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Ken Adachi Sep 23 Radio Interview: Forced Vaccinations & The Determination to Resist

From Ken Adachi
September 24, 2009

Ken Adachi Sep 23 Radio Interview: Forced Vaccinations & The Courage to Resist (Sep. 24, 2009)

I again had the privilege of having a one hour and fourteen minute interview last night with Don Nicoloff's on his Evident Footprints radio show and provided a link below to the mp3 audio file of the show.

While I welcome the opportunity to express my own thoughts, I always enjoy listening to Don Nicoloff because his overview and analysis of the big picture is always on target. The greatest danger that the entire planet now faces is the subject of mandatory vaccinations for a Fort Detrick laboratory-created "disease" that was INTENDED to kill off the majority of the world's population VIA THE VACCINE.

The "Swine Flu" germs being seeded into the atmosphere via chemtrails or those germs that were covertly given to humans and animal stock in the interest of creating a "pandemic" scenario is not going to decimate large numbers of people, however, the vaccine WILL --if people are foolish enough to capitulate to the intimidation and coercion tactics now ramping up to leave people with the feeling that they have no other choice but to take the vaccine. YOU ALWAYS HAVE ANOTHER CHOICE. It's called your WILL to not be intimidated or pushed around by brain-washed, Neo-Nazis or their robotic minions. . .

If there EVER was a time to make a DETERMINED COMMITTMENT to resist the the NWO's plans to destroy America and its people, NOW is that time, because after you get the "mandatory" Swine flu vaccines, you will only have a limited amount of BORROWED time available to you.

No matter what, say "NO".to mandatory vaccinations as they are a DIRECT VIOLATION of the US Constitution and the Geneva Accords.

Organize locally and initiate LEGAL ACTION against all government and health officials involved in the vaccination implementation pipeline. Do it now before your only option is lethal force to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Ken Adachi with Don Nicoloff on Evident Footprints, Sep. 23, 2009 (1 hour, 14 minutes) 17MB 23 2009 Evident_Footprints_2009-09-23.mp3

Ken Adachi

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