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Evident Footprints - BBS Radio Interview
Don Nicoloff, Ken Adachi, ZS Livingstone - March 31, 2011
Transcript of March 31, 2011 Evident Footprints Radio Interview
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Posted April 7, 2011

Radio Transcript, Mar. 31, 2011: Don Nicoloff, Ken Adachi, & ZS Livingstone~Japan's Engineered Disasters, Part 3 (April 7, 2011)


March 31, 2011 - 10-11:30 pm, BBS Radio, The Evident Footprints radio show with Don Nicoloff

Third Conversation on theManufactured Japan Quake, the Sabotaged Nuclear Reactors,and Sabotaged Radioactive Water and Air Contamination

[Introduction to the show]

Participants: Don Nicoloff (host), Ken Adachi, and ZS Livingstone (ZSL)

Don Nicoloff: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Evident Footprints on I'm your host, Don Nicoloff, and I'll be with you for the next hour on this March the 31st on the west coast; now April 1st on the east coast and in the central time zone.

Some call this April Fool's Day, but for me it happens to be the second year anniversary of my father's passing; in fact, that'll be in another 44 minutes. I got the news two years ago during my show, on April 1, of 2009, and I'm reminded of what's really important in life the last few nights.

Over the past few weeks we've been talking about consciousness, and really going back to January of 2010, we began doing a series of shows that ran through the whole year and well into 2011 here, as will be the case tonight with my two guests.

And we've been talking about what is really meaningful. And the games that are being played down here on this planet certainly don't count in that respect. What's meaningful are the people who bring you to this planet, through conception; through procreation; through the propagation of the species, if you want to look at it from a scientific point of view. And yet, your deepest spiritual contacts are usually amongst your family and your closest friends. And those are bonds, that can't be broken, regardless of what issues you go through in life with those people.

You come to a realization that what really matters - what really counts - is who you are in the eyes of your loved ones, your friends and your family. And that goes, without saying, to anyone who's lost a family member, due to a sudden illness, or just the simple fact that they passed on. And we need to, I think, go back to that to get a handle on that, because we're losing touch with ourselves.

We're concerned about what our peers say about us, or what they think about us, but we give a hoot for the truth. And the truth is everything that matters. And your closest connection with people that have been in your life is through your family. So, on the second anniversary of my own father's passing, I'm going to share a Luther Vandross song, called Dance With My Father.


That's for you Dad, Dance With My Father, from Luther Vandross, from the album of the same name. Quite a very, very revealing song that says a lot about what Luther went through in his life, and certainly it explains why he passed on himself at quite an early age. When we lose such a performer - such an artist - that contributed to the works of many, many in the music industry - not to mention the wonderful music that he created - and he always sang about love, which was kind of interesting. I think that was his purpose in life; was just to spread that vibration of love to people; send that message. He was a messenger.

We've got two messengers with us on the show tonight, as well. And one hosts a marvelous website; it's atreasure trove of research, as I often say. It's the encyclopedia of Internet websites, in terms of what you're going to find there regarding the truth and many taboo, off-the-table topics, that people are really interested in, because they lead to the truth.

With us tonight we have the Webmaster journalist, metaphysician, and my frequent guest on EvidentFootprints, Mr. Ken Adachi. Ken, welcome to the show.

Ken Adachi: Hi Don. Thank you very much. Happy to be on with you again.

Don Nicoloff: Glad you could make it. And we also have as part of our three-sided round table, [CHUCKLES] we have with us - all the way from Canada - an essayist, an intuitive, a metaphysician who contributes quite a bit to your website; you've been kind enough and generous enough to allocate space for him to publish his works - our good friend, Zuerrnnovahh-Star Livingstone. ZS, welcome to the show.

ZSL: It's great to be here, Don.

Don Nicoloff: Well, we've had a week to sort of ruminate, on [CHUCKLES] the goings-on on the planet. Ken, do you want to comment as to your perceptions - what you see going on? And anything positive, negative, both, if you care?

Ken Adachi: Yes. Thank you, Don. Yeah, what I'd like to emphasize tonight is that for the last two radio interview sessions we had, in which we concentrated on the Japan earthquake/nuclear reactor story, I felt it was, obviously topical, but I also felt that it was necessary to bring out an angle that I wasn't seeing discussed on many websites at all. Again, I'm sure - as I mentioned last time - there are other websites, I just didn't happen to come upon them. But it's the whole that idea I expressed, and ZS expressed in our last two shows, that the Japan quake was not a natural event. It was an intentional engineered event. And the nuclear reactor, quote -explosion - and damage, and all of the…

Don Nicoloff: Melt down and all that, yeah.

Ken Adachi: Yeah, the media follow-up of all that was also an engineered event. We're convinced that the Fukushima explosions were a product of sabotage. And what we heard in the next two/three weeks; we continue to hear it today, because the Japan story is the main propaganda story, if you will, that the Illuminati has been working very hard to sell since March 11th.

And just prior to this coming on tonight, I was listening to NPR [National Public Radio] on the radio, and all the guests that they were talking to, were all emergency assessment, from NASA and so forth, they're all these wonderful-sounding titles to people who are in the business of - purportedly in the business - of helping us become aware of the great "danger" that's just over the horizon for us here in America.

So, what I'm hearing is a propaganda push that is equivalent to the sort of propaganda blitz we heard in the wake of 911. We hear these huge media-driven brainwashing efforts, and we're experiencing one now. The whole Japan scenario has allowed this blitz to take place. And what we're really hearing from all these experts are ideas, arguments, etc., eh postulates, that have been prewritten and prescripted to release at this time.

They are setting up the people of America to get ready for a large - what they will call - a "natural" catastrophe. It likely will be major earthquakes - that's the most likely scenario - but I'll say tonight on March 31 on the west coast and April 1 on the east coast, that whatever we are treated to in the near future, whether it's here in California - a very likely site of a major earthquake scenario - and/or the New Madrid Fault; whatever we are treated to will be an engineered event, because the government has possessed… a lot of governments (not just the U.S. government)... this earthquake technology has been available to these folks for a long time.

And we know they're using it because we see evidence on the seismograms that are produced from these artificially created earthquakes. They're substantially different from the seismograms that you would see from a natural earthquake. We talked about this a bit last week. I put up a story on March 12th, and I showed you the graph, or at least one of the graphs of the earthquake, which started out as 8.9 in our media. Within a day or so, they changed it to 9.1. And then three or four days later they rounded it down to 9.0. So, today they're calling it a 9.0 earthquake.

But if you simply look at the seismogram, you can see that there was not the normal, gradual build-up of intensity that takes place with a natural earthquake, which is due to a slippage of tectonic plates. I mean, logic tells you this is how it would have to be.

Don Nicoloff: It's a percussive effect that's visible, you know.

Ken Adachi: Right, right.

Don Nicoloff: When you see on a sound screen - that exemplifies a percussive attack where there's a what's called the envelope of the sound. The sound opens to a peak very rapidly.

Ken Adachi: Yes, almost immediately. And that is the tell tale sign. And I give full credit to ZS Livingstone. He did a talk at a local group there in Canada, perhaps a year and a half ago; and it was videotaped and he sent me a copy of his excellent lecture. But he pointed this out in the class how these two seismograms differ - a natural earthquake versus a triggered earthquake.

Now, they're using different technologies to trigger the quakes. It could be a nuclear device that's planted in the seabed. That's certainly how they pulled off the December 26, 2004, Sumatra earthquake and the huge tsunami that killed about a quarter of a million people in the greater Indonesian area; effected Thailand, etc.

Joe Vialls had written an excellent exposé article in which he went into great detail about the event. And he pointed out very, very well, that what makes the most sense, based on the readings - based on the false data that was put out by the American side of the earthquake reporting - they had placed the epicenter in an entirelydifferent location, than where the Indian seismogram people had placed it; had called it a different intensity number. So, Joe Vialls very carefully and very adroitly, I thought, discovered the falsity of that event.

And I think if you look carefully at the seismograms of the March 11th event, you'll see a similar situation. I put up a graph, of..umm, comparative graphs, that someone had made, in which they compared an underground explosion, the type of seismogram it produces, and an earthquake. And you can clearly see by looking at the two graphs - logic tells you this - but when you see it on the graph it becomes clearer, that with a natural earthquake you have a gradual build-up, because, in a natural earthquake, you have two… you have a plate that's going under the other, okay? And it's not going to be an instantaneous spike up to a Richter 9 earthquake. It simply cannot happen that way.

Just like if you recall in 911, it is physically impossible for a 110-story steel frame and concrete building to collapse on itself in freefall in 11 seconds. It is physically impossible!

Don Nicoloff: I think it was even faster than that, actually.

Ken Adachi: Well… I've heard 2 numbers. But the shortest amount of time that I read… yes, Steven Jones, etc., put it at about 11 seconds. Logic should tell you, and it certainly told me on 911, because I had this long email exchange with Jeff Rense in the early morning hours of September 12th, 2001, in which I was talking to him about this event on 911, and I said those buildings came down by controlled demolition - there's no other way. And he absolutely couldn't accept that. "No, no, no, the plane's fuel spilled down the elevator shafts…"

Come on! Anyone with even the slightest mechanical aptitude would tell you this is impossible. The fact is that there were no physical planes that entered those buildings. Why? It was a hologram event. Why? Aluminum planes are like flying beer cans, okay? You have an empty aluminum shell there. It encounters a building that has the thickest possible framework of solid steel, in which you have heavy cement over that. And you've got this whole web network of this steel - a plane simply can't slice into that like it's melted butter. Yet, that's what we all saw on the videos from 911.

Don Nicoloff: That plane is going to look like a used slice of Alcoa aluminum foil at the end of an 8-hour pig roast. [CHUCKLES] Okay?

Ken Adachi: Correct. Right. If there was a real plane it would have crashed into the building. It might have entered it slightly, but the bulk of the plane would have remained on the outside of the building.

Don Nicoloff: Yeah.

Ken Adachi: And then it would have fallen to the ground. That's what happens in real crashes. But we saw a movie. We saw a Hollywood production on television on 911.

Don Nicoloff: No doubt, yeah.

Ken Adachi: There were no real planes there. And if people would just hold on to their common sense and their logic, you can simply look at the outward evidence, and use your brains and ask yourself, "Is it possible for this type of earthquake - for it to go from zero to 9 Richter almost instantaneously?" Not possible!

So, if you can come to that conclusion, you know that it's a set-up. Obviously it produced a tsunami, which killed, I don't know, up to 11-12,000 people for sure; displaced maybe a quarter of a million people. However, those nuclear reactors, quote - that were damaged, ZS had pointed out in his last 2 talks on this subject, on March 16th and March 24, that these were pre-mined, already in place, maybe tactical nuclear devices.

It's likely - I don't know this for sure - but it's likely, if those reactors were set up, those GE reactors were set up; perhaps the other reactors in Japan have similar mined charges in them. I wouldn't be surprised if our own nuclear reactors here in this country, certainly probably the ones in California, at least the ones along the coast, etc., might also be pre-sabotaged or pre-set-up for sabotage.

We know that the technology that caused the 911 - the World Trade Center- buildings to come down, they used very high-tech stuff, some sort of beam weapon that caused steel and concrete to lose all of its molecular adhesion. We know that was used, but there was multiple charges - explosive charges - that were already… the building was mined. And I have the feeling, while they certainly did mining in the building in the months prior to 911 - all those mysterious crews that came in there and did this mysterious work. I'm sure that happened then. But I have the feeling that when the building was fabricated - remember, the WorldTradeCenter was built by Rockefeller; the Rockefeller family is at the top of the Illuminati pyramid (at least in America) - it's very possible that charges could have been pre-planted when the building was constructed, in anticipation of pulling off the scenario that took place in September of 2001.

Don Nicoloff: Yeah, yeah. They had plenty of opportunity, with one of the Bush brothers holding the security contract, up until the day they reported the $2.3 trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon. Up until that day, that security company was run by Marvin Bush

Ken Adachi: Yes. The evidence of 911 being an inside job…

Don Nicoloff: There's a conspiracy there - there's no doubt about it. Forget this word theory. We're not dealing with theory here.

Ken Adachi: Yes. Right. So in the wake of 911 we're bombarded with brainwashing; that is Osama bin Laden, of course, the FBI has his name… they're talking about "terrorists" within just 2 or 3 hours of the event happening. I taped ABC continuously; I put one VHS tape in after another, continuously, for the 2 days following 911. And I reviewed some of those tapes, and you can hear all their talking heads, "You know the FBI this…" and you know "This guy from the government…" and blah, blah, blah.

And right away, our politicians, or executives of the television companies that were broadcasting, you see, were all broadly hinting that these dark terrorists - and, I don't know, probably by about 4 or 5:00 in the afternoon, they were splashing bin Laden's picture all over. And they had the names of the 19 hijackers, although none of those guys were on the manifests of any of those planes. It's amazing what the FBI can do, and yet they can't manage to find Osama bin Laden after all these years; he's still working his mojo up in the Tora Bora Mountains, or something.

Don Nicoloff: Well, I remember the shots of the alleged terrorists going through the turnstiles at the airport. Now when's the last time you saw a bus depot-style turnstile [CHUCKLES] in an airport?

Ken Adachi: Yes, you're absolutely right, Don.

Don Nicoloff: Okay. And there were no other people around; there were no people guarding the gates; there were no people checking fares; there were no other passengers. So they show us something on film, and they put a story to it. They write a script, and that's supposed to represent an actual event that occurred, you see. It's all fraudulent - there's no doubt about it.

Ken Adachi: Yes, and…

Don Nicoloff: And tell me how 47, 110-story tall or greater, actually, probably you'd have to add another 10 or so stories to that to compensate for the support columns that just totally disintegrated. Did you ever see anything like that, Ken?

Ken Adachi: No. It's not possible. It's not possible.

Don Nicoloff: Cast iron, you know, cast in concrete, just turning to powder.

Ken Adachi: Yeah, that's high-grade steel, construction steel.

Don Nicoloff: Yeah, yeah. 47 of those columns; we're not talking about 1 or 2 or…

Ken Adachi: Yes. That's the central supporting, but beyond that there's this outer netting - if you will - all that stuff that looks like kind of vertical slits, when you see it from a distance; and after the buildings came down you see what's left of them. Those are square steel box - the vertical portions are square beams. In other words, there's plates of 2-7-inch-thick steel, formed into a square, and they were vertically…, and they were 39 inches apart. There was so much physical strength to that building, you could have flown a hundred real jet commercial airliners into those upper floors and building wouldn't have fallen down.

Don Nicoloff: Yeah.

Ken Adachi: So, what I'm bringing this up for is that now, we are experiencing the propaganda blitz that's following in the wake of the false flag event that took place on March 11th, in Japan. The same sort of media blitz we had 3 weeks after 911; we're experiencing it now, day and night on the radio, in preparing /brainwashing the American public to get ready for the big earthquake, that may hit here. It's not a maybe - it's a definite, because they're planning on doing it.

Don Nicoloff: Yes, exactly. The New Zealand event, which occurred a couple to a few months ago, I interpreted that as having been technologically induced. However, I sensed that it was something that camefrom space. And in a sense, that's been corroborated. And it was sort of my take on what occurred in Japan, but I didn’t have enough evidence, although, as time went on - and I'm talking about the quake itself, not necessarily what caused the issues at the power plants; I see those as separate events, disassociated from the original quake - but we mustn't jump the gun to say that HAARP was at the bottom of it; it was the reason for that quake to have occurred.

Ken Adachi: You know, you said that last week, and I want to congratulate you on that, because first, I agree with you; yes, HAARP was turned on prior to and during the March 11th event. Yes, I'm well aware of that, and I'm well aware that many people know that HAARP is used for weather modifications. But I got to agree with you on this one. HAARP either served another purpose other than directly causing the quake, because I think this level of quake is beyond HAARP's capabilities.

Don Nicoloff: Yes.

Ken Adachi: But it could have been just turned on in the interest of creating the false lead, to get all the, quote- conspiracy bloggers on the Internet to be yelling, "HAARP, HAARP, HAARP" and not have a clue about the possibility of an undersea nuclear device. There was definitely a space-based beaming device (ZS is going to get into this in a minute. He knows much more about it than I do.), that played a role in triggering in that. And there's some sort of extraterrestrial involvement in this event, if you're correctly intuitive.

Don Nicoloff: Absolutely.

Ken Adachi: Now I'm going to let ZS step in here.

Don Nicoloff: I'm 100% with what you just said, Ken. Go ahead, ZS. Let's hear what you have to say about this. I know you're chomping at the bit [CHUCKLES] after my tin foil joke. [CHUCKLES]

ZSL: Sorry for the laugh in the background, but it was a good joke.

Don Nicoloff: That's alright. [CHUCKLES] That's stream of consciousness radio, that's all. [CHUCKLES] Go ahead.

ZSL: …Having read as much as I can on Thomas Bearden's work and other work, Dr. Paul LaViolette and anti-gravity… also, Townsend Brown's work; and, of course, going back to Tesla and radiant energy, I believe that the secret space program, or the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and Star Wars has developed an antigravity platform, and they've taken one of the anti-gravity technologies and weaponized it into an earthquake machine.

And in Dr. Paul LaViolette's book on anti-gravity propulsion… it's like a stilt beam; it's a certain microwave frequency that will exert pressure on certain materials - very specialized materials. Certain rocks have it and certain artificial materials, which have been found in the hull of crashed UFOs.

The beam pushes, and a remote viewer looking (on my specifications), looking for this craft, found what he said looked like a huge badminton shuttlecock with a fountain pen - with the nib coming out of the bobb of the shuttlecock - with the nib of the fountain pen pointed towards earth. And we went into it and looked at it and saw all sorts of free energy propulsion systems, anti-gravity, plus the microwave beaming device on the nib of the fountain pen-shaped... It was a large craft.

And I believe that… looking at the seismograms, there's still a lot of earthquakes happening off the coast, and they're just pounding away every… sometimes 10 minute-cycles; sometimes an hour-cycle; sometimes they'll skip about 6 hours, and they'll come back and hit it like about 6 or 7 times in a row, every 6-12 minutes.

And it appears to be some sort of recharge system on this platform, probably using a free energy and capacitors - maybe some of the capacitors that your friend on Friday night talks about or developed - huge ones able to contain -charge up and discharge in a millisecond- energies in the Hiroshima nuke range, which when beamed down, enter, go down and hit layers of rock 10 kilometers, 35 kilometers deep - sometimes far deeper than that

Don Nicoloff: Uh, huh

ZSL: And react and create a push on specific types of minerals, and create the earthquake there. And though on the seismograms, these earthquakes look like single spikes, just like taking a ramrod or a post and just ramming it into the earth. But it's on energy beams cycle.

Don Nicoloff: Now when you - if I can interrupt for a second, ZS - where you describe this device being out in space, somewhat resembling a shuttlecock with a nib of a fountain pen sticking through - I would presume - the head of the shuttlecock, in other words, okay? That description mirrors what the sound wave looks like. I saw representations of the major quakes that were occurring in that area, from somewhere around 6.7 up to, I would say, if it's 9.1 then it's 9.1 or 9.0 or 8.9 - whatever it is. The issue is the signature of the sound wave itself.

As I mentioned previously, when Ken was describing this, it has the signature of a percussive attack, in that the peak is at the beginning of the event, and it tapers down; it fades out in its intensity. In other words, there's an envelope where the sound is closing, and let's say, dying in terms of the very first singular pulse. I'm not talking about multiple pulses here - we're describing the first impact. It would be like if you got in a fistfight with somebody, and the first punch that hit you in the face is that event represented on the graph.

Now what's interesting is in terms of the sound, let's say, the wave - because it has the signature of a sound wave and it's over time lapse, so you see the event - initial jolt - is that signature. But it has a nib in the front of it, okay?

If you were to magnify the picture to see that graph over more of your computer screen, you would say that it represents - it's rounded at the end - and it represents a nipple, we'll say, okay? So it looks similar to a nipple, and that is actually the point where the energy made contact with the surface of the earth. That is that signature. The resulting resonance from what would be a massive standing wave of tremendous intensity is what caused the wave and the envelope of sound, after that initial attack, which is this tiny little representation on the graph, right in front of the big spike of sound that we're talking about. That's an explosive type of attack. You would get that out of a percussion instrument: a drum, a conga, even a cymbal attack. But what's interesting is the cymbal, also, when you're recording the sound of a cymbal played with the stick, the stick attack is that small proportion of the sound. It's the initial, the inception of the attack.

And as the device, which is being played or attacked - struck with either technology or a drumstick - it's that device's resonance that creates that sound wave - that initial peak. So, that tells us that it's not a consistent weapon being used, but it's one that shoots a pulse - pulse modulation - a certain frequency of pulse. In other words, it's tuned to a frequency - it has to be a sound wave… with it's initial striking of the earth represented by this small little bit of sound. It's the attack before, you know, it's the knuckles knocking on the door before the whole door vibrates, you see; that initial attack.

Japan, March 11, 2011 earthquake seismogram

Japn March 11 2011 earthquake seismogram

I just wanted to make that point, because I also suspect that it's not from one of ours. There's evidence that it's not from one of our devices, but off planet. Okay?

ZSL: Okay. The technology in there is way beyond anything that's being taught in universities right now.

Don Nicoloff: Yes. But the description I'm giving you is pretty accurate, in that regard. It is a sound weapon. It's a weapon capable of firing low frequency sounds, which when they strike the earth, they take off like standing waves, and that is enough to create an earthquake. That same technology toned down in intensity or in amplitude could probably be used for mining, or something like that. But turned up full blast like it was, it's very destructive.

ZSL: I agree.

Don Nicoloff: Okay? That's my take on it, and I suppose in the near future there'll be something written up about it, with more specific information. But I want to give you the opportunity…

Ken Adachi: I would just like to add in for just one second, Don, that…

Don Nicoloff: Sure.

Ken Adachi: I think that the explanation you just gave is extremely important. And I think what you just discussed is of great historical importance. I think that time will prove that the explanation you just elaborated will pan out to be, if not exactly the case, extremely close to the case, and I am so glad you took the time to
elaborate. That was a very important explanation, so…

Don Nicoloff: Well, I hadn't had the chance to do that research. [CHUCKLES] I think those images came out just before the show last week, if I recall. You know, I may be mistaken on the timing, but it seems to me that I didn't have the ability to look at that, but I sort of suspected what it looked like, you know, because of the event.

Ken Adachi: Your explanation fits the seismogram of the March 11th event exactly.

Don Nicoloff: Yeah, and the date is beyond coincidental.

Ken Adachi: Of course. That was the first paragraph in my explanation. I think I began with the words, "The date is the first tip off."

Don Nicoloff: Yeah, they like the number 11. You know, we had 911; we had 3-11; the phone company uses 611 for repair service; 411 is information. My goodness, they created a whole chain of franchised convenience stores in America, called 7-11. They like the number 11.

You know, I'm making light of it in a sense, but there is a particular acceptance, that numerology in the black arts; in black magic; in ritualistic magic and sacrificial magic. The numbers play a significant role, for those perpetrating these deeds. Not that we have to give them credibility, but it's their signature, and it's beyond coincidence. So, didn't mean to cut you off, I just…

Ken Adachi: No. I just wanted to chime in a bit. I want ZS to continue with his…

ZSL: Now? Well, from what I was able to intuit, the [space based] platform is in the atmosphere 60 miles up, so sound waves will work in the atmosphere with that. Also, I do believe that scalar waves are sound waves in the 4th dimension - longitudinal waves, just like sound. And whatever the energy percussive action is on that craft, of course, it will generate a lot of sound.

And of course, we have had fish dying. I would believe that most the fish off the coast of Japan there are mush. And of course, they now probably contaminated that whole area with canisters of radiation dropped at or before, or maybe suddenly after the earthquake, because the radiation that's in the water is far, far higher than it should be, because the uranium just did not leak. There might be a little bit lost, but the meltdown was only on a few of the tubes exposed to air, where they weren't in the water bath, and there was no technical meltdown.

They've had crews in there stringing power lines to the reactors to get the pumps going again. They had crews with Geiger counters going around finding water that's contaminated. That could have been dropped by the helicopters. Don, you pointed out that the helicopters made a real mess in dropping water on the reactors…

Don Nicoloff: Oh, the images were absolutely ridiculous - what they were showing us. You know, they could have been flying over southern California, for all we know. All they showed was from the ground up view of a helicopter spraying water - didn't show where they were spraying it. And from what they were showing, it certainly didn't look like they were hovering over a building. You know, to me it doesn't sound like it's the right way, the right type of application that they were alleging, was occurring with this light water that they had shipped in by the U.S. Air Force. And then why is it the Air Force flying the helicopters?

ZSL: Well, it could have been heavy water. And if you pour heavy water onto the pulled uranium tubes, you'll get them heating up again.

Don Nicoloff: Exactly. So, you know, what we were told… You know, I'm reminded of the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller, and the ridiculous story they told about making a rescue of René Wassing, his companion, as he went through the cannibalistic jungles of Indonesia. [CHUCKLES] And they're talking about this miraculous rescue that occurred 20 miles out to sea, yet when they show the pictures of the rescue, they're a couple hundred yards away from trees. Okay? And it wasn't an island. [CHUCKLES] And that was way back in 1961, that they pulled that scandal. So again, it's a pictorial representation of a news description, and the news wasn't telling us the truth. Why should we presume that the pictures were? [CHUCKLES] You know, so… and that was video. That was alleged to have been live video that they took. Which newscaster was able to position themselves in the proximity of a nuclear meltdown to take those shots? I ask that question. [CHUCKLES]

ZSL: Well, I would say there was no meltdown.

Don Nicoloff: Yeah.

ZSL: They attempted to have a meltdown, but it did not happen. That's where friends on the other planes of existence or above the earth, must have assisted, because they threw everything at those reactors. They were trying to cause them to be, well, wreck them, and then cause a meltdown.

Don Nicoloff: Well, let me just say, that there's a lot at play here, and certainly we're not really being told the half of what's going on, and who is involved, and why Japan. "Why Japan?" is probably the biggest question we should be asking. "Why Japan?" And in that answer, coupled with some other information that hopefully will be coming out soon. In this regard, we will know the source of this; we will know the reason for it; and we can identify who played a role in facilitating it, and allowing it to go on.

Ken, you're in touch with a lot of people in Japan. What are you hearing from the horse's mouth, if you're hearing anything at all?

Ken Adachi: Well, you know, we have, my wife has her family in Japan, and I have other people that I know in Japan, so - mostly in Tokyo - but there are some other areas, as well. And generally, Japanese people have been alarmed by the western over-reaction to the event. As I mentioned in the last radio show we did is that Japanese people aren't tuned in to the - in general, of course - the New World Order takeover scenario. If you look at blogs; if you look at entertainment shows; if you just sort of take the pulse of everyday life in Japan, the New World Order is not on anybody's list. So, it's below the radar, if you will.

However, they found the, let's say, the hyping - the exaggeration of danger - to be strange. And, you know, they're sort of wondering, "Why is this huge over-reaction?" They're not, for the most part - certainly the people in Tokyo - aren't anxious to get on a train to go south. It's mostly westerners that bailed out of Tokyo in the week following March 11.

Don Nicoloff: Well, let me ask you this, Ken. Where do you think these stories are originating from? These 50 nuclear workers that have volunteered to stay on the sight, despite the fact that they're exposed to all this dangerous radiation. And they know that they could die in a matter of days, or weeks, or they could develop
cancer, if they happen to survive this event. And they're being heroic in staying there; saving their country is the term.

Ken Adachi: Yeah, that's probably the way the western press has painted it, but my gut feeling is that, yeah, there was probably the numbers correct, I don't… there was 50 or 60 guys. But I don't think those guys were led to believe that they're going to die of radiation poisoning within a week or two or three or four. Far from it - I think they were… first, they have suits; they have radiation detection devices on them. I'm sure they don't use the old dosimeter, that they had 40 or 50 years ago, but they have some sort of device that could read out and
tell you how much radiation you were exposed to for how long, so they would know exactly what dosage they're getting.

And I'm sure that once the guys are exposed to a level that would possibly create a scenario for future problems - excessive radiation leading to disease - I'm sure they're yanked off the job, and someone else who is unexposed is replaced there. These guys aren't so stupid they're just going to give their lives up. Japan is way
too sophisticated for that. So, we're reading this drama in the western press, because they want to…

Don Nicoloff: Yeah, I heard this on the radio this evening, and I thought, "I've got to ask Ken about this" because my impression is that it's just sensationalism, okay?

Ken Adachi: Yeah, yeah. Thank you. That is the correct characterization. It is sensationalism. And this is why I sort of began with this explanation, as the theme of the show tonight is that this is a huge brainwashing operation, to convince all the world that there is great danger now from earthquakes. And naturally, they would couple the earthquake with the nuclear reactor, quote - damage. If they artificially trigger an earthquake here in southern California - we have a nuclear reactor near the Pacific Ocean, called San Onofre; it's near…
Pendleton Marine Base, down there in… Camp Pendleton.

Don Nicoloff: Camp Pendleton. Say that 10 times real fast.

Ken Adachi: Yeah.

Don Nicoloff: Just say Ken 10 times real fast. [CHUCKLES]

Ken Adachi: Yeah. [CHUCKLES] So, if they run their equipment here and they trigger a major earthquake here in southern California, they'll undoubtedly couple it with a crisis scenario at that nuclear facility. And because they're peppering - I just heard it tonight; I hear it almost every day on NPR Radio, the National Propaganda Radio - They're setting us up to psychologically be prepared for the Great California earthquake. And with that will come the Great Reactor explosions, of the, you know, there's two main plants - nuclear facilities - here in
southern California. They're just laying the groundwork. They always do this. The Illuminati always has this, let's call it, a propaganda preparatory package, that they deliver typically a year, or two, or three years before the planned event, depending on what the event is - it might just be months - but in most cases it's a year or two.

There's this intense blitz right when the event happens, and then in the following weeks and months there's this intense blitz. And then there's this trailing propaganda blitz that goes on for many years. 911 is the perfect example. It is now 10 years since the inside job called, 911, took place; complete act of treason by the highest echelons of our government, intelligent services, eh, you name it: FBI, Mossad - it was a large group involved in bringing those buildings down - military, etc.

And we're still in the trailing stream of the propaganda blitz from that. I just put up an article a few days ago - There's a conference that's going to take place in July, in Aspen, Colorado. You can have all these speakers, who were involved in the conspiracy of 911… you have Chertoff, and you have that guy who wrote the torture memos for Bush, John Yoo… all these guys who are front line players involved in the lie of 911, now are going to tell an audience there at this conference, at 1200 bucks a pop, that they're going to regurgitate all these lies, and tell us about how they're still searching for bin Laden, which I think most people who are tuned in know that bin Laden passed away a long time ago.

Don Nicoloff: Well, they just this past weekend were broadcasting that on the radio, that they're once again looking for bin Laden. [CHUCKLES] Just this past weekend.

Ken Adachi: Wow.

Don Nicoloff: I laughed when I heard that. They're desperate, you see.

Ken Adachi: Yeah.

Don Nicoloff: They can't even make up a new name for the next bogeyman. [CHUCKLES] They have to raise one from the dead.

Ken Adachi: Yes.

Don Nicoloff: Not to jump around, but there was a point when ZS was talking before, that I wanted to follow up on. And, Ken, you might enjoy this, too. We're talking about advanced technologies, yet these technologies have been around for thousands of years.

Let's take the Pyramids, the Great Pyramid, or the Pyramids at Giza, in Egypt, and how those were constructed. What were we told in school? Oh, they built these ramps, and they had slaves pushing these gigantic stones that weighed tons, and tons, and tons. They were pushing these up the ramps to go to the next level, where this construction was taking place. I mean, you're talking about a building that takes up 13 acres - 13 square acres at its base. These are massive, massive stones that have about a thousandth of an inch of adhesive between them, and they can't even deduce how this adhesive was made; even today with all this advanced technology we have. Yet, I've always maintained that those structures were built using sound and light. And sound and light can travel together. When they do, one would witness - if you could see the light with the sound - if it's
predominantly sound, you are going to have harmonics in light. There's information in that sound wave.

Likewise, if you're shooting a laser, there can be sound in the laser, but the sound waves are going to be a lower and less frequent harmonic, in terms of intensity and amplitude, or pulse modulation; any of those potential factors that would be in there. So, you can tear down buildings, or you can cut rock, or you can levitate rock using the proper frequencies of sound and light. It's quite simple. That's been around for thousands of years; probably hundreds of thousands of years, if not millions of years in other parts of the universe.

So this is not some new kind of science. This is not science fiction that we're talking about. These are weapons that were developed, studied, inspired. In some cases, the technologies were of alien origin. And we're dealing with something just like that in this scenario.

Therefore, everything that we're being told is a smoke screen, to keep us from seeing the truth. Does it really matter who fired the weapon? You can answer the question, "Why, why Japan?" Then you have to open your mind to the fact that there can be someone else that's not been seen in the mix, we'll say - not been noticed, that's become a player in this whole scenario.

And they're giving us pathetic examples with all the advance science that's involved in this whole thing. They can't answer the questions; they can't tell us the truth about what's going on. Why is that so important for them to hide the truth? Do either one of you want to comment on it?

ZSL: You're pointing to something I mentioned on the last moments of the last talk, where the loans… Japan is one of the most indebted countries in the world, but it's indebted to its own people. The debt is not held by European banks, or New York, or Illuminati banks. And they're not playing ball, according to some people. Japan is not playing ball with the Illuminati.

Don Nicoloff: You're saying they're independent of the major world financial structure. Yeah.

ZSL: So they're not being bled of their capital, like almost every other country in the world is, in one way or another. Like in Africa, if a dictator didn't take the loan from the World Bank in the 1960's, he was soon replaced with another person who took the loan and pocketed it. And that debt is being paid, and repaid, and repaid for 40/50 years, from the taxes people pay, sometimes scooping more than half of the available operating funds for the whole country into banks in Europe.

And Japan actually developed, fairly quickly - redeveloped after World War II - by keeping its funds internal, and keeping its debt internal. It was not leached off of by the banks. It wasn't kept under the thumb. And also, Japan was promising to bring out a car powered by water. And of course, there was many people who
developed water energy propulsion systems, and it looks like Japan has refined it, and probably got their best engineers, working for the last 20 years, to have it absolute flawless. And it might be Toyota, or it might be one of the other companies who developed it.

Don Nicoloff: Uh-hmm. Well, you know when you look at… you know, this sort of blends in with the, or morphs into international espionage and all what goes on there, because it's really about maintaining or gaining the upper hand; and when it comes to international finances, more than it is about national security, or the things that they tell us in the movies that James Bond was protecting, you know.

ZSL: How come in a James Bond movie, all the… well, Dr. No, and Goldfinger were all heads of multinational corporations?

Don Nicoloff: Uh-hmm. Well, yeah, they were putting it right in our face, you know, like they did The Wizard of Oz story with Obama. But we had that with Eisenhower, too. We had the story several times. [CHUCKLES]"Well, it worked before; let's use it again." You know, let's just change the plot a little bit; change the characters around. You see, no one really looked to see if Dorothy, from The Wizard of Oz, actually was in Kansas. They just told us she was.

ZSL: Well, she was on a film studio in Hollywood.

Don Nicoloff: Well, of course, you see. But that's how powerful movies and visual representations are in terms of brainwashing - the mass consciousness. Get it into a medium where millions of people will see it simultaneously. And it gives it the air of credibility. But anyway, I lost track of what I was going to say there for a moment.

Well, I guess in the sense that, you know, you have a country that has money invested in other parts of the world - Toyota is not just in Japan. They operate out of England, probably France. They operate out of the United States. They certainly have their franchises set up here. In other words, they're set up and they provide jobs to some Americans. Honda has their facility in Marysville, Ohio. If they wanted to send a message to Japan, they could certainly attack that factory, couldn't they - in the United States - and do serious damage to a Japanese company that way? Or they could target all the auto manufacturers, or any of the electronics manufacturers. You know, you have Sony, and JBC, and all these companies that are making electronic parts and components for consumers and professionals.

They went after the land. Now certainly, they put a hurt on them by going after the infrastructure, but I think it has more to do with somebody taking over the land - occupying the land. That's my impression.

ZSL: Don't think the aircraft carrier, The Ronald Reagan, has enough marines to take over Japan.

Don Nicoloff: No. I'm not talking about a conventional military take over, nor am I talking about one of an earthly origin. Okay? Because I just gave you an example of how you could hurt Japan without actually attacking Japan. It would make sense that if you were going to put it in some position of weakness, politically or economically, or all of the above; even destroy it with earthquakes - you have to clean up that mess. Okay, now they've got it all designed that they owned all the companies that are involved in all those processes, so they're going to make money anyway, regardless of what they do, whether they scoop up the garbage; or they lay the foundations; or they construct the buildings; or if they buy up the properties and put up malls; or you know, they're going to convert that into something, and you're going to see really, not the intention to destroy the whole country, yet this is an attempt to destroy the people, as well. This isn't just about destroying the country - you know, the land, I'm saying.

ZSL: Okay.

Don Nicoloff: You know, I'm thinking a bit outside the box. And it would be interesting to see if there was a correlation between who fired the weapon that caused the earthquake, and who intends to take over Japan. Think about that, if you would, ZSL. You don't have to respond to it now, you know.

ZSL: That's a type of question I pose to myself and work on for a long time - sometimes years. [CHUCKLES]

Don Nicoloff: Well, you don't have that much time, you know. [CHUCKLES] 2012 is out around the corner, and Planet X is on the way. [CHUCKLES]

ZSL: Or that comet Elenin.

Don Nicoloff: Yeah. Well…

ZSL: Somebody sent me, somebody wrote Elenin, and I said, "You wouldn't get any gravitational or chattel [1:11:00] action, causing the earthquakes on earth from a small body that's right now about 60 million miles away - or the closest approach is 20 million miles; even if it was a brown dwarf, which is very unlikely."

Don Nicoloff: Well, if that was the case, we should be having lots of problems with Mars, shouldn't we?

ZSL: Yeah, more with Mars. [CHUCKLES]

Don Nicoloff: You know, even the moon - I mean, we should be in all kinds of hot water over that.

: Yeah.

Don Nicoloff: No, we're not being told the truth, really. They're not even scratching the surface of the truth; when it comes to space, and when it comes to the technologies and weapons that exist. But don't think that we are the only ones that own the weapons. Okay?

ZSL: Well, go to Tom Bearden and he says Russia does it, too. But… Don Nicoloff: When I say "we" I'm speaking of the whole planet.

ZSL: Okay.

Don Nicoloff: Okay? I'm not politicizing this. That's all smoke and mirrors, anyway. You know, down here Russia is attacking America, and America is attacking Russia. But up in space, they're all sitting together up in a space lab, floating around.

ZSL: Taking photographs of everything.

Don Nicoloff: Yeah. You know, there's a lot more going on in space than what they've ever told us. And it's a lot more than, like we said last week - worms hitchhiking rides on meteorites. It goes way beyond that.

ZSL: Exactly.

Don Nicoloff: You see. Imagine what the worms are saying about the people looking at them through the electron microscope. [CHUCKLES]

ZSL: "Who are those things with funny noses - or great big orbs?"

Don Nicoloff: Well, we're about out of time, gentlemen. Ken, you've been so quiet in the background. I hope we haven't bored you.

Ken Adachi: No. I always want to hear what both of you have to say. You add a lot.

My final thought is that everyone has their own scalar, counter-offensive weapon - it's called your mind. Our thoughts are received and projected as scalar waves. People can both receive and project thoughts. We can beam our thoughts of stopping the New World Order (from people who are responsible for causing artificial earthquakes, tsunamis, or tornadoes, or sabotaging nuclear facilities) by daily making what's essentially our prayers - just a wish or a desire expressed to God to achieve a positive outcome - that's what a prayer is by definition.

So, if everyone, or a large number of people, think daily of thwarting the New World Order with their thoughts, by telling themselves - or I should say, telling the universe - that the manipulators who are planning on triggering an artificial quake in California or the New Madrid Fault; or any other location in North America; or other locations around the world, that their equipment will fail; that their plans will be thwarted; that they'll be other forces that will assist and step in.

By asking for this assistance, we will receive it. And the more people who do this, the more powerful the effect is. So, that's the final thing I want to say tonight that, "You are not helpless. Do not accept a lie, that now we are being bombarded with, about getting all frightened and prepared for the great earthquake that they want to trigger off. But rather think offensively - think daily; meditate on this; make up a prayer.

Someone sent me a song in which they're essentially neutralizing the New World Order's efforts to turn this planet into a prison - police state. This is what we all have to do daily: you have to think and express the inner prayer to thwart the NWO, and you will find that it will yield results. We're already getting big results from behind-the-scenes players. And, let's say…

Don Nicoloff: Are you going to say, "the Etheric Resistance"?

Ken Adachi: Doing harm to the Dark Side. It's happening. And the more people who think to thwart these evil intentions and plans, the more power the Light Side will gain in overcoming this threat. So, that's it for me tonight, Don, but I thank you again for having us both on.

Don Nicoloff: Well, I'm glad to have you on, and I'm glad you could make the time with your busy schedule, and all the things that you're working on from day to day.

I want to encourage folks to go to your website: That's the mystery website that I spoke of at the top of the show. I didn't give the web address out. And if you're interested in reading any of the essays of Ken or ZS Livingstone, Ken is featuring ZS's work there on the website; he's plastered all over the place. You can't miss it. And I think it's the fourth line from the top?

ZSL: Yes, fourth line.

Don Nicoloff: You have a link there, two or three links over from the left side of the page: ZS Livingstone. Just click on that and it'll take you to all his works. ZS, final comment?

ZSL: Following on what Ken was saying… There was a huge attack with the super moon on the 19th of March, where the black magicians got together around the world to create as much discord and problems, and empower their demons to create fear and hatred. And a lot of people took on the condition and dissolved it, and transmuted the poisons, or thoughts, or the biotics. [1:18:17] And so we got reports from people all over the world who felt that. And I also felt that, and I know that you two also felt it.

Don Nicoloff: Uh-hmm.

ZSL: But the attack was actually weak. Their ability to do that, even with the numbers they have, is weakening. And there's spiritual people who are standing in the breach, who are doing the work, which is very, very difficult to do. And they're doing well. They're doing very, very well. They're tearing down the structure from the etheric down into the physical. They're starting with the answer that they have the power to do this. And they're working with prayer, and they're working with heart energy - heart love - and dissolving all the lies that have been perpetrated over the millennium. Thank you.

Don Nicoloff: Well, I appreciate that comment. I see that happening myself, and I've talked to many others that are sensing that. Those of us who feel we're messengers in this great undertaking, know the importance of stick-to-it-iveness - being able to hang in there and realize that fear is just an illusion, and most of what we see is just an illusion, because we are seeing it through the blinders that have been given to us. "Here, put these on. This is you for the rest of your life."

And when you either develop a hole in the blinders; or the blinders come off; or you take them off yourself, suddenly you see things in a different light. (No pun intended.) You do start to see the truth in certain things. And once you see that, you can't go back from that - you won't go back. You get no satisfaction, no warm and fuzzy feeling from going back over worn-out trails, that are nothing but circles or dead-end streets. And consciousness is very much like that.

We need to be paying attention on another level, gentlemen; my feeling is, that what we're being told is not what's happening. And the images that we're being given are also not representative of what's really happening. They're just stories, or they're just props used to sell stories. And we give them too much credibility; we give them too much credit for using them, when in reality, we don't really have to go down that path.

Now we just spent an hour talking about those very topics, but we didn't say what the mainstream is saying. That's the difference. And to me, I sense that we're hitting upon truths that have yet to enter the mainstream consciousness, if there is such a thing.

Gentlemen, I want to thank you for being on the show, and look forward to seeing you, hopefully, in the month of April.

Ken Adachi: Thanks, Don.

ZSL: Yep, I'll be here.

Don Nicoloff: Alright. Well, you guys take care. We'll talk soon.

Folks, that wraps it up. You've been listening to Evident Footprints on and our guests, Ken Adachi and ZS Livingstone. Be sure to check out their work at Ken's website: You're welcome to pay a visit to my website, as well: We've got a lot of audio archives being replaced there on the site; tons of articles and lots of great photographs - a lot to look at. So, I encourage you to, if you haven't, go in there and read some of the research that I've done.

Special thanks to Wind Talkers Radio Network for broadcasting Evident Footprints over at BBS Radio. We had Seth Hendrick on the sound this evening. I want to thank Don and Doug Newsome for making Evident Footprints possible, and most of all, you, the listening audience for tuning in. Join me tomorrow night when my special guest will be, none-other-than, scientist/inventor, Jim Murray. In the meantime, I wish everyone a night filled with peace, love, and light, and have a good night


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