doctor that Mark Starr is - he's in Texas, by the way - a lot of doctors cannot accurately diagnose hypothyroidism, because they use laboratory tests of thyroid hormones, which do not tell the tale.

Don:  Yeah.

Ken:  The three books that I mentioned to you point that out. The laboratory tests used by conventional doctors, when they check to see how your thyroid is operating correctly or not, do not accurately reflect hypothyroidism. So, you can't go by those tests.

Don:  Ken, Ken.

Ken:  The basal temperature test is the critical one. Yes.

Don:  Okay. We've come upon the time to take another break. So, we'll conclude this and get some feedback from ZS Livingstone when we come back. You're listening to Evident Footprints on themicroeffect.com. Our guests Ken Adachi and Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone will join me, Don Nicoloff, after a few messages. Don't go away.

[MUSICAL INTERLUDE edited  00:19:17 to 00:20:12]

Don:  …Ken Adachi, and I know Zuerrnnovahh-Starr's chomping at the bit to throw something in. Ken, do you want to wrap up your discussion?

Ken:  Yeah. I pretty much said what I wanted to say.

Don:  Okay. Thank you. No. [Chuckles]

Ken:  Concerning the use of the thermometer to check for hypothyroidism. We'll be talking about other fascinating information that I've gleaned from these books in future talks, but I want to hear what ZS has to say.

Don:  Me, too. ZS, are you still with us, or have we put you to sleep?

ZS:  No. I fed the cat.

Don:  Oh, you fed the cat during the break. [Chuckles] Another life. There's another Puss in Boots, right? No.

ZS:  And I told him, "Ease out, Midnight. You're hunting."

Don:  Yeah. [Chuckles] Hunting, huh? Looking for mad cows probably, right?

ZS:  We do have cows in the neighborhood, and he has been seen and photographed out with the cows. He's actually been photographed lying on a deer about seven years ago.

Don:  Was the deer alive?

ZS:  The deer was actually was a fawn.

Don:  Mm-hmm.

ZS:  It was hiding under a tree, and our cat came up and was rubbing up against it, and then it crawled right up on top of its back and putting its head on the neck of the deer. It was a very, very beautiful picture.

Don:  Mm-hmm. Oh. What do the animals eat around there, just out of curiosity?

ZS:  Oh, we've got mice / we've got all sorts / we have the whole range of animals here including black bears, and cougars, and there's some grizzlies, but moose, no wolverines - they're a little further north.

Don:  Mm-hmm.

ZS:  We're out in No Man's Land. We're up where the animals are… And we do have some wolves. Of course, the ranchers don't want them.

Don:  Yeah. I see. Well, I thought it would be an interesting topic to cover anyway, since we were off on a tangent. Any remarks you want to make regarding what Ken was talking about.

ZS:  Okay. Well, 40 years ago I was taught about illness regarding the spiritual cause of illness, and there is a spiritual cause of thyroid depletion, and also adrenal exhaustion. There's also a spiritual, and it had to do with accepting responsibility for your own life, as you were mentioning. And by / simply by taking responsibility for your own life, and putting / and going into a positive energized state of mind where you are thinking and being positive, and creative, and constructive at all times, then you are able to throw off, and it's like you're generating your own electricity, just like Dr. Tennant was talking about.

Don:  Mm-hmm.

ZS:  The feeling of current / healing current of electricity through the body will throw off the illness condition. And we were taught that there is a demonology related to that. If your thyroid is cold, you are being sucked of your life energy, because you haven’t been able to shuck that particular attack on you.

Don:  Yeah. Now, the average individual… Now, we're getting an echo here. This is par for the course, probably related to the interference and interception of the signal that manipulates. And I throw that out there so that if anyone from Micro Effect is paying attention maybe they can check our levels.

Um… you're talking about something that I'm familiar with, but the average person becomes scared. Oh no, I've got demons trying to attack me. But it's not as complicated as one would suspect. In other words, you have to pay attention to the fact that you're allowing someone else to make the decisions for you about what you eat, and when you sleep, and what you do for recreation. And everyone has bought into all these artificial venues, so to speak, which are designed to alter you. Am I right in saying that? I could go into much depth, but…

ZS:  Yeah. Well, essentially, you're not / if you / once you start accepting responsibility and you generate your own energy, then you are able to set up protection and get rid of that illness. And as Dr. Tennant has written in his book about healing with electricity, or currents of electricity. And also, acupuncture has been proven by putting needles in different parts of the body and interconnecting the currents on the skin, and inject them into the body at various points. And therefore, you're creating a circuit, which creates a healing effect. And you can actually / you can change your / by changing your attitude you change your altitude, and / or your activation of energy. And attitude has everything to do with clearing - clearing that condition - and accepting responsibility for the condition for your own health. And instead of putting it onto somebody else, or taking the say so of a doctor or of somebody from the pharmaceutical company, saying if you need this drug to cure you, essentially all you need is your own pure thought.

Don:  Now, that brings up a point. I listen to a few shows every day, and I'm appalled at the information that's being touted as accurate, or spiritual, when it's all false information. I'm not even going to mention any names, because I would hope that those listening could pick that up themselves and learn that. But when you hear someone talk about something, a topic that they know nothing about and they keep saying, "Well, I don't know about that. I don't know about this. And I can't tell you what's really going on, but…" And then they offer a bunch of solutions, and they have / they've already admitted they don't even know what they're talking about. [ZS chuckles] There are people that are searching for information, and it's not wrong to listen, but it's a grave mistake to turn off your God-given reasoning ability and your sensitivity to what is being said. Do you agree with that? In other words, those that are listening to disinformation and are unable to discern between that and the truth. Any comment you would like to make, and any solution you would like to present in that regard?

ZS:  Of course, emotions have to do with a big part of this type of what we're talking about in accepting responsibility for your own life. When people project or scapegoat their things what they're feeling onto other people, they are not accepting responsibility for their own health. Where they hang on to the words of others as gospel, they're not accepting the responsibility for their own life.

Don:  Yeah. Yeah. Or those that lean on those that are telling the truth and concocting stories to make it look like their version is the truth. I won't go into that any deeper than that, but…

ZS:  Okay.

Don:  It's called hoodwinking. [Chuckles]

ZS:  Okay. There's various emotions with the various chakras that in German new medicine they go into that quite a bit of the trauma, which can be seen in the brain. There's also trauma, which can be seen in chakras, like the adrenal cortex associated with Libra, or the thyroid associated with Taurus. And the various emotional greed also affects, or the lack of substance / the lack of money will affect the thyroid. What you're needing or you feel like you have lack will affect the thyroid.

Don:  Well, isn't that a by-product of the creation of fear?

ZS:  Yes.

Don:  In other words, in the adaptation of those principles that are told as truth, when the intention is to create fear.

ZS:  Yeah.

Don:  Yeah.

ZS:  Where anger is, or where jealousy is in the body can affect people in various ways. On those same interconnected systems, parts of the body: the pituitary, pineal, thalamus, thyroid, thymus, the adrenal cortex, the sex glands, all endocrine glands / the ductless glands, that they also are energy principles within the body, which are affected by the demon world. And by shucking off those claims upon the physical body by those who would wish to profit by your illness. We probably have people that have to learn themselves, and…

Don:  Would / if I can interrupt here, ZS, would you say that when one is under, let's say, a demonic attack, for lack of another word - and it's probably a demonic attack - and can't perceive exactly what the attack is, but they're exhibiting symptoms, they merely need to look at what they're doing in their life or how they're reacting to situations and things people are saying, to understand the true nature of the impact that all of this is having on them. And then, if they just stop and say, "Wait a minute" (to themselves, obviously), or if necessary you say it to the person or the circumstance that's facing you, and you go within. And you immediately notice that everything that you're feeling and everything you're thinking / your emotions, and the various thought patterns, and maybe even the ability to stay focused on one topic, sort of slows down as soon as you cut yourself off from outside interference, which is one of the by-products of meditations.

So, if a person is willing to honestly look at themselves and understand that their fears or their anger, or whatever strange emotion that they feel might be holding them back, is probably being promoted outside of them, and they're taking that in as if it's their own, if you get my meaning.

ZS:  Right … identification.

Don:  Yeah. What…

ZS:  And not having been taught as to the nature of those types of attacks, because most people would say, "Oh, I feel sick at the stomach", and they'll take antacids or some other thing. And maybe, say it's an ulcer, and try to take medication for that, when it, in fact, it is an actual emotional attack from some other individual or group of individuals directed at you. And it's a judgment, most often, and it's a wrongful judgment I'll guarantee, because of some really identifying / not very identifying what the true essence of that / of yourself.

Don:  Well, yes, but couldn't you say it's an assault by a parasite, let's say, because the action you're describing is parasitic in nature. And the being that has to drive an individual to take on these characteristics that are not natural, there are several principles at work here, is what I'm saying. And to just pay attention to the principles, as if that's the reality is the biggest mistake most people make. Would you agree?

ZS:  Yes… They assign the problem to something else.

Don:  Mm-hmm.

ZS:  Of course, Hulda Clark in getting rid of toxins within the body, and poisons, would release a level of it, and releasing the physical level of the problem will often allow the body's spiritual aspect to come in and intercede and clear out the rest of the crap of the parasitic action on the body. And quite a bit of Hulda Regehr Clark's work on healing called, The Cure for All Diseases, had to do with parasites, and…

Don:  Mm-hmm.

ZS:  Which is something the medical establishments did not want to recognize. But there's a whole level of parasites beyond just the physical parasites in the body, the actual astral physical, or astragal and negative psychic parasites attacking the body, on which the physical parasites are / which the physical parasites are just representation.

Don:  Yeah. What you're describing now leads me to conclude that a person only needs to make the declaration that they have decided they are going to take control of their life and the things that occur in their life. And they're going to design their life the way God intended for their life to be.

ZS:  Yes.

Don:  Now, God gave us free will. And most people that heard me say that will say, "Well, if it's / if I'm living the life for God, then where do I play a role?" Well, talk to God about it. God will show you the truth. Am I incorrect in saying that?

ZS:  God will show you the truth, and will provide the energy, and will create a voltage right down your spinal cord, which will cure the problem. And so, God's answer is actually a voltage, not moving through the body. For some people it's like a lightning bolt, or a flash of light. And it usually comes in through the top of their head, or through the heart. And this registers through their whole body.

Don:  Mm-hmm.

ZS:  And there have been many spontaneous healings from all sorts of diseases when a contrite person in humility approaches the God within and reaches and communicates with God. And God will open up the gates and allow the energy to move through, meeting the needs of those people / the person, and also anticipating beyond their needs and providing a route that's going to / that will strengthen that connection back to God.

Don:  And one wonders then why there's such a drastic effort to remove God from everyone's life / from everyone's consciousness by those that desire to control everything, as if somehow they have better ability than God. [Chuckles]

ZS:  All the doctors are acting like God and are claiming that everything is a physical manifestation… but the effects in the body are spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical, ant there's four different things happening there. And so, the closer you get back to the spiritual, the quicker you are to heal all the effects on all levels.

Don:  Yes.

ZS:  So, what Ken was talking about electricity, it has an abject effect. But he was talking about the poisoning chemistry and the toxins, which are being put into food, is another effect, which is an outflowing of those who wish to control on the physical, trying to block communication to Source.

Don:  Yeah. We're almost out of time here. If I could summarize what both of you have said, it's important to know what those that have devoted their lives to, and have written books, and created means - various means- to which others can gather the information, and put it to test. There are solutions. It's not just what we're talking about here, but certainly the work of Dr. Hulda Clark, and (I almost said, "George") [Chuckles]; we'll say, Mr. Tennant, how's that? And others who have studied this - Wilhelm Reich studied a lot of it - as well.

Ken Adachi and Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone, I want to thank you both for being on the show. As you can hear the music, we're out of time.

Ken:  Thanks, Don.

Don:  I look forward to your next visit on Evident Footprints, and we're going to plow through the crap that's been created for us. I wish everyone a great weekend. Thanks for listening. Be sure to tune in again next week. We'll see you. In the meantime, peace, love, and light, and hang in there.

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