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GlaxoSmithKline's Rotavix Vaccine Found Contaminated with Swine Virus

[Editor's Note: It's not news that children's vaccines are contaminated. We've known that for some time. No one should have children vaccinated with ANY vaccine if you want to preserve that child's health. I'm slightly suspicious of this article as it portrays the FDA as some sort of benevolent and responsible governtment regulatory agency taking "precautionary" action to protect the public when if fact the FDA is a pharmaceutical-controlled front organization who are full time conspiratorial partners acting in league with the genocidal agenda of the Illuminati to reduce the earth's population- by way of disease induction - via contaminated vaccines (E.g. Swine Flu vaccine). If the FDA was TRULY interested in "First do no harm", as this writer suggests, then the FDA would have never approved the UNTESTED and UN-CERTIFIED H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine which has caused a number of deaths and neurological damage to an untold number of unsuspecting individuals around the world. Avoid ALL vaccines under ALL circumstances. ...Ken Adachi]. .
April 17, 2010

GlaxoSmithKline's Rotavix Vaccine Found Contaminated with Swine Virus (April 17, 2010)

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On March 22, 2010 the FDA recommended that doctors suspend using GlaxoSmithKline's Rotarix vaccine (approved in 2008) until further notice. Rotarix, one of two vaccines licensed in the U.S. against rotavirus (diarrhea), has already been given to about 1 million U.S. children along with 30 million worldwide.

The agency took this reasonable action following the discovery, by independent scientists using improved technology, that the vaccine is contaminated with DNA material from a pig virus (porcine circovirus 1).

Dr. Eric Delwart, the researcher whose laboratory made the discovery of contamination in Rotarix, had sought to "show that live attenuated vaccine only contained the expected viral genomes and no other." Instead, his lab found unexpected evidence of viral contaminants--including low level contaminants in two other widely used infant vaccines--the measles vaccine and the other rotavirus vaccine, Merck's Rotateq. aminants/

FDA's reasonable action conforms with the precautionary principle in medicine--"First, do no harm."

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